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Does the NBA have an officiating problem?

Dec 27, 2011|

Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix compare NBA officiating to the other three major sports. Does the NBA have the worst officiating out of the four major sports? Also, are the Miami Heat the favorite this season to win the NBA title? Dale and Chris give their predictions.

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Our number two DNC Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Chris -- and yes you will get to see the Celtics in the Miami Heat tonight. A team that both Chris and I seem to be in now. In lockstep on here they are a wagon -- the choir they waxed. Dallas in the opener you have your bad around bailing night Null let's god yet this is a common means Miami city that had weeks and weeks and weeks to prepare for this. Sitting in the locker don't even go up there on the court during the game and -- that was out of respect you know I can't imagine the -- to sort of what it in a -- Watching -- Mark Cuban Dirk Nowitzki raise that banner but. You had to know they have been you know I -- -- -- fueled up for this game for weeks and -- sort out what we weren't out there when the Bruins unveiled their banner opening night he and it's it's it's a tough. It's tough situation for visiting team and what he did he would sit on the court and applaud him better as the now. It's the right to do is go back a -- and not be part of part of the distraction one of the things I've heard in reading all the stuff -- of South Florida is that the heat arrived in the incredible physical shape. That everybody seems to be that they seem to have hit the ground running and in an NBA season in which you had basically -- pre season. It's going to be huge. Qualifying factor for them. In a season in which the games keep jammed in so much you wanna for five game losing streak and all of a sudden you're Europe look it up but somebody. Did the Celtics -- great physical condition and shape. The Paul Pierce heel injury notwithstanding. I think they're you know ray Allen's always got going to be in great shape you know he's professional -- and at the same way. I Wilson as Rondo look like he was windy early on in that exchange you know when I mentioned the first -- that I saw a lot of guys talking KG gravity shorts yeah I mean it in Iran it was special I saw him in the second quarter revenue shorts and look and a little beat up maybe that was in part of him having to carry the office of load that teaming up against the knicks you knew was going to be guard heavy because an -- -- so bad. The Toronto and have to carry the -- but you know. Use it looks like you know looking at Miami's first game and watching them of the pre season you're right. There are phenomenal condition Chris Bosh lost some weight in the offseason LeBron James -- between -- they always keep themselves in great shape Udonis Haslem. Is approach -- down there I mean this team looks healthy looks hungry looks motivated. Just looks primed to have one of those you know phenomenal regular seasons when they can win. You 8590%. Of their games and go into the playoffs looking like an absolute juggernaut. I know what's can drive people crazy they're going to win. Probably multiple NBA championships in South Florida. And I think they're gonna in the NBA championship this year lump them and then there's where are our harmony -- -- city is your team right hoax it is my team man I just. I think it's saving Miami's -- continuity goes acting Miami's better this year. Because they've gotten over the mental -- numbers of last year they'd they'd experienced everything anything. Eighteen could possibly experience last season so they are going to be affected by lot of crap it's around them over the course this year Oklahoma City. The bulk of their rosters been together for three or four years elected to -- James Harden surgeon blocker. Russell Westbrook who match in the first hour -- Kendrick Perkins who looks like Justin -- different person. This year he lost 33 -- it looks like powerful were white he'd do that. While he was but you know I talked to Sampras of GM out there -- after the park and street he said these operatives but 25 pounds overweight so we expected him to come back. Looking slimmer I don't think the anyone expected him to come back. A look in the waded. Yet this year he was -- Jimmie talk about. The anti Shawn Camp -- he you know -- camp comes back looking like the -- march element. You know Kendrick Perkins comes back you know looking like an unbelievably for a freak of nature -- that Kendrick Perkins who was reportedly overweight when he left here. You get bigger ones as -- everybody was himself from you got big baby Davis who was positively overweight. When when he last -- Celtics uniform shows up in Orlando. I won't say looking like up a Greek god but looking a lot more buff and trim than he did when he left here. Now that might be a case of a guy being motivated to when he's put a different situation Ned Davis has made no secret over the years. -- desire to be a starter he wasn't altogether happy backing up garden and it really playing with. You know behind Garnett and Perkins at all even though. They gave Davis a pretty good minutes in crunch time in he was always got it was generally on the floor. Late -- games last year with the Celtics but I think Davis one of chance to be full time starved -- team I think that motivated him. You know this offseason and I know we put up kind of a dud. On nine -- feeling at last I haven't opened up a -- on Christmas Day. But I think he's -- pretty good that role you know with the Orlando Orlando values guys that can make jump shots and one thing epic games can do. From 1516 feet away is -- that perimeter jump shots -- defense collapse on Dwight Howard. I think Dave's gonna get a lot of chances to -- some pretty decent numbers down. I think that the Celtics are a team that's that probably you know. On its way out they might have another you know one last kick at the -- type of thing in the Eastern Conference in this would be the year. I think the lakers looked like a team that's on their way out and that the strength of the lakers in -- got to say this with some some respect here is they've always been able to retool. Always found a way to restock. But they look like a team that's been supplied to Begin their own city by a younger more athletic -- leprosy. Yet eight and in the lakers in a couple of years dogs at the pumps Autry was brilliant for them I mean that that gave him a chance to. I don't caught rebuild on the fly -- -- Coby was still in his prime at that time but they were the reload. On the fly right now and I think I even though I give the lakers. Pass because they're playing right now about Andrew Bynum. You went year old Carolina portray Murphy but aren't they always playing without Andrew Bynum. Doesn't it always -- -- is pretty healthy -- -- -- on the floor. For the most part I think by Asomugha the -- of things the Bynum. If you get his own team would be a franchise center I think he's got -- twenty points and ten or eleven rebounds every single night I think he's he can BO. A 81 a type of guy on -- on his own team that and I think what's the get him back. They're gonna look a lot different but the key that lakers team -- the last couple years was that front court rotation and Kobe -- always been the face that franchise. What made later successful was the link they have their Frontline -- the rule. Bob Bynum and -- to seven footers out there and then rotating in Lamar Odom for big minutes mean that. With now the don't have that now they're counting on Troy Murphy and now and Joshua Roberts and Derrick character. While there give them those kind of tomorrow minutes and they're not capable. Of matching -- is production Troy Murphy. It was a disaster last year and -- had some pretty good years with Indiana he wasn't very good last year at all. I'm Derek characters in the second year Josh McRoberts was okay for Indiana last year and these guys play like tomorrow. And I just think that the lakers. Have fallen behind Oklahoma City and -- the west and -- -- says sorry guys no heat no thunder. Have you seen the clippers I've seen him and I like them a lot they what they're fun to watch you know I I think Lott said he. If you're gonna buy a ticket for a game and LA you would by the clippers hands down because -- city right -- going to be. Eight seats Chris Paul throw that ball up there for Blake Griffin the Andre Jordan. Nine and pulled people other seats -- more than that. -- -- potentially really really good of this is a team that even though there are a little thin on the bench right now they've got a great starting lineup mean Paul. Jordan. -- governor great you know look at her on Bob Wright thing was a very underrated acquisition this offseason he's got it was hurt all -- second -- last year and of and a and a complete non factor for Dallas. In the class this -- approach pro mean as a reason. You know ten or fifteen teams are inquiring about him. In the offseason he's got -- can still give you 1516 point tonight in -- once they get I think some production from their bench get a few more guys in the next year to. Does the team I think along with Oklahoma City can be among the perennial powers in in the NBA. A techsters says I'd like to know what Chris thinks about officiating the officiating on Sunday. -- and you were there I know it sounds like sour grapes but I about the refs were awful the -- on public was a joke. I -- Joseph Crawford. And and Bob Bryan and I were talking about the speech yesterday. Why with the NBA put themselves in a position where they continued to at least even have the questions asked about a guy like Joey Crawford crime epidemic at his best. Joan -- pretty good refereed and he's also pretty good in heated situations where he can contain any -- these very quick on the trigger. But it is a reason this guys is for offering the finals a year -- year he's. Generally evaluated by the NBA which does such a complex of valuation system or freeze these generally done -- by them. As a won the top you know seven rate rough threes in the entirely and and I you think he's one of the top seven or eight referees and I would I think yes I think his refereeing. I think when you look at the referees probably Hassan had a tends to lose control of gains at time I think -- week. It is a very good refereed now easy incredibly quick on the trigger sparse techno files go yeah but but sources Steve daddy early on his career and Steve I thought was regarded. Throughout his career as a very good refereed. You know it Joey to me when you see him in the game. You almost had a game plan for him you have to view him as as almost sad it is kind of sad day in in a lot of ways the only -- of the you do have to game plan from in some ways because. He is quick -- the trigger in you have to know you can't talk back to him you can't give him. -- a dirty look you can't give many lip. During game because he is gonna pull a trick on that but don'ts like don't lot of guys -- mean. You know teams keep Scott reports on referees they're aware of who's up there on the floor what Patrick they have. Look at tendencies that they I think. If your Boston in the fourth quarter the game. You can't lose your composure you can't it bark at him sort of certain situations I know you're gonna say that. It's ridiculous the have to do some totally ridiculous a fact of life it's a fact of the NBA right now that Joey Crawford. Is going to be in in in big gains for the league you have to plan accordingly. In the other sports and they will keep a scouting report about officials as well you know they'll say and hockey at least crew calls more. Pass interference penalties than another -- so you gotta be careful about that'll work or in the NHL -- say you know this refereed. Likes to call the the interference penalties the stick infractions whatever it is. Which you don't came around guys if your if your Bill Belichick and -- game planning and and making a count. -- hockey league you know wearing the arm bandit baby David game plan was to -- I work your right I don't think it's too strong a term. But you know you'd like you said the NHL and NFL you do you want to do have an awareness of with the referees because of their tendencies out there and even though. You know Joey Crawford since he is a -- a quick trigger other guys equipped call charges of the guys are quick to do our duty to benefit of the doubt. When you pull somebody over in every you know refereeing like anything it like any other freeze and other sports their human. And they have certain tendencies of bagel and I think every team -- aware of those tendencies and has an -- and makes their team also aware of the stances on the final with the referees I mean. I remember dale I was working for the Celtics. That you know that was back when the -- -- were kind of secret and you know before the Tim Donahue scandal broke out right the refereeing was really known until you know an hour and a half to laws for the game. I was harassed constantly by coaches say once you get that -- let's let us know right what we need to know the -- as we gonna you know so they can ostensibly planned. How to lie and org or give their guys' heads up who's out there and how those guys might but refereed game it's it's a constant part of the game. That is always gonna be variable for coaches. Do you think that the NBA hasn't officiating problem more than the other leagues do. You know I I don't know I don't think the NBA hasn't officiating problem at this point I mean really. I don't know I tactic I just as I -- now you're you you're there every day I'm not I just watch games -- what is your right and what's your gripe wouldn't be efficient I think that debt. It is all too often you know going back to which were saying about the the officiating assignments. You'll say okay Celtics have got a road playoff game tonight in not in Philly at all look cool these referees are that means philly's gonna get all the calls. And and that it plays out exactly the way you think Tim -- he may be a bit of a joke right. But last year I would listen to a -- with the NC. Org or two years ago and -- say okay the officials for tonight's game or so and so and such and such any table this is what's gonna happen and he was right. You should never be able to figure that stuff. Not enough by the same conversation -- -- is well aware of you know talk to him about Kansas officials are written columns. Based a lot on his analysis of this and he's usually been spot on in he knows. What guys like to call what they don't but again I don't think that's any different. Then when you talk with the NHL or guy likes the culture guy -- -- cross check call in the NFL they you know -- -- big holdings or pass interference panels if the same. All throughout sports I don't look at the at the NBA. As being significantly different or even any different ball then -- of sports I don't gamble. But I can see where gamblers just go crazy about officiating in the NB yet because officials in the NBA can and -- points. They can literally hand viewpoints in the NHL it's hard to end the team a goal. In the NBA they can and you you know free throws and points and it's it's just on the drives people crazy.

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