WEEI>On Demand>>NESN analyst Andy Brickley recaps the week in Bruins Nation and looks ahead to Friday’s game vs. the Florida Panthers.

NESN analyst Andy Brickley recaps the week in Bruins Nation and looks ahead to Friday’s game vs. the Florida Panthers.

Dec 21, 2011|

Our friend from NESN, Andy Brickley, talks all things Bruins with Dale and Bob Ryan.

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Our weekly visit with NASA hockey analyst Andy -- has brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and -- tractor. Visit -- for power today to enjoy money saving year and -- revealed days check out Norfolk power dot com for more and by McGee Chevrolet and rain and the first place in the last place you'll need to shop for a new or used Chevrolet. That's colleague Andy Berkeley joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- Good morning bill promoted Bob good morning Greg. You do. Do -- pretty good. You know I know it's a favorable schedule right now for the Bruins as far as organization the players but. I guess it's favorable for us too because now or around all week -- -- eliminate all excuse for not yet rikers. And a although I'm still working on might despite the fact I don't know those excuses either. Brick it's a simple question in many people -- over the last a couple of weeks as this run has been going forward. Are the Boston Bruins the best team in the National Hockey League. It's certainly -- right now I -- -- there's any question about it he can plea to all the statistics and numbers you want but just give the eyeball test and watch this team play. I guess the simplest way to look at it bill is you know as a collection of six defenseman four lines to goaltenders. The match the with the Bruins get. Because of that depth and balance makes them the better team on most nights and when you have that believability because your daily cup champions which are really the only element missing a lot. For a pretty competent team the last couple years despite some series play out. Dramatic defeats that once state champions. That learning -- we it was edited them and that's how they played and if you combine those elements -- out they are the best team in the NHL as we speak. That being the case what as you -- back on the start what. What -- mean when it was that'll. We couldn't get emotional legal we are needed to. I think he saw the younger players not have a problem that as much as you all the plays established players -- guys the media has not won Stanley Cup now the champions. To understand where they need to be emotionally keep getting game vote. They have to do which a couple of months after doing it in the middle of utility try to do October. Was more difficult and anybody realized myself included I didn't expect that 37. I thought it worst case scenario maybe a five under through the first 45 weeks of this of course it will which would have been fine with me up but I got a little concerned at 37. And that when I hurt players like it -- of this turbulent and say you know -- -- a lot. If you look at Dickey a break and maybe -- right what's missing -- was that emotion that physical engagement that comes with the emotion. You know all the game. Was the only thing that was lacking and they -- Rick I think yeah I think if we go back to win now at Tyler Sagan was named the number one star in the NHL for the week if we go from that point until now. There's been a slippage in the play at Tyler Sagan and and it actually even happened prior to the one game benching in Winnipeg. We've seen some signs of him coming out of it here the last couple of nights what do you think is spend the item missing from Tyler -- game hero really the last month. Well first I think -- -- -- take a look at what other teams doing taking note of what piracy was doing early in the season and they make adjustments. And -- play at first I would Beckett speed and skill. Now he needs to make that judgment and the judgment meeting to compete in a little bit -- side are the things to -- on the right. You watch Eric -- in -- and listen to what he says. When he went from being a pretty good rookie. Two dominant player in a pretty. Rapid ascension. He needed to learn how to do other things on the -- it'll get better. How to find the team's weaknesses at all about adjustments but it just comes down to. Compete sector battle what do you want it all up put any pretty title on it. That's where Tyler has to make -- biggest adjustment. -- -- in climate speech he's gonna virtually the silly game they were. The Bruins were thrilled with the way it was played it into -- political system has backed and it infects as far as its global sponsor so. I think you can make the necessary judgment on how to compete how to win more battles we shall -- the Montreal game which tells you that. He's getting the message out consistently is the -- edit and the only way that you can continue to camera all this to make him earn it like that. Where is Tuukka Rask going to be in two or three years in your opinion. While. It's hard to imagine that I like Tim Thomas we had we had a difficult time saying that there's no way he can have a similar cities in. Or even a better -- -- many years ago and look at the mean arguably better this year -- it was -- That being at worst and Thomas going to be in two years -- definitely -- which. In your opinion can Tuukka Rask continue. To. Correctly and politely except the backer parole but he's done at this point. Yeah I think you get the perfect -- at fort. He watched the camel jockey wants to make life difficult for the early on decided it would play. Any ideal situation solace is that. Jimmy goes from 55 key here as contract wears down and -- it was forties. Down that 4030 in the rules become reversed and not to get. Takes the throw it becomes -- -- local Saturn -- -- -- -- five to sixty year that it optically every statistical category guys. Out. That is the ideal situation and I think that is all. But what can happen between these two little. What current -- in your opinion does more unnoticed things that benefit the team that that we should know more. Well that's a difficult or because we've seen that day in day out that we don't -- everything that they do. But from -- dedication to appoint -- little -- look a little the lift the so called little things that the average and such as myself would never know. Well it'll -- like the trumpet dispute -- game that we feel that he's the best regional player. Regional fault that they had he does so many little things that don't certainly and by the school board. I think the best thing to do what we try to get to that question look at the guys that played the most minutes then generally go to your top players but quiet that it applies. And you guys -- talking earlier about. How well the Bruins changed locals have scored goals yet they don't have anybody that talks thirty. So that Sochi they get the job done as a team and just about every place there's things they feel I didn't -- -- but I think poster child that would be like -- I'm not I'm curious assuming some semblance of health and I note yet every team is gonna lose players for varying amounts of time. The Bruins a party lost some guys from varying amounts of time but assuming some semblance of help. If -- Peter should rally. Do you need to add anything at the trading deadline. It's yes she did. You have to expect injuries you have to happens across the board and especially playoff start. And even -- lead we read about the steps in battle the Bruins team. Outside of their toxic right now receptive but it is even -- purged even going to be a good player. It's going to be a real good player but he needs to play whether -- prominent surrogates it's more games at the NHL level. And what he plays the select shooting defenseman out now some export to play. The upside is right shooter and I don't think the -- entirely comparable with that scenario. You're on Steven for an in depth chart. Not good enough right now that the guys that are next on a ballistic. Stepped in and plays they just don't have the quality of what they need on the blue lights so I think that's an area that they have to be concerned with because. You have to. You don't want to you have to expect gotta -- at. I'm also curious as I as I look at this team going forward and and how I think they continue to play about. The edge the physical ledge that they play on they are one of the most physical teams if not the most physical team in the NHL. And yet they play on that edge Marchand had a slew foot penalty that I thought was a stop potential suspend a -- offense. Milan Lucic each was suspended for game by Brendan Shanahan for his boarding penalty against the flyers. Does this team know where the line is -- know how to stay on the right side of it most of the time. I really execute. You know if you break teams down and you see that number hips and confrontations. That it -- all that. They're illegal block that block it and stay out of the areas where you're gonna get hurt by police -- is tremendous. That's all about decision make it all about understanding what the league is trying to do to change the culture. -- -- loud and what's not allowed in and by the way particularly to a terrific job of educating these players in the way they're going about using communication. Try to be as consistent as possible please everybody -- the whole achieved primarily it was so one -- controversy but. I think that brought a real good -- and I think it's one of the strengths that really been talked about a whole lot it's just how good they are. As playing with in the rules and still being that heavy physical. Meeting. You know I yeah I mentioned last week when I saw episode one of HBO's 24/7. Our Rangers flyers if your hockey fan it just ye can't see it enough. And I mentioned over the weekend I can't wait wait for this week's edition because the Bruins flyers game from Saturday will be a focal point out tonight. I I I can't wait to hear what the flyers have to say all Mike up about the Bruins game on Saturday as they got their heads handed to. It was funny guys it'll be for the game which it said this with a number of former flyers about first organization -- -- -- -- -- being there being early but. You know it's not -- original Q does the same -- -- -- the the fliers television and he was expressing -- me sit flyers have built chance today I would sit. What are each article just because prior merger route runner guys are just weren't X amount to keep general -- we'll go our way and it. He's like -- though the Bruins will -- here and intimidate this game they really will they'll they'll just exercise their will. And actually we'll just try to get a little dirty in order to save face and I mean he nailed it I couldn't believe I was hearing that. From a team that there is supposed to be. Hops in the east and certainly that was -- -- in the east conference game. And you know he follows his team on a regular basis you have to put trust what he's saying but I certainly didn't expect it but it's. We will talk. What does your gut tell you about Sidney Crosby's future. While. I Bartlett missed the ball on this site thought he would that -- debt well before the almost Carolyn -- unity miss. An -- team back. First game against the islanders I expect addicting -- because -- -- the state and he delivered. I thought he was well lot of awards. And I'm a little disappointed that he he called out the creature for an Opel as part of is recurring symptoms or flight deck on the shelf. -- was what is it likely to generate that it -- -- But editing sent I can't get my hands around. The uniqueness. Of all these concussions. And the lingering symptoms don't -- issue like Coca survive okay I can see. I mean that is and snatched the idea or you'll like it would. Egypt on that but I look at that it's -- -- he has suffered. In person to be out this long and I just don't have the proper sensitivity to what that players feeling it. My expectation. From experiences he should be back. And all that having been said -- wire we then surprised as hockey friends. That Nathan Horton is -- Nathan Horton yet considering the concussion he suffered at the hands of Aaron Romany in the Stanley Cup finals. And -- the length of time it took Patrice Bergeron to come back from his major concussion issue why would hockey fans be surprised that Nathan Horton doesn't look right yet. Well I think it's in its -- every bill he is his career has been. Played with inconsistency. If you watch him but he can be dominant players locals and punches and -- huge holes like it'd be very. It hurt the player out. But then he'll go through it and what he's -- restrictions -- he had won gold all games here. You know is he doing the other things is -- easy reading the plays back checking fitting into the system -- taking his role trying to do the best they can be added. In order be on the best team and our people and I look forward Nathan Horton. Does it look as culpable as he does when he red hot Knoll but. I think it will take because you're just a little unsure if it was a player that -- do you any given night in night out basis. And he looked slightly fanatic religious but not quite sure that's that was purchased or are. Rick it's almost fund talk hockey with the LC at the -- on Friday. You know -- -- a -- happy holidays Merry Christmas to you as well Andy prickly the superb color analyst for Bruins hockey on NASA and I saw -- release that -- this morning. The ratings for the game telecasts this year on -- and are up 85%. From where they were a year ago because you -- I don't I'm not involved with the game telecast. Game 5% it's up gained 85%. From where -- was. Actually at eight yards project team and they play of the game. I mean you want talk pregame and post it will do that -- -- and it.

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