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Breaking down the MNF finale

Dec 26, 2011|

Ryder and Lenny Megs take a look at the Falcons-Saints Monday Night Football finale in New Orleans and discuss what Drew Brees' nigh-inevitable breaking of Dan Marino's single-season passing record means.

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Equity on the planet Mikey showed John -- along with a let -- make Leo give those phone calls calls an -- out of here at 8 o'clock and it's the saints and the falcons down as new moral and Steve Drew Brees would a remarkable player he has not only is he. Close and and could break Dan Marino's probably will single season a record. A 5084. Yards passing -- seventeen years ago at least three -- five George guy. It's also as well ladies. Brees got its used to played in cold weather -- cooperative EBE seems to be able play most any conditions now bothered too much out. Cuban league as long as -- -- and yet her stunning crime positioned to broke away and well. It use -- excuse. Because you will plain and colon a lot of Packers. You're the colleges they came from and you know you have to adjust to it -- by if you get through the playoffs I don't care where you're playing you're not gonna use the -- -- excuse you know. And it went. It is they want user but I do think it's a factor with some of these teams. I don't take it as John I think just the best team wins on that day. Just think these guys I mean you've seen them. Com come out with shots especially the line in which athletes. Data do that but then after awhile there on the notion of them that -- Really know some of these guys I don't know about that part it -- disagree -- I don't think ran a it's a factor whether it's a fact -- you you know I mean you play. It's always a possibility. That you're gonna play you know a playoff game in -- cup championship game ethical advocate beat Chicago. You know could be an act by eight it's not like the the any guys on the -- haven't played well they have in the snow I understand they have but I do think that it's tougher for dome teams were warm weather teams to come up here and play in cold weather. Spots I do think that is a factor army not the biggest factor when it. I think it's a slight effect OK so via. I Packers have eight on time -- and really bad weather issues we have a very nice -- the winner council. I'm of these fact that we weakened agreed to screen. On the spine I mean there's a couple of examples come most -- When Michael Vick in Atlanta went up to Green today. And won there in the post season years ago and it course. Jon Gruden Tampa Bay Bucs coming up to affiliate knocking them up to the FC championship game -- thought that would happen and integrated from California common in women attack game -- in the and they -- it but -- economies army football players right on the play in the snow and I don't care if you went to Florida or innocent. Arizona state of waited fortieth call wrong great weather and that. He suggests to. So I guess I'm saying in New Orleans. Wouldn't shock me if they -- -- Green -- if it comes -- edited to would be the biggest stunner ever minute would be an upset that's for -- let's go back to the cause here's a Cory he's in now Orlando -- -- warm weather while and our. People or upgrade a -- you from this area originally here you from down now -- in race -- all right well. Do you get affected when you come back to framing him in the winter months. Indeed does take your little while to get acclimated -- goes to come -- days you don't come back to -- What no I do a couple appear to be honest review I had not that you played Indiana felt Corbin -- what you are human being in church. I would -- not a jacket because I had my air conditioning on Christmas morning it was just a little too warmed up in the -- -- it's it's a nice refreshing change now -- -- plane a Republican backing for Thanksgiving or Christmas so. Yeah right I enjoy the he -- coal miners -- Will I am I I know someone that -- down in well somewhat -- Tampa. For awhile and they. They said they just couldn't stand it once they came back here he's a whim but couldn't stand it digested it is like this is not for me come back in these winter months. Well. I'm not over yet so I'm you know a couple a couple of days here and there will be called on -- -- bird and I went out. Did you go did you go south voluntarily. Job wise -- this interview and -- aren't good you good though probably not slated job opportunity. You know I just a job our medical trails -- on it actually done it yet there aren't socialists on in my -- sports okay. I love my patriots. Air and this is their best player out here. It is going to be so interest and it is it is a if -- -- look at apparel worn and -- I would not be surprised. If the -- go to the Super Bowl would not be surprised and anything in between I would not be surprised yeah. -- have a -- -- I mean you have a insane -- yes well who knows what that you know every every playoff season you know it's as great anticipation well you know what -- -- a little more well let's think of it here that this is what's so interesting about this because. We know the rules have changed in this differences. A look at you know the yards given up agreed bay in the majors we've heard time and time again teams never -- given up that. Many yards but think about the differences and all these teams are at the patriots you think about them offensively. Much like you do the Green Bay Packers although I think the Packers have more play makers of the deep it's sad. The ravens offense and mediocre at best they do every rice morbid defensive team. The Steelers more balanced but Roethlisberger in that injury but there's still more of a defense of what team. You look at the NFC -- Disco definitely a defense of team where New Orleans. I their team that. A middle of the pack and points given up there and and that he has given up some yards high powered offense so we'll see who wins out here this is really intriguing when it comes to these top teams and in both divisions. -- ordinary guts of the page is the right on the micro you know I'd look at the patriots now. And we like team like -- -- their prime going to be a thirteen three and and stay at home while. And and yet you remember the Bruins before they want it last year I mean they just kept disappointing to fans and a first round or second round knockouts while that's that's the patriots the last couple years so. And -- right so as much as people are enjoying this ride. I think there's more concerned about this page two seam movement play us then maniac a member on the ballot checked except maybe the first -- when they you know one soup percent of went well. This is the break we need to -- Now if -- the sixth -- -- -- Or if it's not entry manipulator or literature and actually -- that exceed most likely gonna go to Houston. And played a -- It's so we need to fix to be great if -- look for all the who Eleanor or like what kind of patriot than what we need to avoid. Is playing all Pittsburgh -- ball right. Or if yes I agree with -- -- if we get Baltimore and Pittsburgh. To beat the crap out of there while we can go through and already. I like -- that doctor. I understand but I think Korea eventually get the soup bowl you're gonna have to get past. One of those two teams you know and it got a -- -- I area in Baltimore and Pittsburgh if they play in one agency beats the crap out of -- right. That's not to have any mean I'm -- fives that is code out I mean it's going to be a tough game you know it's a tough game to -- -- it's a play I think it was killing each -- That doesn't mean that they while -- Pittsburgh win so you know a date they wore down the they were down India. Baltimore and then they're gonna play -- patriots and they going to be too tied now I don't believe. A this is -- -- you never know what to expect Vegas on the planet Mikey show but we've had more text here about boxing day and make it to -- American -- to that. But some on the weather now here's -- has pre Marines. I never wore a jacket normally wore shorts now the exact opposite -- you spend most of your time does matter. When it comes to acclimated yourself to the weather. Couple other -- Here's what saying a writer I know you don't like to blame the wraps. But it can you say the calls did affect the outcome seize up eight with three minutes -- New York's at the line while the Celtics are getting -- I did mention a couple of calls there and in one B Markey said Daniels that they -- -- I did think he had all ball I did think that was a bad call. By Joey Crawford on the Sasha. Average. Technical. I will say Carmelo at the did hit some tough jump shots during that period and some three pointers as well. I don't remember completely the Celtics every one -- two times the rest were great yesterday but. I. One note that it stands subtle more yesterday because it's dead near the end of the game. -- would have marquis -- angels are am and fourth quarters so yeah I mean I would say I don't always you know -- led to. Yeah I think that there was a difference middle bit that game yesterday. Not not totally but does this factor but it typically is here's up Paul in Providence DePaul. Happy holidays and say do you baltics. I wanna talk a little bit about patriots running game see what you guys think about it. I don't I don't have a problem went home watched they've won a football I have Walton went. All that give the football -- in when they've -- football I mean Belichick always talks a ball situation football. And if you noticed an OK did you guys notice the difference between. -- Hollywood was there and now we have a little part -- -- offensive coordinator. That would not like in the football and what quarter are not well we have big -- And actually pretty shock and will work late particularly last week against -- it was like 3416. And -- in the fourth quarter when the shotgun in operating gets drilled by Elvis -- ago I have a big problem that can mean what happens is pretty it's our. You know what you guys stick in the morning I don't wanna -- ya wanna back -- many I think I think we need to just take one expect. One who would you -- Green Alice on Ridley Ridley you would have thought -- banged up right now so I that's part of -- represent good 129 yards rushing over his past two games and take out 1520 tied the game and see what happens. You know that's just not ever come all the fifteen no you know not -- Steve religion or any other running -- 20/20 times a game. Oil -- out but what about like anything is not work. It's not working immediate you need to get a guy I coach high school football not that that's really big deal but you need to get a guy in a rhythm and they don't wanna back by committee stuff that doesn't work. What do they have as a feature back that's the problem with this isn't maker Wrigley could -- a rookie you need to let him in the need to let him get its feet wet gonna they have been doing that have fumbled a volume. Legitimate chance. What went on and it is situational football in the fourth quarter when you have -- four when you heavily. -- Charlie Weis comes on the a system called the art market system where you throwers scored Margaret. Now passing it to cut certainly no doubt about it all points about off. But this street situation -- all football we need to run the football. One of them is in the red zone -- in the fourth quarter when you have a lead is three is in short yardage and -- in situations. Well not necessarily what every team in a situation this is that a dynamite passing game right and that's that's their -- -- -- Welker Gradkowski these guys. Gonna go now I know guys but when it's third -- -- Third and what you remember a couple of years goers what until we won't get two yards that -- goes to the top. -- they -- that out they give it to Brady now three touchdowns this year right while -- the other part too is I think I understand. Yet. Yeah I understood the expo Europe is break I understand when you have a substantial lead in a grind it out here in the fourth quarter would with a run I can understand. Tiger there but also when you look back even just to this Miami game this of this enemy that you're -- -- about a game. It's not exactly over yet it's even with the you know -- Europe twenty to seventeen win. Seven plus minutes to go in the fourth quarter I would say that's over. It is that you can't thank them -- which not at all I'm Natalie now.

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