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Celtics owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca talks Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and opening day vs. the Knicks.

Dec 21, 2011|

Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca join Bob Ryan and Dale Arnold to preview the 2011-2012 NBA season and tell Celtics fans what to expect during the winter.

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Welcome back to DNC with. Dale on Iraq and Bob -- era in here for DNC this morning were very happy. Well first -- were very happy to have another team to watch it beginning yet. This coming weekend. But the owners of the Boston Celtics were prospect and Steve -- are with us it's good to see you guys in here or I mean I know you're around town -- this process -- see you guys for a long time I was in New York where he had now is that they'll announce it and those long drawn out meetings and a let me ask you guys that the the most important question to start win. The challenges of playing 66 games in a 120 days not that it is different for any team in the -- be able what are the challenges here your franchise face. Well it's going to be frenetic season as he packed in a lot of games. Good expresses that we have of the veteran courtroom valiantly in so -- done another great job at -- -- a very deep team. That the team pay service also with a short training camp. We have four veterans coming back they know the offense -- veterans coming -- so. Not have been very good shape. The only injury appears as a PB -- the. Doomsayers in the world to worry about the agent team is the case anywhere even started yet to which you say. These -- today. -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah I guess a little early to start worrying about that is bruises -- if anything does happen easy week -- double sessions as you know and all that they've they've been running them and I think it was playoffs -- probably plan but we're we're we're just in the -- one. Questions on people's minds is the state mindset of a rush on Rwanda based on on the offseason chatter and -- put it that way about the possibility of trading him. Whether it was for Chris Paul or anybody else is there any concern on your point that he will have any any you know difficulty. Getting over the car. Whatever it is the hurt data shocked or whatever it is that that this game could even come up. There's not Rondo has handled this very well he's come back. Mature. I think he he basically. And said that -- -- happens in the NBA and he has and he's got a great attitude so we're really excited about this season this year. We had a couple of callers earlier who have some. Legitimate reasonable questions concerning health condition for Jeff Green the first ball everybody I think is grateful. But this heart condition was discovered. And that you know he's going to be able to be operated on and treated for this. He's presumably had a number of physical in the past before he could sign contracts in Oklahoma City or perhaps being acquired by the Celtics how to nobody ever find this practice well -- The actually hauling always hell we founded in it was doctor -- -- -- Baptist in the team of cardiologists and then doctor Brian -- and of the Baptist put together. The dream team. Around the country Cleveland clinic Mass. General. On that order but that that's the best general Cleveland clinic as well. But really glad they -- probably saved my attitude dislike for all I know not being cardiologist I'm not sure what happened in the past. Not privy to that right now but -- It's drenched in question I mean given the unfortunate history firm Celtics fans in this city I mean you don't wanna think about what the possibilities could have. In it that's where we were aware that we wanted to just go right to the guardrail right to make sure that everything was taken care -- -- his agent David -- in Jeff Greene himself. Dove right in the Andy flew with them out to Cleveland for the evaluations. For example last week mean it was just. Jeff was put first by everybody including. Himself and while but you know everybody put his. Health first and we're very hopeful actually that he's going to be back and actually on the MBA court playing. -- -- a -- very well aware of how history -- twenty some twenty years ago. As the original Big Three aged and and went one by one and the team. Path to a safe from that point two. He's finding came back on top in 2008. What is the balance you strike in your own mines as in terms of the present vs the future with regard to -- you have extremely Serbs and -- situation with those with the story aging players and and where -- going to be in two years responders as opposed to when your concern is. About getting the most of the season. Danny's well aware of this -- was parked in front of victory there. And and you know it if you call that the big four. Pass. I had guys they let us -- -- shooter he's the Big Three and a half and half the at. The -- accident every day in and you know it's a different situation in these guys have been fairly healthy and yeah and today's players -- different players and back then. Ray Allen you saw him. Sunday it's. He's of -- weak and so I'm really truly is a week now that. Is your -- is -- but you know -- is phenomenal and so to delicate balance and and interest supplement these players with some young players from energy Brandon -- rebounds Chris Wilcox. So as we -- you are right in the sense that you know at that point. When he is a bird back Byrd had been breaking down for years Kevin was never the same after we broke his foot in 87 which spent he spent six years in in declining state the only one who released. Robert was almost the -- of his time in terms of the big -- -- it was remarkable specimen what was 48. But it's still it's it's been but I mean but -- it. You. How much time you spent thinking about the -- the -- when you as opposed to what you're thinking about you two -- I think we. We do think about the future every day we really really do. But this doesn't look like another year when this -- Has a chance and if we supplement them to the Max everything we can possibly do under the new rules. It looks like to us and more importantly to the basketball staff. That's that these guys have one more chance at least and so. -- you make that decision and you -- you with the throttle -- that way were not half. Way half in half outlets do this -- do that the same time. This looks like this the team that's won a championship into another finals last year have a quality team but derailed by injury. -- anyway we lost its face it we lost but. Wasn't a bad team last year this year looks like we can have a chance shortened season almost anything can happen so we're going for. Those who run does work a lot shot easily hit that shot from Romeo vote which would be out transforming if you can do it should be if -- if that -- You guys are are not only NBA owners which -- successful businessman and I want you guys to help me out just as a Celtics thing. That you get what you wanted out of this clock out I mean because I look at the agreement and I think. -- -- -- miss half a season four of the instant answer is. We wanted to play basketball. With a deal it's fair for both sides I think we did get that. That's it it seems like a quick sound -- it seems mentally that's the -- that's up as the person came to mind what we really wanted to do was be back here and have everybody on both sides of the table chickens and you're going to Indians seem like a transcendent change in the biz. It's modeled him. Did that you know that somehow these things unfold this way and you know we're just fortunate that it got over in the players want to play in the fans act and really excited. You are in addition to your Celtics in action book apart owners have been Willits went. And as arm your congratulations on golf I got all your breath I didn't end and that really fascinating to chiefs -- -- -- it. All the controversy surrounding the the trade situation with Paul. And all the criticism that came down and David Stern one -- the other I mean. How -- it was that criticism. What what in your view what's his objective in in the way he went about that process. -- I think criticism was totally unwarranted because he's got to look at the results. Got a very nice trade and curled all the basketball people's university basketball people say it. It was a better treatment first trade and -- its job and that cases is the best thing in his view the tools parts and and that's tough position. With with and everybody looking at second guessing but that's what he did. Is it to maximize the -- potential to attain that goal. -- maximize long term success that team to run as if you don't think they did move exactly like that and you know -- import. As say as the Celtics fan and nothing more I gotta admit I was shocked when Doc Rivers came back. I assumed he was gonna go watch his kids play it. At duke for a year going to the TV business for a year or whatever and and recharge the batteries you guys surprised -- back. We don't Stephen a in our partners I -- we. We were talking we said look we really don't want doctor ago we don't wanna see this without -- right now he's still got the Jews. You still got it in the tank. And he's our coach he's been our championship coach so we went to him and said we would like you -- -- if it's not right for you we understand that we. We'd like -- state we don't want to delay this until. June July August -- there around there might be a labor situation. No let's get this done and we did get it done to his credit. He said you know I thought about it and is the place who wanna be your guys who want to work with any. These players. I'm gonna re up for a long time so we got that done I think maybe before the first playoffs in the series and ranked first second so. It was both sides come together seeing this this makes too much since this really is working so we're really appreciative that he put his conference back -- us were trying to live up to that. There's sort of a prevailing opinion that that doc would not have come back here. Without some business plan -- model in place that which show him that going forward from the aging of the Big Three that this franchise was gonna continue to be. Competitively ballot for the for the foreseeable future -- and I'm sure you do have a plan going forward might not necessarily share -- us. Obviously you shared that with -- are actually if he did. I'd give me copies. Obviously -- -- -- that lands with locked together neck and back. That they intersect that planners and a milk carton and yeah buried underneath these with porch. That duck duck. Part of the big thing here is that doc sees division he likes the way the team is going. Is a great relationship with Danny in the ownership group. I think he stepped back and said instead these guys want continuity and they've treated me well. He's treated us well we've got a championship. And a big part of the NBA is is really trust in in in in in three groups dealership the general manager and coach. And we have that at the Boston Celtics and that's a rare thing to find and we have to see -- be like Jerry Sloan long term coach I think he's the longest ranking coach in the east east at least maybe in the league at this point -- he's not he's. Moving right up there because of the graphic about the game the other -- -- -- apparently -- rip and read and Tommy in terms of helping that he he'll pass Tommy and number two. This year in the middle of the season -- Tommy Tommy Tommy tennis has firmly worded note about that. Yes he didn't actually been a huge supporter and just. It just you know I think the plan going forward as Steve said it keep these constituencies together which isn't hard it's a natural fit but. We've got fans support -- we've got sponsors support we've cut. Broadcasting. Partnerships we've cut. No it's all going well and we've got peony in a scouting staff and the technology that's been installed I mean. It's not sure it's not clear who the piece is exactly are going to be but the mechanism for getting their I think -- you have -- -- but that's that's why I'm optimistic. -- Moment. At any time. When something comes up and in the course of the day in and the business situation and team in the and you you know WW RD. What would reds do the well we think about read all the time you read his fixture in the first five years. And it was just a pleasure for -- tonight at the moment we met him I think that they if we bought team went down to Washington. And his office there and and an amazing thing was he at a rotary phone. The idea that. As in rotary phone in many many years in his office has not changed things and I wouldn't lately thick ice. And his use his desk was covered with letter open letter opener says there was this I think in the fifties that are over it was a great yeah Alice's great thing only with what he's collected in the it was one of his hobbies I guess now -- -- you know openers to. -- we one of my Twitter followers Chris me and want me to ask you guys question is there a plan at any point in time for the Celtics to build their -- -- We are under a long term lease I really call -- a partnership with the garden and Delaware north Jacob's family and it's. Every year. You know it is is better than the last I mean that we really are working together I was texting back and forth with Cam -- next last night about. Something good luck and thanks for the Christmas gift it right back catchy I mean there's a warm relationship. Were happy they they had a parade. It's our turn may we can have to. We hope they repeat it's it's a warm relationship and it's and it's been working just great. Twisting topic because that night not. We grasp the concept of this being the case based on what was like -- cup team with that -- them. You took over the team let's put that behind the net on a date and we are not letting you go on hug thank you when I dated a bit about -- the relationship fourteen. It's astonishing. The beaten lot you know in immediate and you know it's we're sorry to disappoint you Russia. And I think it's refreshing I mean what about that could just be a part of that that the holds -- I think RG part of it part of it is is that all of us are huge you know you know sports fans in general Boston sports and and we see each team trying to win all these teams of live online to win in the -- it it's a complicated business and and you're out there under the microscope and it always ownership groups -- they're really try to come in and win and we're very close them and and it's built on initially as you know. All the teams -- -- that's that's incredible. For any cut any any city in the country in Boston disgruntled place to be we all recognize. I love in the playoffs you know course because you know and in the patriots come in and let's commend you and in -- -- -- -- that that. Going in and it's it's one of the things and people you know when -- put that openness means that goes into it and -- coach bill comes you know I mean that's always does have. No four was it we brought the Red Sox three's trophy into our opening night you know and the place went crazy and then we were on the year we are in the post it at Fenway going around. I mean it's just it's fun it's it Belichick -- their -- this game. Six in oh wait he was in our halftime always accords W that are. Or -- glove at halftime were up 28 points or something and half times them. Number I go -- and I look at him and it's me and he said boy am I assume it's as Belichick readies his policy well. What's -- can be a tough second half and he goes. Where the hell would that have a two Q you've got this -- and bought a round at halftime. He flipped the card counties like you've got this thing don't you know delicate so I mean it's just fine that the linkage and then everybody's got a championship -- -- at two or three. It's phenomenal what it what decade. What changed tone back to lock up while of course it was Christmas that necessary to have that with you know the ramifications of the the shortened pre season in all the madness that's going on right now get those how important are those games or why it was sent to -- I think it's. It was a logical place for both sides stood look and say. We could we could put 45. You know games on national TV keep the national TV revenues which were splitting but more importantly it's it's the kickoff of our season for a lot of more casual fans and it's a big day at this the dragon in January February. Not sure that would have made all that much sense 66 games is you know 80% of the season it seems it was a logical. Notch you know in the calendar and you either. Either get to Christmas are you don't but it's a big deal not to be Christmas we thought and it enabled both sizes -- say. Let's put the difference. Wearing any point going in negotiations from the ownership side with the discussion among owners about. That the in 1999 and a fifty game schedule and the pros and cons of the fifty was it just deemed -- crazier to Miller who's a much. I mean I think the general concept on. Both sides as early as as we heard around the table anyway general concept was this is regrettable to have this market out. If there is the deal might as well go ahead and get to it if there isn't that will be very disappointing I -- that's all I can really say no I mean but you'd. I don't think he's sitting there at 3 in the morning going well fifty vs fifty -- up 66. -- Christmas or not it each week it seemed like it was close to settlement for lawmakers. And then it finally happened maybe Christmas Day precipitated it seemed as if something happened. On your side of the table very drastically and an -- 48 hour period after they talked about these certificates -- something that something happened to tip the balance that suddenly 48 hours later. Somethings are being given packet that it aptly than and in a couple of things like that and and suddenly the deal seemed fond place -- what what happened. The -- decided they wanted to play. I I take I think really Christmas is coming in. Evil step back and I wondered we will have one question people ask was -- Bob Kraft quote unquote type figure owner who who. -- maybe not a -- bank unit together but stroked a few people or anything like that was it just the collective. Who would play a huge role in the revenue sharing which is very important. -- integrate. And then that that I think helped break him but as part it was just this the time was ticking away and people -- equipment. A couple of your players Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce were. Very involved in in this process. Do you ever worry about any lingering animosity between two. Disparate factions the players and the owners and you've got to continuing relationship professional and personal relationship going forward. How how was that relationship affected by this process. Those guys are natural leaders we expect them to be leaders we respect the fact that their leaders. And there's at Acxiom both sides of the -- no problem with that it's never became a personal issue or anything like I know I don't believe so you can ask I don't believe so at all in fact. Were I think we're all glad to be back and that's the point trying to get to a deal that both sides will see is there. Is that or or is reasonable -- that there's a deal that's been made you know than. You you you move on and that's I think we saw that and we're seeing that im really glad about it but. I I no problem people being leaders that's why we want them to be Celtics and we respect that. A text or wants me to ask you question about the elephant in the room going forward for the and that's the state of officiating. And the quality or lack thereof of officiating in the -- he will give you his twenty minute a classy guy that's on -- and I got up at Bristol just email again just just you know Tommy Tommy -- -- I -- A you know I I've watched many many high school as well games so as after that I'm not concerned at all. -- that none of democratic appreciating -- -- -- games either. You know it's a very tough game to officiate as you know people are moving at -- at huge speeds. Very tough to -- but I think they do it a good job on balance and and an intimate thing is. Is to keep it balanced so it if they call the same way and these these these reps have been here a long long time. And it is step back you know I don't like certain calls other -- -- calls but as long as they're trying to get a straight down the middle which is what they do. It's fine. Evenly distributing errors. That's another -- an optimist the classic example was. A another text or wants me to ask you simple question. Which is the better team in Los Angeles right now. Well not the Dodgers they don't have an out of a -- I don't think things might be the -- I don't know I the clippers beat the lakers in the days in the on it and -- Today it's going to be really Tuesday -- that that Chris Paul is transcendent player you put him with that. Cats they have already there but it's going to be this can't do anything but good for the league to have that kind of competition in the market that can as the has to be great I mean I -- you know -- -- vote there's not question what's Webber. Elite had a really good year last year after the LeBron decision and they became may be the black cats or something for some people certainly. For me. But you know friendly friendly rivals but. And then he beat us I mean to have more. Drama in to have it be out of the clippers clippers lakers that's that's good for league -- -- It's another is another great team that come into the guard wall get to say well that's just another one that is it night after night along a similar line is enticing for you to have a good. Team in New York via. The kind -- Kindle and I've read it hasn't quite. Similar to wait used. In New York always brings out emotions in Boston and yes that is to be fun as long as we keep winning yes. I mean it's it's maybe not like the old days by the -- it was just a couple of years ago when Richards then followed -- on the tunnel. You know pierce is like. Didn't spike -- had off his head I mean it's in those are pretty big games down there. As a was that we had that we I hate to mention this but we have this -- from in a playoff series I'll just I think it's revved up. Anyway and yet -- -- -- Christmas Day. I think Chandler. That's where they needed likely help and now that that first game their last year when when one at one point game it's hard it if that -- -- was was with. It was a reminder of what. You know I used to be. Let's leave Celtics fans with with your thoughts on the competitive of competitiveness of your team in the Eastern Conference beginning this Sunday with. With your Christmas Day game -- competitive it's your franchise going into this shortened NBA season. It has been a shortened pre season there hasn't been a lot of chance to really settling with his team yet this roster. Since he had -- get a sense of of other rosters as well having said that every time I see. Garnett pierce Allen and Rondo walk out on the court and rivers coaching them. You know I get goosebumps actually and so I'm I'm hopeful mostly. I think early the positive sign early is that team has -- lot of depth. You know you know one through fifteen -- that is it is we've been if you look at the players at any data here they can all play basketball or it's -- my offensive rebounding this year with Wilcox and that's on the boards so so you know were were optimistic it is is really early in the season but -- so far they've they've looked really good. Shifting and have gone from the get owner I ever take their fan hat off not like basketball fan basketball fans of the big story new league last year beginning of the year with Miami. Do you agree that extreme to Begin this year against Miami I mean now until it's on the zip -- wanted to operatives went to get Miami it's just becomes a triple -- as a basketball and -- would. I think I think rain I think in them. Miami's gonna take on it at some point Red Sox have opening the way they should win -- they have -- at net with a lot of pressure on which it for a if you. And I have the clips emerging and -- have some other great teams wells is going to be exciting season and and and in the book LeBron and crew come in -- it means in -- vehemently. Great see both you guys back great to see your team back as well I might add best of luck to you this coming season we appreciate being in guys thanks thank you thanks to all the grants. What prospect Steve Pagliuca joining us here on Sports Radio WEP.

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