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Dec 27, 2011|

Adrian joins Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix to talk all things NBA including Rajon Rondo, the KG/Bill Walker altercation, how David Stern handled the Chris Paul trade situation, the Miami Heat, and more.

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Port and final hour the NC neither dean nor see -- here today. My name's Dale Arnold Chris man X from Sports Illustrated this across the table at a DNC patted the NC sort of yet dale and Chris that does work I guess. I'm sure -- copyright infringement issues the national government and a but joining us right now is that not only one of Chris is competitors but also friend his from a Yahoo! sports' Adrian motion around ski Adrian I don't gotten -- out. Thank you YouTube delegates they will just one of those guys that. I think he set a new bar from -- when he tweeted news of the Quincy -- Dexter grievous Vazquez deal from the steps of his church on Christmas Eve. Yeah I I had had a confession right after that owns. Rust never sleeps is -- announcement out of new low for everybody. Well that was before than what was it I think you know I might be little hyperbole here but I think you'll also tweets and news. From the teacup ride at Disney World right. Yeah I've I've treated if you from Napoli -- -- Hey Adrian I I began the show today asking Crist if if he agrees with my premise that you're gonna see a lot of ugly basketball on the NBA this year what's your opinion. -- it's going to be. Certainly. For the first. Several weeks I think it'll go all year just because of right now you're gonna see the lack of training camp and or the lack of practice I'm here goes and remember to the rookies the younger players had -- summer league. Which helps some sort of get indoctrinated. And that Siemens systems. And there's just going to be left -- left I'm pretty young players. In practice I think you're gonna -- is less of an impact. Of of across the board of the younger guys who -- although. As the year goes on guys happy thrown in there. Just because we've had media like they're gonna need to deal with you know three games in a row five games in six nights. Did these in the regular season will be determined by. Really what teams come out of it healthy you know more so than ever and I think you'll just deal vary it. He saw this in 99 the knicks finished -- And winning the east you know knocking off Miami it was the one seed I think you'll -- -- the -- he's standing at the end of the regular season because of this. What you're gonna -- teams like. LA maybe -- that Santonio. Who are just. You know they're not gonna concern themselves where they get in the playoff seedings. If it'd be just about getting in and trying to have their group helped the it help you can be. And then probably you will have to try to win on the road in the playoffs to do it. Epic boss is gonna take that exact same approach where it's not gonna mattered to them where they finished. In -- stint as long as they have all their guys helping on was a set at the top of the show that I a look at the Eastern Conference and there are two teams Miami Chicago. That just seem a cut above everyone else including Boston where do you see the Celtics fitting in this Eastern Conference playoff picture. I think especially. I think it is behind those two in and you're right Chris I think especially the regular season this regular season will be built from Miami. For Chicago. For Oklahoma City probably for the clippers because of the way they'll play in and the debt they have. And and the that there younger team. But I mean you're exactly right with Boston Christian and I think it's been true for Doc Rivers last few years I think he's. He'll try to pick a paid job. -- an older team try to take a page out of you know Gregg Popovich -- strategy. That at least that with the spurs which is I'm just gonna try to keep Duncan regional bully and keep those guys is rested -- -- -- can beat the playoffs but I think we're Boston's gonna get hurt in the playoffs LA will get hurt play else's. The fact that you were gonna have the time between games in the post season to -- to recover that you normally -- you're gonna see. You know they compress the playoffs also -- you're not to have two to three days off between games. We've had the past and and I don't think. Even if he gets a playoff rested I I don't think that there's an advantage to the younger teams in this postseason. Adrian as we sit here right now on December 27. If you were ranking the teams in the Eastern Conference what number would you put beside the Celtics name. In the east are. I've got to say. I'd probably say they're right now. It's topped the -- because you know it feels like the three to eight seed whether they are. They're all gonna be separated by two or three games of the improvements made by Philadelphia Indiana new York and across the board seems like this any pregnant barometer for the -- such. Such flexibility there and amongst those those top seeds. Is there is an and I think Indy you brought up Indiana and that diminishing team David West is gonna really help them. And they've got a lot of young players who. May be ready to take the next step -- hands Borough. You know Paul George. Mixed -- with the artist who -- is. It's perfect pick up for them and and a loss for the Celtics the Celtics are very close to getting him he was close -- -- them. It didn't happen. And this and he would've helped Boston there's no question and I think for the Celtics to you know obviously. You know that you know. The -- there ability indices began to to stay healthy and Rondo will be more important this team and every -- opening night against. And he's going to have to be a dominant player for them this year -- you know he can't last year we sought especially after the Perkins trade that never -- away. You know he was very up and down arm for the rest of the season. He's got to play at a very high level all year long for for the Celtic team to. Be able to do anything. Which you mentioned Rondo it seems like you know it would with the -- his team is constructed Rondo might be the best player on this team right now I certainly seems to be the most valuable player. To this team right now it seems like everywhere you look at Danny's trying to trade him no way it it perplexed me a little bit that. The walls was never all that interest in him in a -- -- deal but why is it that you constantly -- Rondo is name not tossed around trade rumors throughout the late. I think that -- I mean let's look at this offseason they were going after. They were going after Chris Paul and the public have a chance to get Chris Paul they were gonna get him they'd move Rondo to get them and that's just. That's just the reality Rondell have to live with -- He's not Chris Paul's the first or second team all NBA point guard however you albeit slices so. But the one thing about Rondo for all the talk he has -- has been a lot of talk. I don't think you need is ever gonna trade him. And -- he got back superstar and I think that was their goal because of -- contract because he's young. He's the one. Peace that they had that that had appealed the team's. And you know there's no question I -- a couple years ago. To over two years ago that put him out there because of when he gets some when he really what happened. Some issues getting along with teammates being -- ball. You know they dangled the Detroit today although the Memphis I think they were article scare him saying you think you know he'll think you're getting enough credit around here again -- -- so bad. I would like to play in those places right now it and and and play with -- lottery teams I think that was part of it. But right now I think would they put them out there I do think it was for the chance to get back. -- inside type player and -- as good as Rondo is in he's very unique player and does that that they sometimes -- him people talk about what he doesn't do well to shoot it and forget. All the things. But at least he impacts the -- he impacts the game all over the war. You know it's easy to forget about these -- go back out on the court you know opening day against the knicks. And and it remind you all over again. Talking to Adrian -- around ski from Yahoo! sports' NBA beat reporter. Earlier in the should in the show Chris and I and many of our callers were discussing officiating in the NBA. Are you of the opinion that the NBA hasn't officiating problems that's greater than the other sports the other major pro sports. You know I I don't watch enough baseball. NFL to make repairs and I just -- I do know this and I'll defend them in this way. There -- more. There are more base being called there are more decisions that have to be made in the course of an MBA in any other sport you can have -- states. So I'll I'll defend them on that side but. The problem for the NBA has been. How they've developed officials how they recruited good officials and how they've kept eyes and I think. That. That there's been such a disconnect between the officials in the league office in past years. In such -- -- guys appreciate. With such -- about the second guessing. And what the league want to see out of and I don't mean with. Who that they wanted to just see -- that human but to try to Paul could be the point of emphasis. That sometimes you get exaggerated. Earliest season because the league office has to -- mandate and we saw last year with the sportsmanship and guys were getting heat up all over the place it was hard to watch. And what in the official's fault it was there are alike. You know they -- like police officers who had a comeback with certain months speeding tickets. At and they just -- pull you over your -- 58 you know like a mine like why are got to do it and so. I think it would like that would be officials last year I -- so much of it on the league office and and how they've. You know they try to use the on the talk to coaches general managers. Scouts. They don't feel like they've done a real good job abusing their minor league yet to develop really good officials. And replace that older generation. That is started to -- filter you know -- -- agree 100% to -- -- I think that there isn't an influx of good young officials why the NBA continues to rely. And older officials in their key play Afghans look at the NBA finals all officiated. Primarily by guys have been around. For a very long title what you wanna ask you about the the lakers -- for me it's it's way too soon to start hitting the panic button for LA especially when they're playing three games three nicest on the season without Andrew Bynum. In a lineup but do you see any significant causes for concern. With the lakers this year. I mean -- there's a few I mean obviously. You know Colby. Kobe did not shoot well last night you know -- compete and play with a torn ligament out it doesn't help your shot. But but I think Islam its toll physically his knees hold together over the right to the short season. He shot will come to these bad. You know what you also see them. While last -- he didn't shoot great you know he picked up as the game went on and it is now what he's missing badly. -- -- -- -- a bad shooting night I didn't think speed and athleticism. -- that team he saw would just became last night a quicker younger team. You know it was they were -- -- -- all the -- a big cavity banks. A player like that could be really important to them who's got to kind of be that you Trevor reason which they didn't have last year but they need. They don't have. That quickness athleticism and their backcourt with Derek Fisher with Steve Blake to deal -- You know the the the guards all over this league which is get into the pay against the -- -- Chris Paul do it to them in the playoffs slash journal single handedly you know kept them in. That series. But what once Bynum comes back. You know they still have a full line that is unlike anyone that is real formidable. And I think bill for all the talk about the clippers in LA and and and they are exciting team lakers the going to be able to pound the ball inside and people away. That that no one else can and -- will see what happens with Dwight Howard. If on the lakers I would not trade bald -- players -- Dwight Howard Munich have one of them. You do that deal but I wouldn't trade both of them for Dwight Howard I I would make that deal -- them. Adrian did you agree with David Stern's handling of the Chris Paul situation. No I wouldn't have to expand that I thought he. It was released yet you know look and I knew the answer by the way but some of our listeners might not. Now I thought that they had. The leak put the the world -- organization matches the world -- but Houston. The lakers and Boston who spent a lot of time in and a lot of their hours' work and ideals. They just wait to beat -- that somebody people believed. In. By vetoing that treat the and they you know -- -- -- not telling the truth now about how that went down you know this idea that. The New Orleans front office knew exactly what they were supposed to get back that -- course but the get back young players and and and pick that that was the mandate from the league office it was a complete second guessed by stern after the deal happened yet the owners in his here in new York at the at the board governors meeting. And you've made this decision unilaterally. After they had agreed on that first deal and this idea that the world in the basketball ops disobeyed. The lead on the kind of deal they wanted to which it was just not true and the impact it have a match at the hornet's. But the Houston Rockets who. Went from probably any chance to me that he went plus team would just getting this all in the probably live animals by Nene to really setting them back I think the league. Way overstepped its bounds and an -- handled so poorly. And contributed to the idea around the league that that that. There's a real sense a real sense about how things work in India. Was a look at this the Celtics team and obviously Twin Towers the next domino fall -- New Jersey whether it's LA when there's another team ever heard. Right now but I look at the self esteem is still -- an upgrade. To be competitive with the Chicago's in the Miami's of the world I had a conversation with Denny's in the day about Joel Przybilla he didn't seem all listed in jolted to get a lot left in the tank. Is there someone out there do you think Boston could get interest then that might make them a better team before the senate into the season. Up with -- my head I mean you know it's certainly. You know Przybilla guy who gives us inside they the place. You know we're in we're Jeff Green made such a difference for them was that his ability to try to -- to defend and put another body. Athletic long body on Miami's speed on I'm weighed in on James and you know certainly Boston has upgraded its bench. In in some ways but. That they'll be able to. You know Kenyon -- -- come back from China. You know and everyone will talk a lot Kenyan and I think they'll be buzz about him. But the reality of Kenyon Martin is he did not play well in China without urgent fourteen points seven rebounds -- league. Where he should probably should -- averaging double that. He didn't look necessarily healthy to people and people I think to try to neuropathy what you that this indeed he wasn't into it but I think there was more to it. Somebody will side canyon but you know that type of impact guy. Or for the perception of that kind of impact guys is probably out there. Did -- think that. Kevin Garnett could have or should have received -- suspension for the Billy walker thing. He could of may be fine I I was surprised there wasn't -- how I -- still expecting a suspension. But you know. Look at what an ideal and it was certainly. It was an -- he'll. Moment for him. I Christmas Day in. Or for the league guy I was and is caught up with the idea that he should have been suspended for life I thought it might lose a few bucks over. Was last question for me going down to Miami tonight. You know I was with -- Paul Pierce late you know Miami to me. They would like a team -- -- to make a real strong regular season run now I know it's early and you can't look too much into that Dallas win. But just that the way this -- constructed right now and and the waiting -- entering the season I dispute has to be one of those teams. That puts together one of those really strong regular seasons what what's your take on how my annual fair this year. I picked up the win the title Chris I think they're going to and we look and they came up with close last year one bad finish. In a fourth quarter on the playoff system for public polls in Dallas now it took a special unique team and ballot that was. In -- veteran team has blocked any you could be really the end of the window to beat them I don't see that team out there right now. That team developing any word leaked to beat them I think Miami. It's always the pressure's off them this year is crazy that someday have to win it there's no question. But the database scrutiny is gone from them I think LeBron will be better in the playoffs I just think he will be. And I think their prime your I think actually -- I think overall the regular season. And I just don't see the same issues that the -- pat them -- the play out the Boston ad. Even even if they have a healthy -- -- I think there in the finals and I don't see -- team in the west I don't think Oklahoma City may -- they're waiting for them. But I don't think Oklahoma's group is ready. -- win a title yet. Adrian it's always fun reading your NBA stuff on Yahoo! we'd really appreciate stick in a few minutes this morning secretary cabinet -- -- -- That is Adrian what's rescued from Yahoo! Sports says. As Chris has said he's one of the best NBA beat guys out there he's the man. At a competitor he says about you know you're recognized town when he sees it Moses is certainly.

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