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Steelers linebacker James Harrison suspended one game for hit on Colt McCoy

Dec 13, 2011|

Mut and Lou react to the breaking news that Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended for one game for his hit on Colt McCoy.

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-- chapter ESP and just broke the news couple seconds ago James Harrison one game suspension. The national football league for his hit. On Colt McCoy we saw back game Thursday night. -- we have Peter -- not talk about it he wasn't sure get suspended on May be fine will be in order. I speculated that because of the track record for Harrison because the the cell blatant helmet helmet aspect of it he was gonna -- bang for game. He's got suspended for one game. Commissioners handed down the suspension not a fine but he full game suspension and -- it was a reason for the suspension out of my. Of the assailant was here. Ago I wanna brow British getting in video that's for -- while Roger Goodell ought to come out the video. It's in the reason why we give James Harrison hefty fines because they just say because the history of this guy Adobe because to me. -- this I don't know I know it was a hit that ahead. -- him and he's running he's running back in the next thing you know he throws the ball he flipped the ball to on the legal it had fine. Okay since -- find the guy but suspend them. Just. Gotta not open I agree with that packets -- find out that your but the suspensions you wanna do what. Brent Shanahan did want -- video -- video we said LB about Rangel about it explain it to me Roger explain it to me please. I'm looking at the -- the store right now it is just for the helmet to helmet hit. It is the first suspension. -- helmet hit tackler and a fifth time Harrison. As in penalize a personal files related to home and it's over the past three years ago said just come out and say that. As putting -- missile and obviously it's -- to do with the sister right. James Harrison he's got a lot of history about this hitting guys and helmets so first time players ever been suspended for helmet to helmet. Mean it may be just -- to -- apparently the fines not -- -- Jamie -- -- to suspend this guy antiquity -- away which is playing the game of football. If that's the case that's fine but I think this one there's a lot of question. -- whether a -- -- running with the football. Was gonna throw the football I just think it's awful tough and NFL these days it just you don't know don't know some of the rules. You think it's comets in the off season James Harrison's and an effect what -- said because they don't like she cares about all I'll they like each other what Harrison said yeah. Harrison called Roger Goodell a crook and a pop open. And said he would not urinate on him. At the commissioner was on makes a similar things to get some quotes -- Pittsburgh that are out LaMarr -- his teammates tweeted while all I can say is while I don't have. I'm a huge problem that's the -- the track record of the same stuff over and over again no matter what you think they've tried to. Get some of the stuff out of football and -- watch in the replay right now any key policy left his feet and he launched but it is close. You get the launch that actually launching any leads at the crowd the helmet and he carries him in the face mask you watch this video get. Just roll plays -- -- his plate as close ally with the logic. I always get some yeah -- always him yes that's hit the try to get out of football -- Bob game one game not fair justice is fine and until. Well I'm still first got Eragon he's offended repeat offender than that that's going to be the reason obviously is like and missed it five times -- -- I understand that side of which is -- whether that's all just about say 92 break we'll continue with your phone calls get reactors and Tebow and some football not decrease. Seeded Pittsburgh Steelers. Invite us when we don't want to sleep. So are the at this time he will then -- there's gonna that they want so. I mean maybe in the next you know 45 years and we. Maybe you six and we don't want to let this you know but we probably trying to learn about and hope by youth and and memory -- but. The numbers really are -- and I don't I don't feel the need to actually you know -- I don't know. The lakers. It's that big deal. As anyone. Quite figured out that yet from James Harrison. When Midas who we don't -- the winners James Harrison and realized that not every team in sports just goes the White House. You just don't go to the White House. The losing -- an open house every -- and national team there every day don't torpedo the gates NFL two months of the two months that a new NFL -- gonna come here recently. Don't -- don't get errors and I do get the suspension and I don't know how Goodell gonna spin this thing here that they were waiting on the official. -- release. The breaking news that the James Harrison suspended a game about a guy's been he would find five times -- this four hits on the quarterback. He led with the helmet he went after mccoys. Face mask -- every him. At some point got to make an example out of these guys and he is a repeat offender we talk about those guys in the NHL. Kept going out telling Matt Cooke who's taken these cheap -- at the chief -- Shanahan Briggs and he's been a choir boy. This year for the Pittsburgh Penguins. -- I have no problem this suspension here today outlook ported to Dell's explanation I don't need one. He's repeat offender he defined scintillating duel of the pocketbook. And banged every couple months didn't really bother him so you sit him for game litigation -- he's he's a big point to see fit in that category that -- Newton Newton and -- Colt McCoy -- -- -- of course.

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