WEEI>On Demand>>Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference talks about growing up playing against Chara and his plans for the Christmas.

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference talks about growing up playing against Chara and his plans for the Christmas.

Dec 22, 2011|

Our friend from the Bruins, Andrew Ference, talks all things hockey with Dale and Bob Ryan

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-- back to the calls that you guys just couple of minutes but our weekly interview with Andrew Ference is brought to you by Dave's top five dot com an online directory of outstanding local business. If -- local business why use the yellow pages when you can be found on Dave's top five dot com and by Sullivan Brothers Toyota in Kingston. Sullivan Brothers used vehicle outlet in Hanover and Pruitt dale and Bob how are you this morning. And and you I was a little concerned I read in the Paper today you got the flu you got your hurt you have a temperature you are right. -- -- consolidation -- yesterday. A little odd going on out so. Stop projected in preschool only bring a product that you saw. And the last thing coaches want is for you to then bring those exotic diseases into your dressing room. Exactly extra. It's all the couples that are real sickle cell. -- just stay up and watch a 24/7 on HBO last night. We -- a little disappointed because I was disappointed I thought there'd be more about your game on Saturday. And maybe they have looked -- limited curse words that they can. That the I don't think they wanted to -- that too much that. What that should support around that I don't what you that in particular topic or -- -- What would you be able to. Performed normally to act normally with camera guys in microphones in your dressing room on your bench on your charter plane all the places they seem debate. No not at all I mean the filter that we have to put under house -- the -- -- between guys and inside jokes that's been lots. We're fighters between a lot of us it was. -- -- it couldn't be so loud you so is it tough particularly tough. Into one of the most intriguing things about your team to me over the last two years has been the fact that you were actually a -- statistically a better. Team away from home and home and and at this well can you possibly put your finger having had experience -- elsewhere as to what it is to make this team so good on the road. Or military equipment. You know really -- -- -- -- kind of agree or not. It's kind of ugly hockey it's -- it's. You know -- here we get worse yet. A sore really when replace importantly. A -- -- -- really simple hockey players oh record that's -- Sometimes you -- early. I don't have anxious fans -- her. Court or. You know it's just it's really technical but -- -- or. I don't undoubtedly if your -- But the just the idea that you -- as good as our home but right now you're 126 and 110 and three on the road and it was a comparable split last year I'm just. I tickets so commendable and I just wondered you know if you and you identified one factor there are always other road variables that the Bruins seemed to overcome in a way to the other teams don't. It I think it's that they that's one thing that's keeping it simple I mean an end you're really not trying to -- and -- literally just. Locking him looking down and playing. You know the way we're which is sounding -- -- anything over or. The venerable read our back once said you can't coach height and can you culture or instill toughness in a hockey player or a team or is that something you're either born with -- you know. I think you can -- get literally I'm not here that we junior hockey for Eleanor you know sixteen or older. Although it's 21000. Original. And you learn a lot in posters. Quote -- -- thing through things. Stick up for human. In all of those things look at what's in that tank -- the right what are your window that. You know what that anything else and here. -- is pretty pretty and here they're torture. Of the child. Well there -- an -- of -- I asked that is I've seen Bruins teams that weren't tough and didn't stick up for each other like this team obviously does. And I'm wondering how that how that came about was it just the right guys in the room at the right time. Was it management was that coaching was it inside each of the players involved what happened. What they want in -- -- areas of computers can be a -- of getting her personality. That you can't have five that the team willing to do. Generating and for the -- and then have fifteen that are there and whoever has the -- I am. -- a little work early next. You know here or street. That the tricked out entire early that it depending how quickly is -- In tough times. Bad apple can. Just attract young guys in and to bring over. It happens quickly and it's just like what so what they've done it -- get rid of some -- at that it can bring guys in network like that and and that's essential -- over the long term mean for for. Many years lot of and that it's been really great locker. Seemed too long as. -- bad apple. As well stick a -- -- You know look at process early on that -- or are proper papers. Do you ever in the course of the game more or practice. See. Tara do something and and say. I would just like to have that reach for 24 Augusta at. And I have -- -- technical apparently practice. You'd like to look around. Three times -- Lester. Either. The federal gift you know and I think good he is -- since -- was. -- at all. Are you down and you worked so adamant in all right it. And if you you know when he first came over here we are. Not spot and it shall -- of the first. But it scared about structure and so what -- -- -- probably see now. Technical. The ability. Of it is of course. That network. So are -- further than almost any other player that I thought so you know everybody groups but it well. Blows most got no water and is. Work ethic is well documented and the successes. Destructive he he worked really hard. I go back to that kitten we showed it on NASA and the the little -- that he took in Columbus. And we slowed down and and we saw the way his leg band and all of us thought all of this is going to be awhile. And I do honestly think that the the primary reasoning only missed two games this. He is so fit he is so unbelievably well condition that he was able to withstand something that less -- players would have been able to withstand. I think that's for enrollment and he also grew up post eternal wolf which we -- to -- -- vote. And. I don't know that he told acidity but on Apple's. Hurdle that's on the -- He and and and the other thing and -- I've -- guys and your team say this he's one of the few players that I think honestly scares other players normally. I mean I think keys and at at a truly scary kind of got to play. Well you. It's funny -- is extremely difficult to the pharmacy to cure or. But. The point at Hartford. -- body -- that's the target. That's at the box or. But -- for a in a query Arafat. Or -- it really at a future -- the -- scary are sure. -- lot of damage. Just. So much stronger. So. Here. The best example as I mean training camp I mean he's doing thirty some collapse. At is -- They're the most which sixty. Were. There is Syria. Medical facilities for strength. Sort much a year ago. Have you ever had given you coming off a cup and -- in 190211. More sheer fun. -- -- While -- -- where we're prepared we're on the -- or -- it. You know I think they're respect. Pretty good at -- news here I think it's due to fact that it literature I think it's bureau -- who don't want last year or early like this. I think that would be -- opportunities. So. Let me go through you don't championship right here you really realize how. The stuff in her as all the sit. Prep work in this. Are trying to reach our first goal just. Pushed ownership does. Not affect -- Keep this secret. That. Regularly but it sure it that he it's great you know it's -- But for players -- -- -- getting ready. Trying to -- -- so sure that corporate direction. Or learning a lot -- first goals struck out. Will go towards that victories. Got a lot. I understand completely that on until the tournament is already used Bill Parcells cliche you don't know fully but as I watched this team right now. I think you're a better team than the one that walked off the ice in Vancouver on June 15 I think you're deeper I think you're able to score batter -- more explosive. Power play is certainly. Way way ahead of where it was on June 15 do you feel this teams better than the one that one in June. Well -- -- -- it's it's hard to compare Britain the one advantage you have businesses. Is mentally just look at that learning. Or -- and then not having. No not having the Stanley Cup elect very it's a reality all of and so that's that's -- -- damage -- You know it's one thing match ports excellent. You know -- -- there and go through a lot of guys. In the -- -- since the collectors and I think that's that's the -- is a real cluster. Players pay lip service to this notion that it does matter who's in goal we played just as hard we feel we have just as good chance to win. They don't always mean in -- in in the case of this team does it really matter to you which guys single. Well not a particularly that's an insane yeah it would there's it about we that you. Meaningful early you know we're spoilt. Sure. It's great and that's where it got so far so bad in the last super cute in order to restore order or -- And felt awful as a history -- in that. Could score goals -- for the so. That's a good battle that is you know the year you'd you'd want oil well. I I had have to ask this question because I I listen to close Julian and I and I watch him and he gets excited once in awhile but then I watched 24/7. And I listened it to John toward -- is Claude Julien never liked that in the dressing room -- on the bench. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think every which has. That or that it you know kind of -- it but. Quote so there -- no courses that there's definitely. I think it's just you know what the greatest thing and -- as just honesty. And you know I think -- reporter -- it like that but every adult differently. I think quotas are desperate. Just tell them. It got a little. All are telling. All that stuff does -- -- -- This definitely is sort a restored that's for sure. I I hope that the you have a nice holiday it's unfortunately not a long holiday break. Now this is kind of home for you most of the time anyway won't you be going anywhere after the game on Friday. Well Alastair Watson. That are traditionally support here my myself -- I go to order fractured. And you know all -- decorating cookies without there and here. Boston Pops it's after the short -- it's. You know Christmas in church -- so that's got our traditions here -- so. We're here at the sexual longer -- that says a poker -- And then head out on the road for a few days. Elsewhere. Best of luck to you tomorrow night thanks for taking a few minutes -- Merry Christmas to you in your -- that sort. Dutch bank Sandra. Take care that is a Bruins defenseman Andrew parents as we say about an -- Why am I not surprised that Andrew parents and his family on the pine street. And help out as part of their Christmas tradition why am I not surprised. Because I'm not reached and is a fascinating got to talk to existing and and we nine Burnett you know my intimate exposure to the team western playoffs when things. That sense of was this is not the ordinary. You know standard issue. Interest and and the point that I made even last year as I was watching the team play. Shawn Thornton has the well deserved reputation of being the Big Brother. You know he's the defender he's the guy who's always got to back. And yet every time it seemed that a -- took a cheap shot. Andrew Ference was the first guy and and this was going on all of last year. So I wasn't a bit surprised when they were sending out letters to be put on sweaters that. He was one of the guys who got one of those letters because I think he has that reputation in the dressing room as well. But take a break we'll get back -- guys we've still got an hour ago it's dale -- Bob Ryan Murphy's back there somewhere we. Shot him back into -- room areas he Stiller we'll get back with him as well into your calls here on Sports Radio W the.

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