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The Celtics are starting to show their age

Dec 29, 2011|

Mut and Chris Price are breaking down last nights Celtics-Hornets game in which we saw the Celtics lose their third straight game. The guys talk about whether this will be an ongoing issue with back-to-backs this season.

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I happy Thursday but elude ID 37 WEEI -- and join. Last couple days of vacation he is back on Tuesday to kick off the new year for its price WE eEye dot com a sat here and entertained. My Christmas spots last Friday -- have to come back -- -- they are you doing man how was Christmas it was awesome it was downgrade of the little guy get what was the big Christmas gift for. You little -- Star Wars Legos -- at all. Star Wars Legos stats again were were almost hip deep in Lagos -- house so he's doing while he had agreed to amend the great thing is. It's six years old he's still buys in this article that's awesome he came down in it was just the greatest thing in the world. We are in our folks placed on them that -- -- -- -- it was just. You just -- in the poll that -- is no able to work the Star Wars Legos by suffered his dad help out with the building of saying millennium falcon or some sort he's getting better Star Wars -- -- -- get better it's like a family thing like excellent way for help out -- -- -- reader down Mary you know. I know in the past we've got Star Wars -- it's you know Grumman proposal down and so -- get there it's close it's close but he loves it in -- Justin with it was agreed. -- to talk to us at the Star Wars Legos Ramallah. -- get the issue is the show up but that no cells not my place a lot to get to it Chris we're gonna do. It will do will do football I'm a rock and a football out of the gate -- football guy does a great job for WE eEye dot com. And he covers the patriots and got a great series I would call right now Chris in terms of the potential patriots playoff match -- and I wanna get into that and Albright come and see what that it there's one team -- at a everybody else that. Would put a lot of feared your patriots Bambi you kind of broken them down to the potential teams that can be able get to that I thought yesterday. We spent the time get a -- checked for an answer the corresponding great discussion from a guy who knows a lot about football Bill Belichick. Are blessed are the Celtics because you're a football guide -- run this football team for -- time you wrote the book blueprint. About the patriots and and how -- -- team how -- sort of gone about it. At what point during a football season in a sixteen game regular season do you think a front office -- team starts to panic on the results -- seeing on the field. Up three teams and I think I think that's a good when when you're looking at your team and in -- looking at the team do you put to get to know it's different for different seasons obviously -- was. A little bit different because the lockout we really didn't know where you were maybe until halfway through this season and Belichick has said -- on occasion to you don't know where your team isn't so. You know midway through season you really get a handle on where you guys are at that point com but but I think if you're starting to see. Negative results if you're starting -- regression after starting -- problems they're gonna crop up within the first three games and I think once you get to three or four games. You have enough of a body of work. Where you can look at certain areas you can identify certain things long term lets think short term because there was make adjustments -- and stuff but. Long term. You know those big picture things start to come to focus probably around the third or fourth game. Well I asked that because I don't know it's fair or not but I think you're seeing some big picture stuff. With the Celtics in just three games now in football you're talking game three of sixteen regular season games we're talking game three. Of 66. Celtic games this year and to go crazy on the Celtics right now having not played with Paul Pierce in all these first again. I'm not all on a gold there but there are some things that do not -- Paul Pierce that if you're Celtic -- today. I think her big picture concerns last night it was 9778. In New Orleans. And this was a different game in the first two games -- -- the first two games on seventeen against New Yorkers are down 21 against the heat they fight back and -- those gains and make them competitive. They lose on the road to New Orleans last night. Subpoenas and basically. Completely blown up the last two weeks they make a trade Chris Paul is their centerpiece their franchise David West very good player fund. They trade Chris Paul LA they bring in. -- record they bring in a mean do they bring in Chris Kaman. -- the best player the big chip that trade to bring Chris Paul LA. Doesn't play last -- doesn't play this towards -- it's not very good by the end of the year I think it's going to be probably in the bottom tier NBA teams. You more competitive in the second half last that you -- fourteen. Look at my notes here it's about a close as you made it. In that fourth quarter this a bad basketball team the toward toward this is not the -- this is not the next. And you. Had trouble defending Wallace last night offensively. You were -- stagnant and the centerpiece of that. Was Kevin Garnett and you watch players have been over -- -- guy's soup over a certain level the start to see that decrease in it's only three games appears has not played. But Kevin Garnett lacks explosiveness. He's lacking any sort of leap in -- ability right now. -- Celtics fan I there is some legit concern about whether or not this guy is going to be. And an impact player but the same guy you expected cavern gonna to be consultant. I wonder how much not just Garnett but this team across the board was affected by the lockout. In where they are common capital locked out in terms of look this is a veteran teams America and question preparation and aboard a question effort. But you wanna know where they were coming -- like American relate this to my own experience and you know felt there were teams when a lockout ended. You kind of crammed everything in there and you had kind of an abbreviated training camp in your head. By collecting and he's doing you know you you abbreviated to hopefully elected it was exactly I mean you know in trying get a handle on where guys are. In what they were able to do what they are away from their facility over the you know during pre season. During training camp and I wonder how much this team was affected by the -- in that regard the other thing is. It's been. A bad start for the Celtics for number reason not least of which three games and forties for veteran team -- all of them on the road. It's it's a bad set up right out of a deep for the Celtics are Woolsey disappears Celtics -- I think there is reason for optimism over the next week or so. Because the schedule does get demonstrably you got Detroit to Washington two games against Washington you got a New Jersey. Three of those are home. Against a pretty bad news including game it's pretty pistons team. There's reason to believe that they could turn things around at least in the short term but the long term I think -- meaning and at a -- piece about this Eagles last week. For a web site. This team reminds me an awful lot of these have when he needs help and where they were still competitive they were still one of the better teams the league but when it comes tool. The did the championship window when it comes to the of the possibility of raising under the -- -- I think that's pretty much -- But the problem I have with the argument you laid out about reasons to be optimistic that the the big problem I have it too is when you say at this point. They're playing teams that are bad last night they played in all of basketball team I mean -- -- Okafor. Loved loved the kid UConn but air balls at three point shot last night the play without Gordon. They're a team that he is not going to be a real contender for a playoff spot. -- in a game like that the Celtics he went out Paul Pierce played back to back. They're supposed to win that ignores the bad team and when you point out the schedule you're correct that on Paper these are bad teams. But who wants -- bad team you saw the -- to perform last night you're gonna play five games and eight days starting price from Friday to Friday in five games. And if if it last night is any indication. How this team is going to react. I think it's more than just pay its early look at this team get to because. We don't want that about Doc Rivers he loves practiced this is the big thing and he hammers this year and in Europe in a regular NBA season 82 games better -- six -- whatever days. You don't worry about the practice -- this -- going to be in their -- can get many expect them to get better. They're gonna have to go play five games in eight days and then having four daybreak at their first big break of the year and from there. You don't have more than one or two Forte breaks the rest of the year and a handful of three -- these games are piled on top of each other. And if Garnett can't catch his legs right now to lock it affected -- how is she going to. Get fresh legs over the course of sixty. Three -- 62 games that ever days in 120. The -- to that did that stands out for me as in we saw this with the patriots especially in the defense of line. How much does continuity play into this because there are a lot of new guys out Padilla had to turn over their. It takes time to learn how to play together wonder how much -- pleasing to these early season struggles and his team but I agree -- Garnett mean he has looked. The first three games and it -- -- in the bush crucial before us he has looked average he has looked like -- very intense average player looks. Eminem looks like a shell of himself and he still tries written intensity with Bill Walker got to choke it to about the Knick game last that he try to get his team and all the -- it. There's a point or Garnett is two feet from the basket last night. Has very little lift goes up towards the hoop and instead take it strong getting to the free throw line which he's been to exactly. Zero times last two games here zero free -- for Garnett. Kicks the ball to Sasha not get a three out of it you're gonna say -- did the result was good. Kevin Garnett they've got this team needs is got to be aggressive inside has got to be able to have some sort of defense presents. Any cannot look as as hired and ends. Listless as he has looked in these last few and that's the concern right you when you had your mindset he said okay. They have Rondo they've got the Big Three some gays -- -- get this out. Not to the management at the end the talent. Of guys like Garnett even without a center the center position hold to hear what they're not getting out of Jermaine O'Neal. You still have KG still -- you can still have Allan. Well one of those guys hasn't played yet and the second of the three Kevin Garnett doesn't look like the same impact player and then from there. You start to say is it worse than just although get a for a five -- is it going to be a season where they're playing uphill Chris consistently. We get to the trading deadline march repeat. They've got to make a decision we championship team is -- try to move some these pieces because if if last night is any indication. I may have projected his team as way better than they actually are and it starts with Kevin Garnett and how do you move on from a guy that doesn't happen anymore. You know it's just sad to watch forming mr. Antonio. Is a guy who I remember in my brief time covering the NBA it was just an absolute beast and 2003 with this sort of say it was like 992000. Yet but what did get -- go data 20032014. Where where he came in here as -- those pacers team was just. -- east was just in -- unbelievable. And guess about this outcry against physical yeah it's just understand it and we you know we talk about time passing it he's not the same players who was you know 8910 years ago but. Paul player has agreed piece on this today -- away absurd to me and -- one of six hour torn in nineteen minutes fifteen minute -- deceit and O'Neal three for twelve and scored just two points. It's a great piece by Paul flattery if you wanna get sick to your stomach your Celtic -- because the guy breaks it down and in some scary sort of first three games -- and I'll take a step further. He didn't do this but I I looked at the Jermaine O'Neal stats for the the the -- season. And three numbers jumped I play sixty minutes OK and east games. Eight points. Nine rebounds. Thirteen personal files. That's the Jermaine O'Neal line to the point where last that -- what this game like I -- with Twitter. And tweet deck all loaded up and follow only Celtic fans -- beat writers a real public game. They. 3.3 rebounds -- senior year at Wisconsin. -- -- always the MB DL defensive player of the year last year he blocked six shots in seventeen minutes that was short highlighted -- Celtic fan. -- -- -- was short highlight last night as a Celtics and that's a bad Jermaine O'Neal's -- to -- a present from him guard that's gonna play this way if of Rondell I thought Rondo last night. Thirteen points six assists and the final number was but offensively that team was so stagnant the Celtics settled. Are sold many jump shots that they don't like that that old. Rec league team play in these adult leagues and is that one Q it's a little bit older -- to shoot a lot of threes they -- -- -- -- run up and that's the Celtics look like it's -- second -- back to Bakken and Paul Pierce was not playing but they looked. All we stagnant and Rondo seemed out of it for a large chunks obvious thirty some odd minutes -- this is going to be. A microcosm of the Celtics in 20112012. I'm -- lower my expectations team because I thought. If things break well their top four seed we'll see what happens that Miami series they'll win a row we'll see what they get Miami. What you saw last night was below that. If this is the new reality -- -- I think that's the big question that the people have at this point I don't think there are a lot of people out there who are. -- making at this point I think there's some concern I think after three games there's very definitely some concern there should be some conservative building -- panic and I think people want to see this team once again the regular season wants to get into the flow of the season -- pierce comes back when he's got to learn how to play together. If there's still losing three straight. Dan nets you know again that's the new reality but I I I -- Still have some questions about this team -- imported into the regains it's too early to start anything but. There's some red flags that are going up but where the only. I agree a 100% is completely unfair. And would be probably YouTube. -- -- not bias is not the word but BC through a few completely flipped out this season is over Paul Pierce has played. Zero minutes OK so you can't go crazy about it but if you watched these three games and capped off of last night. -- -- against the bad New Orleans team. Allege jury Celtic forty per JAMA glasses -- -- type of person. There's at least some hesitation to say okay this team is a top 14. In the Eastern Conference this year. What got a question for you if you flip those two teams if you flip the Miami team in the New Orleans game on the schedule and you have. That New Orleans game and I'm not making excuses but if you have that the world -- that's second in in the Miami game was the third -- for rental -- pretty much right down off. Using the effort is not that the effort absurd but do you do you think. The result is different. Is there is I don't I I really have to really tough question that I -- last most of the perfect storm of just absolute. Negativity for this team without -- record you're supposed to be moral is and you should -- give it to -- report by a group that team that has had a face lift -- still. Guys that can replace the effort two weeks as Celtics say what you want to get some new guys in there. But that that the core this group Rondo Allen Garnett JL Wendy's do anything they played together at least. If if he gave -- if you got the effort. Out of that that Celtics gave against the heat fall behind maker -- fall short. On the second of back to back I think you feel better about the Celtic team but the way they went expended all that energy. You know dot cabinet. Up with this rotation and up again not panic in. What's a big picture stuff cannot -- first three games and.

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