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Cedric Maxwell: Celtics health is a major concern already before the season begins

Dec 16, 2011|

Our favorite NBA analyst Cedric Maxwell joined the Big Show to talk about the Celtics and their chances to compete for an NBA title this season.

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We are happy to report that Cedric Maxwell is once again employed -- you'll hear him beginning this Sunday. On the merits Iraq itself the actual. It's so great to have you back in India are back again whatsoever and you know what -- the -- -- Obama's numbers are gonna go down the unemployment numbers that aren't included two of them thank you. I I appreciate that we you'll Michael Michael I have an agenda right now. Which stood at that so I'll split up from. There also do well. No I thought we got past that I thought we talked about it. I what does that tell you I told you -- that publicly what I tell you privately. You utopia that I don't know why that's -- you know you -- -- Really appreciate. Let's say it publicly I was wrong -- I got all over Max. Few months back it was during the playoffs is something I got all over and and then second off the do. Really doubt about it we originally just you merited a gesture for steroids because it was a little -- -- and I screamed at him for no reason to be just. Arab that's my job or. -- -- orbit. And let -- -- -- -- too much better that's that's progress that's out there at least you didn't. I'd Max. We're hearing that we might know about Jeff Green here in the next hour. Danny apparently went off with Jeff to see another set of doctors out of town. None of this is really sounding good -- any idea what's going on. I have no idea what what is all alone right now which of Green Zone I don't know. You don't get it doesn't sound that you -- -- -- everything as well but I think Celtics. Our you know trying to on this because of what happened in their future before. In -- -- right now Bieber -- -- -- -- takes precautions -- You know wheat ridge here that think they apple you know. I think the -- right now throughout the year right he would sit there what they want to do is make sure everything is okay which. I'd attempt if he -- I was gonna say before you heard about Jeff Green you know coming out the lock out and looked at the Celtics and he knew. -- your players are gonna -- new Rondo was going to be here what did you think of his team what did you what did you see them doing. Throughout the season. Well let me -- I'm political problem Olivia novel quote what Doc Rivers sit figured we all that live here -- -- -- this is the last call alcohol mr. And these are you guys in the NW between Bartlett Utah's reform Michael. Probably -- when you -- I have never been. Thought Abby and put them just just refer you if you due to a bar about 2 o'clock in the morning -- Boston but it tells you that they -- -- last call out. All of you go there were about. You it you know black article about two that you do. If you're lap but. I've got the right -- tonight and I go to your -- That I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Looked very very good serve. During. And what did you think about the way the artist or the basketball club this club right now look at their shelf life. It will look past the -- light that you would I anybody has really thought about so can -- still -- Do you like while they like Scotch which it will only get better with age. You know I don't know because you talk about the health of the best quality which already. Is in jeopardy -- this young players right now or the Leo so you don't know where it just keep -- -- out but then again you just don't wanna bet against. See that's the thing that I think worries me the most if they don't have Jeff Green for a long period on -- who knows maybe the whole season and not being able to complete. That David West deal is if you look at the 66 games -- I'm worried about 66 games and where they finished. That's probably not that important right now. It's a matter of keeping those guys first of all healthy and keeping a -- arrested so that when you get to the tournament as an older experienced team. You can make a wrong are they going to have enough Sasha -- They don't have enough guys now to -- -- -- allow the big thing the Big Three. To rest. And -- some of these games. Why they wanted to -- is -- and the talk about what's -- right now -- Green. It's what do -- young horses limit that the young prodigy -- that they take warmed and you're gonna -- the minister at the diminished. He -- plays big minutes so you're not looking for points. Much fear is you you what all ethical boundaries set to go to. Regardless how well he's got a plate you're still looking at diminished -- so so -- productivity at Ditka. Well we saw such stock selection was -- got Kenya -- -- -- What -- -- he was the under. That really shocked the basketball. Marquis Daniels has called the interest destroy that we could be bet. I can't talk you know it and you know it may end up being like -- rule I think it is there. It and he's Citi -- -- the other is city in dealing with painted as -- this -- arms. For a long -- -- league so in my department got -- for that -- -- they happen -- that you will have a clear experience. Again it's about social layers let -- go in and like Jeff -- would do you know -- the people want minutes and -- -- what production. I know you love the lakers in the lakers had a chance to get Chris Paul they actually had him for a second. And David Stern came minutes that no thanks and traded him to when your former teams. The clippers. They did the lakers. The lakers get railroaded in this in this trade with with all going to clippers. And NBA did you think it was a good idea for the Celtics. To be involved in the Chris Paul talks in the first place. Well I mean that they'll let there aren't yet sure what the that it could be involved Chris Paul or at all because he's one of the finest point -- maybe years. Being you talk about gas -- that you might be one if not two about they're we have -- New Jersey bit. So if you would be in the conversation about the great player regardless of which you have to Cuba you have the people list. So far as the -- concern to me. And not talk live about it talked about what really bought me about this for the lakers is I think -- -- -- -- really were effective in the virtue. It -- because -- Italy. -- the re settled for some -- or lord if one parent and that really hurt you. I don't all out assault both speak yet shall I I didn't like. We treat the you interest Paul in -- frankly I didn't like. What Lamar Obama -- not the ballots Kobe Bryant didn't like he was -- -- -- topic you know just how well Lamar or commit late at six -- the alleged. So to me it looked like this they'll look like the lakers to meet. What a neat -- by the panic into the future actions so I didn't like what apple within even if -- -- -- -- how is this team going to play big I don't know about you I don't like KG. Playing a lot of minutes of etc. spot I think it takes away from. Kids and the other thing that that that distinguishes himself up era before he did he -- gets mismatches and applying it to four. And can -- dependent Jermaine O'Neal he's got to play a lot of minutes. Well -- -- -- to work together. Our gear. Let's somewhat fear of looking at keeping seat she warm and -- beer. Jermaine O'Neal lit it on the -- let go abuses not been an iron horse. So I think that she split -- look at -- were out they. You Wilcox comedian in children read it himself as a player of the Doc Rivers it's what they gavel pima college out of Maryland. Early that people projected at -- to be what the finest -- -- -- a mid to late. Never is that anything about drought so if you want to step that we give you additional minutes. There are a lot of question mark have to be answered by history and the scary they is it seemed like you were by the Yeltsin -- the teams around them some of their competitors. Every true dual will support unit through people you will get a chance to see that first game of the season. Carmelo Stoudemire beer right did your in the heavily -- -- can't get. Amax besides eating free food it Comcast -- -- you doing that -- Thanksgiving show passionate. Michael -- wouldn't -- -- back with so it's now okay. You're not coming -- soon -- soon Celtics now casualty of the lockout. And a revenue streams -- -- -- -- about those -- -- -- you double quick slant and what's important doctor Max. Missed a couple a couple of checks from the state of Massachusetts. -- that's called the big department -- over unemployment. And unemployment. I was not working let's pick up put into this stumble over -- so yeah I took advantage of about the cable. What all almost casualties and now I'm taking it back in back to work so that -- what I Viet. But I had other -- to a camera bouncing around its its outlook amid it would just a lot that was kind of where a lot. -- have you seen any of Kendrick Perkins. You have got to see let's see the rest he's lost thirty thereabouts I sort of got you on TV the other a different guy that he not had an Oklahoma City short on I would've thought -- stage conference. Why are you would not recognize it. -- is this is at the point is IDB. Yeah no -- lost almost what you gonna run up and on the floor says it's given and -- tremendous quickness and mobility at least alleged. I'm not sure he's gonna have the same depth strength. Well absolutely because when you have that all. It's you know you could push people around -- you got the biscuits and you as you can knock people around when you are smaller guy it does take -- open. I think what they did that help you know is it does he'll be neat because when you carry that much weight. In that cannot count to -- you'd -- -- all -- durations of your career shortage horrors so I'll bet the CDC did make that adjustment. And dedicated support -- He looks -- that some believe it got a different person it was like a slightly heavier. -- -- yeah -- about it here we. -- out there. Why is it's possible -- -- -- a government didn't try to get back in in the offseason but that act as a battle zone which he works it was Westbrook and Westbrook and Hartford. Rondo in Jeff Green and whenever I know. I don't exactly that story. Is ridiculous make it away I saw aid this is what I did a couple of things ended. I saw 8215. Ground. Cedric Maxwell in game seven. Vs the lakers in 1984. It was a -- that I watched that game and you -- -- was -- guy that he was he was I don't I don't -- -- -- counter what to pick out what you lots the you know 27 years. It's reliable they you know what that guy it would come up 40 would feel that I look at myself outlook and really that much about it looked like. That it they'll let it really is but I look back out in the garden state where the spot today a couple of forms. It was just talk about that she did it about the ball around. It is in the chill with the -- -- relentless in -- I used to late in the it -- in the old guard went at it from a 15181000. People. Being in Opel or what -- believe it does temperature that they are -- we think about actually below or please we're just looking at -- -- used to do. The thing like cute war -- but not a basketball skills. How I got into the actual -- Perhaps I gotta tell you I was -- they they -- account Castro in this a Celtics classic stuff. And I was impressed because you -- you did a few of those games and you never criticized Larry Bird and -- -- You know years later. And you never criticized bird. You were saying nice things about Larry I I've I. Die out all the way I -- all. Me seen it nice things about Larry our corporate last year when I cannot bubble but you might have particular. When -- average hog we got it trophy. It over the gap being well. I was juror. -- -- -- each player I've been talking about over the over either nobody I ever leave. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll auto pilot. Brought out the medical help with it is twists in the argument nobody ever said. Dirk Nowitzki has dropped. We just said he wasn't -- and Larry Bird and. I just deal well I will elect -- if you put Larry. And actually people are not public area and just try to -- is seen him and -- it is we're I was uncle. You're or you're employed against stop it and now -- -- I'm -- you're about working and we're happy you're gonna do some stuff with us and Mexican spent some time here as a third -- -- because not only about this -- opposed. -- will Miramax's take on Simpson and football got a placebo actually got to say that about the Elijah yeah like Tebow left. I. I suspect you know I was in fox who -- -- every tribe for. The whole place to achieve and he spoke of so many years -- than usual I don't think she's a great quarterback. But it seems -- one -- it's objects that sit. He is just winning winning football has no I don't think it's you can qualify as well that's the great ensemble players sometimes rescue sit. But -- ability to win like player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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