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Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix, SI.com, filling in for D&C talk Celtics, Kevin Garnett, and Miami Heat.

Dec 27, 2011|

Dale and Chis discuss where the Celtics rank with the power houses in the NBA such as Dallas, Miami, and Chicago. Is this the last run for the big three in Boston? What does Danny Ainge have planned for the future? Also, Dale and Chris preview the Celtics/Heat matchup tonight in Miami.

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Right over under. We need a number Greg you can get in on this if you want over under on how long it will take me to call Chris Kevin. Because I promise it'll happen every time we ever talked. It and it never fails I refer to your uncle even though it's you know you're right here for enemy and I know we -- -- -- it's actually time between you and Jerry Tang Wei who consist -- same thing or sister for actually to -- last time refer to he has. We finally got it right your effort -- -- his -- Close enough so that that was close and I I was the right person but I was also -- -- acknowledge that what many times and what you do when your own time is really quite frankly none of our business so it's your question I think the first hour. I think it'll happen and the first out of the every time -- government together it's happened at some point or another. Our Chris minutes from Sports Illustrated this year -- expect there'll Rebecca over my right shoulder and this is that Dennis and Callahan Show I'm Dale Arnold. Although it sound like Dale Arnold like this when sounds though I was listening as I was driving in today. I don't normally like to listen to the replays that I am that I'm on. And as I was pulling up to the building the Brady replay it was on I thought wow music I talked with number you mineralized it was meet. -- so -- that deep baritone voice on death grass god knows I haven't had a deep baritone voice go on form in my entire life. I asked I asked to almost the very first thing I said it said. Convinced me that it's not going to be ugly basketball in the NBA this year it feels like it's gonna be ugly basketball it's going to be. Ugly because for many reasons number one guys disarmed him. Basketball. You know for -- he can't he can't cram you know entire training camps where the stuff into two weeks. The second and I think more important reason is conditioning terrible if you watch that Celtics game. Against New York and I was there and I'm watching guys in the second quarter revenue shorts invention lean over guys that are usually pretty good shape guys like Garnett. Rajon Rondo you know Amare Stoudemire Carmelo Anthony and he's now in good shape but he was doing the same thing it. I think that's gonna contribute the the saving -- to all that is that it may not be good bass -- on but he could be pretty competitive basketball. -- games and you look at the and that's really about Christmas Day game was very competitive -- -- -- just wasn't good and we still love college basketball you know let's admit college basketball is generally speaking bad basketball shooting percentage times higher in those games yes. But we like it because it's up and down that's competitive at the end that's exactly. What the south -- game once I was watching the timberwolves and the and the thunder game last night same thing it was a great basketball but you know watching Ricky Rubio doubt dazzle in the fourth quarter and watching up. In this game come down to the wire that's that's all that really matters to me -- a close competitive game regardless of a book shooting percentage look like so I can see it being. Being. Lousy in the context of a shooting wise and conditioning wise but at the end could have some pretty against. Items -- Steve were in your last week and Bob and I were talking to -- and and I said such as it would to wanted to out of this. -- I see the two leagues that at work stoppages this year I saw one league handled it about as well as you can handle. Both in terms of -- changing that the financial landscape and not blowing up part of the season. The NFL if you if you can hit if you can do work stoppage well they did it well. The NBA screwed this up from start to finish IC a financial package right now that's the different. Basically them when they had what was all this four by I think. Financially speaking the owners got a pretty good deal you know they they reduced the actual editing commode -- 50% so that's. He -- and 28300 million dollars that they're shifting back into the -- coffers so. In that sense I think the owners got what they wanted and they also got revenue sharing so some of the poor teams will be able to. -- that influx of cash so we'll keep them competitive to a certain degree. With a bigger markets. But the same time the system issues. You all the talk about you know parity and let's treat that NFL type model. I don't think they solve that problem as we saw early on you still gonna have guys like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard forced their way or try to force their way in the case of our. The big market teams and they can do nothing to stop that it and he gave way -- -- gave way to negotiate free agency. -- many years ago and that's just the fact of life the NBA. During the lockout just seem to think -- legislate out of so I think in some ways they. Did they got what they want they got they got the money back I got some of the money that bit -- a lot gloss is down the last. At the last two years or huge you know tens of millions of dollars for some teams that have been awards points last eighteen million I don't seem to be in a whole lot different -- in revenue sharing will will help some. It didn't change the model and enough for me to make that to make losing you know quarter of the season worth. I don't know I disagree I disagree because they are getting their money back 98 -- didn't change the model in the context of the system. Because -- -- -- now I've changed you sort of have guys went around and and fortunately it's bigger teams but. At the end of the day. There's a hole 283 million dollar piece of change that's gonna be shipped from the players. To dealers and with that like you -- with their revenue sharing. They're they're gonna be better off the Memphis New Orleans Charlotte they're gonna be much better often able to be competitive. In the long term so it remains to be seen -- is three years on the line we have. Fifteen teams that think they are title contender in March and April and the NBA can raise their hands in in in in -- week we accomplish something right now. You know your argument is out it's still it's still too soon to tell whether that that the slot that was ultimately work. Major League Baseball has that the kind of revenue sharing plan that you described that theoretically makes it possible for the Pittsburgh and Kansas city's. Maybe not compete on an even footing because they can't with the New York's and Boston's and in the Philadelphia's but it was supposed to level the playing field somewhat and it didn't it doesn't. I think the problem with -- but based. That threshold very few teams if any not a annually and if you're gonna make. If you try to level the playing field you've got to reduce that -- gonna make it around -- 120. And I know that something that. Players will never do because on that rollout hell without -- extraordinarily long work stoppage but. That's me is only way to level the -- it's not about revenue sharing in baseball that makes it. The -- competitive it's the excellent at the lack of a threatening luxury tax -- I tried not to read. I was gonna say too much I tried not to read anything into the two pre season games against -- Should -- -- -- was the worst are horrible and they won last amazed beat Cleveland utterly terrible Leo but but I tried not to read too much into. I'm watching some of these ties come off the Celtics spent somebody's got to explain to me why sweeten was in the I you know so I think it's -- is one of those things where the key analyzed town is number nine pick in 03. By New York so he has basketball talent within him but remember we went down that road again buried about lately their -- -- so Robert Thomas Hamilton it was yeah it was exact same way. Where he had an and and nice chunk -- basketball talent then buried under a whole lot of chunk. Islanders uniform I mean he was a sort of a flyer right there but the Celtics. I mean the biggest problem. Is going to be size and you got great states on the bench your banking and Jermaine O'Neal didn't look very good. In the opener against New York do you play in small lineups -- Garnett Brandon Bass you're gonna be -- beat a lot of teams in the league with that lineup but toggle for the show. The bar in Boston isn't making the playoffs it's not finishing number four seed winning answers or to not with three hall of famers and with. You know probably got to be perennial all star. Rajon Rondo on your roster in the bar is winning championships and right now I look at this roster. And I just see it being in -- light years behind. Miami and Chicago I mean I've been thinking about the last couple days you know and I'm watching the first two games of the season -- in the lakers could be twice and they look like they're a little bit trouble. There -- three. Over a league teams the NBA ones Oklahoma City. To his Miami in three Chicago after that everybody else is -- -- on a whole -- level and Boston. All along with this group they want to be on that level and and I don't think with this roster as currently constituted. They can compete with any of those. I was listening to a two grandy and Max of that on on Christmas Day. And and it at one point Max started to say something insurance that I'll finish for you know which -- gonna set. Sasha Pavlovic can't have his guys score a three pointer and then pass up an open shot at the other end and expected he's gonna get on the court. And he's among the guys I watch -- on -- on with this guy why is he here. What's gonna bring to the table you know what what public can do we shoot the basket and that's pretty much it at this point with Sasha and he's he's -- he's a fill in an effort all along -- starter on that you know that 2007 finals team with touched off an am extra today because I mean you know at the look at the guys -- starting on the team that was -- of the LeBron show and everybody else just. Along for the ride but you know politic should not be playing started again it's those things work. Public is giving you consistent minutes your little bit child because other teams are not other elite teams knocking have a -- like such a public. Playing statements hopefully. It's just a bit role for right now because doc we know -- -- -- the better player -- would prefer to keep him on the bench keep the the bench rotation tight and keep that consistent shortened season hopefully Peters is back. Either against Miami tonight war in the next couple of games and we offered at the such a public is even on the team but. Yes he's gonna be a -- give you consistent minutes. Not a -- That the Jeff Green thing obviously was not their fault. You couldn't or see that. You know I'll point out that of people that he passed many physicals in Oklahoma City which by the way has one of the more stringent. Our toughest medical staff entirely. So so this has been. Some latent issue that he had and to the to the Celtics positions credit they found that when other people didn't find. You couldn't predict that you couldn't you couldn't museum planned for that and I think that ended up really in this basketball team for. I I I understand the like means more than basketball right and the Celtics are grateful that Jeff Greene found this it was going to be able to take care of it. From a basketball perspective this woman really at the law it album you know that and I look at that them. The biggest misses of the offseason -- a really count Chris Paul is I never thought that Boston really in the crisp ball sweepstakes but. Having Jeff Green go down and losing David West when they thought they had a locked up to a multi year deal. You know that those were game changer right there not just because they would fortify the bench but that because that gives you. Size and as we just talked about a minute ago sizes something the Boston sorely needs I think they're going to be okay. As far as the bench goes mean like to Brandon Bass looks like he's gonna be pretty good player and and I have actually been a pretty big fan of -- best dating back to his days. With the mavericks he kind of got lost in Orlando his first year inside to come around last strategy can be a pretty good contributor. On that team but not having done the side is dead that that Green and David West would provide and the relief they'd be able to give Kevin Garnett in the front court. It's just a killer that's just an absolute killer now you're stuck with Jermaine O'Neal and -- states -- you know and Chris Wilcox you know guys that she should not be playing. On a team boss discount from -- go back to 2008. Could you imagine any of those three guys is no mention playing on that team now now of course not mean it's. It's in its sister -- that's how it's worked out the Boston looked like they had. Look like they headed a team that could be competitive with a roster anyway can be competitive which Condo in Miami and now. They're sort of scrapping and hoping they could take someone or get someone in trade -- off the scrap heap they can help them out. Rajon Rondo is the best player on this team. And yet he's the guy that we keep hearing that Danny is willing to or has been seeking to -- we a lot of here. Help help us compute that for EM because we know the Big Three is aging and on their way out in in some sort of chronological order. Run those young athletic gifted why would he be the guy you'd be looking to move well two reasons number one I think it's no secret that. Rondo is attitude has been questionable in his time in Boston he's had public clashes are pretty private clash with doc. I am with the organization over the years that they like him. Well I think they know that the cost side either I think I mean -- John Dennis is very phrases -- -- like I mean. And translated at the same positive today like him as much as the Big Three I don't think so it. Did they know they need him absolutely enemy he like he said he is the best player on the -- right now he saw Matt. That New York game -- he's going against your backcourt has not very good. But you saw him in that game would have the ability to take over and did not only its it is to distributable score and I saw. It's it's only one game I saw a bit of an improved jump shot from Rondo when that game looked a little more confident he looked smooth they're shooting and he looked like he had been in the gym this offseason I worked on match now he still has a -- ago he doesn't he's not three point threat right now but if he can make that. That jumper at eighteen footer off pick and roll then that's a whole other dimension Toronto's game that we haven't seen yet but clearly. They're open to moving him in the second part of that you know besides them not being in enamel with them. Is that he has the most about you know he's on he's a young guy -- 2324 years old. He's on a contract starting contract at manageable for guy and with his skills I think he's making ten or eleven million dollars. Over the next five years so he's got has a lot of value it's still puzzles me. Wide New Orleans never was interest in the Boston package you know you look at the deals they were looking at. And Iran that was the best player involve many of those deals like as a young. On a manageable contract clearly an elite playmaker in sleep with a points -- knowledge that that being set other teams are urged it and you can. Potentially put together a strong package. Senator outrage around -- might be -- bring you something that maybe guinier dot one more. I don't Danny has said that in the past. I'll just be clear I don't think they'll. And the operation on the market trade -- for parts but if you could get Chris Paul certainly would not -- -- -- exactly exactly create you can get a game -- Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony last last last -- you get some real on the outlines. I think their -- doing they're not looking to trade. Racial run and not putting him out there -- sign on up talked a lot of people currently about this very same subject. Not looking to deal you know that's necessary to open business -- -- if you can get. A potential young in their prime franchise player if they can rebuild around I think they did very much fields. Were you surprised Doc Rivers signed long term here and did it indicate to you. That at least privately there's been some plan put in front of him from -- any change that. That explains the transition from the Big Three to what's next I was. And surprisingly coverage -- I I'm not I was surprised docs re signed for another for another year wrap -- that's double would be -- thought he would finish out. This sort of Big Three -- KG and ray on the last year their contracts it was a very good chance regardless what happened this season this entire group is is broken up I thought that. And he would. You sign a one year deal that walk away is in the or sign another one -- deal. But to lock yourself to a five year deal I was I was beyond style on any -- or. It would -- the finals last year and we watch when doc left the left the podium everybody in the media in the audience game innovation now every thought that might have been it for him now he's locked in. For five years. You know -- -- -- geek is a clear indication to me. That they have a long term plan that centers around sat around shifting away from the Big Three era into something else entirely I don't think dale. That -- signed up to be part of another. Gerald Green -- you know to be part of a 2.5 to thirty win team that struggles for two or three years I think he Danny sat down and discuss the future now. I can't say what that futurist is it trading Rondo for a different player is it. Breaking up the Big Three at some point this year and and and sort of rebuilding on the fly which other teams have done in the past. I don't know what the planets but there is clearly it has to be a plan in place for -- to want to re sign. With this team for such a long period of time but his Boston and attractive basketball destination for players. No not not right now I mean three years ago absolutely we knew that when when it knew we had the Big Three kind of still in the middle of being the Big Three and it's it's not just that they're not. It's -- they're not attracted destinations that other places are more attractive. Right now mean Miami is there Chicago who teams with young stars. In their twenty's are gonna be good for the next few years I mean I don't think is again netting at the city of Boston itself. When you look at other teams' rosters mean tech Oklahoma City. I think right now is more attractive to to other teams -- you get. You gonna see machine Battie is of the world in next summer trades it -- go to those teams as opposed to Boston because you can't get. The ring changes Betsy -- On a team that just doesn't seem position to win a ring right now you need you need to upgrade that Tel -- -- roster to get those guys to -- play. Chris medic is here from Sports Illustrated covers the NBA covers a lot of boxing and mixed martial arts and that's up to but I can imagine that'll via. Hot topic for discussion never really -- up a big big topic in Boston on yours and merit it's it gets pretty big time not much there. Well talk a lot about the Celtics obviously. I I unfortunately think there's a pretty good chance they're gonna get wax. And came to the NBA season juggernaut Miami I think are really really good.

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