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Vince Wilfork talks about the issues the Patriots defense had with the Redskins

Dec 12, 2011|

Vince starts by discussing the touchdown he got against the Redskins and how he didn’t have time to celebrate it because he had to prepare to go right back on the field with the defense. He still has confidence in the defense to buckle down and continually improve moving forward, as long as they keep winning though that’s all that matters to him. Vince also talks about how they are going to get ready for the Denver Broncos and the defense facing an unconventional quarterback like Tim Tebow.

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Time for -- get together with Vince Wilfork the touchdown maker. Sponsored by heiress restoration specialists. The disaster team new -- property managers and insurance brokers depend on an -- serve dot com. The all pro line up of Comodo tractor and zero turn more dealers like North -- power in rent them or west got his -- in Gorham Maine. And by the Vince Wilfork foundation and course Jocelyn diabetes -- high hopes -- visit Jocelyn. Dot war. Angela the end zone. A nice place -- as -- -- the house and just announced there have dual foreign. Hey if we those house goes long what happened you under the not -- going to be now. It -- ages ago. As they -- fight affordable loans. There's no Kokomo the ball is definitely these loans or say you would at least. I just wanted to give us that's a very big radical and so again you'll think about having for -- your position is something. That is not a part of that job here telling you my plan depends what would you ever think okay. I really wanna get a touchdown with -- you guys ever talk about that on the defensive line no. But we we do joke about it on the silence practice. Will resist talk murdered last week and you know if one of -- arms loans ball in the field. And that in Athens. The -- -- you ever think about doing your own your own -- -- immigrant -- Julia Dixie by what you think of everything crowd die if you think of everything before it happened but when it happens you know to me was this. Don't know the play to dunes which images. The North Korea -- don't be so I've been having an -- time. Celebrated -- would these despite all known as based one of those things where. Those -- arguments are Pittsburgh as a Rebecca so. -- you just -- it was seven point video Bernard Sanders thing you -- but the touched on yet to what you've been there before I'd like to be about one you know. Ordinarily you liberals I don't know. -- and a about the defense everywhere you can with talked about a week's worth the communication is now and in the communication has gotten better. The one thing that's been fairly consistent here France has been your defense against the -- It was not yesterday and the team you go face this week. Features the wrong not a fact this is 1952. Football and play get the old reels out what fuels their character -- preparatory what -- what happened to the wrong yesterday because that's the one thing you guys have done consistently good every single the -- disc problem. Don't miss tackles and out of positions that and and -- and that costs us comments and last week. If if we didn't do that government and we have a -- -- there and we we did have a tough today. Inhaled troops all. Which no you have -- and you have those days where you know you're doing great one -- you know certain. North teen idol he choose its full -- will be placed. You know -- what you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you is football things -- you know -- and it happened much in the way we have to be professionals and we are on the stage you know how to defeat an awful. Because it might be some pleased that can come back against us now is comfort care Lehman might come back here this. Try to hit missiles we have the -- we prepare for. On the issue we know exactly how we won't defend. Because if we don't we can't get -- fix. And the rest of the season you know be a big big. Big game fortunately we don't do so. No but you know progress are there our confidence and you know. As a as a defense wanna and that's welcome them. No move forward so. It happens absolute best but honestly have to us and they kept them again so. How -- how important is it for your defense to stop that runs through May be put a lid on some of the play action possibilities with the with the experts are. I mean in this victory in game you know going to a game we knew. In the Enron's epic -- and -- into -- you know on a ball down field -- -- have to play action work reform. Which which they did you know watching film you know the -- in certain -- so. We knew we kind of know going in the game you know power might play hero and -- -- and it played out just exactly are we you know part of will be -- We have to -- you know. Put him put him away real early and we almost 143 -- though third in ninety. And you know we -- -- you know apparently and just two teams that draft from there are they there was those you know -- staple 14 holes to get it going. And it'll feel score and you know came back when those who also. You know those plays we have to eliminate you know when when you've got a team down and you can taste blues you have to be able to finish from all the -- we didn't do what. Then we made to please mail me the player in the game to -- force one thing we talk about. As a teen mistress of the physicist on first offensive fall that nothing was sort real fast. And Nolan finished -- ball game. -- with a couple punts and an interception sealed that there was very encouraging for all fours from these -- don't -- -- We still haven't placed sixth and that's all you we have we have operated and sixty minutes and I'm telling you is it going to be -- -- what do we do decide to play sixty minutes on view of -- football team I want to see exactly. What we wanna put what we're going to give whenever we decide to play sixty minutes so. If we were just gonna keep more than just going to keep going you know prepare well and hopefully you know it click click wars but. Long as we keep winning some of them -- -- look ahead ten years I see -- owner and a horse of the you know Kentucky Derby winning horse absolutely. You'll be a commentator either on ESPN RA BC like some a year. Former teammates and you'll make some outlandish comments like they have now. Yesterday -- ESPN's Chris Carter and yankees on Johnson we're having some fun -- the 32 ranked defense in the air and they're only thirty seconds because there are only 32 teams in the league. Rodney Harrison your former teammates said. This is the worst secondary has seen -- ten years now that they're not regular members of the media because they played the game in some cases lately you. I played Akron calling it normal media member and -- tell you talking about but when you see. Harris inning guys you've played with. And again say things like this ever give a call him up here have conversations with. Not. Ever attempted to do -- once. One go to all the time zones have well. I you know you know everybody have a job to do and that's one thing golden years. You know you have to respect they're just do you have opinions about whatever it may be -- -- the pain so. That's not a fair. All of that -- patrol is this -- you know between the lines -- asked us what patrol. Lot of things -- -- -- -- -- to them and you know we we we pretty. Give an ambulance and then duplicate what we found ways when. Good football teams found a way the wind tunnel Q. How you win. Because at some point is going to come it's going to come down to win. When the -- Snuggle come down -- -- the Portuguese and I was gonna come down to win emboldens or you wanna be home point blank so. You know with which we have to order -- it's a lot of you know sometimes be great sometimes don't be so great so. Which is our Q level here and you control we control and especially on the field that at some point you're right. Good teams finally win sometimes it's on offense on defense -- confidence that. Your defense can go into playoff game and and -- again put this thing I went when it happens -- market are considering. We stare of three James Leo. Two were there before we've all males born when that time comes I'm nervous you know step will share one so. What do you do to work amounted to prepare yourself whale will. -- future and we got a good team and -- that we we have to continue to get better. And that's and that's our goal each week -- that we are we in the you say it's wrong when they're together run ball. Pretty good on -- from a backs in in any quarterback an -- of great receivers and got a pretty decent office good defense. Saw me they -- on -- one what Fox's game general so there on the role. Well one thing I can tell you about Tebow he's a winner. Point point me a lot of he was he faced the same thing initiative -- talk about. He's not the typical quarterback he can't do what is she can deliver them to -- -- he wins. The world because the way he's been he's win you have to respect there's so. People wanna say whatever they wanna say about you know certain situations what. You have to believe in what you do and I believe what we do right here I believe that his defense yes we can turn around. -- can be a bit of these things are to believe so. What I'm keep believing in and two happened because on the -- I know on the was there and I was there. How different do you think the game plan is going to see this week against misty -- that it says it says the front option. They certainly once they can establish the one you were talking about play action that's when you'll start throwing the ball when they. But you quarterback will run almost as much as Willis McGahee. A different you think that will -- I don't know -- as do. We prepare to win. In that the changes each week we prepare to win against those who prepared a game -- went so. If it comes down to asylum just it and that's what we're doing. Well going into two days in in and the more we we going to prepare to win whatever you know do you think this waiter can we faced his team. Lisa says would do it's it's -- that's what we're going to do that we implement the dismissals on that that's what we know that's what that's what netbook. We approach is doing just that -- Rosario again prepare to win. And it won't change. -- who who is who was jam pony express and DJ of course. Which are less than two after the game according those -- don't know is that a Florida thing -- -- well we got as we talk about its own market this BJ's. They do is talk goal of the music and rappel and -- You do all on the stand -- of fraud boy in the bottom of most of ruled they they know example. They know undergo -- gave them. -- -- -- value and understand it because right because of the known Georgia is duties -- it is a DJ walker you know it is. -- and makes news take of the music changes. Who knows the music agency thing and put things in places. Expert in the. Her girls. There. I -- you. Though you have friends who do our -- very. Ballot and values. Listen to this before the game but did you would have the inspiration for you touched down Powell is used you can -- etiquette they're given a shout out to avoid these and it -- around there. -- -- -- -- -- You know I listen to all -- -- and -- are careless about you know what I listened to some some days are long illnesses and slow song is isn't -- And they all listen to zone aren't the you know even though. The Christmas music and there -- losers you know Mike it's during the you know them don't know. I'm on this -- Maryland man you know I'm gonna type in the -- Well photo that fabulous in the -- Today. And very very freaked. Out about that must've been after a loss. -- grabbed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Raw oysters down on the ground if you don't get on top of him he could do what gronkowski -- he can get up but he could continue to run. Do you think that it's unfair in that. When you come down on roster I'm sorry. The trees -- from -- -- they can now pretty hard on me you think you're you're around it anyway discriminated against -- that if the safety does that. They don't then charge and then. -- so just just as soon just -- looks you know what from and copy years ago where it. Or is Jones-Drew down there. He runs in back of his dad falls on the ground in -- with detection. Serving -- it was touchdown so. Google back full with his my my job as defendants -- -- the guys down. Song. He could easily got up from there in the team around so I wanna make sure he didn't have an opportunity go -- that you know open and marble ball. You know I was -- a thing about. No wrong. And but the front as well so. As this you know you take them with you you have as those as their original item to -- -- you know. On plates of the world's. And you know about a system and his you know. Just put him on. You know at that moment in our rhythm wasn't there you just touch and you know putting and I just want to make sure that he was that that that those lobbies and so. Do they called the book. What card do you think they were called refute your elbow had accidentally live the way you to the back of resuming middle just kind of bring it up I don't know I don't I don't accidentally of course toll actually there. I you know I really don't know how the -- It is -- Margolis. You don't appointments a strange call where it is you know it is what it is. Is this going to be. A little different this weekend that so much is going to be made of this one player Tim Tebow you've already talked about. But it's gonna be I mean we're talking about earlier how many times do you think Tim Tebow will be mentioned on the airwaves on the course of the week everything's gonna. Yet they have a great eve police talking about the great to have and a great they have -- cigars around them. Also this is not just about Tivo is this team along the disaster parents and good football and you. Not a critical to defense of the the defense stopped them the time. And you know team. You know -- was -- on lucrative book trust me. Is everybody who would unlocked and so we -- America's game -- and Tim Tebow we regain burner. They have brought are you can help Vance and EMD Miller port tackle diabetes this season. Joined by this Friday at 4 PM you'll have -- chance to win reserved seating and dinner for four. To watch Vince's team play and Jerry Remy Singapore for details please go to Jocelyn dot org slash Wilfork -- not -- Is a division of Merck KG AA of Germany and -- wanna go work out dead horse. And listen to Marilyn Manson Christmas seldom are we what's your college is afford it and what went -- well we'll let you go by phone market. If you just have a good. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Where did you use their programs aren't -- -- -- This man and sources we -- really excellent at it and we have a pipeline to Florida and any time mediated that. But at least we both remote from Matt -- iPod. Although I love about your comments hi I'm not -- it was Matt okay a couple of jobs this well for.

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