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Kevin Garnett, hero in Boston, villain to the rest of the NBA

Dec 26, 2011|

Kirk Minihane and Steve Buckley are in on Patriots Monday and are talking about the Celtics-Knicks game. More specifically, Kevin Garnetts altercation with Bill Walker at the end of the game. The guys both agree that it was over the top, the callers however seem to be split over the whole matter.

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Much Amarillo and -- are out today. I think -- -- -- couple days this weekend Lou is gone I believe for the week so. It is Turkmen and here I'm joined by my pal Steve Buckley. Rock -- -- -- you want everytime I see -- with the same about Ryan wanted just to get my whole fame ballot out discuss it with you. What we're not gonna do that this I don't know that about 260 minutes exactly after Christmas we met the killer a couple of segments but IC Bob Bob and -- Friendster. Over 25 years and everytime I see Bob by -- immediately. At all fame discussion. What do that before. Has met and now there are quite that's because an hour before you were here I came mania during a break and had them and as we vote for the hall of fame he gave me his ballot I gave him mine. -- to notify people. For the same guys who voted for. Well no no no. Eighties authorities at this a long long long way to go let's start with you watch the game -- so yes I did know about -- set. With what with the gadget. And Kevin Garnett intense you know that you know he's no plays are listen and that's awesome. I wasn't crazy about watching the game on Christmas Day. Because it's Christmas Day. But did -- build the window work forming because at my house Christmas he was a big deal so -- -- someone people at my house. Presidency. Than everyone sort of Meehan is -- my sister's house Christmas Day. But not until about three in the afternoon. Fights and thing to do in the morning the wind dole was perfect to sit back and watch basketball program knowing I was going to be on the show with you this morning it ball moved me. What's the game. In fairness if I was -- this morning I -- DVR of the game and and -- it up at some point that your play dates at what's the game -- -- the fact that it wins disorganized. The beginning in in you know two weeks of practice -- -- shots and that wouldn't you know pass in the wrong guy and I used to play with this guy and now he's with that team okay and the stand again. And I also get that it appears is in the game it's a different game maybe the Celtics went the knicks one. They get the pump HS a little bit and say we're going to be in the same orbit that very -- very entertaining -- very anyway by any measure Gary entertaining game -- -- on the yeah go ahead and any time you get Charles brought the dressed up like Uncle Fester at halftime forget that that makes ridiculous right and that was worth the price of admission right there but. The whole thing. Okay Rondo gets the ball to Garnett that's gonna take the shot it's got a descending game overtime or in the game he misses the shot life goes on. Shows some dignity that thing with walker and you know grabbing of the throat not that necessary. Now I mean listen bought at the end of the day Garnett we we both of us everybody listening knows has Kevin Garnett is a great color he's gonna go often as he now he's probably one of the two. Does the best players in history -- overtake and by the Kevin Garnett all you can make the argue Kevin Garnett is no question about -- Usable in -- -- -- talking to him sought again yesterday Bill Walker. He made a Garnett and Garnett injury that is we on the brutal on rookies Bill Walker did not enjoy that experience he got credits face of the biggest wish he'd done that no. But Kevin Garnett has been the NBA for a million years there is absolutely no reason for him to strike Bill Walker in the throat there's there's there's no reason there's no call for. These price I think she gets to spend a pride to hit -- game forty showed you had a guy throat. Kind of a veteran should not be doing Garnett here all the time always attend so he doesn't know where easy get so focused. Break me a break Kevin -- -- a million years. Absolutely they dispute the inexcusable and I hope we get suspended shot. I can understand the intent the guy is the -- -- turn buckle. I can understand. -- he -- -- was big baby a couple of years ago and attention to. And that big BVL we'd be on the bench Brett I understand even the swearing them okay because your I kind of -- that -- played the NBA. I can't even Begin to -- The intensity that on the court you've got these guys playing with those -- I understand. But the game is over to grab a guy a working class player by the throat. In the manner in which she did after that game was over for no other reason than because he he lost the game but it. I mean Bill Walker -- a good job on defense -- missed the shot and it was -- the door got walker got in his face. And he had -- and you want to celebrate ol' boy came on him because his team in the game and and I understand listen you get a ticket go with a bad -- total package or Bobby dale talk about it when I was just -- it's more I don't agree that and that that's a part of the packet to -- return writes -- boxing day so let's return that package I liked that part of the. 617779085888525. Zurich if you numbers to call and -- the thing about Garnett is ultimately is. He picks these fights he -- -- altercations happened over the years picks and a lesser guys to meet future classic. You know sort of school -- We've got to got to walk on short he was absolutely brutal on when you saw it with yeah with blood Davis about this is the -- is like out these guys. That's how does leadership that's fine you can't do you can't do that to Bill Walker. And for Garnett to do that any personal it is team that I think he's got a game of the going to be tomorrow will be once -- -- -- come later in the week. You see him do anything. Garnett has to know better -- I in his third season this is clearly who -- guard like him or not this clearly is who Kevin Garnett it is. And the question is -- -- Celtics and steal all this because. So it is like Kevin Garnett because you always identified him with a new lead the retooled Big Three or. The 0708 season for all those years of losing in tragedy and bad drafts bad trades Rick Pitino. ML Carr of the build the wrong bounce -- the ping pong balls that that that doesn't get them ten dollars all those years of things going bad. Boom all of a sudden. Danny Ainge makes presses the right buttons it's on the phone with Kevin Mikhail. Works up the trade for Ray Allen they bring in Ray Allen -- bringing Kevin Garnett they mesh well with Rondo. And all of a sudden they've they've cut Posey and brown eyes and technical college in itself and it's beautiful to watch. And go -- they roared past the lakers in game five. It was a game 61 -- games it blew my game six comeback in game 41 against exactly and but the way to put it ought to get the win the title it's it's one of the great stories -- lost ten years and in it puts the Celtics up on the stage we've we've been blessed. To see all four of our teams when championship since 2000 years well 1234567. Anti chipped in ten years -- and and and and Garnett. Pierce Allen the boys are right up there at. Harbor -- there are. He is right now we're 45 months old would never seen its human in addition it it to get that yet if -- for those kids now is 2012 rose rock. Also as if Kobe Bryant -- subs played the lakers. Christmas Day. Kobe Bryant is defended into the game. By a guy and his second thirtieth pick you pick your guys some guy Bill Walker you're still on the Celtics are back misses the shot. Kobe Bryant blocker celebrates on the Kobe Bryant jabs. Walker in the throat is a reaction -- adapt. Defense for -- right so it's no wonder what's the difference outrage. Laundry is that the difference outrage of say he's the only difference is artists that were soaked uniforms a larger argument that's right. You know question I have is. Got a broken with Minnesota he -- 5949394. I think. -- -- Yes Terry Porter -- -- and on the phone that the Minnesota boasting back and the veterans -- media. That old when he was lucky. But well maybe. But I'm trying I'm just trying to think it did did someone beat him up as a rookie and is he taken it to heart all the majors later. Was there a veteran who was mean AM. Or is -- uses disposition and guess just who's going to be that's who we was you know with the tumbled as well sort of you know as he kind of crisis. That's the way it is now it is in the NBA he's the star. To get his way that dark river's gonna send him about that not the chance in hell soccer percent after the game -- to the media are shaking Vietnamese and I didn't see that audits of happen. I didn't see it. Of course that's what he's unit or the network didn't CDU by the way I did Europe. And -- big game it ended as soon as the game ended the camera. Ships that it's in hand right to center court. And -- you know mark. And the current loses and this is the renegade yeah and it's -- -- coming up the next game in the knicks have just won their opener. And I'm like you know on it DVR but I just want to see it real time. But immediately big over the replay and say oh look what -- what the game and off like two minutes they probably got around and all local we got here. And you could just see it on the corner it's just as they moved away from you -- Garnett reaches broad reaches. Hand the guy's throat. And then they moved away from -- local back to that bright bright and it really it was not a problem for him. Not a problem for the Celtics you've waited for the season's start on time and you know I am I your shoes -- basketball on Christmas. I have my issues of basketball on Christmas this year in particular because it's. -- the -- were ready on but that's capitalism that America air I'll deal with that I'll move on but I'm a crazy about the way the game and. I've it was a bad day for Garnett was that people are gonna write off the Texas sort of 5050 years so -- but you know bill Walker's history -- KG. A 617. Walk through punch and he keeps you react -- back before he sank cracked Celtic nation for three Tex -- add this to the our comments made Detroit on a waiver Garnett is straight up punk he knows he's doing out there. I mean yet it is an answer -- movie -- -- -- KG -- KG was record and I'm not sure that's not sure that's. But you know listen in to blast Texas makes a good -- -- passport in your bashing KG it was a great game especially like you said given that the shortened pre season. -- affect the guys as well as Brandon Bass but yesterday and -- was the fourth quarter couple times -- -- -- -- -- Which is kinda what's gonna happen in the first couple weeks it's sort of that meal wacky couple weeks here these guys limited practice time -- pre season but I game gave you. Of apps of banker bought plenty entertaining Rondo was fantastic bass is great if we played well about Garnett played pretty well Ray Allen look good. Really fun basket and we were gonna talk about that as well. But there's no doubt about headline is Kevin Garnett doing what he did yesterday and it's -- the technical. People are into it and I think the question is has. If -- was on a different team you've got to Minnesota tumbled sold this to -- -- guy. You be absolutely. Killing Garnett because what a championship for you graduate who took it to a game seven finals because he plays so hard is nobody's doubting RD place. Pentagon the pass every time the way they are. I'm looking at the cause greater Davone Brookline who is I think in the triple deck on deck circle button the comets is making a big deal out of nothing I assume that's what -- -- -- That you're -- yeah yeah if Garnett gets suspended for game. Which may happen. It's gonna look. Oh yeah at the mere fact that it's getting look at is makes it a big deal. Look at this Kermit Washington obviously -- obviously not but it's it's it would it shows you. Is the cart has a hard time control things and listen we saw last year pierced my answers he had by the tumble like Miami players in this -- -- -- -- the game. Have to know better than that distribute it to be a big -- summit gets a Garnett space you do that again he might. It's only part that's what these pictures all he got to know he just does. You know what it's basketball season and I I woke up this morning I was thinking if you're Celtics fan if you've been waiting for a long time your season began -- bad I mean everyone has their favorite sport and recognized and your big basketball he played basketball all right did. And I recognize that there are Celtics into the waiting for a long time this season began and I applaud them I'm happy for them. It's it's it's what makes them happy and good for them. But at the same time just suggested just to put a perfume on this entire game and say it was a great I mean you can boil it down this if you choose to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was an entertaining game yes. Rondo came up they'd best basketball yet and bath and basketball season is underway yes I you can just throw a nice little -- -- warm blanket over it move on from there you wanna do that -- the just -- -- -- -- is that -- -- -- just kind of bothers -- a little -- because -- in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday. In doubt they -- -- and it makes the handover it's gonna be going to fourteen feet jumper lives now. The ball game of the any other troubled. And Bill Walker got Kevin Garnett. It's basically he pushed him away. Today it's not survive on opening day. The first of what promises they've made for very entertaining meetings in the regular season. Not a lot of Christmas spirit between the two teams. But plenty of spirit and excitement in having the NBA back as the season opener. Isn't -- room. The final score at Madison Square Garden New York 106. Plus that 104. What happens. As the clock was wearing. I was going down right after the war. Well -- -- words and then there was some. I ask you this question. The first -- Shawn Riggans Cedric Maxwell. On W Riyadh last call and subsequent minor scuffle between him Ingraham Bill Walker and we heard Garnett. Failed I guess. You be your typical Garnett no comment there which is can I mean call by Al -- was this a grind you're Sean nailed at the end of the law to write and write a better job -- network guys out right on good job as usual fantastic team. By the but Bieber get in the media people you worked up Garnett that question who cares person. Leniency that's not part of my you -- reign as it is quiet and problem that. -- the car your person Steve Bachmann cartman and the morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kevin -- too much. Slack off the language. I think knowledge I agree -- you -- -- Democrat at all. Could pretty much intensity that we probably never realized. I'm sure that the situation and -- -- our lives that have been very struck a billion Chad. We haven't turned me. To try and beat the argument. Didn't eat every year. I tell him that he would doubt some anger issues. They would say. And the language that such a little. -- -- the marks the word on the character evolutionary you know knock -- I think are pursuing. -- it's funny when you that you gonna take me to task I assumed that where you going with this was criticized me for saying I was making a big deal out of the program with -- seat when the game was over. Instead you take me to task is coming to easier and KG which is not what I was prepared for. -- -- -- I'm I'm not giving him. I'm not giving him a pass in the swearing all I'm simply saying that basketball. It is the one sport where the fans and in the in to some extent the media are right there on top of the players. And I'm I'm guessing that this kind of -- is is part of the every -- lexicon and an NFL game certainly. And and in god knows and -- -- and a corner and hockey I'm sure there's some -- and language. And and probably in baseball and as a takeout slide at second base so I'm I'm just kind of assuming. That in all professional sports that that kind of talk is part of the everyday parlance that's all saying. So when -- when is -- giving him a pass I'm not endorsing it I'm simply saying that are from where I sit. It it's it's not an issue that I double a lot of attention to that that's sounds like giving him a pass apologize. It's that I I pick my battles. Are linked to the position band and that's fine and I think you're being. He'd had been sure how we go at it again happy to see that the Portland it was a pretty neat I I don't like. They would give apple little in China to the bottom that they are talking about it you're always carry -- that after the comedy channel partner I'd go out. And then the other militant you know here that I -- a legitimate question. Well look Jerry you know thanks for call here's the thing -- if it gave a circular tomorrow and all the sunset on the fine everybody 250000. Dollars from the F bomb like here during the course. And it would suddenly stop. Chronic Kevin Garnett has got to be living in my neighborhood yadda think about visiting my were where he just does it because he's so folks that he doesn't Begin to lead its way with that I was -- -- and -- people people do we. Doesn't mean it's right. But it's -- and I agree reviewing a list of things audiobook -- their -- things you -- book is about open. The audio -- -- at the swearing to me. Unfortunately I just think here now he really pay attention. And it let me say it again in case -- People like -- don't get the full message here. I don't endorse. Kevin Garnett language. And simply saying that. In professional sports you think win win. Me think of an example. When the Bruins played Pittsburgh after the Savard hit him in the game -- -- second -- And so -- -- drop in the glows with with Mac caught. -- opened there was some swearing going on down at all when Chara hit -- pressure ready shore Montreal so much real game. And and you can just go on and on an -- for the Bruins game last season where they were 123. Fights that. 1959. From the opening faceoff that during this gate. Guys as they wanna go -- yeah logo and an -- in and the game started in as soon as the game started to get someone who has more knowledge that gaming call and but. There was like three fights right off the bat. One has to assume that there was some serious cussing going on during a result. -- and felt him sidelined Mike picks up a guide in Serbia and Ellison does it make it right now but unfortunately it's the reality of where we are. Right Framingham got nexus Steve Buckley anchor. They get -- -- ability to -- you Brian. And our over the federal budget adequate -- question Campbell will be -- do. It's wonderful that workers and sort which when he all the. Well please come out and yes it's a wonderful life is the ultimate Christmas movie and you just have to understand that we can have a discussion. I totally agree to as opposed that the newbies alike no history could be -- it -- mr. -- Yet there should be a it's a wonderful life network. But it shows that we Tony for it was a day you 365 Carolina and you know the more -- -- terrific as I -- wrong but I believe the movie was released in the summer which is why -- so badly because it didn't you know it's hot out everyone. -- -- No you know to look like it was our market Parnell was the right after the war. It because he had that kind of darker on a BC later lately given beginning in the end it to overcome and -- of things. -- part of -- -- -- obviously amateur it will reduce I know you -- double. I got a letter I love that movie and just like children right in it and I still cry. At the end and -- a little -- and at the end on the -- Trent lot Clarence. If I guys that -- -- capital a lot -- I really have to look at home. It was echoed the trickle back with regard with -- -- you know maybe people are tired of hearing that the -- -- and it someplace and topic and a -- -- yesterday and I you know what can we met how much -- -- Disappointing move that was it. It -- because electrical technical that look great -- really -- -- -- my heart goes out on but I really I really think it is kind of let this other of the Red -- not read a bunch of idiots in not. The -- that by. That detained was predicated on the that -- Kiichi Rondo and you don't get that much in India to Diaz could pocket vote. A little skill one depends how much of a report back to come out of a bad move it any -- -- -- today. Willis thanks Brian listen you know -- on where you stand but. To me I I supported the -- when it happened they were not going to sign Kendrick Perkins demeaned is not going to Japan and nine dollars bodies physically not gonna hold up I know he's lost all the -- still believe that. Didn't accuse back with a basketball player aggregate you know Brian talked about how well he played a -- thirty minutes it's six points four rebounds. Intangibles from you talk to the fine. I don't know intent was really or an -- to meet I'm not paying guys for intangibles. I thought was a risk worth taking -- fortune hasn't worked notre Jeff Green. I can limit what the Celtics lost that game yesterday because gaining treaty -- Perkins I do not with the loss of mine racers last year. Because it try to -- and I don't mean a loss of mine racers because -- -- Tony Allen or Marquis Daniels to guard wade. Don't know Dwyane Wade was sorely that was what that was what was missed that was a bad trade right now looks like a bad trade press I supporting Jamaican and I took a lot of guts. My only take on this is I was concerned by Iran those level of emotion over losing can report. And I think we can all agree that Rondo was affected by that has bothered him and one of things that never quite understood is that is if you go in professional sports. It is with the expectation that your buddies. Are going to be interchangeable but it's just a fact of like that your trades injuries the motions. All kinds of factors who -- play and every once in a Wallach of public back to bill Lee was upset when burning car all but dismissed that recruit your -- and a girl he would Burton. And eat you can probably think of a whole lot more exemption but. That's the weather you know Rondo was a concern good trade bad trade run -- concern. I'm guessing was quite a guy that I'm close with his -- and I also understand the delicate balance of chemistry. And a locker. You can take. I mean Francona spoke eloquently of the season is over but didn't have the -- -- guys like Alex scoring gave caliper and those would 44 between fifth minute recognize but. Apparently for him to bring them up in the manner in which he did. And all of a sudden you look at two different lands and while. Out score gave kelp or something was missing in the locker room and those guys have gone so in the stand that there that there is important chemistry in a locker room. Even taking that consideration. You go when to professional sports with the expectation. That the team that you were -- at that moment will be disassembled within weeks. But -- just the way. You know listen whatever yes and that may have been last year Rondo at 3113. 85 street so clearly was nothing but Kendrick Perkins certificates or -- President Obama right now for President Obama. I think that's over and his team goes for I don't think that the Chinese now that your argument is a danger -- forty million dollars to Kendrick Perkins over four years or five years 459. I can understand why means to do that he's not that he's just not that level of basketball where I would not give a guy. Ten million dollars because he Skiles a lot of the plays pretty good defense. It is a good guy in the locker to me it in the world of the salary cap makes sense that. A talk with -- a lot. When I was two in the book a few years ago and one of the things he talked about was -- the -- like Al Jefferson. Don't like Delonte West you like those guys he also like Larry Bird any also like Robert Parish. And he told mediated discussions with with with the red. During Christmas party right. And -- and in -- said the war on the break you guys out and do any said that he said to read you crazy got a break out the good I'd trade me. Right he didn't indicate that the and and it's the same thing it needs to be dispassionate. Stance get a chance to trade Al Jefferson and Delonte. In trade that ended up. Forming the new Big -- right. So Danny approaches his job with the requisite amount of dispassionate. And I think that's important professional sports. And I think -- -- -- that escape Rondell last year certainly didn't escape him yesterday. And whether we had a chip -- -- something to prove I'm better than this guy you guys shooting big or whatever. But he -- that emotion in the proper direction and by the way we could just as easily spend the entire show. Applauding Rajon Rondo is gain yesterday as we are criticizing Karen Garnett which -- for Democrats though so we can go now. Directions that you do that 26177790850. Where forget the job by the tax -- -- -- and I was a Dallas Stars last year became the Bruins all flights. Yeah I was up against -- but it plucking.

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