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The Bruins and Celtics are heading in opposite directions.

Dec 30, 2011|

Dale Arnold and Bob Ryan filling in for D&C discuss the Bruins and Celtics seasons thus far. The Celtics look old and slow, while the defending Stanley Cup champions look like they could be better this year than last year.

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Dale Arnold Bob Bryan Kelly Malone Acura Sports Radio year two winter sports teams in Boston seem to be heading. On divergent paths -- session the the Boston Bruins continued there. -- to beat all rolls the way they're gone right now and they all play New Year's Eve tomorrow night in Dallas against the stars. They've got one more game on this three game road trip they'll come home in between the help. They'll finish up the road trip next Wednesday in New Jersey. Against the doubles. The Celtics finally get to play at home after three straight road games in three straight losses. And you've got one team that is. Obviously the defending Stanley Cup champions. And trending up way up aimed at the other team that as Bob pointed out as a a team of aging superstars and seems to be trending the opposite direct and getting note tangible no great tangible help -- that -- we personnel other than queen Bess has twenty point eleven rebound game and first. -- game. In a mentally in and you know if other people have gotten an infusion. New blood such as. Miami getting twenty points from Norris Cole guarantee you know none but the most ardent devotees knew. Knew -- all. And. Did the other rookies who makes an impact that afford nothing happened here the schedule. Was not favorable options. Did the go to Miami about the New York. No not crying but that is scheduled at -- and favorable -- I was hoping that they get one name we -- Portland I didn't expect to win either New York or Miami that. Then again in the -- saying they -- at 3:30 in the morning trouble for them and the schedule is on was unfavorable other teams will have this problem they got there as -- the one of the first teams to get hit with. Did you know the new schedule be out all the lakers had -- play what three in three nights that kick out of one of the few I mean you know but certain teams didn't certain teams that didn't but certainties and build their turn will come. But the Celtics -- didn't react well you worried about backed the backs they were. Depressingly dreadful against New Orleans considering New Orleans is the -- -- is a team it's a team. And they and they did what they wanted to go to the basket at will they. They date they went Campbell they did everything they want it to do against the Celtics and exposed it lack of defense and it was very very scary. And he can't lay it all off on on the schedule but it didn't help on the Caylee often but it wasn't a favorable schedule. The online at the next twelve or at home. Okay so by that 22 of January which is that twelve games download if they're not over 500 if they don't -- Dayton for to get themselves up 87. And I think we could start officially worry I'm not officially. Worrying that they won't make the playoffs I'm not about the minimum standards. I'm like a lot of these people that -- I'm not. -- -- I'm not championship driven. I'm trying to be realistic here about what they're with what they would make the playoffs first right okay. They got winnable game they have some very winnable games. Obviously to three of these games with Washington. The guy at Detroit tonight that I went tonight. -- I thought that dynamic the latest to be first everything I just said just artificially -- tomorrow morning that when this game tonight. But that a New Jersey home next on the fourth they get. That they also have some very good opponent coming in here namely. Chicago -- January 13 Oklahoma City. By the way just to deceive the end of that game it's like I right yet not god as he leaves them believe that's a can look at that second -- the -- don't know but that the rampant again. At the buzzer. Until and that that's a tough game. And Dallas -- Bennie chip in Dallas have -- -- issues and coming here so it's an extra -- they gotta hope that got to win. You know those who come and including Washington and then twice so they can. Get the ship righted to a degree but. There were very disturbing things the lack of production of any kind of effect from Jermaine O'Neal. As is is if he's got my likeness. That is. Maybe they aren't they would then be a classic donut. Quote unquote team. That -- it's scary that he can't keep playing like this and can't keep playing him if he's gonna play like -- I'll put that -- let me ask -- about defense because -- Tom Thibodeau who was a great defensive -- went -- to Chicago -- It's replaced by Lawrence Frank another really good defensive mind he comes in. Kind of continued with that -- had built here defensively. They were pretty good defensively again. I don't see them being very good defensively and Lawrence Frank's departure may have hurt this team more than we gave out and I just think that. It's it's a factor that's a significant factor where it -- it. The alleged defensive coordinator is -- that we went -- and and and basketball. But the thing is that the not the key guy and his defense is is has -- -- the minute he walked in here has been Garnett. And Garnett was obviously very heavy legged and not and not effective. The last two games. And and then in the meanwhile it's weak and and and so if he's not if he's to -- the linchpin and of course that that you needed you have. No apparent in the middle at the moment -- -- it await the way o'neals playing in in a Knick game he actually it was a bit of one awhile -- smoke blocked six shots. Now I -- going to be rushed. Note wonderland. Is gonna go excited about that and I'm encouraged by that because this kid is history. I looked him up the statistical back when he went to Wisconsin out of high school where he was anchor of a three time state championship team and -- on the Wisconsin basketball. Is history he blocked shots that's what he does and so. You start to wonder if there was going to be -- for him to get wartime. Then then maybe that's maybe he's gonna be able to do at this level -- -- every other level but he's -- six took a three years -- -- and developmental league year. Not obvious he's limited he's no spark. But he does block shots and and if at the issue comes down to defending the nest you know -- -- guarding the nest defending -- -- the motherland there. Then and this -- may have. More prominent wall of the if you -- -- skis blocker not to got to get widgets that the now on the other hand your other -- sports team in this town as I said his personal defending Stanley Cup champions so by default are really -- it. I think they're better than the team that won the Stanley Cup championship. On June 15. And I watch them and it it seems as though there in this position right now work. If they play portly. And every team has them as bad night if they play -- they win three to 243 if they play poorly -- If they play well they win eight or nothing -- they went six the one. They're in this position right now where. They're bigger and stronger and faster than most teams they've got this unbelievable goaltending tandem. Which they're back up goaltender leads the NHL. In goals against average and saves percentage right now they're back up goaltender yet -- right. Right it is it is practically an embarrassment of riches from the bruins' perspective. So much so that it is sad here right now and worth the trade deadline in the NH. You'd be hard pressed to really of what you know what they need. And and and you know I know they always at all puck moving defenseman LA at all of us tonight you -- sniped back. This team is one of the highest scoring teams in the National Hockey League without a single player among the top thirty scorers in the NH. Which there that the that is a stunningly -- to the top twenty. But thirty that. That's really that that's truly amazing it really is now I would say I urged. Bruins fans as I urged topic it's exactly 25 years ago or 26 -- -- noise it was. In the 8586 team. -- 22. Enjoyed the moment and and and relish this and the people who denounce the regular season is meaningless well you know what. You gonna have to live to wouldn't have to get that to get to April so you must will enjoy it while it's here. And enjoy this team and and and and and just appreciate which at -- I know some of these people waited long enough that has -- -- that they could feel really this good about so I I I just hope they aren't doing you know and now. That's public I sank into these games because dale said that even when they play poorly to that is that they they are good enough to win. It it is it has become that good for them. They leave the National Hockey League well when I last checked there were leading the NHL and wins. They've only lost nine games when you consider they started the -- in seven -- And they still only lost nine and and that's after a three and seven start the Stanley Cup hangover was real. It really was legitimately kicked the heck out of this team in the first month of the regular season. Once they once they hit Halloween. From Halloween until now they are -- turnaround game with Ottawa I remember because patent -- and remember writing a column you know just sick is this the turnaround night. It did because the ingredients that the successful ingredients that made that what they weren't in the in the spring were all they are an -- evening to the degree they had not in the first. Ten games of the season. Everyone felt that way after it was universal feeling as -- ago that locker room and listening to coach that that. That would that this was. This was more like. I thought nobody was predicting what we are seeing now but this was more like it this is -- us we don't like Austin we looked like us tonight. And go back and look at that and that's with its board to back it it's just so happened that. So while I will take all the credit -- you know I think but -- ever and they're firing the last but but I do remember that game Minnesota and they have an -- let's turn. I lets sell open applied to bring you guys and we got a whole bunch talk about. There's a question if you're a patriots fan how much you wanna see Tom Brady play this weekend for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is if he can't play in the playoffs. I don't believe you can win outs. Sorry am I going way out on the limb there and send Mike he can in my life using invitation go to MIT instant. Michael watch harper play fast we can -- yet another -- we can't when he NCAA went out of the weakened in the ninety so you've got the the whole situation with Brady this weekend. The possibility. Probably not a great possibility but at least the possibility of breaking one of the hallowed records in NFL history for a quarterback. But you've got that shoulder situation by Ambien not planned. How exactly be handled that whole situation. We've got the Bruins and the Celtics to add into the mix and since we last convened here Bob. Other Red Sox have a closer yes they do Andrew Bailey in it's an excellent deal in the big gift this help we all know that everybody knows that that's it. -- -- Ryan Sweeney to by the way. But definitely the issue here is is is this is elbow. And -- if he held up it's it's an excellent. And now all I do now under a right fielder in that mattered to them this. This position guys some guy one guy waits underwent -- listeners go go go that way that. We need right.

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