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Rob Gronkowski joins D&C to talk Tim Tebow, Tom Brady and the benefits on playing in Boston

Dec 13, 2011|

NFL MVP candidate, Rob Gronkowski, joins D&C to preview the Broncos and talk about the perks of playing in New England.

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-- -- version of Tebow isn't here and doing this to agree what would call this religion grunt grunt gives them wrong wrong. College coaching front I guess at that joining us on the AT&T hotline get it back to with forgy AT&T rethink possible. I brought himself the patriots tight -- Rob Gronkowski good morning rob how aria. -- from our -- outward what -- -- you caught up this -- -- does that interest you do you find it unusual to find that stuff fascinating like the rest of the world seems to be alt key -- Yes that assassinated her. It's I mean we're playing this week about you you know like 06 game win streak so we knew we know we're just gonna have to be ready for sure. Now well much time does the offense we -- -- yesterday almost W offensive guys get to see. -- -- videotape of their offense have you seen much of Tebow on tape. Lower army offense is basically just -- and -- did -- -- this week for. We don't we do what so often. Boy scout team players and everything so weaker to the -- foreign country and we and you could wrap. In karma -- airport and so we worked a little bit of their offense our -- I -- mentors. During the week -- so it was down a little bit. Who plays Steve ball on the scout team loses his point there. A lawyer Alan who -- you have to be lefty. Yeah competitive week we start up tomorrow so. -- Rob did you ever dream of you would have this kind of success not -- just success on the football field which everybody sees every single game to play but this much come up. Cult hero acceptance here in New England when you arrive be over a year ago did you DC did you see this common. I really I mean. It's so it's pretty well every hour. So is working her recent occurred and obviously you were working hurt her forward. So. To order a better paying -- just to stay -- and stick people and you know Archie Bunker argument. Here's -- -- going to bring it to America global. You'll be happy to know when Tom visit with us every Monday morning at some point the conversation always turns to -- tight ends and two in particular. At any signature phrases out without fail most recently -- on the notable said the thing about -- is. Every single day he's taking steps forward but he's not treading water he's not staying the same is advancing the cause she's learning more of the playbook he's he's understanding more than nuances of playing the the position plus he said you really Smart to your -- -- ball player too. -- Stepped up where I mean you're going -- -- years ago so much room for improvement because so much more aware -- -- quicktime but I'm -- -- Twelve years grow along the fence built -- -- almost more about offer them every single very hard to learn more. About the offense and I do so through -- -- record out. On the practice field are -- getting better than a week. Let's football aside for just the second other than winning football games and getting better at Kraft what's the best thing about being in the ground. -- -- Quote determine -- -- hanging out with was your friend -- we have. Courtroom that always have a good time. Was asked -- paid for a meal in a restaurant around here. Group and as -- was the last time you paid free meal in a restaurant around here are people buying you drinks and food all the time are not out of there you are a -- well. Go back to the draft I always wondered this and did you worry -- obviously teams -- -- you went 42. In the draft in the second round. A steal if ever there was one but. Did you worry that the back injury would woods would would derail your entire NFL career was it's that scary at all for you grow our. Who work surgery and are doing well in the -- that -- There's a murder -- and so good after everything so. Are stuck to read Hitler's troops there and everything your description tomorrow. My doctor about covers contrived each of the patent slowly in the more activities and everything actors senators so. There's never saw her brother. So what -- went and some NFL teams obviously we're scared -- did you was it up to you to convince them that you were okay and was it frustrating. The seed teams to scanner and watch in a cross you off there board. Com are specially chartered. Gear -- the greens are cared for our vote or two or anything and I don't know what can currently up their boards. Or they processes are rumored ramadi and serve but I would work felt good I hope. -- computer any better -- -- rob where's the record setting football and he retrieved it. Is it is -- on the mantle and in the locker room was at home where is that. -- It's a result of betraying -- -- equipment room so I got the ball well. Albeit. It would be looked at where. Yeah this is true but some people are saying that from 2001 to 2009. The favorite name for dog's name in this area it was Brady. However in 2011. And 2012 the favorite name for dogs are wrong their name of their -- ground. Here are your. Career. You're you're getting involved with what -- you get better. You said you can improve every day what we have seen too many weaknesses yet. From what would -- what are you working on now. You use you and you look governor and it's usually -- in the -- -- we could also -- currencies -- don't want though is normally your -- or turn it straight through to restrict throat got more. More stronger. Rob is involved the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence and he's had Manning a a raffle to benefit the Boys and Girls Club up there. Offering a lucky fan you are -- to spend Christmas Eve with the -- tell us about that rob. Those. Here you go that rattled over here wrestled ticket under the raffle -- guard -- -- If you -- you're the computer games I'm. Reported recruit them our good. Or for the Miami Dolphins. Buick replied in a little of everything about it good stuff. -- your mr. game hang out so can be angry enough. All the process and I'll approach these go to support to grow Cold War and that that's just something special premiere -- -- which -- Hello bill which is very current so this is great that's going were great cause them. That was -- -- -- our present certainly go -- we can preserve protect newborn girls go to war. Excellent the tickets cost two dollars each with a minimum purchase of fossil cost to ten dollars to get involved net raffle dot org is the website tickets are available only online. And the -- runs until December 19 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the winner gets two tickets to watch the patriots take on the dolphins. Christmas Eve. 1 o'clock Gillette Stadium the winner and a guest will get to meet patriot tight -- Rob Gronkowski after the game for photographs also get a grant Jersey and football probably that the game. Probably not the -- record setting football and a hundred dollars for parking and food expenses. Pretty -- rob. Edgar -- we're here your. -- got it. And you split they spent Christmas night they gonna sleep with -- Sleep over at. Are there -- no it's because what she looks. In her. It works out real well it could be good for everybody you. Rob thanks -- I appreciate it good luck to -- talked to down the road. I remembered government have Rob Gronkowski Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- get a faster with four GAT and T rethink. Possibly a good point there music. -- thing going there hasn't drunk yeah and with crock I -- hell is name like Tebow was already Begin become affirmed got drunk got grown also -- and -- bill -- you have to be on special special player where your name to -- -- -- to thank. Brady's name -- and over about right now and rated right now because names are verbs moss and you've been honest I don't months and months and that's not good enough that is in Connecticut once and we've been Tivo -- You Tebow Tebow means you know -- -- agony that's a good thing pregnant via in if you get rocked means you tried to tackle and got -- it's shred -- yeah. Like like a little child go okay that sounds like what it is you got wrong drugs it sounds like an -- I mean he is you look at them. That's almost like they gave him his last name after the its arm and -- Because that a couple of if it's just so perfect that it. Kim -- take that with a crosscourt. Tiger's view they want to coastal change it to the gross can click finish here mere I'm a really would like. The patriots draft accorsi fits but is not -- again he's gonna go early to go home much notes and bills quarterbacks look first -- Oh you have to of the -- of late morning guys don't beheaded a quote forty QB is the first -- -- do you think what fifteenth. I'd say between ten and twenties and wanting while he slips a little. The patriots don't you know the patriot always trade up if that's true and at that says if he doesn't come back of course -- I can always trees jerks like injuries too Smart and now out of 3-D NC straight ahead Charles Crawford. Will join us in the 8 o'clock hour will explain what that is all about. The Esiason foundation. Auction item at the Mandarin oriental elbow beach at five fouls and 65 and Orlando is Rhonda ever you've been on the Toronto different -- this is pretty disgusting but sometimes girls get Roethlisberger so now.

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