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Looking back at the Celtics' Christmas loss

Dec 26, 2011|

John Ryder and Lenny Megs discuss the Celtics' last-minute loss to the Knicks on Christmas day. How much can attributed to the absense of Pierce? How much can be attributed to the refs?

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Mike he's not -- -- -- quick view on Wednesday in the meantime John Ryder -- get along with -- -- -- look up until 8 o'clock you get a Monday Night Football game -- pretty good one although Atlanta really does have anything to play for now. With the already wrapping up playoff spot but. Our record might be broken and Drew Brees to nine. Of the goes over 305 yards to break Dan Marino's single season record 50084. Yards passed for season's record shattering everywhere I would quit the -- that -- records seem like yet a year slight power cuts that -- but the game's changed yes in the rules have changed as well but Drew Brees golden age for quarterbacks right now would breeze. Aaron Rodgers to -- mountain. -- close with Chicago for a little while last -- and then pull away late -- -- also of course with Tom Brady who might break that record as well. I don't -- and it's going to be you know that's what they're playing for now be curious to see I mean he had this. 188. 887 Brady's yes so. You know if he gets close to matter how much know who play in all black but. Yeah no it's instincts it's nice if the you know the game open up like this well defense coordinated and -- and -- our guys in the secondary one now now but it's a out. Com it is a new time like -- it's a new wage here for really super quarterbacks from it's always been great quarterbacks most in you know. Last thirty years but. Not like today and again the rule changes have opened up to. Yes and it might be a case this year may be -- ever was talking about it. Which usually whatever is talking about something he usually doesn't happen but aren't item at a Green Bay New England Super Bowl and potentially two teams. Given up most yards ever. To meet up and and and his Super Bowl or at least down near the bottom and a total defense. At 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Give us call or text us at 85850. If you wanna get in the patriots dolphins matchup on Saturday. Or any of the NBA match ships from yesterday Christmas Day including the Celtics in the -- I think that was encouraging coming from seventeen down they win that game Paul yours is in there instead about Sasha Pavlovic. You -- horrible. I like that just bluntly what. The US bound and if he gets couple buckets they weren't so but anyway again reenactment. Go crazy over game whining considering you know I believe their -- their best player let's say I was out then you know certainly the best score. Then that's okay it was a great comeback at which you can't. You know and get -- kind of mellow out there you know and he he -- -- -- -- -- fourth period was. Really -- -- seventeen of his 37 coming in at port or the other part of it is not -- -- entity please. Now much defense but still. And after work harder on the defense of end of Paul Pierce is the may be still scores through thirty points and also he'd be slow down a little bit of if pierce was Paula depending on his 00 absolutely not mean that -- The tickets averaging down. Without -- previous. On the wrote in to scan and email it's pulled it off so aftermath standpoint it's encouraging. -- who is you know quite good. Rondo was exceptional exceptional and Jermaine O'Neal was. -- it again terrible. You know. But it does some file troubled into too much like a couple of shots -- yet know was a good thing John yet now he's got to stay out of foul trouble early he -- that delicate situation news team and they need a big game is so but again. I crossed that I ever forgotten it's one game -- entertaining that's for sure. And but you know art com -- could do and fourth period and now -- took him. Well after the first quarter when they give up 34 points to get shredded there and take it -- to give up 34 points in the quarter this year I know the knicks. It's gonna take a little while the C were -- in the NBA a few weeks anyway breasts when it's a sixty game 66 game season. There's more importance to it even though it's just it's just one game but still encouraging signs at least it in this area particularly the third quarter ended the way the Celtics played really. The way Raj on Rondo plated some jump shots and also rate rise does some free throws again nine out of twelve in fact that. And and sometimes no stats can be overrated -- but -- this only three times looked this up checked on this point three times last year. The garage on Rondo -- more than five free throws in the game. -- nine last night yesterday nine for twelve I wouldn't seem so many games and that then surprised that. It's got a report from right and well also checking out some of the other stuff around the NBA. A couple of great -- course the knicks and the Celtics has details of the bulls and the lakers I was -- -- without Kobe Bryant with a -- for Derrick -- the game winning shot glue weld saying what that should have been an all star last year it was a tremendous. For the most part for the bulls yesterday. I actually even checked out that and Golden State clippers game. Late last night view it and and watch the majority of it and then I LA pulled away in the fourth quarter but -- Chris ball -- the spine twenty points nine assists. I think getting used to and I thought maybe tonight will seek. About two. You know garage on Rondo -- ball again here we -- we know that's not happening now beaten but looking back and some calls yesterday as well below now you can't trade lunch on Rondo I knew that after one game -- -- is tremendous look. No sliding Rondo. We've probably still arguably you would say maybe the third best point guard in the game. Well it is where a guy like pol. And rose com. And Williams they just bit more typical charts point that's great ones. Rondo is it's a little different cat when -- great. I mean his style of play it's much more spectacular. It's more highlight -- it's fun to watch it that's an -- and network and that's what I think you know. I think people get fooled by that sometimes because a course of familiar in Garrity would though it would Rondo in tennis years seeing him so much but I think the other part of it is. The highlight reel type stuff. That's a great -- and an end and where. You know you watch -- Chris ball and even though he can make plays as -- Derrick Williams since early Derrick Rose. As -- MVP maybe it'd be -- real time highlight reel type of plays I'd see all you know. I did you know. How did he you know he watched the game with Chris Paul game that he plays -- release yet you know close -- triple double. Yes that's true but you're right I mean -- and I've I said all Russia Europe on this station German and written many many times. That Iran does not the best point guards in the league but he's the most exciting. He has the most unique yes but it was good to see him aggressive and they needed his score where they get to get that scored from yesterday with Paul appears that there aren't. Adding a lot of the problems. In the first step was -- their half court play and they had no one out to -- really create their own shot although Rondo did on occasion which is it was nice to see and he was aggressive and even Doc Rivers said that those -- pleasant side but he can't play like that. For a forty minutes a game or he'll be LB. Current forward origins gassed by the end of January. And when delegates on I hunt him like that I mean it's it's tough. Especially with Sasha Pavlovic as defending him or Marquis Daniels who. Right they do much good job -- defensively and of course the officials come into play -- -- -- Joey Crawford as well and and also. Even though Sasha Pavlovic did not have a good game that I don't think you'll be seen too much as Sasha is more to jump shooter than anything special Paul yours is back in key interest joys and his team. Illinois I'm surprised you made the team you know no knowing that there were gonna on its canals. And but you know -- this is delicate situation probably said okay to keep it for awhile but. You know I don't know if this I'm sure it was -- human -- I don't know Fabio in a month to month that I read a quote yeah yeah I mean I think you might suit up I. I doubt he starts if if the even plays it all tomorrow night but they'll see some maybe some minutes I'm sure he'll wanna play that. He likes to play on the big stage -- takes that. Now what do fraud in a lie you know why is he not play and he loves way to big games -- tech dot -- Alia that so we're taking your telephone calls whether the patriots. And they are at their playoff push in the scenarios as well. Switcher. Someone else. -- -- when it comes to the up clips nearest. You have to worry about the patriots his win and it get that top seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs it's interesting with some of the other teams especially the wildcard teams we go over that as well. And the NBA is back and the Celtics are back or anything else who wanna get into Bruins. -- one game in eight days at thinkers of the like that the -- Phoenix coming up on Wednesday but still the strength I'm really is original plan like three games are weaker team -- since -- beginning in December and Austin it of course when did they -- you catch -- some slack and Gorton wrote for the first time like that that's pretty far wrote in to right. Let's get some phone calls here's Jon and Kate got -- -- They -- -- Michael no problem John Liu a company if they get there aren't too bad. I mean I can't have what if they are the pages in -- That's our thing out the page its own jump out to. Good ideas about it he then Miami and hurt on the play. A couple things that's not happened is the pages the it's and stop in the third quarter -- look for Conan. Create some turnovers so our offense is accurate indicator keep the people are forgetting to look well. There at the patriots are so depended on turn overs as his Green Bay both those teams about a lot of success in turnovers this season but. He count on that as much when you play a really solid team that doesn't make as many mistakes. I guess not but I mean it seems like they've been -- every week every year they only talk about it. Well John you know this this fumbles and every game news and both sides and you know patriots have been very -- no idea recovering. And make the other team pay off the curious to -- and are still gonna get credit on Indian -- and it's true -- -- how long can they live Arafat and that would -- planes so the defense you know. And make some stuff in between the cracks absolutely. Iowa that report are. -- John thanks -- call.

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