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Doc Rivers says he is leaning towards Pierce being OUT for the Christmas opener

Dec 21, 2011|

Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande on our Celtics Tonight Pregame Show before preseason game #2 vs the Raptors, as he gears up the team for the Regular season opener on Christmas Day

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Celtics tonight continues from TD garden it is the Celtics and the Toronto Raptors how quickly we've arrived at the end. Of the pre season our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought -- always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care more ways. To better. Are we up the point where it is more likely than not that Paul does not play on Sunday. Yeah I think it's in -- there. I think it's there it's just you know we don't know yet obviously but I think it's -- worry. If you. Could your druthers and you've never seen. Others having an experienced player note this system is -- better to have that guy out missing time. You know this is one I don't know because with this season. Yeah I guess you would say that the problem is he -- he's only had one day of -- You know we have. Change some things so that is you know listen we're gonna have to do with it and that's part of the shortened season that Jews have to do things on the fly him -- size -- and so yeah I guess with all you would assume he would pick it up quicker. Are we thought Macs and apple the best part of Sunday was just not just how well -- late but -- he looked as if he wasn't. He admitted all coming on the injury looked like you'll marquis de. Late great. It is. You know I don't I'm assume and then you're expletive that even has the nominal -- Because he has no rust in the part of -- day -- You know we he has -- everybody else has rushed -- stores you know commenced often forgotten out of runs that. I'm just really impressed with how old. You know that just use two -- The other option at that spot is Sasha -- which what did we not see from him. In his point 25 games last year as a Celtic that you think he can bring out. Well consistency for Warren you know Sasha. I think everyone in the league knows just saucer of the NBA's you -- -- and the ability he's an amazing athlete. I think what has missed with us is these one of those players that leaks compliments quickly you know he plays well or hopefully world that gain who plays poorly the last five games and you know we're just trying to you know problem with competency -- -- -- There's a breakthrough -- -- we we we forget how young you you know and so there's do a chance for a. You said yesterday that. There is a difference between chemistry and continuity what is going well and what is not what is the difference and what do you like. Well chemistry is so they grow it than that to -- on the floor you know to be in the locker room QB is there. A group you can see your chemistry is going to be really good machine you can TO. Our Brady that this is a group of guys in the pan over themselves and already into the team and they're gonna sacrifice whatever -- the win that's a great thing for team. Now we have the jittery about in continuity on the floor where we can call oil and every single guy in those it runs well and understands that's. The continuity. And I assume tonight news you anything to win that's most important. Biggest game of the pre season. At that go to the Celtics and raptors in his next on the WEEI's Celtics radio network.

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