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Boomer Esiason on Pats/Redskins and Tim Tebow

Dec 12, 2011|

Boomer Esiason joins D&C every Monday, and today he talks to the guys about Tim Tebow, recaps the Pats/Redskins game and previews who he thinks will sit atop the AFC in 3 weeks.

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Welcome back doesn't Callahan -- -- patriot Monday joining us on the AT&T hotline get it fast with four GAT and T rethink possible our good friend -- size and good morning to ostracize and how are you. Are you -- -- -- and I didn't play that game yesterday but on the golf that was all excited with the effect that the -- last night we are trying to America yelled. That the second as far as the patriots are concerned -- it's the same old song for against the tenth time this year the -- big bad quarterbacks look mediocre and mediocre quarterbacks look good. I can't imagine what a Roethlisberger or Rogers might look like against the pats if they get to the policies and for that matter. People Sunday at 415. Get you ready for people upon you know certain it's good it's apparent to everybody you don't have to be an expert to defrag took -- -- patriots. -- and on now you know this industry as -- Redskins it was typical New England Patriots and yet. -- a decent offensive -- -- don't think that promised planned all that great don't think he's very happy with the way cities plant but the fact of the matter is. They're good enough to score over thirty points -- retirement -- on the field even when he's not plan -- and and of course the patriots come -- with a huge play at the end of the game you know that this is there you have pictures of the 2000 era you know this is the wave that has always been for. Bobo -- but I also this you know when you have Julian had a one run around on defense played Iran on defense. Amid the hot spots out there and that's the question the million dollar question was what the patriot defense going to be like when they get into the point -- that put the upper Echelon teams. And if Tom Brady has an off -- against -- quality quarterback on the other side you know can they withstand that and can they win those games right you know we pummel -- that but. You know this week is a fascinating matchup because you have a guy and Tim Tebow that is. It's an enigma writes it's I can't exploited problems but divine intervention. In a lot of these games in which. Other teams just absolutely make a bonehead mistake a long time in the fourth quarter. Can -- able somehow find the world or will to win and it's been quite fascinating to watch. Well I heard you say on the NFL pregame show yesterday I bought into Tim Tebow you said Saturday outlining -- -- -- him winning. I that'll appeal to misinterpret -- I still think even though he did complete I think eighteen passes in the fourth quarter yesterday. It's one of the better defense in football. I don't think I'm. Probably much like John or John -- -- -- Morrison times but. He's not a great total football and you'll never -- -- pro football in my estimation mission ever gonna get him to change. While we're just -- change especially with the way that he's been planned. The last few weeks in the fourth quarter alone so. I bought into the packet is a winner -- of that. So -- think and I and I will not throw grow much greater humanity not be long term solution at quarterback for the for the -- You know Marion Barber lifted obviously that the Broncos up -- I think he also let his defense off the market and if if not for the fumbles of it. We'd be talking about that that. Pathetic effort by the Chicago Bears defense in the in the fourth quarter as you say when eighteen for 24 can you explain it was -- what the hell they were doing why it was so easy. For him to not only find guys over the middle but on the sideline when he had to. There -- plan prevents on defense you know does -- -- look patriot fan I would I would suspect you're at least -- man. Why is wrong on all wide open all over the place and what they're not about it you know and and you are slower than majority cowboy game and they're there's a moment where Tony Romo has chance to feel the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I in the fourth quarter work. He's not overwhelmed by an event starts and it beat Pete that's it we're gonna let him sit back there and not put him and not get after him and and you know beat. Them bite him throwing the football. And he's gonna have opportunities like you -- my myself my god I have the bullets around. In that situation and I have to make him make that well to beat because I don't think he can do. Doesn't it isn't hard to blitz him or even Russia I was I was chosen Julius Peppers was I don't know which -- called that. When you blitz but -- you know one -- over commit because you know. The -- you -- -- about containment Julius Peppers because -- the outside the front panel has containment and yet we keep it right arm free you know that's what I'm Eric Smith the -- Chet. Take the bullets -- am at the end of their game and can give -- a -- around them. And you know and and that he's he's got a lot and you nobody left handed -- nobody is gonna come to the defense is right. And sometimes you know Jews preparers made a couple place yesterday late in the game which was good but -- couple plays where he allowed him to get to be outside. And I and I guarantee you. You know that they talked about it in their defense of meetings all week last week. Don't let him get to the left sideline don't let him get outside the right be president -- the right outside linebacker 65 minutes they look like they could escorted the bears have walked off the field. Well this is Dominican viewpoint and you know for the last seven weeks -- almost it's gonna put -- -- copy but. The other couple of games you know he actually they put up a lot of points to beat the raiders on the road and appointed beat the Minnesota Vikings on the road would put up a lot of points. So they can win games in which they did score points but. The other could be fascinating actually defeat well. Bill Belichick place's you know -- you know if your guy in the league that baby over -- something on a short week that he has -- seen and do something unconventional promote products. Scroll up somewhere along the line that would be Bill Belichick probably has the horses do it anyway. He couldn't get Orlovsky to look at anything other great and and and Grossman as well yesterday so what -- you -- team -- good route to score on these guys for all now. You know out -- what you guys. Have a lot to bitch about what it comes to defense up there knowing when there's no question about it really honestly. Yes and no man in -- land and win and win -- -- and find things that we can pick out. That are going to be negative and I get it because Oprah watch in the patriots yesterday. I never proper moment that they would lose simply because that was -- -- and -- -- -- -- one that wasn't that -- as part of that was an Aaron Rodgers. You know -- Joseph Flacco that was Rex Grossman almost has a tendency. To do something. Poorly late in the game and the game's on the line and that's exactly -- player. -- can you see anything other than an early exit from the playoffs unless some sort of defensive miracle takes place between now and then and -- patriots secondary. While sort of -- you know Tom Brady people. -- -- opponents that he scored port report which yesterday. You know we have another 300 yard gain yesterday like now he's unbelievable. But you know -- Tom -- gonna complete twenty to 37 passes that's not going to be good up and went somewhere in the in the playoffs you know he's gonna have to beat the Tom Brady that is just. You know impeccable. -- -- and a half ago. Thirty for 37 via 350 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. And you know about the kind of pressure it's going to be on -- it reminds me of when. You know Peyton Manning was. In in his. You know and is in his apartment and do one well on. And that team around -- wasn't that good and he had played. But it is supreme level want for his team to win and -- remember the year that they want a Super -- their defense was terrible. -- in the regular season but their defense turned on in the playoffs. And Payton talked a little bit more of what their defense was good enough vehemence of -- just. Clear in radio the offense course thirty something like you've done each of the last five games they win they score twice something like they did in the two previous games Pittsburgh in the giants they'll lose it's that simple. It is that simple and lot of pressure on Tom and I'm sure that. You that was loaded the breaking point yesterday you know when you know Brian got into it and which I have no problem with the -- You know march and I had problems wanted to can we took on the front line. You know it's you know it's to very intense game and play by emotional guys and competitive guys when things don't go right in. -- the previous play he throws the ball a little bit behind Wes Welker most of our most welcome -- to catch. But he's been all just a little bit armed. I just don't think that he's been in short is that it's reached you know that consciously and and I can only hope. For patriots in the patriot fans that he gets a little bit more short as the season wears down here. Where you are you surprised that Billy O'Brien the coach went right back Adam. I mean to the point that had to be that people had to step between them they. That that's where it appears that the sideline video that's. And you'd be surprised that in -- may be hard knocks show a little bit. We'd be internal slot you know fell I mean you know that's huge respect that you get emotional guys. I'm sure that may be O'Brien much that's something to him and headset wire. To throw the ball -- -- -- may be that you know listen we got this -- guys can be opened. Look for haven't -- didn't look for him is trying to get the ball somebody Yeltsin actually you know be being touted receiver was open of the ball a little bit out and talk a little bit high. And only he has a chance to make the play on it maybe it's a touchdown. -- if you had to guess would you say that Brady was telling him that he has to go harder. After that ball he can't let that that the DB undercut them. You know I'm unaware he was so I don't know what he would say it is intended receiver and others I saw exactly what is an old line he would help. And in terms of throughout bombs occurred -- I don't care. But I mean that's the spotlight ever been a target that's the beauty of it and and I -- -- -- to occur written what Thomas from -- post game these -- exactly. The thing that he should have said that you know when you make Boehner declared it a bad play. You eat met we wore no matter what your name is you have to be held accountable on Tom knows that better than anybody in in the handle that publicly after the game. -- there are 610 and three teams are the patriots the worst of the 103 teams you have New England. Houston Baltimore Pittsburgh New Orleans and San Francisco all country. Well you know I would say they have the worst defense of the -- and -- team and they have. You know one of the best quarterbacks in the country teams you know I think you will be fascinating -- Baltimore or Pittsburgh in the first round deploy elsewhere in Baltimore. -- its own -- to get the number one seed. Therefore I think that knowing -- wanna put the number two seed -- in Britain packed ballpark whenever they're games. So that means that there is a potential match up on the road in Baltimore for the HC championship assuming. That -- you know that. You can be able would be -- Pittsburgh and I would national Houston at home. In your building which it I think if the patriots catch Houston. They can beat them they conduct we beat them you know even a TJ Yates played well on the fourth quarter yesterday. You know you're talking about a whole different set of circumstances. When you talk about the playoffs in the in the uptick in pressure so you know you'd have -- -- that they get a good you know good selection here one on the -- on the plot sort. If if you're John Fox what would you do would Tebow would you would you it just. Tried to simulate the fourth quarter in some way which I mean in practice widget asked the scoreboard got to just put fourth quarter up there in the first quarter how do you get. That that magic that you see in the fourth quarter. When he -- that the first second and third quarters. -- -- department's attention -- how else to explain it. You know he's been great in the fourth quarter been great the last. Four minutes of these games constrain. We know what will be actually this week. With the -- compound is as whether or not the Patriots offense. To put so much pressure on Tebow. That you're defense you can make a play that they can you know come up with an interception or turn over. Good that the one thing that would with the exception of great interception yet so about a struggle bears. He has an -- ball you know and actually it's -- rushing attempts the last couple weeks. On you know the 22 account that he had three weeks ago so. There -- a little bit more. I'm I want to conventional but they're a little bit more. Peeled back I think on his rushing attempts. To me it all comes down to pass rush it all comes down to. Forcing him to be uncomfortable I don't -- the patriots can do that if they haven't done that anybody. But if there are percent of their work approach. Who could maybe -- scheme. That can keep forward John Fox or anybody else has seen may be the pitchers -- we also put out this week that will be shocking to. I give us a sneak preview than Sunday after Sunday and noon. Are you gonna pick the Broncos. Of course I -- You Lebanon army comforted patriots who wanted to use the Japanese I am and -- The reason I've picked the the -- yesterday it was because our our I'm not sold until opinion you could block -- if that word Jay Cutler going back home against that the Denver Broncos I think it could be beat the Chicago Bears would -- -- pretty handily. But the fact that the Chicago Bears him from a quarterback played right into. You know Denver's -- opportunities -- that. That all the teams over the last five weeks of -- and have a chance to put up a lot of points on the Denver Broncos defense. The only team that possesses that ability -- to New England Patriots and that's when you'll find out whether or not attempting goto so one of the best ever. It's all costs and save his job yesterday -- to the USC Tom -- job yesterday well I think Tony Romo save a test at -- that because Tony Romo had a chance to win again -- and all you have to do with the -- That -- forty's got Miles Austin wide open. And he does not get it done and you know that's the difference between the true the great ones and if so which one about Eli Manning and that the become a lot state fair kind of attitude that he has. But the kid has been great fourth quarter of this year it was great yesterday. And they have a budding superstar and their team down here and it's -- appear Paula defense banks. But this kid actually comes out and make play after play after platform of cookies. You know the one guy on the defense that they can shows up every week and somehow. When the game for them and -- -- huge way -- defense parable I mean. There are they're confused. There's too many breakdowns in the secondary. I mean how I look at you know the dozens are on the field trying to. Make the call against -- huddle offenses and are so many blown assignments because of one bank -- -- -- of coordination inactive coaching. You don't put a pop up in a -- feel you don't -- terrible defense and to you what's the point it's about a week and I watch I watch a lot of applause and we get this though a lot of I mean I wish I could play during -- Simpson and that I opened its ridiculous today. If say the Paper patriots went out when the division. And opened the second seed as you say and up in the second round hosting the jets. What do you expect the -- go back to last year and say the you know the jets are gonna come in here and and enrolled this patriot team. Because -- his job -- -- just gonna make the playoffs are today you wake up and looks like a wilder the great spot after the number succeed right now. But I I still say you know earlier go to Philadelphia this week they got to play the giants in the -- on the road Miami. You know it in my estimation I do believe they don't want all three of those games to get into the playoffs I don't -- I don't put up is going to be -- came from and another -- Jim wondered the same thing happened and I'm last year they were able to overcome it. But their defense is not in my estimation is good as it was -- and he can yank go. I would power -- did yesterday and about thirteen to disaster offensively Kansas City. So wolf quite a little more about the -- here the next couple weeks against two really good offensive and certainly looks like Philadelphia now believe this. As well look at it if if if the giants beat DeKalb woods. The last embassies in their pistol really good chance that -- the Philadelphia Eagles get themselves into the playoffs. And I'm just got to perusing some of the stuff this morning trying to get a handle on everything and gone on -- Philadelphia born there or not it's not out of this. For a -- we knew we know you're a freak of nature when you played although she is the NFL took almost hits and have your wits about you not that your won't you walk and find you get Tunisia hips and everything. But after reading Peter king's piece we really are convinced is something wrong with you when you stay up and play. Ice hockey till 11:15 PM what time you get bad when you do that. Well I'd rather muted for example like tonight I don't have a month and I can recruit out Seattle or can't make it so go home after have to work today up the good now that I get a game at 815 top volume home around eleven tonight I got three games this week. And that the one thing that actually believe or not is keeping me sane. All these years been able to play ice hockey. A true passion of mine that I -- the total amount the kid but I took it up on a retired and I give much when there are a lot of credit because people want term beyond actually playing the game. As opposed to just watch yet loving it and -- the way that I do so yeah it keeps me healthy America. You Wear a multi now that got to teeth knocked out of the company I do about -- -- but I don't work -- which is probably the dumbest thing in the world but. I can't I can't seek political pays them on my Albert well I have to play with a visor but I'm Tony -- -- -- thing that's keeping -- young -- keeping me. It's keeping me sane and certainly complement that but it haven't mile up I don't know what -- -- Are you do you get checked this it is -- no check league. Well you know there's probably -- -- -- you know when when when you're being you're standing in front of the -- he knows it's made like take shots at me so I don't mind -- -- I'm basically -- movable but they can't you know -- -- to -- and 55260. Pounds. And I'm right in front of the net and Michael load so. You know like -- always good guys chicks big goals scored swipe on my results you're like yes -- -- or fair to say. We are now this idea on the exact of the delegates to the park on his stick right in front of the net usually. Bird to -- and. Do you or anyone in your league ever dropped the gloves. I don't editor Robert low blow won't drop globe once and that was last year and oddly enough my daughter Sydney was epic game my pastor come and take pictures of my team. So my team with a walk. OK we have a of 100 hours that you all want to white Anglo Saxon Protestants but. Species they're taking pictures and everything and I got hit in the back of the head by a guy and I turn around it but oh no you did it. And I and I just after the guy. Who again and then we can I affect the bell about to -- at each other again but I don't have the time nor do I have the energy. Did she -- -- -- until you actually did an excellent all -- and lose their uncle and dad you're so when -- the -- the preview now that I've put on -- stuff like every couple of America that would be a fine auction -- picture -- a plus slugging it out blood teeth everywhere hockey understand the struggle and understand -- passion you have to be and that's certainly what I am. -- put -- Rangers playing great you're kidding me. That was falling -- when you are quite. This Rangers Yahoo!. Pan am national opera epic -- auction item for you speak of auction items I believe tomorrow -- -- the I have no idea what you're talking about you don't -- -- that pointed out but I got about two hours of sleep last minute -- the bridge nine games will figure out tonight it'll blocks off your foundation tomorrow. The -- it just won't please tell me what it is before you do I I will. Yeah we got to plan now 36 holes with three the most annoying list as we. Robert I appreciate I think I think as a vacation in Bermuda. -- or better yet via our book Brooke talked it down Rosie dubbed the Monday Night Football to buy your next Monday night game is number 26 New Orleans and Atlanta right that's. Right that's right our -- we've got a lot -- after -- talk him. Now we're gamble about provide maximum have a great week beat up liberal talk the next Monday our guys Specter after. Boomer Esiason and that Tebow mania is now officially under way. Our quick out that doesn't Alabama the patriot Monday Boomer Esiason on the AT&T outline get a faster four GAT and T rethink possible.

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