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Doc Rivers talks Rajon Rondo, Tim Tebow and gives his prediction on the Patriots/Broncos game this weekend

Dec 15, 2011|

Celtics head coach, Doc Rivers, joins D&C to preview the 2011-2012 season and talk about Rajon Rondo’s future with the C’s

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan well basketball's up and running again Doc Rivers joins us all talk or -- haven't seen you guys and well long long time I've never seen. And -- Polly Harris is I saw you would the us Celtics golf tournament boy you're swinging the good thing. We know what you've been doing since last and so I have played a lot there's no doubt about that. -- well. But I -- -- -- -- well thought out theories finals of the question you know a thousand times of what the 66 game compressed schedule means to your particular team. Don't know are really -- I don't think we were gone and now. No listen the last four years we started out great you know I think -- we could have stopped the season that thirty day -- we would have won four titles in the room unfortunately. We don't and so. The first thought going into indices for us we have to finish the season you know and obviously what's happened is injury we get into a season them injuries. And -- we can't finish the year last year was a great example that we just didn't finish the year. So with 66 games only thought going into it as you're gonna need more guys. To polite and you're gonna have to go deeper into your rotation. In the that I think every single coach is gonna have to be a master manager. -- in time and in time use like normal days. Do you practice over half the practice that you would come watch more film do you walk through more stuff. I don't think any it was really know yet I think we're planning for all of us. The vagaries of the compressed. Camp going up to the ship be careful in that situation as well. -- -- -- now that we just -- as far as I'm concerned yesterday. Because the first two days were wasted time. We're not -- bodies we we -- -- guys one day in nine -- and so we had no scrimmage is no no up and down. Our first date we did scrimmage you know the third day and you can see we need to scrimmage more guys are not in breach in my opinion. They are in shape as far as if they -- walk to streets in the good. But tonight in basketball. And so I'm gonna guess most teams are like that. It's our hope that because we sure are there's no doubt about it. Are you expecting Rondo to be your point guard on Christmas Day. Oh yeah yeah he'll be our point guard and probably longer for a lot of years. You know it's been a lot of rumors in the you know this is part of the business and you guys know that. It makes my job tougher. At times especially I was. You could. Talk about trees and stuff without anyone knowing that's unrealistic. When that stuff happens. You know the good news is that you talked about. We're still players if you never mentioned in their trade in you pretty much you know entered into editor. I'm guessing Doc Rivers the player and that OK when you need to came up there and a lot of these guys probably handle okay but isn't Rondo a little different. He's not much more -- he's he's stubborn emotional just like. Most players are. And most great players. Though most great players. Are stubborn because that's what made a great. They're -- because that's what made -- great and you have to do that at times you know on this list who -- on the because of the youth part of the book. Overall listen. There was aware. We forget his youth. And I think we really do because he's so good. And we forget that he walked into every -- combustible situation in my opinion there -- -- second year player on certain you have to manage. Three pretty high it hurt our profiles and and he's done. AB agent Paul Pierce was just. Talk animal Rondo he called them our best player not because he's your best player. I don't know he's our best player but he's our most important -- You know I don't know who our best players are always there where format. Because with this team there's guys on a given night. -- going to be Everest Puerto on certain nights and so is -- doing so was great and so was Kevin. But run Lumix at all go. The EU as the guy that allows those other three guys to be great steal if you Nordson. And Diaz. So when asked who the smartest player and in view us. And without hesitation. I guess I'm buys. But wrongdoers that there's -- no doubt to me about that I would. I would love to have it tests where we can bring in all the point guards and all the guards all the players and talk about other teams. And call -- lazy and I guarantee you Rondo. Would lead the pack as far as knowing the other -- sets he could probably to go. Where everybody else should the only other teams were some of those guys on the. It's probably with no vertigo who's the dumbest player and then go into what I don't Miss America. It was basketball's march we're talking about yeah coaching material in the future he wanted to make him an economy. This idea I hope we go a step because we don't know how frustrated I am we would Smart god yeah because sometimes the smartest instrument trouble. You know they're pitching sometimes -- play. Do you think for the overall the NBA has a public relations dilemma here coming off block out -- didn't happen trees aren't gonna happen I mean there's there's some PR. I'm not okay legendary part as a nightmare I I think we think the -- covered itself in glory of well -- I or if you truly are. Is no that's been all right this is beyond doesn't look awful then it is awful way and we hope that it gets solved. Having said that we're talking about the -- then so PR wise you know that partisan -- that baton you know the work stoppage is always a nightmare ended. Business you know that matter sports in the it's been proven. In any business or sports that when you have work stoppage. It takes time to bring back the clients and you know the good news for us is that what you're on the good news for us is that there's a lot of compelling stories. I don't know we've had. You know who last year with Miami and in this year -- all the other moves it's a pretty interesting year and so that'll bring guys. You know you mentioned Miami and I spent the better part of half the season trying to get their stuff together -- -- each other and you know work in progress all that sort of stuff. Will there be a lot more of this football new new people in new places and shortens situation -- think that would give you guys an advantage future -- is is intact. -- it was an advantage except for. It's just a split front to back up right you know all the other guys did you think about we have eight Newport -- that's a lot of -- and and -- in the year where those players. Are going to be extremely. Important our -- to me the is going to be so. Important that -- -- Warner garbage mountain we play it by attendees at times in games and there were times we had an entire bench on the floor. In crunch time in games we get three in war guys from the bit on the floor at times and if we're gonna do registered that would be sensors sitting in one year window -- sit. I look at it is that I want my players who look different Weathers to your wins or not we'll find out. But in my mind this is when your when the for a so it's close. There's no doubt about it we knew we got team to what it was close award got the Dow up forty years ago. Let's hope we didn't think you'd be here we have we set up. He signed a five year deal looks like you go one year -- -- and then you gonna be rebuilding. Efforts in the arm from the -- generous you know when you state. You know I'm not a mover. And that's honestly. Unloaded here I didn't know I would like to -- several years ago and I can tell you those first two years that was so not a whole bunch of plug. But not even in those years that I've said it many times. It's still was in the could be a part of this the pins here are unbelievable even when they're tough. They're yours you know because they wanted to know where. You. You just can't get this and I really believe I'm not trying to be Corning or anything like that. And I loved working with -- we have a good relationship. We agree. 67%. Of the time and we disagree the other thirty it would it would go golf. We'll go have -- And I have to drinks could stand it and do it so it's -- -- woman every night you can envision where you actually sit. A starter down until -- and might liken it in the three in a row or is -- bringing us some minutes at some point you're giving guy a night off. Yeah I would I hope I don't have to -- but I'm gonna do. Whatever it takes. Two. If that means and not only winning but winning now and Lleyton in the same -- The problem is we don't know again we just we have no idea we don't -- I don't know what that's going to be I don't know Kevin real Pall on the right when the average I'm hoping now one of the things I do believe is that. I think mental toughness. Is going to be so important this year because all we're gonna talk about is the amount of -- and that's what we should do. Every time we doing an interview yet. Just think every team goes through the three in a room. All this can be such rights hall right and you know emergency teams going into it they can. We got to get through this instead of win every gesture and we somehow have to get our guys they -- OK we have 66 day. And 124 days and we have to win all. So I guess you subscribe to the Parcells theory to -- give a team an excuse to lose more often than not they'll take Celtics. And I do don't I -- that's going to be debate. Where every team it's ours and -- -- being the old energy right it's going to be talked about it. -- before you go we know you know Tim Tebow and that's all that matters in the world right now is Tim Tebow. Deep disease surprise even you. Yeah yeah I mean like this you know this it would give them embarrassment ultimate outside -- I heard the comment. Duo looked nervous and reluctant to vote this week there and that -- weren't so. But. It wouldn't surprise me as a person I've madam and he -- -- he's legit. Whether you like that or not I don't care but he has a leader he's legit. Whether he's a good player or not. He's just surprising. -- is resilience. To me is just unglued. This week -- it -- Tebow against the Brady now that the Richards and now I can guarantee -- pitchers will not do Tebow I'm. I'm positive of final question Austin to the ground running at -- and play company that bears must coach K loves atmosphere. I've never been in the Cameron. And 20. The first Austin watching them play. And I got it to use -- -- -- because of this and know there -- rooms and the conference -- who got to go into considerations the best basketball experience that you can possibly the less than a year from now -- going to be coaching against him. Well my -- that no I'm not. Because we're her file him that's a button up. Doc good to see if they've done a great student got Doc Rivers with Dennis and Callahan.

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