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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande previewing Celtics - Heat

Dec 27, 2011|

Head Coach Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande on our Celtics Radio Pregame show on Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and preview of game #2 vs the Miami Heat

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The Celtics tonight continues from the American Airlines Arena that again it is the Celtics and Miami Heat game to our conversation with the head coach. -- you know it by Harvard pilgrim healthcare more ways to better in these. Makes him look the same on the laptop and the person soft start strong middle orphanage. Yes it is. You know I just hope we didn't anticipate them to vote this one with there and promote the attackers being repeatedly toddlers so. You know would we expect him out to do in the so that I didn't like but I did like affected now. When you import and just -- it back into the game that you take command of the game and it's been like to finish. Noticed Gorton the last four positions. Which never happened. So you'd like. Turnovers. The tax which you know debate about that. What it's like you that. Easiest thing to do is to overreact to one game and that's our job we've three Rondo had days like that before. We talked about this for years everyone let's start but the free throws that he misses what is that the free throws that he attempts the most telling -- Absolutely and it's like rebounds -- -- you know it's clear indicator on on that he was an attack -- And what I liked about it for five of those guys when they're playing off -- that's one of the things. Two years ago it's if we're gonna play well fuse them but better to -- and -- runs -- And I thought he did -- so watch an affair of what you military where else run the -- total mr. This morning I don't know how many years of coach that that's the single best. Defense performance on the weak side that's an area where he floats and in the past. And he was absolutely real killer on on the weak side defensively he can do all those. Every day -- We're gonna have to -- What does that mean in terms of people hear you say that they what does does that mean effort is having him get him once on the court to the other night gambling revenues. Being active you know -- efforts they're summit unfortunately that means being active being alert. Reading situations but only when you can do that you have -- unbelievable weeks that focus. In a game were the news this poor roses I've seen. Beat. He stood out because it was only one. -- and so that was the good stuff. In a game in which are facing guys who are prolific and get to the free throw line you said after the game on Christmas Day. You weren't physical enough with no what does that mean and is that a slippery slope given how. Grow with us -- -- -- on the bar just you know where where does this morning covers -- as we go wild bill which hit the ball exactly where he won the -- well. Going into that game we all we talked about. You can make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It makes no longer position for him and we just -- you thought we play defense at report and you got your work early -- you know. And I think that we do there. Sasha starts again for Paul Pierce tonight in the interest of acquiescing to my partner who wants me to ask this question. Why Sasha it's so reticent to shoot and you drive and -- crazy and be part of this offense what we know we can't. Well telmex to when the line here. -- -- -- I don't know is the negative if market through or parking lot that she's. That's obviously what I'm trying to do with him. That we're gonna have a very good -- team and I'm not to assess when that we're gonna have what he's been. Com and that's just been directly. I think he has it and it. And you know. It's amazing when you watch -- practice does it. It's on the game you'll do. You root for history now more mental and physical absolutely youth. What kind of a sport world that we created -- this season that he had last year was some kind of failure. I don't mean. Listen. That's how we're -- to me let's just be honest media. I look at it look at it's me we won the one it's phenomenal. We went to the -- Lawson and in my mind that is that a successful season. Maybe this is how we're built. But that's how the combatants -- -- this you know the critics or do you notably -- -- I do and -- they they are scrutinized. LeBron individual or anybody in the history in the NBA team has been felt to go philosophical change in one game in the pre season but. Are they going more up tempo that reflective -- I think that's what they went through last year I think that their biggest changes they're going to the polls. I mean there's always Ron. If you allow him and listen we can track meet tonight with Burnett went to produce they receive there. We one athlete that probably compete. In the Olympics it's there. And that's Rondo. That they're there they're pretty athletic gifts here. But where others -- their picture pages LeBron and where you are posting more. And they're -- you make a choice you double which is pretty good move. And often which they can be Tucker's -- much of this is that -- of course -- -- going to be and if. -- selectivity aspects of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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