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Tom Brady on his sideline confrontation with Bill O'Brien and getting ready to face Tim Tebow

Dec 12, 2011|

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joins D&C to discuss what happened and what was said during the big sideline shouting match with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. Brady also talks about the amazing play of tight end Rob Gronkowski and looks ahead to their big matchup with Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

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Our interview with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your debut electrical solution capabilities. -- -- -- -- -- saving energy and reducing costs by auto trader compared brand spanking new cars and special -- side by side at auto trader dot com. And by Lexus of watered down inviting you to be December to remember sales event. Details at Lexus of watered down dot com copy with the quarterback of course brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts good morning Tom how are you. American -- -- matter you're building. Now it seems to me here might might might take from where I sat you -- early on and and he got mad late. That they did it's just the when things don't go so well. You know we're we're both very emotional people mean when we believe in the things don't go well. Everyone gets frustrated in and there's different ways that we express their frustration. And what I. You know make a play like that in the game it's. It's about what he expects certain player coach expectant and you know that's that's just part of the game and so. You know he would have a great relationship and have actually. There I loved it. You know he's he feels that he can. You know coached me. And I think that's some of the veteran player you maybe don't get a lot from coaches. Because -- veterans don't they called -- that I can't be. Yelled at but yet you -- opinion shifted and in the world held accountable and you know -- defense really made the play to win the game with a yen. Because we didn't feel pretty confident so pretty -- if we. You know somehow not pullback came out with you know that interception -- -- have. You was said during the post game that you left some points out there in the field and I think you really did might part of that frustration that the got to were revved up even before the interception was thrown. Mean Welker you missed Welker or he dropped the ball whatever you wanna call on a touchdown. Hernandez dropped one and -- drop one I mean there's 21 points right there. Well I mean we had we had a lot of opportunities in the red area and then when you play on the road you know against. Go team we're look we had some opportunities and we just didn't take advantage of and so. It's pretty uncharacteristic for all those plays. You know just not being able to connect like we did -- That's part of what would protect its gonna brought they're trying to do better this week there's only. So one way to try to get it done and that's a -- period in on the practice field work it and try to be better. What we're on the peck was it the right decision. To go to Underwood and just not right Nick's Q should have did you see something else have you looked at the that the film -- somewhere else you should ago with the balls that is to gronkowski. Well -- had a couple guys problem doesn't matter that test you pressured a program. -- program. Did I'm guessing you said initially it on the heat of the moment that Underwood could've gone after or maybe -- -- maybe shouldn't let the DB undercut him. And maybe you -- -- have a different view after that the come down and see on video. Why haven't military to their routine yet you know we -- in pretty late last night so. You know I know I. It's it's one of those plays where the quarterback look I'm responsible for take care of the football and when you're the quarterback you'll want every place and really the favorable to address your hands. And you -- be able to make great decisions with the ball and if you don't very good teams -- It is a struggle in. You know like I really I take -- that responsibility very seriously and didn't quite make bad plays and make bad plays and and there's nobody that mean there's there's nothing anybody can do about those except me so. You know I believe that's sold off for after the game. You know to be able to the first thirteen of their positions. Certainly hope to do against. What if no one broken up and he has actually fought who -- -- -- you -- viewer bill. You nobility and I have a great relationship so there's. You know I think it's just it's just venting on both -- part that I do have a lot to -- but I get on guys all the time and and you know it's it's a way try to -- guys responded. In your team needs a lot of fire -- need a lot of emotion that's that's the way you play the game. -- your thoughts on the offense needing to score thirty something every week have a very good chance to win and you -- the last five games you scored thirty points or more in each of those five and -- the -- The two previous games you scored in the twenty lost both Pittsburgh and the giants there's a lot riding on this office. Well. I think there's there's certainly. You know I wish -- they we've scored in the mid forty's that's what I really wish we did we. We had opportunities to do with it and the only people that release. I've stopped us from ourselves and in our mistake and the things that there were really not played up to our level of expectation and so. It's something that. You know we talk about every week confirmed but we've just got to do a better job -- because. And we figure apparently there was a good position but it. You know we've we've got to really start playing there are desperate full force -- rub of the way he's played in the -- have been in western beyond then. In trying involved in Chad who made some plays in the running game all those things. You know coordinate to a to a very strong offense and you know like that we do it really well experts we've we've just got to try that. Are we do it over the course imperative is to be actually agree with you can do it against Denver. -- there was a weird sort of series in the middle the second period that -- to dust -- 23 yard field goal to tie the score seventeen. Where there seem to be a miscommunication -- miss with Welker. A miscommunication and miss with branch and then without question probably the worst -- -- were thrown in your life over over wood heads. Head you talk about those three passes what was going on there. The first one was to west. Yeah it's -- it's one of those situations where you would think of one -- and I was thinking of -- And then I think they were beyond. And then with -- -- You know I just think about -- there's there's there's no two ways about it. You know I got to make a good girl that I didn't. Well week on the replay is really does arm do you go with one note where a year where your hand was on the ball and -- and you didn't have the there. The laces in your fingers had a new thumb. And does that happen awful we don't focus on that much but it looks strange do you do you always when you all when you -- do you always have that. The ball -- correctly. Well but I think that's you know I do -- and had the laces so. Tightly controlled the ball so. You know we know -- belief is that you know you I was just trying to it to get the ball up there and I always do not believe in the north for the -- -- you don't you know I just trying to get to a quick and heavily and I knew I didn't have the laces. So I you know I just didn't didn't have very good control -- Yeah it's a frustrating. There are several frustrating. Things. Do you know you're always -- you know that with the whole world watches every move you make like when you're. Have an argument on silent you know they're like million people trying to read your lips -- We about a bubble would try to read my lips. She you know if you -- if I would say it's it's so emotional and and then when you get caught up in a game like that in in everyone you know that the tensions right now those. -- this pressure on every play. You know that's what happens it -- certainly -- at all. You know what what I what I missed plays in this little those that really can help us. They controlled the game. I get very frustrated in. I think that. Their frustration comes out different ways and I certainly. You know never. You know we're we have achieved mean -- these old guys we got we got our group of guys and that's a little out of depend on him. So those -- all the guys that I was kind of confidence and so at all but he had together it would best team in. Ultimately overcome some pretty tough situations which we've done over the course the year and hopefully we continue to do. Tom what what's the the clock in your head of the ruling your mind about how late you can way to slide before you get killed. If you waited pretty light. I did -- so if there is not a good place where I was kind of in between I would not really sure and he was flying and -- -- No Lebanese. I think it's like it's fourteenth or fifteen -- plays like it is third -- -- he's held a player I have. Played against console but -- so many times over the years and I mean I thought it was a really clean Playboy have been and you know I'm skeptical pretty fortunate we got a call. Yeah I mean if which someone else you know that's that's under repair sewers and Harrison you say he was trying to hurt you but it's Fletcher is like open guys though all game and slapped and you know it's shaken hands with with. Opposing players. Did was there -- a lot of -- and going on at that point because it felt like. That. The frustration might get the best of the Redskins but. When you get a call like that going against. Well I wish we'd have been able to take a -- dividend that would over two minute drive we have a chance to score there before the end of the -- and real lived uptick in the field also. When the and I don't think -- heard about much. You know we -- deductible on the and so on we just. -- to get it done. It seems like we're focusing on your your bad plays in the and the over throws and missed communications with Welker and branch but on the other side of the point it seemed meets on the you're ready -- real good sense yesterday. For the pocket clutter around you and the ability to move just a little bit here in just a little bit there the buy an extra -- and are some days better than others in that regard. But we had great protection all day and I thought the guys -- played against two very good perhaps Russia's direct Poland interrogated. In the the way that often select protective. It doesn't take much for for me to. It just you know move a little -- here there would protect him like. Like he -- -- mean they always seem to get their guy you know there's there's very rarely interpreted mr. assignments and those guys. Played their tail off so. It would put a lot of pressure on the offensive line with the calls them the different. Play calls and change simplest religion the way they handled it yes it was really exceptional on the road so. It's it is -- -- softened a little put off. After the a big -- to play in the first half that got to 49 yards challenged in and it's it's stood. Was the next play our first and ten the Gruntal and your touch -- was at the same player I was at a different place. Different play. The right. Yeah he was rounded -- the scene there and and they have a smaller guys -- -- have been and I have I threw the ball. How I -- will be -- -- -- so. Easily you know with his laying there in the his ability to catch -- football. Away from his body. He's very easy creates a lot of this matches so that's the play that debate on the catch and run was. What an incredible have to make that play did open first of all of the smaller guy with his quick if catch the ball did out. You know break tackles but the thing about it but it it's. Phenomenal place so he's really -- to -- here it's not that we don't feel practice or certainly we you know he's. So at a record but I didn't get some parts of the -- -- you look at that you'd have you know that that played really summed it up. A we we spent years as you know bill again. The team to get to a tie it and we we dash every week like it -- Have the kind of relationship with a tight end that you know the Atlanta or Bledsoe coats and it just never worked out with Dan -- Ben Watson at least not to this extent. What is -- done that surprised you come would have beat. What does he bring that surprises speed strength and hands smarts. And if you use that. Its -- and says it ends with -- but football savvy what does he do that surprised even knew. Well I think everything went you know I think that thing that but I've been most impressed about which -- it. You know since he says today he got here he's just. He's trended upward you know every day aren't there -- never released. Make that same mistake twice so. As a young player looked you have a lot of good plays in the -- blood -- for Israel just because collective experience. But then as you make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. You make improvements did you think you'd never really -- so from the first rookie minicamp the other things that we talked about a certain routes rob. Of this play this is what you do well. He doesn't make the same mistake twice so. He's really his physical skill obviously group put have been a great position potential of the passes that. Make a lot of -- -- -- of physically he can over power guides him but he can out run guys and you've got the physical ability but it's really I think. His professionalism and his ability to continue to improve and get better. Both he and there aren't really love football they love the game it. You know it's it's fun to have two young players out there that have had such a huge impact -- this year. -- -- never had a an opportunity to sit down -- -- deep philosophical conversation with McGraw but it strikes me and if you -- firmer denied this may be he wouldn't be chew it jeopardy or maybe you wouldn't score high on the wonder elect test but there's a football IQ do -- pretty valuable. Yeah I mean probably the Smart guy is -- yeah he sure is that he's. Record says there. No we do it Thomas suffered offer that I really feel that. The the most challenging position in our offense and army is tight end because you're involved in every pass play every run play every run blocking. Obviously pass protection and routes you know sometimes by -- -- sometimes DB to cover you in every formation you need to be a part of -- It's it's pretty impressive with what you know both those. Parody Iraq can handle in terms of their their aptitude. And you know you'd never worry about those guys. You know try to figure out what or what the player would work to do you mean though you called -- plate and you have great confidence that. They're gonna be able to make plays which gives me great confidence to get the ball to a. What did you say -- when you walked over to when -- in the but behind senator getting rated take the snap and walked over title conversation with. I would just -- I was just typically double play. I wasn't sure that that we were on the same page so just trying to get it right. Early you set up Kerrigan he did right with the on the second touchdown. I mean Kerrigan has to think that -- pass blocking on the play correct -- I mean is that news is easy is it sounds or does it take a little savvy on the part of the -- A lot of savvy a lot of savvy and we have -- -- those situations with -- -- -- guys stand. That you can block and so. See you you know rob and I you know we talked about look at we get this look this is probably what we're gonna try to do it it's a risk reward play -- -- here. -- -- -- You know that it's a risk workplace for them -- their -- him with no help and it's a -- more plays for us that we you know we disappointed them. You know -- -- -- pardon on third twelve and third level whatever was scrutinized. And it would make a play can be a collection -- so. And he got the penalty and then. You need to catch -- -- dragged out -- that broke a tackle greater production of renewed for the double play Barack. So he's considered just. The way that he's poignant. You know it's tough for anybody who really match -- with the. It's all early last year went wrong kind of a little bit of success out of the box as a rookie a lot of people were anointing him the took recanted in the hall of fame you sit com got a little bit he's only got one of the three playbook here -- he's got that went down with a lot more. Depth to the play books that he hasn't seen yet -- of all three books down now. Well yeah I would say we've definitely. You know we evolved every year. You know our offense that what we're trying to do it please send him. Schemes and those types of things and I mean he's he's an extremely comparable to what we're doing. At this point do you ever put it very comfortable Purdue where you know even do it himself for. Your quarter eighteen to -- include the precinct and so that's a lot of football because she's in the twelve or thirteen didn't work basically if -- -- -- -- In the -- -- obviously three very important to go so. Everything that you've seen thus far we've we've built on it -- as part of what we're try to do -- the truth will be subdued things but I. You know what what you've seen this year is it is because really what what you're gonna get. All right time the quarterback question of the week brought you by auto trader now compare brand who's in cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. Problem they wanna know does mile high Denver present any real physical problem or more of a mental challenge. The years that I played out there I mean maybe the first five minutes of the game you I think you feel a little bit of about higher -- After that it's football so. Yeah they're they're playing very well obviously they want a bunch of games here armed. You know all of us were were watching the game. Last -- on the airplane. Just as were taken off with when they came back we're beginning of those pretty is an exciting game so. No they -- -- feel very good team they play for sixty minutes. It obviously closed a lot of games and finished very well also. And we got a huge we that you staffed and you'll be excited -- hopefully have a good week of preparation. Theoretical from the. Pay and with my stupid question of the interview would you spend even a minute in the film room looking at Tebow this week I know he's the quarterback -- even just out of curiosity. Well could spell checking in really have in getting our team ready to play he. The risk a lot of squad meetings over the course of the week and he'll go over the entire game plan for the offense defense and special teams so actually I will get. You know an opportunity to have to watch. You know there's some of -- offensive highlights of. Do not -- like this like pygmies in the bushman in the that the going to be watching T ball like it to everybody in the world people mania -- A year you're not enough the most talked about quarterback this week dominate the break into. Okay. I believe that there is great reason they're within a couple of games that he's playing very well -- You know -- have -- since he's you know he's struggled portable what I felt -- but I you have no problems for the boy he -- portrait little about what and so. You missed the first three quarters than it was awful. -- -- So we got to hopefully we we can force some of the some bathrooms turnovers that. If they're there where they got a good defense settled that so that's what I'll be prepared for a week. Our good luck out endeavor trouble -- next next Monday or Tuesday -- both have been when you get back. Okay thank I think Brady Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline get a faster with four GAT and T rethink possible brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Right in your day with electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing cost and -- trader -- brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side. Auto trader dot com -- Lexus of watered down inviting you to be December to remember sales event details at Lexus of watered down dot com coffee with the quarterback. Rock you by Dunkin' Donuts.

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