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Andre Carter, Patriots DE

Dec 5, 2011|

Andre Carter joins Mut & Lou as he does every Patriots Monday, following the Patriots win over the Colts yesterday. Has communication improved on the defensive side of the ball for the Pats? Andre answers that, plus he looks ahead to the Pats’ matchup vs. the Redskins this weekend.

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Live in the Putnam club here Gillette Stadium but -- -- nine 37 WEE I hope you had a great weekend hope Troy Brown. Had a great weekend yanks elements on Monday destroy -- you. Now we got to. It's not great right now actually microphone -- on what it'll be great the minute that we turn this thing other ago people got to hear a choice about this. Dual and a look at a pace. So get ready for the spread. They would not so good weekend -- how great we can always great weekend. No matter what happens we -- it was I think it over as whether it meant a decent renewing. I could retire I can bats pretty well when I mostly missed that but at the immediate slowdown may be able to help -- -- Peyton Manning was a quarterback -- try to slow that office down look bush first knuckle out of that game. Come out of that game -- office of -- started off slow again. BP estimated it missed a game and put it away and then once that's a good as the big man in the room. And the big muscle yes it is but you put it away it is that -- called on -- right now. Yeah -- ethic that's. We talked about before like my in my opinion. It is what it is it doesn't really change his team the meal offensively middle to score some points defensive -- it got to -- -- -- look good yesterday militantly Knick game lately between -- -- Brief visit comes over and take on our answer was -- was. -- it was a win. Overall we just do things wrong and you know have an appointment and there are some points. Defensively he's just an excerpt. You know you eagle there and if you won a game like you know 43 and completely dominate the it's a win but if you win a game like last night -- -- -- team always twelve -- Yeah it's it's not always say it's perfect scenario because you know you if you don't happy don't label what you can come in and take a lot of that out of exactly what happens at the NC that we need to play better. Yes yes I -- program referred that they were. All eleven -- I just think. Overall team wise you know you just don't wanna. Play on their level -- some other of the 110 and in his you know who's got a good look at him positive sign go look at a positive perspective. So. Will we don't -- assume that would deliver week. And I mean was that thing was important as we just got finished -- come down to one in his last four games as well as mobile portrait for us. -- like it was an effort thing Audrey the second in the fourth quarter feel like guys because of the score because the opponent any chance that. Maybe it let up a little bit known it was 313 heading for the final fifty and. It could be a possibility. That we will -- find out soon enough. It was his Lexus overall lewis' that was the morning in the field is as you mentioned in the lead and up. As some skin due to any team whether successful successful privacy. Yeah I think last week -- go back to last week. I really can't give this on the whole lot of credit -- for forty -- It was kind of but this week. Lost do you think he did he did a much admitted to wasn't probably a better quarterback. And the -- -- -- a lot of you honestly but that's what you have to do it as a football team to try to come today. Adjustments and and I think it and then lutherans are alarmed yet you know -- -- without him and one of -- and I don't watch a guy has laid out though there wasn't as a positions bit. They normally don't play like that sterling Moore was playing corner and one goes on just and don't want to -- on the whole Cecil floors and that. This team castigate bill adamantly amendment -- he has yet to get stuff for Uga Uga completely Andy's here and it seems to be a problem. There has been losers should by Tuesday in general you know threw her down and -- -- in the long drive. And of him plus -- toward that third quarter that was doubles. Probably disappointed. And and you know you're you're much better as a team playing the zone defense to give up yards right but you make teams make mistakes somewhere along the -- -- usually very well and resolved yet another YouTube is -- up on the -- yesterday went into the parliament itself. When you gotta have this stuff man together even even the guys who started as deep as have trouble. You know holding has stopped and got some catching the football and I according he's he's had a struggles all year. You promised investments and other it didn't come to play I don't know I know this speech again you know you. Speak for yourself -- -- -- and -- How unique is this situation nearly injuries happening NFL right to get new bodies come in all the time. But when you start looking at some of the players -- you talked about Nate Jones company could be does come in India get a settlement playing according that's later planes' safety. Those things probably happened -- teams you've been on before but usually three in nine teams. Not not in 3-D on -- And -- -- teams actually are never experienced this to a mark rooms national forest mean you've seen. Dive there. That power only in the voting in against sign in and started it started. -- -- -- special teams would go off slow ball on help off the pension. But this is something that coaches -- anything. Each individual. We just know that we're back it is the 144. Those have meant in general we just got to get the help the guys that. What makes it different here meant to say is he said you know normally you would see these guys who can't make other nicotine to our practice squads -- starting contributing. What's different here is that the scheme is that the coaching. Appraisal of everything coming you know when it comes with coaching them you need to do that once plugged in film analyze. Players and as though it means constant. Has been in general doesn't look for opportunities off angle coaches can. Find that talent in final -- before to find ways to help book and shouldn't do -- this -- -- Andre Carter joining us another guy -- your defense yesterday Matthew Slater who saw the secondary started out there at the safety spot. He told the media after the game he knew during the weeks -- got a chance to see this guy take reps with your team defensively what it would just see from Matthew Slater I think in -- first game. You know what. A good for executives who want them was. Possible -- of through those. -- -- There you go you -- you pros -- professional about it answer was logos go home equity. You know mostly. Their plan would go like this this one was needles. So. The task is called a. Don't answer that he's got the era -- going against you know announcement Reggie no idea and doesn't Austin I don't so they got me my first game I had to go one place -- that by the looked up and as he brings. You know I don't Torino. Much of automotive based out of ammo for those who don't like I got a couple of some of bad now you know you know it is too yes indeed but overall I think. We talked about. The difference between hearing other places and I think it's just experienced definite -- to. Talked to a lot of guys see when other places and indicated it come back report slide. You know did they don't do this there and I don't know that it did is in the details of this the most detail please. All model at all all buffalo coach you played there are all about farming from the look they have pleased with the full work you know I mean of the woods no view. Six into the origin of solutions is too much and then you can only see that you know we're also in there you -- -- -- -- Jerusalem this is from everything I mean this is. Fundamentally sound team oriented -- -- and though and we hawking everything. Would you ever be put as far as team goes in a situation that you're not prepared than now and I think that's the -- every since every situation could be out there and feel that you guys seem to be prepared. -- sound like you I'm in our state overall. Throughout the week news this powerful opponent we. We we anticipate certain things and call for an sort of scheme that we -- -- These calls are pointed and I mean they want to like gave Phil Jarvis let's look if somebody's -- moved -- only see some. Some two years ago so okay what this program this so let's do prepare for them -- I think there's only rare instances when he was the guy didn't going to a game we. Just and have another -- FC with a got the input into a position where they weren't really prepared for us that position. Failed -- oh this. The produces some guy nobody's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got almost especially in baseball rookies come up for guys that performed well now there's -- nerves as their first game got like nick McDonald writes senator forced to think senator -- first start -- -- -- Has a lot to do with the culture in -- locker -- bill is -- to do -- you look around. You know what's expected of -- and it's a whether it's relaxing and not one let these guys down is it culture in this locker room that type in something you haven't seen. A very I think -- -- the colts are Buffett also just. Haven't trust me trust is always a big deal. And -- -- -- So you know they have -- -- accountability thing is cells specially guys do this you just mentioned. That's -- and OK Erica and I definitely government commercial partners with organizations actually do that might do. You -- it's a pretty good tight ends in the AFC east was looking back at some of these guys -- guys like Jason Witten guys like Brent Celek. The guy like Chris Cooley now we've played win in in Washington. Word is gronkowski rank -- what he's done here in the second year does she fit on that list of the better tendencies. Costly get better and better each and every week ago when when this. We think he can't play all that the same Little -- before he -- finally uses passive before he's he's an amazing player. I mean a bundle is a playmaker and block catch you know it's like a ball in the ozone. I like the guy because he can play and he's he's he's an exceptional talent level of even more because he sounds like it is in. Like his high school keys. -- he just didn't touch at all. You you can you can about it not in any sport. Just. It's true pets in he has the images that it I didn't know what he's doing you know if you miss out and join the game. Imagine you here's a guy there that is sitting here he's young younger young but. And do you have before and as football as -- of the on this slope sport that we played well for me of high school. And you know -- not have one in the wrong business but the utilities in -- he loves the game and -- making plays and just a loaf of it was to me Colombo. Will be a different going back to Washington this week is a -- played for for along time ago to Washington to take on. The Redskins anything different about this week. For you -- -- the weird you know blood. They like to Aruba this is the business -- look at he's old and did nothing like when I left Washington park on good terms. Which is there a part ways. They are headed in that direction and and allows -- in different directions doesn't end you know it's. You couldn't confidently bloc in so doing. They're gonna put up an identical to the idea that. And and out and hoses tools. Great years and chapter is closed which began in the picture now so we've got players. Finally put this performances like on their football games and. I want to ask you step into CDO Jerod Mayo inception yet. Don't feel I see it when it happened I don't let it comical little blow for months. Ago you. I don't -- -- color you -- Begin with this and it puts a tickle him obvious young young linebacker and in the league for a little bit they'll make a name for himself what what is -- like in the few what does he mean the defense and I don't. We always one when he went down you know I could tell he was definitely. Important element to our defense. And and a fire. -- definitely congratulate him for. Doesn't just look at everybody knows that in this business and we all played hurt and not everybody -- don't see it. Mayo definitely exceptional players so you know combat from the little he -- it mostly knee injury. It took awhile to do is conflict through it. It lower extremities and lower -- Hold it what you know he hung in there aren't. Is is is great. And making plays great game. Are always fun to talk some book all you Monday's into Washington go back to Aaron we'll talk next week and put -- in the -- play. It was safety critical is it didn't automatically open affords me who served. -- -- Maybe as they enter and exit Leo what's that lets them. Though you are bound them -- And that and my -- animals I just defensive line patriots defensive player maybe it will replace Dave Andre Carter is here patriots Monday Sports Radio W media.

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