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The Celtics preseason is over, the guys are ready for the NBA Season

Dec 22, 2011|

Mut and Lou are talking about what they saw in last nights Celtics game, they feel good about the starters and were impressed with what some of the potential bench players for the Celtics showed in the two preseason games.

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All right so do what we see last night. At the garden give us. Some some pause on what the MB game that looked like starting Sunday with five out of five games overloading on Christmas Day in the NBA. I hope not obvious that they Toronto it then. You look at a lot of the predictions attributable in the worst teams in the NBA it. -- sick game. And yet this daughters -- I think did vote go to -- potential we see -- daughters together no other injuries all rest as a schedule or this that everything else. The bench at that at Toronto Raptors. That it was ugly as bad able Charlotte in the thirties. These guys are ready to play. Diet that that does not like ducks in it -- whether like another 25 will start the season. -- whatever to go to butts kicked I think everyone's in the same boat. You know something -- adjustment and others but to be a few surprises -- Linear -- do you expect. May be to be yield seven and one -- to it might jump out for many many reasons I don't know -- Working together and -- offseason I don't know but it's going to be yet it's going to be ugly Toronto shot 32% last night. On the shot somehow 66 for like one for fifteen from three one for seventy just he's got it let's give credit for two more missed the race it's exhibition to try to work -- up in here must point 059%. Of -- Marlboros in the dunk contest guy -- for three. -- turbulence Oprah five last night us -- were much better 32 -- 39%. Of its Oslo was the man. That your god this year gonna go the Wisconsin product mr. Steve asthma. Be your impact out of every guy but I mean ethnic he is when that roster last night. It ignited but that it's not okay I am Paul flattery does and everyone who was there last night -- twenty or break down kind of who played well on the game and I like Brandon Bass the way he looked we were little daughters -- the stuff like -- all that and want more out there you know which elected by the way. Jacking three's -- -- runner president he's comfortable and that's why we get to the intricacies of the of exhibition game two of two. Wasn't the old white candidate pre season but the excite wicket -- all this was a -- basketball. Is as terrible a lot less than you're at basketball fan. And you like to sit down a lot gives an -- an unabashed NBA college -- -- I like it all you know I like big Monday I like the double header on Thursday nights on TNT that college MBA -- man. But that was gruesome last night trying to -- sick after the show yesterday. I tried itself I don't you're there with top gas albeit rob gets the whole with the Celtics tank -- Jon -- ago it was he had Dottie yeah -- is get the -- bombs out there and to. You know Dickerson it's all excited -- can't wait to -- and game. -- calls on the sidelines at a atomic are ideally on this island and watched this game pack in the last public. It was all done it throughout the conversations go comic executes it won a lot of money. Exhibition in raptors 817 hello Leo on -- -- now it was off guys didn't know placed there were supposed to be in. Of the temple of the game you saw players in my opinion getting tired there hobby starters are trying to get their minutes extended again and exhibition game two of two. Not trying to get their legs and -- them for the NBA season and it's not just doesn't Bob Ryan. Great Bob Bryan mentioned this and he pointed out today for those who have not yet read here's Ray Allen. On the short pre season equal rate today's globe. Ready for this we need six more exhibition probably six. It's always a process even this morning shoot around talking about yesterday we're putting a new stop by -- -- late Sunday. Would dot calls -- play puts up and you win I go exacted in my spot I don't remember the play. All that I go to my spot but other guys don't know we have great position players the timing is so important. It's executing at a time -- it inbound plays for those things I haven't pre season games spread there were two week period -- evenings. Nobody has its or choirs and -- -- out of focus when you're out there and shoot around half to be longer but I like that underlined -- Alice sides remain. We need six more exhibition games you get zero -- and NBA -- five paid yet again another great -- live games on Christmas. The conditioning side of basketball right help these guys are conditioned. That a couple of weeks verse 45 -- and even scrimmage and didn't have enough guys in David -- and for God's sake -- -- guys and at first. Three or four days but the communication that you need on defense on offense Nolan played together Vector Group they've been around together for awhile. But they didn't bring added Jermaine O'Neal who by the way it looked pretty good defending problem because they help -- who knows the benched a -- deal with the help Dutch system's all about. At the sport that really need a lot of time together to really do the communication on the court adjusting that's what maybe some of these teams that look at Miami. What do you do I don't know it goes -- -- brought to do some. Way just ism. You don't have people like that that just. I don't know Chris Paul had all the cities like a local -- that he Westbrook and -- Democrat to score clear out once I'd -- to want to but it went a bit more about it and a couple of months from now will get the communication to better able. Play better team defense doesn't communicate of one another test. This is gonna be ugly for awhile it is going to be brutal and it's going to be on Christmas Day five. Five games were gonna get start put -- with Celtics an index of course here on W week EI and it Bianchi on TNT for those of us. Up watching on TV on Christmas Day and just the idea and it goes back to this -- -- They they forced -- -- force that us that they think that we as fans want these five games on Christmas and want good basketball right. You're gonna play 66 days a sixty games of course 120 days. And if last night and the exhibition season that we saw -- any indication. These games are gonna blow and there you're gonna S blog through these things -- you you pop up Bruins Montreal game. But sloppy the other night I was just saw big rival do this is going to be brutal and this start against the Nixon -- games I think. Consistently in the eighties and and -- low ninety's. I you're gonna have teams that are shooting in the thirties on a night in night out basis this was that while it plates and -- they have a couple of days off look at the celtics' schedule. You're gonna have. Two and three nights you're gonna have three and four nights you're gonna have five and seven night what's the shooting look. Like when you don't have three days in between games or two days in between games it'll human vote in -- game. I think I checked out on the -- right now and again moved on to you mr. inside the NFL you -- showtime warns that the big band Mike Sweetney of the dirt court. Could lord. I hope you got your -- like sweet and Georgetown project product Aziz Al they've got enlisted its exit right today -- 95 -- At victory in 95 -- that we don't know why is it 1300. And other don't want -- -- up there make it look like. A big grip and there is a big man 682 -- 95. Okay how old is he now he's thirty years old 29 years old. Attract NFL point. They really did try it -- all received a pretty good street how different an athlete is to -- Alge Crumpler I don't know six they would agree on what does. Only on the football field we generally about yourself or not the pats are out of bats were -- that is an enormous human being. -- -- Lectures gonna make this squad but it was -- good none on -- -- is fun to see AT and Gilbert brown and forget the other but they're gone and -- that -- joke about -- mimic the steam. Which is good ideas which is going to integrate because we're gonna get. Back to back nights of hobby trying to pronounce his name correctly on Comcast and I love Tom I love Tommy and dormant and -- -- we are blessed to have. Tremendous basketball coverage here in the city. But him try to pronounce that Tommy -- Steve becomes an off the bench and try to do that on a night in night -- basis. That -- below sub plot driven your overall little bit -- -- and he might start on Sunday he or Marquis Daniels -- -- also -- to play. He's just called Sasha Sasha. He was -- you that he was hard tech kind of frighten his call 85850. You are -- it -- three hours -- the offer and play and it's called relax. His old bag at heart and sweet yet Tommy after last night. Good second at two exhibition games now think's gonna start for real well to get me get a big rebound and but at the -- -- that I. Guy. Eight. I Sweetney. -- but what's really. But look at the call that anymore like -- a gala Steve's with a way to -- KB enemy you joked about how long term in -- -- gonna play guess the back of setter is that your guy. Like your from -- I am -- -- over a couple of I agree Dexter says my four year old says it was that Mac guy playing basketball at a. Listen I again on a mini state my guide everything the -- these little civic he's gonna have wrought on this team. Yes Chris Wilcox says the back up. It Jermaine O'Neal. We think Jermaine O'Neal's gonna stay healthy for 66 games I don't. Hopefully he does. Dot -- guys again BP of the of the camp MBP the two weeks in awed by the great the other night at eleven minutes last night. It actually went to the locker Amazon could be an issue dock at the game to know yes -- go get a massage. Eleven minutes he knew he was done Michael get a massage. Was to grind of a team gave -- a pre season. Schedule too much -- -- what really. As a typical massage -- a quick you do that spring training game it didn't triggering through a twenty games in 28 days. Split squads. Yeah having it off their wad it up play any angle relax. Get two games. Three weeks. By the way the game Gasol has the odds grinding vote both it's both -- for real on Sunday in Jamaican -- can -- You know what you wanna take advantage of the lengthy two game exhibition does not lead to any real games -- get a -- doctor negated the arresting -- Eleven Mensa wanna keep his legs fresh. The resting a long year which we we can joke about but. They're gonna have to right I mean that they're starting five when you look at them took Alec are starting five that's the NBA's all about. You off the bench doesn't completely below leads are going to be down for five you don't wanna walk back in -- down fifteen when stars combat cup but it's all about the starters in MBA and -- Boettcher keeping in the game. You expect and extend leads. It's gotta keep those guys five those five guys fresh because any any shot any shot you sacrifice any kind of -- you get the post season. Any shot at all you need those five guys.

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