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Sean Grande on the Celtics very rough start to the season

Dec 29, 2011|

Sean Grande has witnessed all three Celtics losses so far this season and has a very unique take on what the issues with the team are that are contributing to the losses. Sean thinks they're still a deep team and can turn things around.

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Joining us on the eighteenth the -- get a faster with four GAT and T. Rethink possible the radio voice of the Celtics -- -- except take a few minutes amidst lot of trouble here to start the season mr. -- Yet the -- -- I know you're after down you know what city you're in August -- -- I would know nothing about the big time first and foremost you would because you RE a brilliant voice when you you call these games and you're also. -- -- Pretty locked in and you've seen Kevin Garnett is best DC and Kevin Garnett was trying to fight the injury and I'll start with your impression -- of the Kevin Garnett we've seen in these first three games a lot of people myself included kind of notice they lack of energy and lift. Is this just the beginning of the season or is this the sign of a guy who is just not the same player he was couple years ago. Well I don't do impressions like what -- like -- but what I will tell you. So I I think. For forgotten Garnett and I think there're going to be night I think he's been the most part of Arlington in the first a couple of -- that get a look at it match up. Matter. Everybody. Have to be looked at with a different view with easy to react to these three games then it's gonna be the worst case scenario would be really ugly year that he is really old. This couple things to remember that back from first bother cooking night. Or that there are going to be there are always -- could be dropped the ball on the last year and even in the -- is to and these. Where an older team is not gonna have like on the second night of the -- back. Last night was not a good Kevin Garnett night he would you know there was a lot of energy. Give it up in the -- in in in -- -- to come back against Miami. Really killed Celtics. In the world because they like that they'll be sent to cut back in the game but planes owned in the NBA -- like -- culture but a lot more energy to the right away for the first supplement that have there late. But it is. Going to happen throughout the course the year I think what I would say yeah Kevin Garnett has had a great regain the start that -- and actually was. Go to New York. -- thought he was pretty good in Miami doing a lot of things you don't really big social box or last night was was not a good old captain that day. Most important thing. This -- focus on the edge of really great. Editor at that early to deal at a place you is that there really a thought that the eighth -- right now but that's the pretty solid. It's pretty -- under the radar. You know -- -- a nine but. I here's the thing -- the short answer which -- -- it after giving it won't answer. Is. Doctor -- struggled on the Christmas broker last few years. And they are now -- eleven of their last fourteen games on the strip but it looks much more -- because that of this three game losing streak coming. Point five teams into the it the first three game. So it looked a lot more jarring it -- the bottom -- because these in the first. Sean relative to the rest of league how was this team affected by the lockout. Well I I don't I don't think we know that yet because -- individual player I think. I've been telling people it's been you know pretty much -- panic I you know that the the morning. You know -- for trying to call the quarter panic. But first street in. Where are -- gonna go until about 1516 games in reform which which player really ready ago. And which players or you know Paul -- the perfect example of that because. Are they training camp com that he got you know we hear it all but you're not. If you're not ready to -- you -- kind of lined up. And take some extra time with nobody has exit -- though. The guys who are already like the others they went into the Celtics that. Over the -- continuity of the starting five equity in it together but also you know now starting. -- the area -- public and do. Was the bench all of a sudden people watching it looked into these first few games are here of our community. Playing a lot of -- And that really puts you behind the eight ball we take out. That alters when I was out. In this system but you were running on Jeff Green was thirty but in all of that brand new players that the training camp Wilcox. At bat marquis in the last year all that airplane you'd commit that factors that. The idea we brought this up a little bit too in named Paul -- on the site that he touched on this how much. Does does continuity play into this in is their belief that you know once these guys learn how to play together. You give -- weaker cute together in the same system because training campus or -- because pre season was so -- That things might be able to kind of get turned around Charlotte. Well that's certainly the hope and the -- if you're online listening you know pop up the schedule. In a window on you know on your browser noticed what happens at the Celtics they get a little mini training camp the way it works out. It furious start and it can be curious you know for parts for the most part -- -- the belt to get to eight games. And schedule firms here dramatically view of or two home games he. It -- that has started were the topics are few actually. But Detroit and Washington are among them and you get Detroit -- night in -- -- Virginia all the home with Washington it was a bit faster. Scheduled earned well more favorable to get the end of next week the Celtics have or they thought it sort of -- was imperative for there to be together on short notice after the game. Against Indiana next Friday they'll have four full days off and I would be. Surprised if it didn't look at you'll much different when the Celtics get on the other side of that break and they get. Eight games then they got the -- schedule should be 44 at those eighteen and suddenly. People all look so bad the reality of which it scheduled probably only one game behind where you figured to be. After for. When you look at Jermaine O'Neal and his first three games sixty minutes eight points nine rebounds and and thirteen fouled out to get it was expecting him to be. The old Jermaine O'Neal but -- got to the -- you mentioned Twitter panic in watching the game and following Twitter during the game. The the Greg Steve's the stuff was incredible to the poor people or are texting us today saying. Steve is what should start and that's one of acted did Jermaine for a second year Sean in terms of I just don't know -- Physically at this point yet. Can he still give you enough to be counted upon. On a night in -- paces up that center position knowing that the big man in the NBA that's down the don't have true centers anymore but he. His activity even more so than the lack of activity for Garnett has been to -- alarming in these first theory. Well you do if you're really gonna bring. That I. Really any goes away from let it. Well there's a couple things to remember first ordering O'Neal played very well let -- in the Euro last year and playoffs when he finally got -- -- like that's playing point five game. There are ignite. And opened new for Jermaine O'Neal first first ought to be a backup and not to be a major part of the -- Though it's just that ad is -- like Kevin Garnett -- -- -- going to be nights where in the mind says go here but the body is. Overreact and he would not -- well after other really -- -- of people who will meet in the -- well. But as we've stepped back from it and you're kind of economic into the reality of it. We've all had a soccer they'll -- the idea that arena it was going to be sixty game at 66 games that are and be able -- thirty minutes or member Jermaine O'Neal was brought here. It was a good signing last year some people thought -- -- -- much of the cap too much money spent -- Three -- brought here to be one of the re headed. That there -- with Kendrick Perkins and colonial last year you also -- that -- -- he was not brought here to be 35 minute again. Starting -- was when it was all bark in the twenties and got five years ago so we can't expect he'll be out by Jermaine. O'Neal would you really hoping for these playoffs it's about eleven. O'Neill and he was that the pre seed Andy at it. In this for weeks and like most things. -- market value look good as it has been the -- minute perjury but. Again let you were real power. In two weeks I think that although it the Twitter page. If the Celtics are not over 500. In another 23 weeks I think there for there'd be no question about what's going on with the direction should be over the short season. You know five year. You -- -- but. He buried it overreact. These these three game but he if you look at it again and perspective. Of this Christmas trip it's been pretty calamity last few years anyway. He you have there. He got you fifty point. Sean what is the timeline on teachers right now win when he's created to go where does he figure into the mix. Well you can do a couple of things -- -- the -- week to ten days the way it's always streak you don't like you know Paul -- -- Certainly think all your play on Friday that he's probably ready to play against very difficult -- have that back. I started to be any training camp and know your wanted to and alters -- -- -- -- that before it goes but to see him before -- Peter. Who will be another athletic defender which will help because such -- has struggled some of the bigger wing players. Sending them he will not be as reluctant shooter. Apple which is -- but he will spread the defense last but it was the perfect example Celtics but couldn't get anything going in -- when you. You have all your -- your -- attacking. What he does you can expect probably 66 games we've played for it was MVP level but you could get a lot of those. Worried that all your fought back programs get the free throw line and those two factors are gonna open things up on the outside rate -- cute like. For the first three pretty -- other guys out there these and features will commence in athletic center and read. Ago. Of the rookies that you've talked about -- between six year old rookie obviously six Watson seventy minutes last night was a great energy piece for them and then you've got the tickets from Purdue. Is there one of those three Sean and I don't -- does not liked it to play the rookies -- is there one of those three do you think is gonna have to do. Play more and be an impact player is this team likes to reschedule that gonna need to rest some of their starters are in these first couple weeks. Well I'll that was -- -- therefore you hope not. Because is that not good with your situation to be competitive however there will be bought -- -- like sample that the her at the well we're talking about. That thinking that there are. I don't want to call them losses but sometimes we -- the schedule law. It was -- Celtics are good reported difficult position like they were last night with the California rival New Orleans is quick turnaround to get rested theme playing all over. Identical game last year Cleveland. Frighteningly similar where they put first game in Cleveland after an emotional game with Miami police misplace their home opener in the first game without LeBron. And yet they're identical situation last but it looks at Miami on the road. On travel my first game for the world without Chris Paul almost identical situation is one of those games coming up in the end it against the good it. And a couple of weeks of root for rival India -- the kind of night you know you'll meet you really like Georgia could fight for time. -- -- -- -- -- at any point or has already. Moved up after dirty move past the Avery Bradley as a theory to back up to right now Korea now and so Paul Pierce is rated come back and -- or perhaps slide back in that slot but -- beat these guys from. And I think he was my it's gonna be that that only because doctor that are at that position to want to play more in line Kevin Garnett -- it back. Right now. With Chris Wilcox does great things like. Because he only -- -- O'Neal parliamentary and struggling in it we expect to like thirty minutes though. The beauty of these courses you know you got first locked -- your college of that. Get the as much as -- excellent point six years old he knows how to play like your plate immediately and when you find someone with -- -- about you get there. Your soul -- your soul that you wanted to everything you've done your whole life. Be the best player in the dual if you'll be yet to make it India you realize what do like you and it. Just use that that would. -- become player play circle but he great. Not last month for mere mention Twitter twice do you Dennis did you address Twitter rumors. On his programs a possible. Well what I mean that's. Now what footer for about well your guy your podcast buddy the sports guy Bill Simmons just -- the irony one I'm -- I'm don't help me but I haven't looked. Yes I'll talk all the other types silver silver Butte silver linings for the Celtics season and -- for a don't. Don't -- Really I'm gonna guess based on deduct everything. At 3 o'clock in the morning I walked out the first thing I saw was that there was a stop stop -- Kevin Durant and Russell west. I guarantee you Westbrook. But now going to be apart. Number one's silver lining examined Westbrook Rondo rumors thank you and it could be -- about all the great. All the great draft. Prospect. -- that you've been around -- scouting report. And you know what what like that -- -- The Bailey traitor or at play off for the current winning or something like that it's going to be there's. Bruins are three and -- Bruins are four and then lakers sucked he was a dollar -- -- so we can't we can't tip our tell on the water of Al west for -- a little too early that the -- that cart. If they ever wrote was the -- that's what you do amazed that that that on -- and what people are saying pictures these the stripper -- journalist put a panic. Blow it up there would last three games going to be a bad year -- lit up at. As if you could just do that which of course you can't. Does open up what you want to get the balance -- like trade Kevin Garnett career reality is. There is that those ballot. Street forty million dollar salary for a couple of young players back and here's the bottom line if you -- star player on the off. Rondo have to be in the deal there's -- no way around the and he was gonna ultimately constraint and they've left at that thing done. He get a real second story you know legitimate scorer in the NBA do without giving up. 164. Which would've been a remarkable vehicle they'll offer from the surprise look it's -- David West. The money go to Indiana but in India can be pretty. That said. If you wanna star player it's gonna cost you Rondo and lauding the war you know Toronto Chris often legitimate good -- one of the best in the world -- -- going to be on the shortlist. So if you wanna talk let's talk about -- -- -- the -- With a different kind of player but for all that was going to be different kind of player. They'll Ron -- forest you know built at -- Iran -- point guard -- that a warship. So -- Read it than that but it's going to be is it. But the talk about but no if you want a -- enough to get a second -- another star familiar place on the gonna cost. John as always love talking hoop with the hectic quick turnaround you back up the home opener tomorrow night at the garden against the Detroit Pistons come to town and the port talking basketball if you throughout the year capsule pleasure. And where we talk more about into Billy turned up really helped them inside -- millions teams will be talking Bruins. Or. Are we bad defense team that you know -- the Patriot Act the global. Everything without you'll all that race. On time. Thank you so much John -- -- -- -- figures out -- -- shot -- radio voice of the Celtic team here right here. On 937 WE DI across the Boston Celtics radio network.

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