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Red Sox pitching coach Bob McClure "I'm here to kick ass and win"

Dec 23, 2011|

The Red Sox made their coaching announcements today and the new pitching coach, Bob McClure joined Steve Buckley, Rob Bradford and Tom E. Curran. Bob talked about the draw that coaching for the Red Sox had for him, his style of coaching and how he plans to approach the Red Sox pitching staff.

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We have a new Red Sox pitching coach Bob McCord joins us this afternoon here WEEI. Bob Bob I'm Steve Buckley I'm joined by rob Bradford Tommy current welcome Boston -- They do very much it to be there. Well -- we don't want. Good -- that's baseball experts on the current era Nicklaus clubs are gonna take offense at this but then it's the -- -- Patriots Steven buck obviously hall of fame baseball writer in my mind and rob Bradford nobody's better in this business I come to the Patriots on -- come out to right out of the -- here with. Patriots defense good enough to get things took a personal. -- say that because Tom Brady's brother younger brother without traveling in my mind. I'll be -- they -- will set you write -- on current. That right to contest -- -- -- and the only way I would take the way it is at this particular that I wanted to get our travelling keep you wouldn't common look at Brady's brother. That's what -- with. What's what was the what was the kid's name Kevin. -- I can't remember what I. I'm younger brother's name is right now and on the years and years ago wild retired yet. Anyway. A look tonight though and I have a traveling team that that we would travel to northern California. Tyler -- -- -- with the baseball stuff Begin -- so Bob let's get right to it you've been knee in the pitching coach of the team was pitching staff was under great deal fire in the season ended. It was all kinds of talk of -- pitches being out of shape chicken in the club laws here on the club buzz you've certainly heard a litany these stories in the past. How what role do you play in any of that or is at the manager's job. Well I think you know number one it's you know and I haven't talked to -- -- about what happened you know I don't know if it's overblown. You know as far as that's concerned. You know what that did everyone just got called the same time and you know. And then that led to you know not having a good month you know when he. So there's a lot they'd bought it out it's -- for -- really comment on when I haven't really even spoke either pitchers about it. -- I have the benefit of having -- after the conference call I was the one asking all the good questions by the way. And the -- one of the things you talked about in the conference call just now Bobby Valentine is is the what you gonna have to do in terms of converting these guys from relievers starters. -- about Daniel Bard and Alfredo -- in particular. There were some of the challenges. That they're gonna have to face in any experience that you had in terms of executing something like that with a pitcher. Well yeah its its happened. Fairly often and I'll say that two guys -- you'll note that that we did it lipped. Both ended up in the and the book -- started on delivery life. It yet and blocking Soria yeah. Who we we took all the way up to I think -- five innings. By the time spring training ended before we start back in -- -- And put him in the pen that he couldn't start the year out -- one of our starters there's no question in my mind. And the other one what Kyle Farnsworth who I believe. By starting him in spring training. Yeah we talked about it during a winner. So -- preparing the winner. -- -- spring training at at the start. So he Begin working on a changeup. And at -- seamer which we worked on the year before in the year in and when he came in -- spring training. I think we got him all the -- at 45 -- also I think it made him a better pitcher. He -- -- Evan Moore that it is more comfortable runners on. We worked on it picked out well we worked on all the runners. And I think all those things combined. Made him an overall better picture appear relaxed the more I think it he had more weapons to. You get the hitter outlets that I think the same thing will happen. Would look Bard because. See eerie at the pit. But -- -- style as pitching coach. -- humorous style as a pitching coach. Oh yeah. And I. I. This is a real football mentality I -- -- -- the conference gothic and diving Bobby Valentine's indeed true grit and someone says Lowe was that John Wayne or or -- -- -- their ego. We'll let you know what that's. Got tired in the one will want to fight the other one -- likely a -- It. Is that's in the nineteen years in the big leagues seven different organizations. Kicked around for a long time as lefties will dole of course if you now. So yeah -- would you wanna for an. You know I I wanna say you know you learn from -- everybody. But I learned the most from our character -- have a guy the Bruins. Yeah an -- Milwaukee or I guess but can hear that the victory at me for hours for a 1050. -- But -- shipment. They're story a little bit it in the end it somewhat packed up in the -- -- that. Calvin Coolidge -- either cut out publicly -- Yet -- another one I learned from that. -- from pierce. Marcel -- but also in Joseph Coleman. But but we're coach of mine in order a lot from all those guys that. From here at -- take any imminent. People a bit in my called lull the other left him. And you you pitch for a long time in -- you you you were in Milwaukee and Saint Louis you'd you'd never made a stop in Boston -- as a coach. Or as a player -- players visiting player. But this'll be the first time in Boston. Any trepidation coming into a baseball crazy town with -- so many annual expectations in the media that -- expectations so what. Especially the two especially coming in a situation where so much went wrong in September in all eyes are going to be in in you when the season starts. Well I you know -- the art that's a hard question to answer it and and I'll say that they lied at number one here. One at the picture. Be in the playoffs. I think we're -- like street 45 times the -- Turkey to return Milwaukee being in the World Series as a as a player. We got hurt pretty properly a lot of -- -- play with the map a little bit when we want to play -- in. You know the part Pratt doesn't think like that -- -- I think I can expect in my opinion. Come from one -- You know if you wanna correct that situation like anything else. If -- it's it's something that meant the pertinent data walk number one admitted and number two he's got to be the one that moral the most willing to practice. And all I do is just trying to -- Bob what's your approach with a close or Daniel Bard obviously. Is a guy who's got an explosive RBs he's only worked really in the eighth inning role a little bit closer. And as -- -- telling recent some kind of naive. It's looking like he's ticketed for the starting rotation but I most people. Look at a guy who can hit triple figures in -- man would that be sensible to have him coming out of the bullpen to close things down. What your opinion of his abilities right now and and can you go. And try and fit a guy into that spot. Because of his talents because of the mindset. Well I think mindset more important than the -- And I'm sure I'm sure we've all seen guys I mean he's sucked Trevor Hoffman. -- it the last what 567 years you know great. Stuff but let it mind. That it is it mind to work to the point where he knew what he could do. And -- command was impeccable. And so he was able to do it. Without -- stop but with the mind heading commands so that's basically going to be -- it really boiled down to how your mind -- And that's why. Not talking about hard in particular here I've thought about. If anybody in baseball over the last how many years right David is a good example. Front gate to -- pitched the eighth inning but then when he went free agent became the closer eat eat and do well. And -- those those guys are special special people look at it I have no one behind. And it just takes a big you know in my opinion the most important -- most important thing to think you can have it is. I hit it the way your mind or baseball life in it and competent. And we have looked at things. I think you can get in that situation so I don't really haven't talked to. To -- yet. About either role. But I you know I'm -- that Rocco he Ellen how brain work you know -- work it is -- that it certainly gets. If you know the ball. You know at the Major League they're all difficult. It's just how much practice because they're Obama probably -- you have a much ease you have and it. And how it you know how how your ability to repeat your delivery are starting in locating pitches. Bobby you know I was I was centered around on Amazon.com. It served well some life I came across -- author bomb war. Is that the is that disputed Michael and on the right path here. Yeah okay. So do what we well we know is that you did write a book correct. It you wanna talk about that are publicly. It took it -- but -- but I find it very contrasting him in the title of the book is rotting decree in the ninety's. Yet dark side of the sport of doing that thing. While looking at doing nothing but not feeling guilty about it. And how hands on this come about. Watching the media if I could put it. That that actually came about when we were younger. I would I would still ball actually I would just starting out -- jumper at the -- Of mine has -- we're brought up you know it you have 44. Saturday and Sunday football. And you know there might be 678 -- we stay overnight you know and and and have a good time and and stay overnight and -- article all. Specter in the playoffs -- -- that article also a nickel all. Well -- but. We would we would not get up for anything I mean unless he gets that good about. And everyone else and they had it they had all their lives they had then -- in the door -- they had it looked on -- we would have none of that. And we feel guilty about it and everyone they always say let's -- you know. Good to feel bad about that and so what we decided -- -- you know they're going to be more people that feel. Like we do or feel like they do because they're putting Gil on themselves or something that's so good for. It's just relaxing and so what we arguably our Paula who get there right now or -- you know like which is guilty but that. And it it kind of developed it is different stated you know like. You know like a minor Iraq. Is it is there one day just Saturday in May is a major -- Saturday and Sunday cammarata Saturday sending in -- Monday Night Football. I I small book excerpt on WEL dot com I can see that coming right now -- Bob. Spring training just a few weeks away so we look forward to seeing you down in Fort Myers at the -- likes new ball park down in Fort Myers and a welcome -- -- Well I appreciate that really looking forward to it. -- -- off -- thank you thanks very much -- -- -- Red Sox pitching coach Bob McClure who was introduced to the media this afternoon -- conference call it took a few minutes talked with right now. Steve Buckley rob Bradford and Tommy card in the house and -- -- new pitching coach.

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