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Sizing up the Celtics and the Jeff Green situation with play-by-play man Sean Grande

Dec 20, 2011|

Sean Grande co-hosted the Big Show with Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald and began the show talking about the Jeff Green situation and where that leaves the Celtics for the 2011-2012 season.

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Since you were here it's a mental note the Celtics. Opening the season Christmas Day. Is this team now I'm not I am when I heard -- -- and talked about this point I think it's impossible they can win an NBA title. It basically took the same old team from last year. Putting new guy in the paint who's not a new guy at all but an old guy who was hurt the most the last season. -- -- -- well clearly this was not the best case scenario for opening the season and for the summer plan and nobody -- summer plan in the NBA was able to execute because all of us were just sitting around wondering if you were ever gonna work again listening to lawyers at 3 in the morning talk about basketball related income and middle level exceptions and salary cap and watching. Two sides with enormous Eagles just see which ego was bigger and who was gonna win now so we didn't know we did knows once that happened. You're gonna have an extraordinary lightning round of free agency trades and you saw what happen as soon -- that the gun went off. And it started Chris Paul rumors -- Dwight Howard rumor started. Celtics gaining or trying to be in on as much of it as the code isn't for the plans dictated the -- and you get. An extraordinary curveball thrown at you with Jeff Green and either you were out -- it was going to be a major piece. And -- trade and trade deal to bring another superstar for a new generation. But the Celtics be -- taller it worked out differently or Jeff Green is going to be guy in the short schedule who's gonna play. 303234. Minutes coming off the bench at the small forward power forward spot. And all of a sudden that asset either on the court of trade asset is taken away from you without that time. Or the resources or the cap room to replace. Did you think his idea the decree was going to be a major major effect on this team well he's gonna have to be there was there was some Leno won't -- at two minutes I'm talking about delivery and the minute yeah I -- what makes it very tied it for everyone I think to think about Jeff Green -- sort of react to the news is that he had not he was a really Celtic. He had the command last year and he was very quiet. And 20/20 530 games and he was replacing an extremely popular player and the perception he that he a little of you lose a little bit of Yoko. And he had this this group that have been together a and it won a championship and it never you know been beaten is Doc Rivers like this is Kendrick Perkins hurt him playing game seven. In the finals in 2010. And there was something. Mystical real or perceived about that group that's starting five Celtics. And here he was coming in on the fly trying to fit in with a group of players who were -- hall of famers strong personality so he had really assert himself. And this summer for him was about getting ready to do that being a major part. I'm -- a lot of guys where I see a player at some point and you fall in love with a player and you take that one game that you seen live. It becomes your resonate for that player. And EC Georgetown in suitably term Winston-Salem. Several years ago. And their ram courts -- of that game it was a Bart Bryant like wild excuse is -- plays. For the in the -- scan them and I'm applying what I -- against BC in Winston-Salem. To the Celtics and I am thinking. Give my full season given the minutes he's going to be awesome and and for reasons that have not been -- -- -- very upset. The news that it was aren't all that mean it's just bad news all the way around. And the obligatory to say this is it a basketball story anymore you think about this kid's life as Claudia -- finances and all that. Even getting that out of the way and saying listen we hope he's OK we hope he's fine I think he's gonna Phnom. Well just just quickly because opportunistic in news assay were going for talking basketball stuff today. I don't think it's tragic story I don't think it's a bad story I think it's more racked up a clot that. This was caught on its -- weaker you know you could we don't have a Hank Gathers -- go very deep down this road it's a sensitive issue. -- the sports world around basketball world within the organization of the Boston Celtics in the history of the last quarter century. -- bias of Reggie Lewis -- Dennis Johnson too early in the any ancient episode with the playoffs in 2009. Could not hit any closer to home so think about what could have happened. Had he continued to play. Now really struck me as we ought to back together over the last week and the news is obvious Friday it was a very awkward night at the garden because we scrimmage. And lot of fans were excited to team for the first time. And we sort of you know the clouds were gathering we sort of knew what was going to happen in the next day with the news and so that was a Pall over. Would get to -- to me is in the NBA players played in these. And together. Exhibition games during the locked in an attempt to raise money for charity whatever. And you know -- we were you headed by the way we going to. We we had video with a -- London expediting act now we're gonna go to Italy where -- -- this because the beauty of the lockout for us for the broadcasters it is the exact same demand for broadcasters. Abroad that the -- English speaking players. We think about these exhibition games or being put on you know nine times ten the same. Medical resources. Argued beat the Jeff Green was playing in these -- yes he was so. That really -- home to me not -- what could happen at any. Of the best possible medical care of these exhibition games world. -- of Jeff Green. His life and knowing the history Victoria -- the guys have been through it will be able to should be able to come back back to the NBA. How the rest of his career. Basketball standpoint it really. -- the Celtics -- each in an almost impossible spot if you consider having. -- hall of famers and who goes on there was going to be and you know a bench of some veteran players a lot of teams in the NBA I do I do when basketball. Rondo because. I thought the press copy today -- last week I was impressed. 'cause it was -- on -- like him to be loquacious and candid and happy and smiling I don't know how much of that was. Choreographed I don't how much that is him maturing I'll get that and that. Wanna give you some potentially good news the Celtics and wanna see if you agree. What -- recognizing it's always dangerous to hear something in one sports when dollar. -- give you 1995. Walked out into the baseball opened the season late everything's topsy turvy they have replaced some players in spring training. No one knows of this going to be season had been no World Series in 1994 they set on the season August everything's a -- And all of a sudden they work it out. They have a quick spring training that the real players they finally opened the season I think the Sox beat the winds and -- nearly nine -- things like that. And no one knew -- 1995 was gonna shake out except I guarantee you. Nobody thought the Red Sox when the the only thing here. -- -- three -- for their out of the money three straight years of bad baseball under 500 butch Hobson narrative that the book tops in Europe. All of a sudden Kevin Kennedy comes and they pick up Tim Wakefield the trash heap. Sox go to the playoffs when the AL east and the Braves when their first World Series 1995. It was that sort of weird season that no one can figure out. Any chance any of that happens in basketball this year. A little bit here's the Indy he'd managed itself the center about a Celtics cancel here in England you know we can it and you know. You are saying that the national perception certainly you -- with that the Celtics. 123 teams up here which local perception too well it probably is but again there's often in this market more than maybe any other significant difference between national perception. And the local and local -- In the Celtics. Surprised people now going for the first five years and the role of the underdog just I'm -- Miami Chicago in the east. That's the question six point 7779. Zurich is an amber Steve -- showing grainy minding the shop in the big show. Went on vacation Michael always on vacation we don't have friends on vacation out of 49 days he said more off days this year than I have I was unemployed for four. Only he's like clipping coupons writes probably not even in town of it -- or they -- America somewhere. I noticed that -- at home. In the blends in. You know -- exciting somewhere exciting. Someplace rich slinky. Anyway lots of talk about Bruins went three through last night five straight nineteenth when one. Since the pre and seventh start it has already Iraqi guy you can speak to this doesn't happen in the it. And one of the things I was -- say with the with the Celtics viewed as they have going into the short schedule is. Continuity within that starting five they've been together going to be teams and union -- that are under the radar and aren't getting any attention because they're not sort of new and exciting. Like Atlanta that -- -- -- and that's a huge advantage when training camp is cut down involves a new upstart and got guys who played the idea of corps that's played together. The Bruins not only have that from last year the content Houdini act like corporal -- his veterans whose veteran pieces. It they can roll four mean played together for couple years in this just doesn't happen the NHL sent up the system which with the NBA owners. It almost forces a lot of -- for forces -- over roster in the offseason that's one of -- -- the Bruins are you know a stamper two minute. I wanna talk about the lunatic I don't know we have the sound again at the minute but -- -- gets a one game suspension. And it's it's out last and -- and other item probably wouldn't. I mean it's like an -- if you do have a problem with it it's like you know it becomes a -- issue. This new Bruins in recent years and and you know like I said on -- with although pass catcher ready. I hit on somebody was watching hockey Hewitt goes. Saturated hit somebody and it was indeed gets spent. It was far worse maybe get a batting an earlier this year of course he hit somebody -- -- far worse that would teach. Always had a batting each drove somebody earlier this year for him to get who it was but. It's what 77790850. -- 85250851. -- is in business today even not gonna Michael and not your. 617779353585050. In Texas at FaceBook dot com slash. WEEI. Quality of the nation are gonna say that this is why that takes half an hour now you know different social media and what what -- 220. You'll be very dark and I you know I'm I'm very good on FaceBook. I always put down kind of funny little things in and comments and I get lots of comments and all that. Tweeting. I writes what I -- they believe once a week. Then I get tweet tweet spectator tweet more it's like that the militant leaders are answered yeah I have to I -- you have to -- worried. But I don't wanna do what -- is people don't like you know Joseph Aggies as they discuss the muffins at the -- big shop in Charlestown and a little -- -- -- -- is like. Eastwood like 20000 times what could possibly happen and he thousands and it it tweet. It's 32 going into the third period is that is that's OpenId Sonoma fly. It really depends now you know how hard core. I just like if it's something clever that's an important piece of information and open like baton. You know our feud you know people in our business out a tweet a link to my call that mean that's -- of the with the but that but that that would when he 25 times today gets a little redundant and it just make. Nick in the car for you on the big show the self this question for the won the and so on -- Airports are -- You know I -- -- the Celtics a little bit aircraft how everybody you know it should be worried about the public yet. Com thank you know we all process. That we are Bennett is looking very good right now com. But let Jeff Green and that was. But fortunately I think you can topic -- pick up any young guys may be brings the credit he took the bet. I would tend to -- you know and it's not likely basically with the Celtics have available now is veteran minimum slots and there is not much last days it's. Essentially. Your standard -- -- -- for about Filene's Basement causing damage here in the old days and others for a death sales -- you -- That's what it's like there's a few freeagent slipped on the market but there still teams have their mid level exception available to music and pay more than the Celtics again this is simple. Know some -- knows it's over you aren't in most of you aren't gonna care and -- -- -- hear about salary cap it's as simple as like saint. This Celtics gets -- nine million dollar contract Jeff Green. Off the books. They were so far over the salary cap and attacks that's at nine million doesn't get them under you have to be if the -- to -- apple limit. Right of the salary cap limit and then he took the 99 dollars -- that had nine million dollar suspended they were so for over. That they cannot replace Jeff -- nine million dollars with the -- 99. So there. That kind of -- which for a long time Celtic fans really feels like the old days in in a lot of ways not. People forget that when there and again it's it's probably unfair to compare eighteen that's just opened the season with another team to win the championship. But you look back that's up Steele won the championship they had a lot of depth. That it wasn't just. It wasn't just they went out and got Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett they rebuilt that tight team and then of course later on they get you know PJ brown is simply sell and -- That they just had tons of guys -- it rotated in and out of it owes us -- house jedi housing and yeah. That's exactly right and that this the last year's team in 2011 Celtics. Basically the Achilles heel and it was the -- the fact they didn't have back -- that starting by the Celtics starting the year ago not four years ago during the championship season. Last year the Celtics starting five was Shaq at center. Was the best starting five statistically. In the NBA. Right right behind Miami goes too far and away the two best starting -- In the league but it was a huge drop off and went to the bench the idea was to try and correct that this year Jeff Green was going to be huge part of that. Now. The only good thing it's happening as far as expectations and perception is now. Perception is falling so low for the Celtics that all of a sudden you're gonna see some serious thought our national -- at local I agreed that for the most part it is starting to be but the reason that. We don't know yet what we think we know about the -- It'll it'll be -- I hate to keep beat you up on this but I don't know a single person in my crowd. Who's excited about the Celtics not not. Excited about the season opening -- it was a basketball. Entertainment. Go to Celtics. Watching games on TV was seen you in the radio. Anybody can -- -- well this was the problem with regulators can't and not being the other side I would say that -- him -- Celtics were here he could be you know it might have been like a as the championship and of course of course arisen when I'm actually. Move -- steps at the same maybe. Celtics are going to be something of a surprise team now everybody is looking past them it's Miami each congress time in New York is a very sexy team in the Eastern Conference because of that it. Defense -- centering Tyson Chandler. And you know Barry Davis is going to be announced that -- teams and it's it's great for the league of -- are -- again but I'm not necessarily all land on your question is. In the -- challenge Chicago my hand it to me it's all like Miami has no excuse. How many. You do agree that there is no depth on this team and that every single. Fantastical right this Celtics team that data is sure what what you cannot have happened for the Celtics is half. One of the key players. You can have another Kevin Garnett injury for one -- -- can have a Jermaine O'Neal injuries of players who have been injured. And then -- of another guy who never injured who's the Energizer bunny who's doing things it easy to starkly that no one is ever done in Ray Allen. And we just take for granted and 36 years old he's going to be able to play thirty minutes a game in the 66 games of the compressed schedule and that's a spot the Celtics don't really have. Go to if something were to go wrong. So it's OK Sony America on majesty -- here's what gets you Eric and so on and a second people don't know Chris Wilcox here and they don't know Brandon Bass. They don't know these -- a real hardcore NBA Chris Wilcox has never been in the plan. So a lot of people in the NBA don't know what he can do re just because a few years goalie played together in Seattle. And Chris Wilcox was a dominant rebounder. Nearly double double guy is kind of -- of the separately. Brandon Bass is gonna be more consistent player. -- baby was at that spot and use. Each true offensive player deal on Dooling is -- a veteran is around in this league -- lottery pick ten years ago disappointed people when he yelled. But now he's a veteran now back up the -- of these names. That are going to excite people but they arson names veteran names that are gonna help you win some games Erica stick knocking on the big show -- -- gradient Steve Buckley I don't Eric. Earlier without. Our border and open up play to pick it up for the Celtics who have wrote what you're referring nobody really. Excitement. About open up our personal well. Yeah -- I don't it's I don't really see it happening and what a shame well for a lot of reasons it at his age she's becoming increasingly. Effective player. Allen Iverson. I've never seen a drop off from one of the dominant players in the world to someone that nobody's interest -- could be getting a job. In the NBA and their sort of unnatural. Paul Pierce may be the best example. Of this player who's the NBA is about individual. Skills you'd get penalty. You're trying to -- -- trying to make a name for yourself trying to get that first big contract basically your whole life has been about. You as the star player. Then you get into the league -- sort of figure out whether these you do well and then if you're one of the elite players. And you get to point your career like Paul Pierce stayed in 2007. Where you use your skills to become one of a group of five on the floor one of league. You know a group never happen Iverson could never use is phenomenal first ballot hall of skills and integrate them. Into an entire team and his greatest year 2001 when he had the MVP year Philadelphia went to the finals what they did was put a team around him. Made up entirely of complementary player shot blocker like the point garlic Hurst noted that the score and they created team until you get to 323334. Years old with a lot of miles -- You have to be complementary player he never did.

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