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Boston's Top Three Most Disappointing Athletes

Dec 21, 2011|

Mut & Lou talk about the Boston athletes who greatly disappointed the fans. It's a long list! A lot was expected from these players but they could not live up to the hype. The list includes Lackey, Beckett, Crawford, and Albert Haynesworth. Listen to hear who was in their top three.

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Not a valid travel Jonas at 1230 it's -- in -- 937. WEEI your phone calls and -- reaction part of our. Day here today part of that the pre show me the most heated pre show we've had here in nine months on the year is our. Opening day three elevenths looking back at the top three list of what happened the Boston sports -- in the year 2000 Levy missed last hour. We did break out star and we put Jacoby Ellsbury I disagree but -- voting came up which mobiles -- the top breakout star -- was too. Brad -- was number three. What about most disappointing. Aptly put this with a lot of -- thousand lettuce was the longest list we head. Of the nominee is that put together on this list. Once you break down. I just have so many here we get the weaknesses. I'm gonna start with Jeff Green who is honorable mention on our list of -- three elevenths of the Boston sports team. Screened in -- the crack the top three Jeff Greene was a subject of trade dug a talk on the radio station for weeks if not months with the Perkins trade. He came here and he's been since diagnose the heart ailment but in 2011 what he did a product the Celtics. I fell way short and many years you can make the argument maybe Green was the most disappointing athlete -- Boston 2011. Like eighth. At last he's -- on this list will be cracked the top three. The bottom of the honorable mentions an article is that disappointing athlete but he was it a mileage too because number seven and -- Internet things to the age. But ball it Jeff Green and say that was the age rating Kendrick Perkins. Abilities and I think that that's why -- they had him. Above you try to crowbar Danny Ainge I didn't vote -- -- took a stance against even voting for Danny -- Because I'd be set -- here you wanna change script but the figure and got a pretty sick that way up on loyalist. Kipp believe. How we had a -- be honest with you -- Jack. I mean because. -- we saw the beginning of the year with the expectations of him coming Dmitry Kendrick Perkins. The the effect help each if you get a healthy Shaq. Don't you have a chance last year. Was that the missing piece is that why we mr. nick Perkins is that why we got to deviate from trade in why we go to Jeff green's ability to coming here. Was it because of Shaquille O'Neal's an ability to go there on the court. Now as physical can he do was like mentally up instantly while. But physical things would love on the court. And mean that was a huge difference in with the -- the -- that chance to win and this is where we had the biggest disagree I'd check number two will get into the top three and out to go to six that because I had a three. Joey -- arguably in this thing with your level I I had them I had him further down the list just because of the physical thing and I thought. More people like Carl Crawford who were expected to do more deserve to be a -- There will get the tsetse I had to and for all the reasons you mentioned he came they looked so good it was Shaq we go back with a year ago. And shacks in there it's -- he's he's played in these games and offensively they're so patient he'd make it plays offensively and he's doing interviews and he's going down the Boston comedy sit there like a statue. Was so good and all parts but it's got new York and I got. I atom way up my list. I he was number six number five -- the Telefonica touchdown pass the other day and Chad Ochocinco. -- -- disappointing on -- list here. The expectations. Of Ochocinco coming in. I don't know what they wore animal fifty catch guy and he's gonna go to sixteen catch I -- -- I guess disappointing but. Mike Mike take into account the fact that he's the nice guy and I -- I'm not. As angry without is my -- -- -- -- -- weighed down ballistic it's not as angry the bottom line is that the patriots have Chad Ochocinco. It's one that wide receivers Chad Johnson. As one -- -- widely usually he's artistic okay -- on this team and guys nonexistent. Completely nonexistent yet caught a touchdown pass he fell into a couple blocks. -- finally Q we are a week fourteen. And the other bridge doesn't laying expect him to step up because the touchdown -- You turn to Aaron Hernandez -- one reads wired Internet that brought such a big game. The -- Chad Johnson. Ochocinco on the patriots. And it's just how many catches as you have thirteen is on pace for 61 meanwhile a one for game -- good constrict the ball that. You get this study is it balled up that much over the last few years he -- you comment at this less of an impact that he's had this year on this team I didn't. I thought he committee to be another weapon -- guy that would have fifty catches sixty catches in being good third but this year. It's been awful good -- lot of off you know while ago fifth no problem. Good saves their because no one else to know what else can do it either tech wanted to put a price is gone. An awful huge disappointment. Eating -- top three. Which gives you an idea where we're going here we are tired of -- I read this correctly Joey with the voting we had a high for the number three. Position here yes that's correct between. Ochocinco is former teammate Albert Haynesworth. And Red Sox left fielder. Carl Crawford -- you wanna start with these. -- -- -- -- All lower on the list and Aniston white guys at a higher in light out of three yep because of the contract what you expect out of him but to meet Albert Haynesworth. Was one of the reasons why I was excited about this team the potential of this team paints were shot Ellis Andre Carter. Finally defensively this patriots team is gonna get aggressive finally defensively this to be eighteen that you're proud of you know more you'll -- but don't break to be that meets our defense is awful it's come up with a term bend but don't break that's fine but I thought Albert Haynesworth and Vince Wilfork. In the middle this defense. With the guys at the outset I would Carter he thought maybe Ellis knows all these other names -- revamped front four. To make a huge difference on this team and make the difference of me feeling. The same was gonna happen as did last year go fourteen -- -- and over the last few years and losing in the playoffs this guy was gonna be the difference. And it was nothing it was you gotta get rid of four weeks into the season. Huge disappointment but at least with with pains were you could say okay has lived up to the hype recently and he said maybe there's a chance he doesn't. Live up to. Carl Crawford. This was a slam -- this was the surprise of not just the Red Sox offseason but maybe baseball's offseason last year. When it came down that the Red Sox -- snuck in like -- beat the -- night. And sign -- it is 84142. And lock this guy up and you saw what he did in camp -- to York team he could hit he could run -- he could field. Ever report we got -- works his ass off -- -- PL one of the hardest workers and in all of baseball. It can be in that clubhouse MBA got you can build around on that team. Anyone out there and for large chunks of 2011. Look like a guy that if you -- any other option it's Carl Crawford -- down the bench. That's how far this guy fell. It was a guy that we all expect will be an all star last year -- -- -- -- lead off and in an Alley superpower but -- lot of bases play good outfield. Do any of those things they do anything that any of us protected Carl Crawford to do now. Why have a way ahead I'm -- Haines worked with paint work I'm not defending needs work but. There was fat out of shape and eighty in east -- lazy way out of of Washington but what Jim has -- destroyed him I still I -- I -- couldn't say -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before I hope the -- looked at call Crawford as the guy is gonna portable little. You know lines are still does come down to pitching I'd really did think that that Albert Haynesworth if you haven't got back to where it was Tennessee would have that type of impact. Due to do is change everyone's opinion on the defense. You that's why fire's impact goes that's -- again Albert number -- would be honest with -- just because I just I was expecting. Him to beat that guy. -- their changes ways back to it was Tennessee -- difference maker never -- AT&T -- like Crawford anything but first it's hard to argue. All you guys get a chance to argue he's not for -- tied for third. Second surprise me quite a bit he was my number one time Josh Beckett and Josh -- we have is our number two. Most disappointing athlete 2011 your boss or obvious reason I had him number one -- just for being. Already start and the biggest thing in May be it was my fault our fault his fans for buying into it. But there was this idea and there was this. Persona with Josh Beckett that he worked -- Nassau and was a leader. It was a guy I got other pitchers that rotation Lester buckled at all -- look up to as. A good role model baseball curt -- one of the guys who espouse that for a long long time. And as the Red Sox season crumbled in September. We thought he was getting bigger turns out he wants a -- couldn't get deep that it gained and then after the fact probably should be number one. I got a number one you didn't get to number one here a second. But after all the things we thought about him. The exact opposite was the story line that he wasn't a leader that he was actually in the guys to. I'm not gonna get into chicken and beer but just maybe not workers are -- Josh Beckett didn't work is Smart. In the final month of the year as the year went on maybe there were different things that. Kept his focus off the baseball -- all we heard about. Was that the guy who went to Cleveland with the ex girlfriend. Six of the national let them in the star spangled banner all that crap in a playoff game helping the Indians that the feeling I had about Beckett. Baseball. Can be -- You know you've seen -- -- it promotes. That's tough but that's that's where there's. And I don't taxes I had one terrible September who you know Crawford is awful all you know more than that but it is it's so much more than that because I think a lot of the fans of judge -- were duped. You know. -- trust disappointing ghosts the true meaning doubly disappointed what you thought somebody was. What you thought the tech guy he was as far as work ethic and leader on their pitching staff you completely. There's blind -- disappointed September. And morsel afterwards you know more of the that ring leader came out as far as how he kind of felt it felt like what's up there was no one. It's sort of brought this thing down because he was the ringleader of -- pitching staff. So as far as the the true meaning of maybe he was. But. The reason why I put John Lackey number one was because you wanna talk about a mass. Talk about a complete mess of the season the worst seasons in history of baseball's starting pitcher. The -- get the money innings he pitched as far as ERA goes. Off the field on the field. Press conferences. I don't much are seizing its worse than this guy usually that type of season you don't do it for six months because you you're either out of the game. You're on the DL he's taken out of the rotation. Before even gets to that point. It was six months. Of the same stuff. From John Lackey on the field off the field showed up his teammates. Did the press conference with the media that showed up his manager it actually lit up on the field much -- it's much worse really don't. -- Lackey was number one disappointments as a text a 500 pitcher who went to ultra -- it would not caring at all about. And I you can make the art -- -- I'm looking back at my overall now I apply a Lackey to lower mileage by them for. You want despite wanna go all right it's without the rate on a sprinkle a little bit. But the Lackey coming in give hope to get a 500 picked pitcher as detector said he was awful it was bad the press conferences he showed up his own teammates. Andy off the field stuff mean that the gold piece of that crap this year. I like I had I had Beckett had him you'll for an hour -- higher -- not at a higher. And in -- Beckham for the season he'll be forever known as like of the poster child of a guy that probably shouldn't be in this market. That set -- before. It to handle this marquee get a handle the bad times it's how you handle it that the good times great we have agreed to hear an athlete Boston. Good god you -- championships they actually love you can do no wrong. They could say what they want but they see in the streets and they'll actually love yet. But -- become -- -- deal with adversity Heidi -- at bad times the a lot of adversity off the field you on diversity on the field. I think he's the poster child how not to handle any of. Are we have John Lackey voted it's hard most disciplined athlete of 2011. I'm here in Boston Beckett number two Crawford -- were tied for third you guys have party -- that in. A couple that definitely deserve honorable mention. Which will get -- wanna get your reaction to another edition of our three elevenths here at 6177790850. Do we nests. Anybody on this list we screw up our top three. 8885250850. -- Texas any time. On the eighteen T text line at 85850. Will talk to Drake and gel all your phone calls Bobby Valentine an hour from now not. Not a valid toppled Jonas an hour from now -- elude ID 37 WEEI your phone calls it 6177790850. Toll free 888525. 0850. We'll get into Brad marsh got a Jonas in the 1 o'clock hour break into our three elevenths go to some of the topics. 2011 this is the most disappointing. The group top three once the voting -- was Lackey -- Beckett to. Crawford -- worth tied for three I'll tell you mine was different -- Beckett number one. I'd -- number two. -- -- cracked the top three year and I Carl Crawford a little different than the. The group -- counseling lackeys with -- It pains or he's pissed me off. It's really sad that Washington. That's our pit stop but that's another chance there was going to be a major -- -- -- there's also -- change is gonna elevate them to the defense that you were once proud of became -- played the way you thought he might. -- he really did -- it's a very good honorable mentions -- mention some of these you guys are texting and an 85850 -- outstanding but the list during coastal law. They're honorable mentions these are we had we had six other guys -- top three here. This is why I brought up -- the -- you guys shut me down Tomas can play baby you brought cavalier to fix his power play sucked. They wanna wanna cup but he got to be somewhere gets a little credit I can't -- England. On net Bruins team. On the most disappointing list I just can't. -- there must gambling sucked OK there's no question about it doesn't come here and help is up our play the -- to your body worse what's he was here. But they won the Stanley Cup he was part of that team -- put anyone on it. Now another guy gives up with a list. A Texas says about -- McCourt who. You can put him on that list the supported from what you saw this year from what you saw last year major drop -- major drop off from a guy that you thought was. Not quite Darrelle Revis is category not and to not in this category what you thought a guy -- shut down corner. You had an all pro corner only to build around. And he's gone from that to a -- that's actually being picked on. Week in week out like pick one I'd include on the honorable mention would you include Jason Varitek on the outside opinion here. The captain of this team they fell apart in September. Finding out maybe he wasn't the leader we thought he was Ameritech get any sniff at this thing you know I feel about that. -- Wanted to say it does ago at the blame into the -- -- I think he'd done it -- splinters like everyone else but. Not portable deck is the captain if you're particularly to put Pedroia. Because we never win every week we sit here -- -- -- -- Dustin Pedroia aren't sold a team. He's the leader text at the C to back up catcher right now there's a joy is the leader of that team so we're gonna. Put tech analysts were disappointed because he didn't lead. You put the -- on that list I am sure you guys have some other ones that your reaction rides and Springfield he joins us 937 W we -- what's up. Brian. Airport about. Iran. God not on your list but it should be number one at John let there will that the -- the guy -- -- going to be by young and here he had a bet you I mean. Her job lucked -- -- a bad year. Barely deserves -- on that list -- top three -- 45. How much do you expect from John Lackey I mean you had a disappointing that we really I hope or. And he -- terrible. Why -- we did terrible. Cameo say it was like to know Josh Beckett right was terrible -- sub three irate American League east. Just -- at a battered beaten and then not let it. A five brought it up for five months but -- one fault him know that he follow too much you know -- That he follow the lead of Josh Beckett too much didn't disappoint -- disappointed me a little bit but not like the guys. That that we mentioned but -- you know we want promo on there understand I have always says a question of of if it's question when he wins this -- -- on its way to go out there put on ago. It he'll get a sniff -- appreciate the call the input on our list dear Dave is in Rhode Island hey Dave. A guy yeah I have another guy who I think should be number one that has not your leg and along pretty. Who. Currently it he's the comments -- -- had a worse time is that GM and anybody had ever seen and he's not really catch and they eat or. I don't know I think he's gets you I think he got plenty of heat you know -- will be the talk about Lackey basic deal signed that when they talk about Crawford deal side of if you. No he's not. We know what -- -- we start we started by just saying and and you know what I'm gonna blame -- for this debut take off because we said most disappointing athlete and that -- the -- Danny if you try to crowbar. Danny agent here and Danny somehow snuck onto our list of athlete. That's what would include the show because when you talk about Jeff -- disappointment. Well at that as a popular sports I -- executed GM does part of that part of gain a lot and Al and at and can -- your vote I'm -- You've got -- a but I think they are number one you really blow it. I got -- number one AT&T text on page 5850. -- up Bobby Jenks. Again with the amount of time. To waste of time you know at this and feel. Erik Bedard you have -- waste time through but. Do you blame. Was -- not enough talent to win that Red Sox did. Was that not enough individual talent to win. That deal put in their team masking. OK -- have -- -- all I wanna answer others wondered if they'd that you think that was the issue of talent he was not lacking for so I don't think it was. But the site the most laid out getting the most out of players are not motivating players that the US dean's fault. If -- -- -- get somebody not name Eric regarded as an eight Bobby -- to a twelve other other players that are better that replace those guys and help this team win by an ideal but I well I doubt I would agree you know Jake citing -- and he's on top three from -- attracted a color lot of us want to tell audio for a lot of these signings -- Well what happened it just -- September. In his pitching stepped in September's appeals fault. Make it -- a gut -- Rich Harden I guess. Instead of the dollar to. Because it made a cup almost no question about it boat when I look at the discipline -- 720 -- to what it was too much how optical seven point. Case I don't put it on the it was much to put it on. Probably more blame on Terry Francona the manager in most of the blame them or all of it on those players individually. Ochocinco was -- delivered of people would join the conversation late and -- have these lists up or were. Technical difficulties but they'll be up on FaceBook at some point it's in the whole list but coach O -- is on a list here today the reason -- last detector said Dennis Wideman. He sucked so had he deserves to still be on this list. And you make it. Fortunately -- Wideman and and do some things get some pieces. They -- back in the day I can apple -- and -- -- Peter job round at a car hey Peter. They're -- that we ought to YouTube mail it's up. Hey I'm Brooke and I got to they've Crawford and the runaway. I just eagerly expecting I think that I talked -- -- at them according to. And I mean permeated every Sunday -- watch look at immediate the one guy. I mean my buddy young and that -- -- about I mean this guy in the order are here to be over achieve but I mean common and that here. It was the one guy I didn't think we're gonna have to worry about I might -- Worried about it than anybody else. I I -- by salary and an ethic it's like for me it's. -- -- -- It maybe I've put -- were up their like it's already over -- it's too early. Because -- bunnies were too because be accurate as defense that they can her the chance of winning maybe they -- without. Maybe Tim -- plays while the playoffs on a stretch you know so it's too early of this team. For the patriots to separate in these guys Ochocinco. BB gets a touchdown -- the playoffs big catch will seek to be continued as far as those guys go but I agree. The accord is a guy that you just. And in the offseason just to give it a play -- -- Ortiz one of them -- wealth for baby child will be one. Ovals the guys that that you felt would you could build a defense around. He's the one guy an -- Tropicana Field he's the one guy you look NC literally -- now forming at a high level. He's -- -- the week in and week out bird. -- it tackling completely down el -- failed at that this year. Confidence is he injured most likely lot of people are. But he's been a huge disappointment not continue with your phone called the -- -- 937 WE.

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