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Kevin Garnett talks about David Stern, Rajon Rondo and the 2011-2012 Celtics chances at an NBA Championship

Dec 14, 2011|

Celtics forward, Kevin Garnett, joins D&C to talk about playing for Doc, playing with Shaq, the Perkins trade and this year’s squad

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan Kevin Garnett joins -- good morning Kevin how are you had just movement we're doing great did you think they're was a chance or might not be basketball this year that I thought cross your mind it where you. To be congress. Yeah I've -- think it was round basketball and lop off for the betterment. The players -- period. Solid than. Together and what we thought was right. You know fight -- Maryland student demographics to you know. 6500 plus players -- buys from have a preference. This is just my own. Home understood when negotiating. Understood the whole process are we going to wooden arm in arm in 98. But -- -- is different and do real do wounds need to heal. We do our music you passed merit -- to be professional enough to just so you think you know Gaza understanding with the suits. Sit back and complain about you know -- this time. But doing don't know chairman of cherries and on social stuff and not think he's been turned off for awhile book you know. We need to understand that. He's also grown Ali is also. And a lot of good seasonally you know at some point you gonna go forward got to get past -- come here. And understand you know focus on the positives dust up -- -- stone. That a new team here you know basketball is back and allows -- But -- got a -- here agree on the route receipts on the analysis about. To prepare for the issue. You're the you're the least political guy I know at least one on this team so I'm gonna ask one question about last year no last year. I defended Danielle thought Danny did what he thought he had to do made the deal trying to improve your team win that you win last year check comes out says. He warned -- he said I'm not ready. These -- tell the truth that chicks say the Danny I can't you can't count on me in the playoffs and he made the deal anyway. And if that's true would that bought does that bother you. Africa. Does -- out when things come. Excuse me. A situation with there was shock was like this -- the perk was a storm of the -- and -- in common and one play big minutes I think -- Was very reform was shocked and his role on this team. I don't think that common here playing -- menace was never the idea. I think when he got hurt. Everybody understands -- he was house of fear he was hurt. None of us knew about. But soon -- got and depth conversation would talk. And about their re already hit the play offs known. Nor produced want to see how how well he can -- how quickly he could feel. And on the process very very. Long days -- not. But inconsistent you know I don't know here and -- few -- conversations. We all felt the win was felt when we're purple. It wasn't something that. We -- -- us some coaches involved home. Was -- don't think we've all. Who's our resolve our seniors to be honest. You know you talk about chemistry we talked about a brother he talked about a personal friend someone's shoes. Grown with most -- for -- the -- can always always put his movement plays there was always competitive between youths who. So when you know wait to come here always seemed to grow to guard that -- Don't know about you guys I don't know I don't know you have been in these accomplish to a -- and somehow someone doesn't like to do things I give it. But to go to person that you have a differs with was big plus. So maturity problem too so growth disorder to -- to put aside -- come together form. The bond to this very homes -- Michael a brother. Parts -- it was tough for everybody if not just friends the stuff to receiving. So from that perspective on taken check out of it it was already what it was already dutchman and everything nothing that we were recovering from that. Top -- -- not be healthy and and other things we had some to put on top and it just salon to salon. You you've been on good teams of championship team and some bad teams when you look around at the guys here now. Does this look -- -- championship caliber team does it feel like a -- in the can -- at all. Quote them with -- this is a very uncertain year this is is you that you cannot compare to -- years if you want soon. Home compared to knowing me knowing you know an aura minerals we don't know norm seasons don't. Your house sixteen games to like march maybe you know February so the fact that we're -- in this thing. And just women it's almost like as a trip -- going to keep him -- now and you jump from going got to keep up just what this is going relies on log on a compare this to -- years this team here very solid seem very. A lot of a lot of good quality Gaza -- and I haven't seen a lot of good quality guzzlers so you know since since. First of three years you know we've always very good guys could haul working guys in this group is no different from them. Doc says he's look at this is a one year window of opportunity and wants the players to think of it as a one year window of opportunity. Good -- from go with whatever boxers goals that. This kind of scary picture and you with a sense of urgency like. You going to be more intense than usual at the. And we'll see I don't know players coming and give your all and then see what happens. Don't -- we're looking at this thing. From a you know from. What it is 66 games too tough here it's physical fiscally is this will be acquiring. Meant only to -- tests everybody's. No standpoint. Screws -- the middle -- -- endurance is going to be very very very tested this year. -- room. We're very very much. Experience -- who happens. Talk about chemistry before give any idea how long it takes to still come -- new guys -- the heat last year struggle perhaps the seasonality -- via an area. Nothing you know trying to be like you don't wanna look like nothing like -- to -- new guys probably with a core four we do. -- cool forwards. I was doing the job before law home of the norm Paula reform -- Tom -- the people who actually know that -- we -- he -- kids. -- -- -- system was very very easy system in on me easy Eisen. Understand easy easy -- an understandable hasn't simply -- followed. Because we've gotten our legal guys very very very hard great guys coming here understand work we'll hear you try and do. Nagasu won it you know obviously embracing. All the new look overall team and I'm excited about Vista home which Suggs who looked -- -- is the smartest player on this team -- stock. He is an answer immediately raise our armed that's what he said he said it was smartest player in the -- very much so the most stubborn the most the most stubborn. Most. Probably -- it. -- You might have part of don't moan don't put. A grown to understand on -- there are shortages. His crews different screws colors and we especially helpful to understand there many more unless I see a lot of myself through. Amounts -- cues as the years alike that -- Set aside you -- wanna step on court and look but the play due to talk. So he's very Smart but he's also very stubborn. A home and nonetheless with thought -- done. Soft and you know a seated. Assume the maturity are here maturity and if you want to be better and that's what you want from -- young guy you want to younger are growing -- young guy. To always be in the system where he's understanding go home. You know he's to future a -- -- being understanding that him being Coffey in there he may mean talks and and a snow where you wanna be just no -- and things like that Kabul for reason and you know just understanding growth and understandably you know by. No -- short you know we're one of clearly Barrios talking like get traded. And it's far -- spawn but why -- hero loved. -- -- always seem like you wouldn't you understand it's a business and -- percent of business and guys understand -- does shorting understand. It's a business and you gotta be good to get treated for someone like Chris Paul. You have to understand that marked the Afghanistan is that. Maturity or -- -- not become the street then go home. -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the arms on. The fact that you know you see yourself as an asset you see yourself -- -- future and then you know you names in talks. You know I don't know his own his own thought process yup that's -- know those things work. -- received a maturity and commonwealth talks told so. Are you more likely to be here next year in uniform player for this team -- for someone else or not planted on the child Margot -- doing next hour -- -- relive an experience. If you're living just hike at the if purely hypothetically -- home river I don't know what a regional I don't believe I think you plan. You know we'll probably go up to share that -- -- you out -- -- over just what I'm telling. How many years -- you like -- play -- how many years of electric platinum got to go to Susan don't -- got to go to Susan what you told us slash do you have plans for retirement are gonna I was last year. Same plans you're gonna run a business we're not gonna do media not -- coach him you gonna take care of businesses that still plan when you're done here. Mean I don't know how we're talking Irene. I'm gonna -- idea of trying to put homes around. Come and here without a video player so we gotta do it there we're here a -- out on the floor. A new system new guys. Here every time I saw the players to press -- those looking for you onstage or do they want you there -- -- -- with the afraid to. Have you there next to their -- I was there -- on reducing -- common garden we'll see you're around a lot of so cases in -- do on the -- linemen yeah but yeah I was I was a lot of meetings. You are with you can you had some trouble a smoker you're gonna watch it on I was expecting -- -- didn't think you know come out and so this doesn't really get guns blazing. Dome on borrowed time. A very Smart minimum amount might embarrass myself -- fairly. On the road this league nor the players. Home. Not talk to an -- some electric at least. Make sure World Series has substance the -- I have minimal amount for -- stalker. Home hmm I like to actually be using up what I'm talking about home. The camera home loan terms for more. When you post ABC I don't believe -- there's Frist who is our president -- home. Union leader you know. -- -- job was to deliberately the other players. For those who want to be seeing a song -- home page views you know. I -- carefully -- wasn't a place to I was there as a charter helped get bill -- support you know. Knows it. When you wanted to meetings were used to animals atomic California. Don't know whether the means I was. You don't forward on. Paul and all reps yeah. Or if not on conference call understanding the meetings -- oil reserve out of California -- right. Obama live with a live and -- California and numbness -- in the offseason and also with most famous neighbor in Malibu. Movie stars step out on the -- -- idea nor do you want to get Malibu. No no I hear guys is it collateral in talks -- talks about hanging out with you people don't know that I live in California people don't really see me in -- California home home. But I don't know what's so Pete Carroll will be very much a super person the door. Don't do -- thing you do we know -- -- -- -- no different lovely aroma affirms a love being. I love doing fun feel loved being around he's going people very simple yeah. Sometimes yes it becomes a work Allison Moore absolutely yeah and tell us all. No I don't do a lot of -- I do movies. Home again homer at the theater. Little bit of both did the inevitable that a little bit closer if you. You know. Right on the beach. I can see water that's. Less good cajun pasta every -- ruinous -- -- -- -- doesn't -- review thanks for the time we talked and thank you don't Garnett with and -- and --

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