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Theo Epstein takes subtle shot at Terry Francona and Red Sox fans

Dec 6, 2011|

While doing an interview with Kevin Millar on MLB Network's Intentional Talk, Theo Epstein makes a few remarks that make Lou and Mut believe he might be taking shots at Terry Francona and Red Sox fans.

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But -- 937. WEE I'll get to all your calls at 6177790850. Start at all hockey the first two hours here today mixed in -- so baseball or the third hour I do at all. Are in the final hour of the show what do you think Red Sox bands today. If they were asked to give their opinion on Theo Epstein what do you think the general consensus is on the a lot of wasted money -- -- free agents. But in the end brought -- two World Series so I think go like Terry Francona -- want. They. Set this up Leo it's -- -- stuff to say yesterday what Red Sox fans but you'll feel differently. If they heard the yell and what he said about cubs fans because I think he's trying to make a point you're out and say Lou. I read between the lines in this deal quote from the -- yesterday MLB intentional plot. Think he's talking about here would -- Paris cubs fans to other fan bases. Every organization has its own culture it's it's it's amazing how it evolves and thirty different places. You know I think I think the thing with the cubs the fans are ready you know they they want to win it's -- it's not is on a market they're looking at are the players down is not a market where there. Cynical by default I think they're looking for the team to do some things so they want to believe in the players. This support that this support the guys that go out there every day in day games there than I think -- place -- ready. It's ready for a plan that might take maybe a little longer than people think bank they're ready to support. An organization players are gonna. Worked really hard to -- the right way. Cynical. Ton of -- -- players down. -- Red Sox fans he'd taken a shot Red Sox fans now is in Chicago he's there at the MLB. -- network studios with a -- -- feels like gets a -- and rip Red Sox fans now airing during players down portable media. You know Kelly drive in the ship towards -- navy. It's cynical for you still don't allow accused Britain Red Sox -- -- policy as far as reading to the lines. At all. I was also kind of Reading through the -- line here when when he started talking about his new manager in Chicago praising him I couldn't help but think. I don't know is he comparing them to Terry Francona that's kind of like when I talk it took out of it you here. -- a great baseball guy I think the thing that stands out to me about Dell. Is you know he's not he's young players he's not an enabler is not someone is afraid to talk to players he's gonna tell like it is the players asked a lot out of them bring them out there for early work. Towns on the even established big -- there is a level of play improve their weaknesses. And yet. You know players don't back away from -- end up respecting him because of that and end up admiring him it and a -- and have a great relationship so. It's hard to find somebody who's not afraid of players not gonna back down and sound -- -- -- also really well -- -- can connect with them I think he pulls that off. -- -- equal is part of the first quote all my cynical as part of us. Is it missile site comes out and says I was. He calling Terry and enable these -- military's afraid to confront some of these players how do you hear that and not think that it's I don't. I mean I'm with you Rebecca said the babies -- -- we are cynical how do you hear that tell you we are not yet. That's that's amazing to -- to put it to say he's not an -- and up to guys and the last man to readers that wasn't that all the knock on hand. The -- but the September. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least -- -- -- yourself -- understandably it is that is a pretty strong statement by Theo I agree that ball on both cases more so on the the Terry Francona one minute just sounds like he's trying to say -- slam is not. Terry Francona not the guy who enabled this players in September not that I was afraid to talk to players. That that's. That's surprising yes I am I'm glad you guys found that that the MLB network that was unintentional talk -- they're going to be there. All week in their zone we'll get some other stuff he mentions chicken and beer but only get to your calls as well Jason called jester or get your reaction hijacked. A guy -- -- that clinic that I'd never -- that put. Yeah you're right in itself that's actually opinion written -- that -- that. But I think a lot of people get Cynthia would agree with it. -- -- -- -- At Kapalua read it would be out here -- article yet they're public arbitration in the in the party -- having a fun yes I mean for the guys who directed period they're gonna on the outer space saint. Built by the millions off the and then 35 million are back on the books with -- in which at least forty million. So it working I find it if you don't arbitration. It thought you know what it caught a thirteen fourteen million dollars that really lead this -- -- -- ballot to address starting pitching. No right fielder so there's little question in my mind that they're gonna become the portrait. If you're like that and talk about public entry for pitching war for on what floor right the other half. -- happen that way no way. You can address it now or know about. So it looked like the question is we actually issued the following year. No -- buried out in their diet may be -- -- is brilliant art and I'm I think this year they're -- -- you know they're not gonna electric acted like that are it's. You know if you don't corporate this year that -- what you kind of start from scratch by the thing so they're gonna happen they're gonna happen due to check in peril and that really work with the help. Under record that 68 million dollar import -- don't take out ration. It's Alice is a great job if you didn't read it's tough to break it I think the caller he did a great job and and -- -- distinctly. Saying what Alex has a lot more words and I urge you check that -- WE yeah I'd dot com and a lot of these guys are gonna get -- mean. -- look at this thing now. Would -- make last year. 02 point four -- -- -- Probably that the what eight. Yeah 73775. The and entering -- simplify. These guys is going to be a big bump and the gonna have essentially eight million dollars to play with than it it does make -- job. A pretty tough you know and and maybe. It does lead and -- gold two years on David Ortiz because that old average annual value. And breaking napping Dallas and having a fourteen or fifteen million dollar hit now they sped out of got a got a chuckle though I don't want I don't love that John imagery let. That the Red Sox are competent. That if David Ortiz refuses arbitration they can get him back for two year deal. Yeah is that it is now what David Watson of first place like that shouldn't at a red lake that that David Ortiz is agent is confident that he can get two year deal from the Red Sox and I think so the Red Sox are coughing it two year deal shore. I mean that's a fake I don't understand that mindset now it's like you said fourteen million dollars would be the one year price could you come back to him. Are you comfortable going two years. 182 years twenty if it's two years twenty to ten million dollar average so you say four million a luxury tax. That could give you another arm and -- open. That can get you maybe an answer an annual salary in right field if you go to you know -- wouldn't help total -- holes here. It gets to see what happens -- fourteen million is a lot of money for him and if you are against that text -- maybe due try to go to years trying to get that lower annual average here's some more from. Theo coming up you get more your phone calls don't go anywhere. The idea that the compensation for the go to Chicago was not done I find comical because it's it's been two months now any more than two months. You know it's like it's that thing that. You know you have to do at some point but you're you're just -- -- working -- other stuff done. It's like you know it's like cleaning the garage. You're here. You're sort of you know -- out there and you do it but you're it and the year -- it's an analyst first. -- -- recently compared the whole process of -- compensation for me like clean out the garage. So I'm like an hour break in an old -- in India some don't know -- -- my smell. He's -- -- that you did. -- although it's a tool article it all well my my -- a body that one of the Kardashians much -- 937. WEEI your phone calls until 2 o'clock in the big show it is. Farcical this thing's not yet. -- all funny games the -- sit there on the boat with frosty tips Mick Milan are over there. Have your fun make fun a chicken and beer and everything else snotty with the cubs but. On no compensation not a big deal. Worked their Red Sox can nothing in return of -- you ought to finally your your deal on hot still Ares. We'll spend money imprints field. Rich he's in Milford a rich. -- -- -- -- -- -- And how much and they wanna -- a -- out -- -- you -- he did you guys opinion on it all the faults. He came up and I'll feel a bit and cheered for me probably not I'm sure it's not likely. Mean -- true numbers are the -- why is it. That I haven't heard anything about it's I mean I'm district and our blog -- It's currently let you know that he could absolutely great to meet tickets at the whole run -- -- and the -- I mean you know it's probably not gonna happen. But it just seems to me like like comedic act like -- I -- great athlete that guy can play outfield during the weekend an -- Every he's got older richer -- there's no question a guy can -- you know he says probably not gonna happen I think that there is less than 0% chance. Of it happening and he's talking about a ten year deal for 200 million he's getting offered right now from the Marlins a card is gonna get back involved. They get it if your album pulls do you wanna go left field. Well I mean it won't play first base -- maybe DH if you go to the American League. I mean -- like he could barely left field certainly let's say it's not the most difficult animal -- 81 teams elsewhere though. Yeah but it in the having you know I mean I know it's not gonna happen but it's great. You know has covered as a chance that that the almighty racket -- -- -- so huge. Could do that in Boston you know I mean and assuming that Americans you know -- almost that you get a handle it would be ridiculous I mean. I don't know I'd get the guys the free agent we need an outfielder meet all the. -- -- this the -- I don't know what the right I know I mean I know it not. It is and it's happened. That group pools but is feels at a chemical left either Miguel Cabrera was their base is a third anymore polo field to. To first base -- pulls their basement 31 years old 200 million dollars that it happened this whole record year made a great W for ball that he can do is setting the record maybe like I am already in interleague game maybe the most -- -- If you can do it and we still he's got a ten year 220 million dollar offer from Florida. The Red Sox a match then the third twenty million dollar player than Ellsbury up a couple of years went on. Liverpool. -- and -- Connecticut hijacked. They guys date on what's up well thank you. Yeah -- want -- talk about the reward you get I'd probably start about -- -- and I love the Red Sox but right now. The Bruins got to get their two last night I watched them stayed hooked up here he's an NHL. And Nate looked like they just owned little. Got JJ thirty Agrium has set their. Watched the whole game a Mel's -- direction is Comcast that the baseball showed joined right after was it just washed it and it was. As of me how much more fun to iPod ever imagine having in December early December watching him brought hockey game. -- we got or. Each outlines I mean last year was great everything went our way but this year I mean we don't know that we have a legitimate. We are the best image are not there's no doubt about it. I agree and we we started the show off what that did you even won the cup last job they can ever say that last year because it did say they got a chance. It might be mall goal scoring. The overshot we'll see a -- -- goal right now you're right. As the best team in hockey -- a great four lines because their fourth line does its job it's not a goal scoring line but you -- most reliance. My biggest point it will look a look a look at how we sent the president went head -- -- where we -- weeks masterpiece when a piece. Okay you know they played abroad they remind me of watching in the area Cilic every purse on a team player like him nearly committed. Imagine the physical nature to them and they just of the fore check and and the pressure they put on opposing teams. Changes the way other teams have to play against you and then in Pittsburgh's building last night. They imposed their will on Pittsburgh at that that's the going into it was on that. Conversation and still is like one game there on the -- -- for best team in the east with the Bruins okay put the Bruins impose their will on the road in a place atop the play. In Pittsburg multi healthy cross beat back helping Florian Nat. And they played Bruins hockey from -- the beginning and and they shut down three minutes and forty seconds. A five on three power play to do that on the road you give them a ton of credit. And just that the way they're playing right now it's not just the record their style player was five robberies with the game -- one nothing get a five on three we go it's gonna be tied right where you were. Where you just convinced. One nothing five on three it's gonna be tied -- have to death and another five on three fall two minute five on three beset its okay area in abroad dropped to nothing. Its first opponent at right now can be two to one in this the way the game's gonna go. The minute they state they they killed that second part of a penalty. But the five on three up two nothing it just took the life out of Pittsburgh that really did immediate to a minute period you can't chicken. That took the life out of that game was over at that second double -- five electric power play is really over what Sega made threes shipped early in the third. A lot to get to we've done a lot of baseball. And a lot more hockey here today in the final hour -- inexorable your phone calls everything's gonna be on the table 6177790. Wait 52 all free 888. I've two fives nearly fifty prize itself ball pound WE guide to free call your text messages always welcome always read. That's applied to by -- at 85850 -- -- T text line your phone calls on Bruins Red Sox a lot more coming up.

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