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Bobby Valentine's introductory press conference as the new Red Sox manager

Dec 1, 2011|

The Boston Red Sox introduce Bobby Valentine to the assembled members of the media as the team's new manager, the 45th in franchise history. Valentine is joined by Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington and both discuss the philosophy of the team going forward as well as Bobby V's approach as a manager.

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Thanks everyone for coming today it's exciting day as he introduced body counts as the 45 manager of the Boston Red Sox. Like to take a moment fares to think. The other candidates that were involved in participated in the process. He can dale swain Sanyo -- in your Toro below. And also are other finalists Gene Lamont. And -- select things. Respectively the Phillies. Brewers Indians blue jays. And tigers four. Working with a -- and access. To their guys. The great. Very talented group of candidates. All of from feel will -- would be excellent neatly managers. And in the end very confident that we found the right person in about it -- time. When I started this process. I said it you're looking for someone who cared about players. -- a strong voice. It was willing to have typical conversations with players. Who did collaborate with the front office and ownership. But also disagree and -- -- arguments. The right time. Summoned as a passion for the game -- and is open minded. As someone who wants to win. And based on the -- that criteria. Again I feel very strongly that we found the right person and body down time. He is a native new Englander. He spent forty over forty years in the game. He's had he's managed for parts of fifteen seasons in the big leagues he's been -- World Series of managers want title in Japan. He has an enormous baseball intellect. He's creative is open minded. He is certainly passionate and he badly -- stolen. And I really look forward to working with him. As we face the challenges we have this offseason. And I believe he's the right person to help lead us into 2012. And beyond. Graduation about it. Thanks then on. Well I am. I am honored. And I'm humbled. And I'm. Pretty damn excited. Then. I'm looking around for the teleprompter. And -- don't see when you did one heck -- -- job and it's tough act to follow. But let me just say that. I understand. I understand. How difficult this was. For the organization. Because of that outstanding candidates that we're involved in this process. I understand. The rich tradition. Baseball. In this city. But sports in this community. I understand the great rivalries. That this team France. And I understand the great talent. Has been assembled here. And what I like to do is stake. Then it is front office staff. Like this. Thing. John Tom and Larry. Bird. Giving the blessings to ban on his decision. I think all my friends my family who have supported me. Many of you people out there who. Said a kind word or two do allow this -- happen because this day. Special day. And it's more than a special day. It's the beginning of a life. That I think is going to. Extend beyond anything that I ever thought of doing. That talent that the players the talent level in the players that we have. In this organization it I think kids. Is a gift to anyone. Economic receiver of that yet so. Any -- they do. And included do this man and I really hype. Really and truly appreciate. This opportunity. We're gonna open up now for questions for Ben and Bobby if it raise your hand and -- -- the microphone if you could please state your name in your affiliation. Johnny Damon affiliation please. Anemia what WP deeply you bought and but I'm sure you read -- about what happened in September with direct how important is it. It changed capitalist culture and what can you do to change. Well you know something. Happen at September. That I wasn't involved. In I didn't see it firsthand. He would. You know I think that. Reputation. Is something that other people think. About you in right now maybe this group of guys. Have a reputation that's not -- it because everything I've heard about the players that we're in. The uniform last year in the coaching staff says nothing but they had great character. The end there might have been a couple characters that kinda. Got out aligned it might and situations that got spinning to test I don't know because I wasn't there but I detail that. I'm looking forward to working with this group and establishing a culture of of excellence. -- different. Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston Bobby during years. It is as a as an analyst for serious and sometimes during those games here you articles let's talk players. What's -- -- dynamic -- -- like for you to this now mean those guys. Well you know -- I see one of my pluses here when my colleagues here from ESPN and and as I was given thanks got to give thanks ESPN for giving me the opportunity. To be an analyst. And part of that job. As analysts. Is to be critical. In. I believe that. If some people heard what I had to say he and took exception with it I get that. And I'm looking forward to the time when it's not a conversation that they're really here. From me making a comment and -- on television or conversations can be won round one and I'm looking forward to. Talking to the players being with the players communicating what I think. Should be done there could be done and I'm sure they're looking forward to communicating with me to tell me that. It's OK to have an open Spencer did. 22 to between pitches. I mean her intent of media and I'm certainly have some holes with a pitching staff and decide what to do with the outfield where's your first -- newspaper's decision is starting to fill that roster. Different towns -- its market. It first decisions manager. If I don't. Yeah we're we're continuing to work on building pitching depth. Wolf you know done a lot of work respects. Talk a free agents and teams get a feel for. The landscape in the market this winner there'll be additions that pitching staff. And as I've said we're. We would like to. At right end compliment. Some of bounce out. Bounce up the lineup a little bit so we'll continue to work on those things -- it certainly next week in Dallas will be an opportunity. That and that stuff will further. This one's for -- poppy rich keep 98 by the sports up. What do you think of the best role hurt Daniel Bard. Well. I have no idea in. Ben and and -- Mike Bryan and -- and I discuss some of the but the players. And there there are rules and in their potential and their abilities. But I think this is all going -- evaluation of product progress and -- can practice it and all I know is he's really talented pitchers. And he's gonna help us when a lot of game. Stand on the left. Dan Shaughnessy Boston Globe this is -- -- Ben what do you say to the notion that this was not your pick. You pick was elsewhere in the -- overruled by ownership. This is not true. We. You know we went through very thorough process. We talked a lot of candidates -- did a lot of research and a lot of candidates. At the end of the process. I made a recommendation to ownership I believe it was sometime Monday. That we are for the positions body and we did some time in his later or Tuesday morning. And you accept it and that's the truth is that collaborative process. Ownership. As they -- as they absolutely shed was heavily involved in the discussion about all the candidates. John Tom and Larry medal met the finalists. And our baseball ops team is Bobby mentioned Mike is right on -- and two assists and the end Allard Baird who's not here today. We're involved interview process. There's a lot of discussion amongst those people. About all the candidates and ultimately. I made a recommendation ownership on Monday to off the -- about it. Kevin -- it's a popular here. Gregg coaches can. Kevin -- in New York Post. -- you're against the Yankees in the same city what's it gonna be like. Facing the Yankees in the same division how excited -- you -- that challenge. I'm really excited. You know six times -- seasons a little different than 18:10 -- season and I know the Yankees always. Have a team that did you have to. Have your best foot forward when you're playing I think it's gonna be exciting. And what what I enjoyed most of the last couple years now. And ESPN where those games because the players. Taken so seriously and and it was going to be able match him. And says. That could be the best team that wins but the team plays that. -- People from the left. There won't start New York Times. Then for you. What when did you first meet Bobby was it during this process. And if so. Was it was -- the actual the lengthy interview that kind of won you over toward it. Met body earlier in November centers is their first week in November. And had had a couple our conversation. Talked about the job talked about baseball talked about -- popular players. Is an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit I was impressed. Their conversation. In and we we later interviewed him formally. With with the rest of baseball ops team. He knows ownership knows little bit later. In November. We made a decision. I made I made a decision on Monday to recommend its ownership -- the body. Up until even through last weekend. You know I was doing research and thinking and just I guess my style to. Take a lot of time in. And the -- in the process. And it it that. Probably extended that process out a little bit. So I was very impressed about me when I met him earlier in November we were certainly impressed by them during the interview. And then after the interview. We did more work on it and deliberated and ultimately. Recommended that we often. Gordon left. -- -- ESPN plus Bobby your former general manager with the Mets Steve Phillips has done a number of interviews recently. In which he took ownership. War. A lot that went wrong in the relationship with you -- wife worked together with the Mets he said it. A lot of it was his spot but he also said. My sense is he probably would look back and say he meaning you party. I would have done things a little bit differently or is this a little bit differently -- that a little bit differently are there things that you would have done differently in what -- -- I certainly hope so but you know to take all this time that we had which is very valuable time in delve on the past I think it's. It is is not productive you know what I would do differently is that I. Would hopefully learn from mistakes and it if that is anyone in the room hasn't made a mistake. You can raging in and I guarantee and -- one in the room was made as many mistakes as I guess. Ian I think I learned from most of them. I think probably the one thing that we all know is that. You know things get spinning quickly and when they get spinning quickly sometimes. You know is this. They get out of control and I think that's. Basically what happened but in -- one thing that Steve. Probably mentioned that date goes on look that are notices that we had some great years together. From minor -- times through that Major League -- in. Those are things I remember. You know on the right. But -- Ian -- from mlb.com. You know how much. They're actually that happened with with the players -- -- before spring training that you plan on this thing about you guys talk on the phone and how much of that is you Clinton. I'm planning analyzed in with -- help them trying to. Orchestrate. All of the above. -- couldn't reach out an opponent and the other plane. I'm hoping that. A lot of kind of we station's skin. Be done before spring training and then have them continue to bring spring training entering the season I mean there's not going to be a phone call where it is. You know going to be. Anything it's that necessarily resolved you know I don't have they. At ten commandments. Baseball out of every site of the guys are not going to. You know. Asked them to dinner every Thursday night but I think that is going to be continuing conversation so -- can get to know these guys. Individually so that. I can hopefully put them together collectively. To be the championship team that this town desserts. -- wins here on the left it Bobby I don't over here you the lights are bright. Dan -- too -- to be BZ TV just went in this process that you start to get the feeling that yes I would like to manage again. And -- how prepared you well mentally and physically for this job for Terry Francona sales and over again it can be very difficult job. Well I believe them. Prepared physically. I'm trying to wrap my head around it to data to. As we all do and when you say something to -- to appearance as -- allies coming right now but that's that the case I I -- -- To not engage myself. In in this. Day. Because. It won't be heartbroken. I wanted this. From the first time. I heard the job was opening and I'm sitting next ravaged. -- And he said well maybe you could be that the manager and I said. I don't know. And during the process which was a long process and the beginning of November 1 week we first met. I would wake up at night thinking here's a chance of men say. Don't go there you you're you're gonna get your heart broken so. Mentally. My -- OK it's just that I need a lot more information and I'm going to spend the time and spend time. With Mike in and Brian -- with a video man with the players on this team. With anyone who could give me information before. I get in uniform with a group so that I feel I am mentally prepared. For the. -- for the season. You're right Mike. I've Mike Michael Bay -- Boston Globe and just wanted us to that end of how how much will you rely upon. The staff that is presently here and can you speak to the composition of the staff and what you would like to see. There's that group there's been reports that you'll -- doctor's name is surface you know that we've got it. But be a possibility it and it's at a remote possibility or is that something you considered. Bill Buckner was my college roommate. He's been a friend for years we played together with the Dodgers we played together in the Dominican Republic. I liked his kids grow up and I respect his every opinion and in baseball and in worldly matters them. Whether or not Bill Buckner would be on this that is. -- Decision that Ben and I won't talk about her anyone else is gonna be -- step and I talked about the find out the right. Composition of -- staff hand it's not about friendship. And it's not about who was here in the past it's about. Who it is they can do this specific jobs that need to be done who it is that it will communicate the information that I need communicated to me. And who it is they can communicate. To the players in their respective fields. Best and if it's -- or someone else we hope to have them on the staff. -- left Brian left Bobby. I'm Brian McPherson Providence journal to follow up on the top touched your interactions with the players a little bit kind of what goes into the process and how long DC taking to learn. I guess both their style as players the more. You know what it's what sort of leadership it's gonna take in which case if the -- back that's -- and whether the reputations warranted that we're talking about before. Well I I think that done. You know his experience is something that you can't teach and it's also something that's really downplayed a lot in in the world of baseball. But. One of the things that I have been able to experiences. Thousands of conversations. Some of them that went really well. And see an album. Weren't ones that I wish I never me. And never had. In I've learned. I think how to. Communicate with guys talk with them understand them. And it's it's it's not it's not magical. You know it's not like you say something and you get an answer and and you know what button to push it's a ongoing process. The guys needs. Are ever changing. And individual's needs are different. Okay so it's it's not one size it all fits all and it's not old this is the way it last night but it's a collective. Experience that you bring to the table to try to make the best of the situation. Tyler took the right. Yet but atlas of Tyler Kempner near times. A lot of us remember you very well from. That days for the Mets but he got a lot of experiences over the last nine years. How do you think you have. He faltered or changed as a manager from what we all remember those days. Can I I wish I can't. Saying I have this checklist of improvements that I I -- -- And things that'll never do again. But I haven't written them down. But I can tell you that. Eight minutes into the Internet that six year period and in the wanting. You'll you'll learn I think when you're a foreign country and mentioned -- the Ben and Larry. Is that you have to keep inspecting what you expect. That the words aren't enough because sometimes. There miss interpreted sometimes they're misunderstood. Because. You're speaking a foreign language they're speaking through an interpreter well. That goes for me -- particular one I'm speaking to an English. Native English language native sometimes misunderstood do so I have to inspect to see if they've really got what I meant. And I think that that's some some way that I learned I think that. In New York especially at the beginning. I'd like to say it and figured everyone heard it. I don't believe that's the case. In it any longer and I think that you have to continue. To. Either -- -- say it differently to make sure the message is his receipt. -- into the right. Hello Michael Silverman Boston -- Can you describe for us your philosophy about abusive. It can't Saber metrics and also collaborating with the front office and doing your job. I think it's most exciting. Growth period that I'll ever be in two people who experience. New information in and advanced metrics it might -- Workplace now when I was in Texas. We had as the savior attrition if you will on staff Craig right it was a wonderfully. Talented. Bill James disciple actually. But at that time. I wasn't ready for it nor was I think the world -- baseball. Two. Actually make the numbers applicable. To the dated -- managing the game. I tried to. Continues it is the concept through new York and into in Japan but. One of the exciting parts of this situation is that I know the information. Is available to me Ian. That information has to be tested Gideon. He has to be digested with the other information that I get from my years of my guys in my experience. And hopefully it's going to be able eager to take some pretty good results but. It's it's exciting I think it says it every day process. And I think it's going to be a learning process for me. -- over to the left. Bobby Alex -- with WUPI dot com. You mentioned earlier we're talking about September of that reputation sometimes exist whether they're realistic or not. Meant what word that's often described used to describe used in polarizing. And I wonder what you make of that description of view whether or not you think that that's accurate if so why in for then I'd be curious to hear your assessment of you know kind of how you guys assessed. Obvious personality and and how he would mesh with with this environment. Yes it you know polarized things -- tough club from. I mean I've had a lot of students helped me so I can't I can't describe them all and it won't even dependable but again it's about. You know reputation matters -- character he end. I think people who know me. -- take the time to get to know me understand -- and have some qualities in my characters that are okay. I am not the genius that. I hurt people referred to -- yes. I am not the polarizing. Guy that people refer to me about the monster in the pre expired -- -- people have referred to me yet but public volume of regular use being with -- your feelings and regular. Attributes that make me. What I am and I think some problem. As I've been told by people who know me are okay. So I don't welcome polarizing there any of those other things. It's just -- idea. Right. I've Bobby welcome to town like -- completely Shiite arc. I guess along Alex's same lines do you think you're gonna have to manage your personality any differently here. To get along battling with the players but the front office. Well once again. The players. In Boston. I think he's going to be twenty fight individuals who are going to be wearing Boston Red Sox uniforms. The front office. I think in these matters that that -- and his staff that are based poll people. Who -- individuals. That if I have to manage up differently or managed down differently these individuals and on dealing with a little work my butt off to do. But -- again I don't think doctors. One thing to do them you know either the same or differently I'm looking forward to this this is a challenge of getting you know -- -- The figuring you know. Who and what he is getting to know aging Gonzales getting to know everybody Carl Crawford every person and his team. So that I could feel that I'm part. Of their team. They're not part of MIT. I'm going to be part of Ben's group and work with him and for him I'm going to be part of Justin's crew there. The Boston red sex -- group to work with them and Florida. And immense challenge this is an easy stuff. In it and in with all due respect to New York. I can't imagine. That it's the use any tougher place to be good. At what I'm going to try to do them here. In -- did a remarkable. Ultra. -- fabulous job from viewing him outside. And watching what happened over his tenure you could do nothing but tip your hat. In a hole. That you could replicate some -- wonderful things. That he was able to accomplish. Heidi in the front. Caddie what in new England sports network. And -- now that you have been named the manager of what is your first order of business. In it after this press got. -- -- -- To make a schedule. It says scheduled how to talk with and meet with. Players on this team to. Get my schedule right for the winter meetings so that I can meet further with men and Mike -- -- and the baseball people. Into view as many hours of video as they possibly can to start to know. That Slater. As a mechanical. Being so that I understand them. As as their swing goes their runs goes -- throws and throw votes. Ireland I would -- first ordered visits to get to work work hard. -- -- -- -- -- Two quick questions -- Difficult was the decision to leave ESPN -- and secondly. You do so many things. What at 61 motivates. You now attitude and managed the reds. It's. Real tough to leave ESPN. And that might sound sarcastic but I think that if viewer poll the other 29 Major League managers and asked them if they'd rather be managing. A rather be the host with Carl ravaged in the analyst on Sunday night baseball a guarantee of more than half of them would pick that -- ESPN -- Okay I guarantee that. What motivates me. The desire to be excellent but it desired to do something special every day that I get a I just want to do. Something good and then -- motivated. They take two more questions Gordon. -- -- -- Courtney -- in -- and this is for -- that you listed all the qualities that make lobbied a great choice. For the Red Sox as manager why was he on your original list of candidates. We felt that. Because of the position is then they ESPN. Those are forming at public -- army had. And it's not a little bit about. My own style it was -- and take it you longer than I was hoping it would when I first started. It's including him in a public way at that point. Might be. Might be difficult. Fair for everyone involved. And then. You know like I got to no matter in that first meeting again back in early November. And that's when I really start -- work on. So the combination of those two things and -- -- he just made sense we we felt it made sense to. Once we decided to use can be included in the process made sense thus it. Included a public formal sort of way a little bit later in the process. Final question can. A -- off Tuesday. But -- That. That's what Gordon does that but I'll also pick up -- it outset sterling. Assessing be in the -- Questions about personality. With respect our club house right just assessing how we function. Of the -- well first of all -- third there's more than one personality. To it. Will work. Whether it's Boston. Anywhere. There's some things that I I think are important. Two demands of the Red Sox and I think you have to love the game but he clearly does. -- have a passion for doing passion for excellence -- -- as those qualities. The have to as they said it the other qualities those looking for -- to -- that of those. But there was no specific personality that we set out to look for their qualities Cecil for. Experience became. Much more important. To me anyway and I think to the group as we get further deeper in the process. But there's no particular personality and there is no particular personality. I think you need and thinking need a lot of those qualities. In his body said. Yet you're on the work really hard at it and make mistakes get up the next day and keep order and.

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