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Alex Speier on the Red Sox trade for Andrew Bailey

Dec 28, 2011|

Alex joins Buck and Bradford to talk about how the trade for Andrew Bailey will benefit the team and what they had to give up in order to make the trade happen.

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So suddenly base spot psych rears its head becomes the focal point of the afternoon -- threats like submit a pretty major move just now. -- -- -- right -- closer Andrew Bailey from the Oakland days. The key player they've given up in the trade opulent Josh Redick goes through the Oakland days. Where presumably he steps in as the -- every -- right fielder in 2012. A nineteen year old -- to roll out cantor has also been included in the trade. Mightily third baseman miles head. Coming anything away also going to the Oakland -- Well more on the trade a guy who covers the Red Sox farm system as well as anybody out spear of W yeah -- dot com. Alex at thanks for taking time off your vacation -- in the show. Popped right up the -- Europe initial thoughts in the trade and some information on these plays they've given up. Sure well I think it's clearly has put them in a very good position in terms of the back and their -- and I think it would. I was -- in Billy goat in very good late inning arms up daily especially when healthy I think effect caveat that need to be included. For a guy who in the last couple years hasn't proven that he can it's more than fifty game of the year after year but. When he's right he's not start so you he's one of the better closes in the American meat even though an unheralded one. Someone who has straighter -- and stop it should be able to play in the American League east and really you know they are going to go ahead with the you know -- it's really does position them. In a place where they can comfortably have either a bar or a have either bark orders separatists. Perhaps both in the rotation. So in terms of what they got inside that they're in good shape for the late inning interpret what they give up its it's interesting. I think it's far more significant package than what they gave up. In the Milan and deal or like Madden everyday player and rhetoric. Someone who projects at least I think you know at this point maybe a league average starting outfield -- a guy -- capable playing Alfred Alfred outfield positions. You know I'm not sure if the Red Sox envisioned him as being a long term answer for them as a starting outfielder. Just because the plate discipline -- always going to be an issue for him but a guy -- really interest in power and really insisting defensive skills. So you know he had value and I think that it leaves the Red Sox in position to -- -- out I'm starting right -- Wear them. Well let me go to -- -- quicker and another piece of the puzzle I guess is Ryan Sweeney's also coming over he's a left handed batter. -- -- well. -- Certainly bright says certainly Beckett -- to play in terms of kind of in terms of defining what the Red Sox -- in the -- but. You know I think that broad spectrum position where they're comfortable with the idea that -- Could -- and the outlook for them until you know I think it. Ultimately all these guys are crippled thousands all right you which has LP which may be sometime in the middle to -- And you know you know the the two -- of the Yale club better than most in and one of them -- think well I'll kind top talent and there are Contra Contra thank you. -- you will of -- I don't conjure a couple years ago out of out of the Dominican eBay's -- actually two guys that -- that some are. Out of the Dominican -- -- blessed and without contract -- the good luck he has got the big -- -- and our guy who. Really impressed a lot when you're down in the Gulf Coast -- this year even before that felt. Just an instructional league and that sort of thing you know a guy who even though we haven't really filled out -- 1819 year old. Has a fastball it's already below ninety's and just you know it shows that show the the capacity. Up for being a power pitcher gives someone. MBA is it really like furlong time for the direct talks -- two we've explored as a potential player to be named later. India and built Rich Harden deal in facts you know when the Red Sox -- medical. Mark Anderson wasn't the sticking point for them at that point. There was more -- Contra because they thought that the guy with a potentially high ceiling obviously you're very young -- brought so it may never been great debt ceiling. Or come close to it but. Someone who is the kind of right hander who. You know like Oakland should always try to acquire the guy who stopped to really play out you know it's just the bat ball and the and the breaking ball. State that he should at some point assuming that he knew they are in LTV at least a big league reliever it's not something important that. So I think it's -- that it is the prospect prizes this deal. Or at least the -- probably you'd have -- ICI is feeling -- -- in my head is the kind of interesting guy he came from more -- -- out of nowhere. Had a tremendous year for them and not in single a Greenville. -- in particular that really polished it and prosecute actually been -- about the scouting radar about age thirteen. In just someone who approached the -- has always been extremely advanced. He doesn't look like a baseball player is a little bit you coalition that way in the east you know he's not six feet tall. He's got to kind of bad body even though it worked a lot of -- but he's kind of got it don't be built but even today you know that. -- that there every round thing with the Oakland -- the whole we're not selling jeans. Yeah well they're in that case Derrick put it more athletic and a guy like Jeremy Brown was and so I think that there was a feeling he was initially assigned as a third baseman but he was converted the first space. Once you enter the Red Sox minor league system and show. You know ensure their autism to be at first base and the thing you have to be at the -- at first -- though the guy who can really really hit the ball. And what we're not and is going to be able to you know to be. You know kind of legitimate middle of the order -- is it -- question -- well on the road I mean there's a possibility that he could turn into. And about Billy Butler type with the royals first day he aged guy who lot of interest in power. He I think to be -- as being you know certainly above average. That you projects that have above average power mutually. The other really nice approach but he was great Green belt this year although that's part it's very favorable her right into adverse. He didn't quite transition as well as Salem but that's the expected per -- -- 1920 years old. Really his first pole and in its first year a full -- professional ball. So -- good prospect. He wasn't going to be you know fourteen Adrian Gonzales out of town anytime soon so it was certainly expendable for the Red Sox even though he really you know made himself in here. Into more a prospect but he began the year. Alex and you with your family on vacation during the holiday solely to go we appreciate the information thanks it's that beneath the timeless. I don't see -- balanced out here W united dot com.

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