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NESN’s Andy Brickley has the latest on Tyler Seguin’s benching and the team chemistry going forward

Dec 7, 2011|

Our friend Andy Brickley recaps the Bruins loss and talks about the benching of Tyler Seguin and how Claude Julien will handle him the rest of the season

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RO Wednesday conversation with a good friend Andy Brinkley is sponsored by Norfolk -- equipment and too -- a tractor visit or for power today it would to a money saving year and -- deals check out -- power dot com for more information and you Berkeley joins us on the AT&T hot line. Get it fast with four GAT and T rethink possible. I see you set your alarm accurately and get up in time this morning -- At at a. Yeah well of a lot better -- -- now Lowell right certainly aberration when I was 1920 is always -- did you miss a few breakfast meetings. That was the first Q curfews I know that. -- Not have you been listening on -- iPhone app Boston has is trending toward tiger -- getting benched last night and be honest brick when I heard you and Jack talking about it. But he got benched for for sleeping -- and while that's a little harsh now become to find out in the post game comments from quote the he's done it more than a few times teaching moment for float -- and Tyler Sagan. Absolutely absolutely and you know you've never it's never easy decision but this was a decision that had to be made. That's my understanding that generally they have when they're on the road they try to have breakfast set up for the guy. Yes they I believe it was any kind between. 8:30 at 11 o'clock because of the traveled tidal changes. Three games and four date they want all of the plays that they arrest but it's mandatory that they make breakfast whether they have an official media forgotten. And for one reason or another Tyler did make that. Window of opportunity to step and that'll breakfast at the -- exposed to do it it's not the first time that's happened and I'm sure what it did happen in the past he was Fareed that he was. He was told that this is not acceptable so yes coaching -- teaching -- if you wanna call it did that and it hurt the Bruins because so they could use to service -- -- Now a number of people said -- -- his roommate drag his butt out of bed and I guess maybe the action that was perhaps he tried and said well you know try to get up on the ticket shower he's ready to go he says Tyler get up I'll leave and he leaves and -- goes back to sleep. Well not to. Not to put out the conspiracy theory but I think generally rooms with Gregory Campbell but that didn't happen on the strip. A cable and a 100% -- -- -- rooms or -- -- he was room with Jordan rod that taken his place. So out of the room. -- Yeah yes you know you Leo is what you would be -- back but you know there are certain it's where this can happen and you know you just popular from. Now entries from -- it and you think a guy who's only been here a year and a couple months a night a guy who's a budding superstar. You think it's normal or are okay these on this more than a few times or do you think it's alarming and disturbing. It's bothersome. That is adaptable that would. The hope that young players learn their lessons and only visas is that one time -- gets your attention that did you make the necessary changes in the -- Approach your daily routine particularly have a game day. I'm gonna hope that the fact they lost game two to one they gave that they could have one they gave that he could have been different. I hope that that really bothers him that he'd let his team -- and I hope that this coaching moment this teaching moment. Has the impact that it should have. Do you think his teammates has all the team is the veterans who know what's at stake here. Are they mad at him when they upset with them. Yes yet the you know they had a good thing go -- you don't want their laws and regulations. They understood that that this was going to be difficult gave a challenging game given all the circumstances that they needed everybody on board doing what they need to do it. You know you hope that he was just watching the game and have a good time that just laughter this optical they had major major impact I think the players that have been around for a long time. The -- that messages. Well what do you think they went up and and windows room I mean you're if you're in a meeting heard breakfast and he's not there I assume it's big news. And the buzz is in Tyler. Is in trouble. Would you go up -- would you expect captains veterans to kick in the door and it's get your ass out of that we need you. Don't know I don't think that's the situation was it a try to explain it as best they can't that you know they have a two and a half three hour window to stop by and -- -- they did Torre -- You know the the -- -- of that being the most important meal of the day and this is the routine that you should be -- or make any data that some police stopped by you have breakfast it's Nickelodeon teammates. I don't think it was an official meeting would have decided they'd get the we're gonna go over video I don't think that's what it was I was just stopped by because you have breakfast cited. They -- stopped by here this is the routine should be in and I think he just devastated in the stop by for breakfast and I think that's more of what it was that anything. Really severe. A few weeks ago we were talking to Andy Ference and Islam a chicken in the beer in the clubhouse thing was going on are we asking about discipline and how. The the the dressing room. Over the Bruins or hockey in general is police and he said he said the great thing about this team is we have the right people in the right place saying the right thing at the right time. To the people who need spoken to so my guess is if indeed this has happened in the past last year maybe part of this year and he was as you suspect brick. Find my guess is he's already been talked to by certain leaders in that in that in that dressing room and all. Absolutely absolutely of -- twice last night so it's worrisome that. I would say absolutely that I used -- submitted. -- -- -- -- hear from -- -- -- in the -- -- have an explanation from -- have been. See how contrite he is or or whatever adjective you -- describe you know how how bothered he years by the fact that he was unavailable because the coach -- Coach except the organization decided that was that -- anybody complain of a hockey game right. That's the most important reaction and I'm looking forward here today this morning on the play that when he gets back to Boston before we play on Thursday. That's what I'm most concerned about is the effect the impact it has on. What time did you get in Andy -- it's -- yesterday morning. Well three Al flight from Pittsburgh you do -- now -- -- get total of 1:30 almost 2 o'clock. So I didn't I mean -- us this speculation you know all if -- if this were off day it won't be San. He was out on the town east and apparently. That wasn't -- I can assure you that that was not right are hearing this is explanation you said you wanted to hear his explanation him had a couple sound -- after the game. And that he talked about the alarm situation and -- asked how did you sleep through your alarm widened to set an alarm. I did sell iron I woke up to it but wasn't one big time I was Boston time enough. And -- only last night and I didn't think to change it knows just mistaken. You don't have to go with it with them. The problem with that envious he said it was Boston -- Winnipeg time he gains and our -- said it to Boston time he would have been up an hour early for whatever the meeting was. Yeah not that. You know I'm not gonna play semantics here but I do know that when -- landed. You know everybody that has cellphone or iPhoto whatever it is that you changed Nigel. It's done for you auto batteries. There was some confusion too because I don't gonna basically say -- my -- saying 1230 when it was to be 1:30 we had central there we had mountain time where only you know. I don't there was something going on there and they extended breakfast to 11 o'clock to a comedy guys that liked to sleep a little later than perhaps the older guys so. You know if your folders or whatever you do is say you know I would set my obviously it's possible in order to make breakfast that you know -- 45. -- -- that was led 45 that you missed it it doesn't make up all -- you want but it's -- -- would have would -- to -- we'd need to be -- East -- I am an explanation for music felonious 1976 backbone he's still -- is about the iPhone. -- if the -- that that is totally. The position that bad here. All right yes or no Andy would have won with Tyler -- I said yes it was that kind of game that was it felt like that's what they were missing that sparked the young legs that little little little offense. If he were you really felt his absence last night. Yep and as and there are a couple of partly -- -- -- where Jack and I were talking about even though they had five or six shots on one power play you missing. You know finishing touch that they certainly had their opportunities that you think about these important in the gave them each each had an open bed -- she had a a rebound open. -- -- on these are all good players guys usually finish but. -- has that finishing touch and even though he hasn't played as well the last 456 games. That he was earlier in this stretch of about winning streak. Yet he was best -- definitely miss the match we really hope one out of ED two games. Was hit bottom line up that it has the best -- all the decide impact. Any I don't know if you've read the very compelling piece has a long one in New York Times written by John branch about Derek who guard a brain got going bad is the name of the other piece of never read it. I would I would suggest it when you get a you know 1520 minutes log onto the New York Times website take a look at this it is a frightening and a compelling piece. About. The national hockey league's premiere which is say is the fear was one of the fiercest fighters on the National Hockey League. I talked to Shaun -- All I don't know at some point earlier this year and actually hear of middle as a guy that makes his living doing this and -- by the way yes it is media article yet. You know -- -- the guy that -- actually he feared but you know who's the toughest guy in the league and that's the date they keep his lips almost immediately. Yes -- most people nobody died of a drug and alcohol overdose at the age of 28 I believe was back in May and the pieces since you read it and it was was just chilling in terms of how bleak they called his parents had his brain removed before they cream -- him shipment to Boston what they did with that probably check that out and as they suspected. Bu guard had chronic traumatic encephalopathy commonly known as CTE. A close relative of alzheimer's disease is only to be caused by repeated blows to the head. They said more than 28. Dead former NFL players and many boxers have CT -- and now the fourth hockey player a four examined all fighters. Found to have it as well so that compels the question is it time. The the National Hockey League to ban fighting from its ranks. I'm not ready to make that make that leap -- them. I feel bad -- dispatch story would have been durable Garrett at -- as it is what the other three guys that you know they have actually recently. Had been diagnosed with with that could condition but. You know when you read that article I think there are weighed more questions certainly can be as to what's going on with that kid in his life in the way -- all you know. Fell apart -- unraveled for him. I'm not making that 121 connection between fighting in this condition and I'm just not I'm not convinced yet if you give me more data long more information it. It it it really compelled me to say okay that is a definite. One to one correlation then that I would -- reconsider my position. There seems to be tons of data about blows to the head not necessarily fighting which -- expect Intel's blow to the head but talk about the national -- -- Don't believe he's really taken a hard look at you know these concussions and the hit so they had the target of the head of what's acceptable and in what the equipment looked like and one of the rules to allow you to have such contacts so. I think the league is that we do and it due diligence. But it's just that fighting element that that I'm not willing to accept. -- and other than the entertainment value brick give me a compelling argument to allow fighting to remain in the game. You can do that brick house NC do the best job explaining why these fights happen when -- but two nights ago. You pointed out he's living on the edge here and and this is what happens and you showed the replay and they kind of square office OK time ago Olympic and you know -- and felt at that point he had to fight -- had the fight was in reach that point. And sometimes I don't get it that you do and his job explaining why they why they dropped the gloves. Yeah and the particular instance you know I used the phrase he slew foot biscuit -- which you know that the -- that's worthy of review would take a look at because you don't want that as part of you're carjacked and arguing it. Hit the guy up high initially annually and these and other guys -- from behind take him down I mean that's that's an acceptable. And you have to man up in those situations and actually Marshall plays so he knew he had to answer for what he did and that's that's a fight that's they should be tolerable -- -- -- -- -- -- you know what you goaltenders being runner is right on top of you know a proponent -- -- inside the paint not like they're right bill are out trying to play the part where he's a little bit more. You don't -- gave the -- in the paint like Thomas was in the tally comes in and initiates contact get a response from Gary Gregory Campbell. John those flights during those flights are good fight I think it and it makes that element of fear. And intimidation. Of the real piece of the sport of hockey and it allows you in the course of hockey to get a little more time a little bit more space. Because your opponent is a little less. Courageous to government -- you know in a potion when you have a pot. So it's killing people -- got it could be you could make the case and they are doing it's scientifically that it's going to kill people and has already. Well if you look at some of these kids -- head where it you know you could see immediate and intense and I know it's difficult to legislated and but you can see -- -- it's obvious where. -- guys -- targeting their heads and social point of contact and that's what you have to eliminate from the game. The size the speed the fitness the rules were you can't impede anymore. -- back in the late eighties and nineties when I was playing my generation is playing like you could you could literally hold guys off. Without the pot so he slowed the game down in terms of not allowing nick reached speeds are now the contact -- lesson. When a guy can finally get to his -- -- the order to make boycott it. Anything else at you you're you're speed in your it near your force that impact. As far -- today. Do you see any compromise Africa's their way I always say can wanna leave the gloves on the Mike in lessened the blows to the end. Now they leave the helmets on sometimes sometimes -- -- off but. Is there a way to leave fighting but not and make make it -- not quite so dangerous. I don't think -- -- think so. I think you're particularly if you gonna keep fighting in the game that it should be as is its. The things you know that I'm trying to emphasizes. Is the nastiness in the hit from behind them you know coming from 35 feet with tremendous speed -- did not have the respect for the player. And if he can't make players have to be an up an answer -- -- yet for their actions out there. Now you gonna get more stick working in the yet more elbow -- in the yet you know more cross checks and I think it'll get -- if if fighting it and isn't there has to determine. So your point basically and -- it's it's multi layered -- largest bit -- require some self policing of the game for infractions that happened during the course of a game and that's what fighting it's four is that about right. I think -- and -- -- but what if you allow the officials in the National Hockey League to police it and and have more stringent penalties for instance in the in the National Football League or any other sport. That the umpires what the revelry talk you can use -- -- example exactly that there's a price to pay if you slew foot somebody you're gonna do five minutes or whatever the case may -- eight. And if you fight and you're gonna miss three or four games you could stop it if you -- -- and as long as you allow the officials like you they do in every other sport break entry of the officials police the game. Sure sure that an argument that you know it's worth putting Alter the cable which is how you -- fighting. You don't necessarily eliminated from the game but how -- we -- -- how severe are we gonna penalize it it just a five minute penalty now would you we'd make it even longer. -- but also penalized but also penalize the things that lead to fighting this the stuff that really sends guys over the edge when you said Marcia was playing on the edge for a slew footing the guy may -- if he had a much more stringent penalty for that particular act he doesn't do it so that he doesn't need to fight. Like anything if you educate. You will get the players to change the culture of the game it's that simple but it needs to be forced them and that's what you're seeing great outlook it's that they hadn't. You saw that little stick infractions coming in the coming out of locked out of in the you go back to the the first 25 games that every team played after the you know after the season was -- for a five. And the parade that was going on in the penalty box from hooks and slashes and you know that all kind of stick infractions and an interference. But the players usually what we do at what people we played what is this sport. And it took alarmed relatively speaking for the plays to grasp. The rule changes that they want to see the game but finally the culture changes because the place -- educated. And if they really believe that this is something that have to happen in today's NHL because of because of the severity of head injuries that you'll actually see. -- -- let's tie this up where we began tell us what deep posture will be the tone and tenor of the flight. With Sagan in relationship to the rest of his guys the next skate around will they will they embrace and say no big deal he get a version of the national hockey -- cold shoulder for a while. Well I think he got a last night the -- wonder. You know these this is not acceptable attitude. And I fake if they get handles this properly he will -- as he weather on the fly either practiced or aborted skate on Thursday. Where it was you know basically by bad so never happen again you're gonna get a real good performance from beyond Thursday night because I let you. You guys down that is not acceptable in this locker. Rick good conversation appreciated as always say flight. Okay prospects and -- -- Dennis and Callahan sponsored by Norfolk power quit -- to tractor visit corporate power to data into a money saving your and aborted deal days check out -- -- power dot com for more and he joined us on the AT&T hotline. Get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Are the two soccer moment Campbell the ticket -- a lot of them went skirt it's only kill -- you want these want to put lipstick on and makeup on and the plan like powder -- hawking will -- -- that read about the -- section of -- two guards brain and what they anecdotal evidence solid is.

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