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Dec 17, 2011|

Kurt joins Matt Perrault and Brian St. Pierre to discuss his thoughts on Tim Tebow, the Broncos defense, the Pats offense, and gives his prediction for tomorrow afternoon's game.

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Joining us now here on sports ready Adobe -- NFL network former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner Kirk afternoon how are you are doing great or we're doing a lot of O'Brien taking away my -- with Brian St. Pierre and you guys go to the well. -- a person making time for I don't but. I'm doing very well. As you know we're just talking about Tim Tebow nearly everybody Nelson. Six. Very interested in your take on it lot of similarities there in in your. Police and in your face and a lot of dis similarity in the way you play the game you're just gonna play him more opposite sides of this wanna get summit your ideas on -- now. You know there's a couple things coming -- today as you said what he represented and what he believes. I think it's what's so polarizing about this story because when you watch him play the position. Of course it's it's not conventional at all he's fourth in the position in a way that for years we said you can't win at this level. Playing that game the way he plays it you know running first because the pouting did you take. And not being able to be consistent in the passing game we've always believed that to win and especially to win a championship. You've got to play in the pocket. But to have the consistency. From the standpoint of that team winning and the heroic that he had. Down the stretch is what makes it so polarizing and you couple that with -- obvious statement. And what he believes in the fact that what impresses me the most is that you know Brian having played in the NFL at this position. It's very difficult to struggle in this game. And not start questioning yourself you know it's very difficult to struggle for three quarters. And then have the wherewithal to be able to put something together. We didn't matters. To make the play that your team needs to be made to win you know usually when you struggle it's it's very difficult to accomplish that especially with in the course of a game until. I think that has been the most impressive thing to me is that. I know I completed you know two passes through three and a -- quarters. And I would -- lot of confidence to have the ball in my hands to have to make 45 plays or two or three drives in the fourth quarter to win a game but. For him to do that consistently and the fact that he never seems to doubt that they'll come back and -- he never seems to doubt that he'll make the plays that need to be made. And that the guys around him don't doubt that they continue to battle and fight for him and say okay here we understand it's been ugly for three quarters but that's okay. We're still within range and we believe this guy. We'll make those plays and it's funny because you look around the league and there's guys that we would also -- this guy to better quarterback this guy's a better quarterback. But the one thing they don't have to do one thing they can't do is make those plays in the fourth quarter that helped their team win as opposed to loose. Kurt Warner joining us -- portrait of the BI talking Tim Tebow. What do you see when you watch on film that defense is -- doing different in the fourth quarter to Tim Tebow. That they are doing in quarters 12 and three -- -- house to be a reason beyond just. His ability that he's having success in the fourth quarter. Well I think it's too -- I think first of -- when I watched Tim Tebow play in want to struggle early in games. I think that he's trying to be too perfect he's trying to be what the analysts say he should be he tried to complete every pass and so sometimes he's. -- in the ball he's trying to be more perfect. And you know what you know where the quarterback you're at your best. When you don't think and you react -- you allow the game -- to you and to me that's what I can open Tebow does win. The game's on the line -- no longer can you think about being perfect on every pass. All you're thinking about just a -- gonna find a way to make a play it. If it's right on the football stole the football I've got to find a way so that first is is where I think you'd better is because they forget about everything else. It just becomes a football player which is what he's so good at. And the second Portland. I looked specifically at the Chicago game last week. What really surprised me -- they played eight in the box they played their free safety 1012 yards from the line of scrimmage playing everything -- the run. Then they got late in the fourth quarter and they started playing cover two they started dropping back and say okay we're not gonna get beat beat. And it allowed him he voted just drop back. Throw the check down you never really made any big plays down the field but throw the check out worked the ball down on the field and then make it one play where you out of pocket and threw the touchdown pass and it really surprised me that you did. Everything right for three and a half quarters. The that you decided to change it up and do something different which allowed him to have success and you know I can't speak for the other games you know. What they did but I definitely saw last week in Chicago that they play great. And played in the way that you should play of forcing him to have to make a play -- tight -- coverage to make you know perfect path and then they got away from it down the stretch and that's when he. He was able to have his success in the -- It was talked about over the years only put together two years and Arizona which are about make employees from the pocket and we believe that was the way. The great ones and that -- that's how you want to make players from the pocket is it's sustainable. Attempted to continue to play like this and. You know one. Well I don't think so. You know because. You know we believe I believe in this business that you have to be. Better than just you know half a quarter or quarter. At the quarterback position that you have to be more consistent than that. You know and -- whole task is going to be. You don't win comes a point where his defense. Doesn't hold teams to ten points. You know -- doesn't have a kicker that can make a 59 yard field goal. And he's actually got to move the football from point -- one -- to get in field goal range and that's going to be the real question. You know I've been on a number of teams where we didn't have the greatest defense system. -- you have to make play after play after play right now they're playing so well as a team their run in the football -- not turn it over their defense display it's. Lights out. That it presents him the opportunity. To continue to play the way that he does. But I just don't think that's the part that's sustainable not just the way he's playing but I don't think you're going to be able to have a team. And especially where. You know that came -- that defense that can sustain that level of play. Weekend and week out especially when you start to play the teams come playoff time -- you're going to be playing you know teams that. Are explosive teams that can't score a lot of points teams like the patriots this week did come off the -- scored thirty points and that's going to be the true test is when they -- Those premier quarterback and knows premier offenses and can't they have stated defensively. Too -- to him he broke to continue to play the way he has over four quarters. Or are they get it you don't let -- more pointed he's going to have to play better you know in the first half and at least 23 quarters of the game. -- you know there's a side story with Tim Tebow and in his state is very much part of the conversation around his game and around him as a personality. You said to him in his Paper and Arizona that -- Tim Tebow should quote put down the boldness in regards to his words. I'm just curious what the fallout any reaction that you got from from saying that about Tebow. Well first of all that was a little bit out of context what. The article was speaking to was that I did an interview and they asked mean how idea that you look at -- gotta walk in similar shoes to. To Tim Tebow and I told them that they were. Different ways that I approach might say there were times that I was on Super Bowl -- the event. You know I shouted masturbating and -- the name achieved what I believe in and then there were other times I toned it down. To really speak to the audience that I was speaking to -- being a locker room. Where they're being an interview whether it be speaking Q a corporation whatever was work but fate was always with me now we shared the message. But it was different ways of doing that and allowing other people this year that. For me -- so I never really came out of I would tell him he needs to do with this -- as we can all represent our -- different ways and I love. Give me and how we represented and that he's -- -- represented I was really just Schering. What I experienced in how I felt that it could be most effective so that was a little taken out of context but. I would share that with not only -- Christian and de. I think there's different times to express your -- in different ways to be most effective with the people that you're trying to express to. Hurt his completing 48. Percent of his passes right now obviously you can't do that annihilating continue to win -- you thank anyway. Is there a way in your opinion that a quarterback can improve his accuracy and become an accurate throw the football. I think it's very difficult. To go from not accurate to what I would consider accurate. Can you improve it sure you can improve and I think one of the things that I watched Tim Tebow play is. The -- also has to be designed around what he does well he's the guy that throws the ball so much better outside the numbers. Where he can see it where it is not a lot of joke or you don't have to read through 45 defenders he's much better on the outside it don't have a kind of things that I think. They need to do and they need to focus on offensively because I don't think he's ever gonna go from 40% passer. To a 65% passer I just don't think that happened and we've seen evidence of that the guys -- Communists have never been very accurate. They're not going to be the most -- quarterback in the league but. There are things that he does well he throws decent on the run like The Beatles well outside the numbers. It doesn't or bad people and that's what I think is going to be to -- allow him to be the playmaker do the things that he does. But then came into the office in the passing game specifically to what he can do well throws he can make. Because if you try to get -- -- things that he's not comfortable with -- doesn't do well. I think you're gonna be that number stay there or even go down in you've really got to focus on the strength. Heard about thirty seconds left does the Tebow -- continue rolling tomorrow against the patriots. I don't think so and again I've been wrong before on this but. When you have to play it's a -- operator on the other side of the ball he continually puts pressure on the quarterback because. He's a guy like -- it can score thirty points off the bus but he's the guy that wants to score every time he touches the ball. And anytime you're playing across from black guy and -- you played against the defense. But you know that guys on the other side you know what that guy brings to the table. And that's gonna put a lot more pressure I believe on Tim -- In that defense that have to perform a lot more consistently than he has up to this point oh I actually. They get in just a moral and I actually think the patriots are gonna win big tomorrow. Cart thank you for the time really appreciate it thanks and muscular talking -- Kurt Warner former NFL quarterback now the network clearance -- -- at W and now that Brian I mean you -- predictable business at a time but I think you guys have talked about this before -- Dirt and I talked quite a bit when -- teammates and it's just from being in the league being around people being around the best that what they do in the world and you just don't see the skill -- from Tim Tebow that lends itself to winning long term loosely.

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