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Can the Patriots win the Super Bowl with the defense they have?

Jan 2, 2012|

Butch and Steve discuss the Patriots chances of winning the Super Bowl. There doesn't seem to be a real power house in the AFC this season. Can the Pats offense keep this up come playoff time? All of the AFC teams have flaws, but who has the most?

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We kick off the second happened DNC would butch and Steve DeOssie and for Dennis and Callahan. Any big plans for the New Year's TV's New Year's resolution got off. -- broke into many of them -- You don't please. Why would any resolutions. Mean I'm. It's almost like the cookie if you have the perfect existence that's my thought it would also it also will we what do you -- I need to get better shape -- you know what to say that every year. Since I retired from football every year in review in better shape -- -- you and Freddie do not serious to me being ex NFL players would you wait to fluctuated so much would that would do it well you played -- keep it up. Having to work out costly work out Claudia bought an average human -- I lose twenty pounds a year real -- Rio was 240 but I was fourteen years old. So 62 to forty is the as a sophomore -- high school did you worship Jack -- as -- and -- (%expletive) it up for Jack Lemmon was my favorite and Walt about those my favorite fullback so. It's. I don't know why I didn't have been a bit of a -- up over 300 of them down to 255. And in the years since retirement so. It's. -- in the marathon one year and then got down. 255. I do remember a mixture of over the 300 exposed to about who Greg get -- on New Year's resolutions. Yeah. Ticket you get to -- -- except that -- -- a a do a flash better I said double a triple double -- yeah are you serious stick with a triple -- Leo yes the with a triple header it's yours now. Of of keynote -- -- with it's it's mine now yes and trademarked it will I'll like it. -- like it yet and will soon happen this year. I'm back to the calls on DNC to go to bill and -- cart capping a year bill. The vehicle and in my. Good dynamited. I would. I won't do it. I'm not here talking about here pills I'd go public get my friends Skoda might -- Maine hello Michael. In NATO and Michael you and -- Than the other part of me where. While wells area okay every snow yet. Not tax. Good for the -- -- people. In it and we'll tell you -- -- are complaining about though is how come every time already takes a clean hit the dispersal vocal. That's not true first off. Well Hubble London Fletcher had on -- three weeks ago only clean hit her all -- yesterday at our interception. I would I would agree with you that they're protecting the quarterback -- is it any different for Drew Brees or are Aaron Rodgers. All I just think. Create a crybaby a little bit -- -- welcome your your tone of your opinion that the Brady is less of a crybaby some quarterbacks probably more than the others. But. In my -- -- -- I just get a kick out of acres and talk -- the patriots possibly haven't. Ever completely here -- beat everybody played at law. Would you like in the AFC. -- -- -- and why you like him so much. -- and what about their defense would you like about the near secondary -- okay now what color what apart -- few numbers ball Baltimore's defense. How many teams how many top ten offense is they played. Forget that -- -- how many top of letting go public top ten or eleven offenses of the plate. I apple argued and -- -- it's one they played one top ten offense this year and who was to remember. -- to San Francisco wrong. Centers whose body in the top fifteen offense double points scored correct. Yeah yards away and -- collected -- that's fun to his it would be exempt San Diego. -- Baltimore told -- I asked you know I asked because you're talking about the patriots. You brought the page is getting to the Super -- ice I don't disagree with you all that much. I don't think -- a lock for the Super Bowl at all but I'm asking you. And your terms -- as the best in the AFC. When I asked you why I explain to you that their defense has only played anybody all that good you wanna hear some of the teams they've played. If you're looking at dead Jacksonville you're looking at a given the numbers of the building rankings of the dolphins of the plate. Morning -- and they played twice at the that was Cleveland maybe. Good expert guts those are pretty good -- those number twelve ranked offense in the league. Two wins against -- that's good. They've played. The number 31 the number 32 the number 28 the number 26 the number thirty offense. Of the number -- morning on offense twice they haven't played a lot of very good offensive team and the one. -- offensive they played. With San Diego and you saw what San Diego did some big. Baltimore because I had a lot of but I agree with you Abacha promised with with pay to target the subject -- You you don't I agree with you that I don't think the patriots are a lock for the super sort of Mike absolutely agree with -- You're obviously not a briefing in our pitchers and that's fine and you -- -- -- patriots fans think they're gonna get to the super ball when they haven't beaten anybody let me ask the question the other way. Why you so sure they're one and done. -- -- -- So extreme base. -- white -- on what we don't come on they've played sixty games Asia they want thirteen. Agreement. We've been scheduled it was a it was a very difficult. A lot more difficult in the Redskins in the cold and awful twice Miami -- -- Move ahead to Chicago twice. I don't go to the Super -- Mike let's cut to the chase. Or not. Not -- -- -- nor given those major. No it's not the patriots and why you so sure it's not the -- Double yesterday's game down 21 not a the first quarter of buffalo. How about they scored 49 unanswered points. Yeah I know but don't think it -- -- -- -- Agilysys gloss that over Mike. Let's just glossed that over that they had they were down by seventeen the week before and 21 last week and they and they came back. And dominated those games was a lost battle over. -- -- That's right and a plan Miami the same team that knocked jets out yesterday all the judge is supposed to be tough -- -- In a -- and it abruptly at a barn burner. So I mean look. We can go back and forth on this all we want nobody knows what's gonna happen it's a crapshoot this whole. Situation but the patriots have one of the best offenses in the league it's why they have a chance and when you add up the difference between the level of their offense. And anybody else they're gonna play it's probably big greater. On the other defense is than any other team you. Can put him again social Mike I I kind of agree with your -- your promises about about the rest protecting Brady -- -- -- -- that's part of protecting quarterbacks in general. I agree with you about the patriots -- a lock for the for the Super Bowl. But when I asked you give -- -- give me you're a favorite for. Of the Super Bowl from the AFC gave me team that big relief. As very little offer of let's call -- Steelers fan and he's been hide that I know that I don't let a book and a I'm just a mob put a mask you tell me why you think Baltimore is so much more qualified then we -- to get to the super bull. Okay I explained to that defense played one top ten team got smoked. Got smoked. Phillip rivers to destroy them Philip Rivers who's playing them like a -- with a miles. What else. What name are you impressed that the the now. Angela techsters said I can't dismiss the Pittsburgh I didn't dismissed both -- as a that's number twelve ranked off of those are two pretty good wins I'll I appreciate that. Relevant whether weather played it when they played a top right offense cigarettes smoked and they played a lot of bad offenses. 24222 look. Two games against the twenty ninth ranked offense two games against the twentieth ranked offense the 32 the thirtieth the 2829. Those are those the 31. 45 lot of you know I I. I appreciate Baltimore and I do think their defense is one of the better ones in the in the AFC but I don't tickets. This monster defense at the ravens head but one impossible to general of years ago against the giants I don't think it is let's go to bill in Secaucus next time billion back. I'm back. Okay what's on your mind. Arm. While I'm. Okay. Of the cost twice deviates and it was time loser you can't listen to your radio when your. You're trying to hear your voice on the great coaches don't don't go to bush on in Rhode Island nice condos actually singled in a real -- on. Although I just wanted to bring up the net with I I don't think John fox and it would send people anymore I mean he's hurting the scene three weeks in a row he's looked horrible. I mean you looked horrible previous weeks he just happened to win a couple of games think it was kicker thinks it was defense. And I think fox kind of back until little corner -- making a move this lead late. Make a point -- propping up well. The -- but the argument against Eric Shawn will be that they don't they're not. Division winners in the not in the playoffs without -- Hello. That's your opinion addicted you could really stepped up sense people -- if -- can't -- can't you can't indeed -- agreed to star. Mean he's had one around you we sit and did all not the last you know -- -- -- absolutely -- and a linebacker and opens on. Sean I understand your point not totally disagreeing with I'm just saying you keep you know you're saying that. Com he made a mistake by haven't table. Date they were one and four with Kyle Orton as the starter got I don't go through version 2.0 big it was a mistake but I I still whoever said -- -- when he was. Helping his team win. I don't think Tebow is a future. Playoff caliber NFL. Quarterback the ability of the playoffs this year I don't I don't think he's long term adore because want to his -- here's the fun -- keeping your probably right and and Elway probably feels that way too. No matter what he says publicly but. He now gets a chance to play in a playoff game. -- do whatever is. -- gets a chance to it did the play when the bullets are flying and it ended their most of agreed amount on the argue that point I'm just telling you from everything that I see. Whatever I've watched unifil for the past however many years -- watched it I look at what he brings to the table retarded subject that over the long term. I don't think it's a long term solution and in today's NFL which is don't. Coming up but don't you agree that they don't get to the playoffs without -- sure I agree he he inspired them to play. He helped them to win. He wasn't the only factor is just not a long term solution I don't think as long -- was met Alexander and -- I think John fox and maybe John Elway. -- -- him in there at the insistence of the fans almost to the point where they -- okay series here is let's see which got Americana. Got away from orbit now it's come he's come back to earth. Baxter says Tebow tries to do too much himself. And ends up hurting the team. Interest and maybe go to Joan Melrose hi -- yeah. -- I mean I was looking thinking about the patriots in the playoffs some might even though the record overall thirteen in three of their record against the the plan opting to one until and it only beaten by can keep vote wrong vote. So you know power nervous about it but I do think. Not a negative I got from mainland if they get a country and get anybody. You should be you should be nervous about it and and take not only Wichita it's a great point you brought up. Also the fact that the last two playoff games they've had a home it's been one indulge. You should be nervous about. But I think I mean that it looked up like that or be that negative I mean -- -- but -- point to put -- the numbers those nervous but I mean. They can beat anybody they can't -- as they can go beat Green Bay they can go beat. The -- they can you know breaking. You know -- touchdown for touchdown those guys. -- that they can stop by the by the probably need to turn overs to wouldn't -- the I mean they can and the -- is they can get the -- of the car I mean -- Cincinnati goes beat Houston we get Cincinnati at home I mean that's a winnable game. Then you know maybe Pittsburgh the get go and get knocked out by Baltimore in -- to play one of those came. -- you know -- -- -- I think that's ideal scenario it is but it also -- up Pittsburg for second. Roethlisberger banged up and now it looks like Mendenhall might be out and while men and all might not be Ray Rice. Whether -- not -- in Ray Rice there is a drop off from Mendenhall to. What's your mechanic and backup running back. I don't think the ideal scenario I mean I definitely. You know keep up the same you know -- -- given that quarterback situation I think that put the and rent -- favorite game to win. Than it being opaque it's not the people out. Yeah but I guess I guess my point was Joseph thanks for -- to take a break Steve I guess my point was this. While he's just said to be the ideal scenario of Cincinnati can mania what do Pittsburgh was in Denver. Their banged up they somehow gut out win -- and they come out on the road and it's a banged up Steelers team here's my point. Patriots need a playoff win. First ball to gain some confidence -- just have to get that monkey off the bat. It's trees saying that but they do don't -- and at home. I -- -- -- so they beat the Steelers even if it's a bank of -- don't gain more confidence in beat the Steelers and beaten them the dangles. The you've told goal Bob that I think -- of course Roethlisberger is much less effective when he can't. He extends plays almost as walls every quarterback or better than any quarterback. In league so he more than ankle that's the question right there can -- -- the -- they didn't look that great the last two games we've played. Between several staffers to open for three -- thirty yards but it's according touched -- -- Cleveland made him look all that good. You don't. -- -- ideal of all situations is Debra knock off its record some of that come here at Denver's and leisure win. A for the papers that anybody in the playoffs right now. But given the fact it firmly believe -- going to be Denver writes David and express scenario is for Cincinnati Thabeet. The terror Texas or Houston Texans and commuter plane that and then let. It's Bergen Baltimore Brito -- the defense -- row for Pittsburgh isn't isn't that beat up. Chris Redmond is there. Up got a better player. -- -- better you know about a player.

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