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Terry Francona discusses his post-Red Sox career options

Dec 1, 2011|

Tito talks about the possibility of returning to managing in the future. He also chats with Glenn and Michael about how managers get into the media world before eventually returning to the game of baseball with a different perspective.

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-- the big show -- shortly Michael -- were broadcasting live today from Mohegan Sun right outside cutting wishes that the custody restaurant. And special interview here with Terry Francona reaction after the to do it we have the contest all summer long and you winner of that would Tito and. You know it's amazing he's doing interviews and that I'm used to seeing you know somebody PR person come by the blow you away yours all -- round. Not Uygur Roland solemn hymn which included either -- -- -- I don't buy the house and they forget mail me. Get ready for other leftovers she left me alone yeah. Another manager -- yeah. I'll call you -- It's a hospital alone. That's like fail way to review of you who have the -- -- you more than John Cornyn like. -- -- and -- -- I mean my goodness that. That's that's. Some of the hard stuff notion that people that their friend's grandmother always going to be friends are friends. There are Red Sox -- their friend so we need to opening day you're gonna do broadcasting -- you're gonna get the job even with. Fox -- ESP and we know that. So they have to sit and watch this team you've spent about eight years here. How emotional that it -- go -- to be. Brutally also be really difficult and I hope it is. Because what it ends up -- is reinforcing how I feel about the game and hopefully down the road. You know if somebody thinks that they feel if you want me to do it again. They I'd be better example like he has ever to do stuff you wanna be better so what miss it hurts but I think it would help. Michael and I had this conversation the other day you what happens when guys go from managerial job coaching jobs into the broadcast Booth they get better when -- Smart. I answered I don't you don't have a lot of good your decision to bring you say if you're wrong you move on and -- different but -- but ordered another game but I think -- general managers. Look toward those guys I I don't think Bobby delta has this job that he's not work at for years the last couple years I ideal and actually think there's part of that it is is true. You know not give your all wrong -- it's probably not good but I think if you haven't sought to say in and say it. At least somewhat intelligently. It probably does help to that we were rattling off names the other night of guys came back and got jobs. After the had been out of the -- for years because they were. In all sports yeah god if that is the ultimate basketball and again if that's the way if that's correct this goes which together to Jensen and I I think I'd definitely wanna stay in game -- of the game it's and its I don't have been accused of not knowing it but it's all I doodle Monica. That's an advantage in Boston everybody if Bobby Valentine's gonna find out to. I know people think you heard people say Smart -- imaginative most of he's gonna find out he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Atlanta after Nevada comes with a terror we're gonna happen and get a lot -- starting at 530 that are. And -- but that's just part of it you bet the Waco where actually actually starting at 7 o'clock all the car sometime in April. -- drivers want him to where to start off. Small ball bobbing your little bit differently if I don't I don't you allow -- -- and I know enough of metal baseball. But can you go to Vegas and put that down that Johnny Miller is an African curricula and I thought I. Did that pretty crazy weird things like small point you looked at the lineup that you. People were constantly referred us mobile I think it. I think most of the beat writers do this I was for a pretty open I think to answer questions -- why did you not want. Because might have up and answer -- on me yeah but the same time. -- again I just think it's gotta be careful what you get older. You know -- in the -- of the older people were like. You know they don't want -- sixty -- -- talked about it wolf you know what you're ninety either your 2008 reps ought to work we're gonna run more runs. It'll we always tried to do. Our team in the best position to win. What you got guys like Ortiz Ramirez. Personally wanted to hit. And heels and and yours law would make it doesn't put too that that's just the way. Talking about David Ortiz and we all remember him or union to that press conference. Because any problems you just last year. That wasn't a problem for me he didn't do that to be disrespectful. To me. Well what it did snow. Is a guy in the contract year that's probably thinking. More. A while some of these stats that he maybe has in the past that now the clear indication it very upset. And you know it is that we had some guys on our team when -- younger or older veteran. That may be that sort of thing crept into the equation more than -- That's probably weren't you here I would think David Ortiz. He's going to be in a position make a lot of money to arbitration. But for him he would be Havel. More peace of mind he had a multi year contract that probably would have happened to be at a -- account. You know I I don't I don't doubt that and again David that if we gave to back he's not he's far from the these he's a wonderful and I still talk to David a lot. But he -- and that shows the frustration creeping -- and that's just it's another -- so not a red flag but it's a reminder. Mean you know my antenna one up after that they have like we have talked this guy goes. This is not at this -- look. And we had a debate the other thing we're talking about David Ortiz and how that does. I guess the difference between management's take on what he's worth and the players taken a contentment. Think like a player very fired up when -- hear about the market player doesn't wanna hear any of that stuff. For David Ortiz you think you're 2004. Carriages championship in 2007 I got you there that McCullough that look look at all the things I've done for this organization. -- be almost like. Maybe lifetime achievement and management says I don't know the market -- 78 million dollars worth for a for a DH and that's what gonna do I thought. And that again you and -- -- full player. I mean it when a player starts realizing that they're not as good as they used to be they're done I actually thought I was group that. Like number pump trouble or. One of the Q1 might think I'm crazy but Patrick -- a popular area well. That's not a good thing players have bubble being used car sales -- when he went armor but apparently get somebody out. Ownership problems their responsibility keep that team together not just now what for the future I thought fields. Like yours and most people in that regard he had the ability to see it now. So you go forward and when he explained that the players this is what he really got around. I I respected so watch how he would talk to players he would tell the truth. And some thousand wasn't easy message and I rule respective -- -- what is it gets to read it that last year was I mean David. He was good at a block -- pulled out because David but can I do gigs ever bought it -- Still to come out right now Albert and he's upset about all the concerts and I mean you tell the truth and hope that you know it's a long year. Mean that was one thing that happened but it's an indication that there were some -- could -- remember when when we signed Carl Crawford the first thing field -- Was make a phone call. To. -- you but if oracle. -- -- Jacoby Cameron J. D. Drew Cameron sorry to camp with an isolated that maybe we will -- -- -- called him right now. And I also over when he Hitler Cameron go except that office and he spoke to him. And number of the while if I wish I have been treated like that technical field so he said it would wouldn't it be without. The -- Just completely honest here but with some respect. And that's not an easy thing to always do. And I mean if they get it it's county -- just beyond smoking -- a lot of emotions going on -- of slavery seniors and you tell them to let him go. And and I've just revert to their thank him. While. Probably. When you go do this broadcast we're talking about it does set the stage I think for your next place of the one. How honest can you need money here. Bobby Valentine right now is gonna face a couple questions of people because he's gonna that I -- property. You know criticize the fact that Josh Beckett to 35 seconds and said that. Major League Baseball should investigate a half a rock. How honest and frank can you be in the broadcast knowing that ultimately vehicle for you. Get back in the managerial position well I don't I would do anything more could -- I mean my goodness I mean a lot talk about wasteful and you guys but room enough. You start doing going now look what it certainly get excited. That the media crush people. -- -- that their way to be honest and be respectful I I think if you can always hope these people this because we have a responsibility to. Mean they probably come up with things that aggravated me but if they were hard work and that was -- responsibility. But if you could write so virtually something. And the person could be in the room and hear it. And kind of think well. You know. More than. It's probably okay but I just think that being respectful doesn't need to be honest. Published this deal with the media and social media changed the way you had -- -- people forget. Not only -- you managing the team which you're managing 25 guys were here at all sorts of as Bill Belichick calls it noise. From the out outside and now it's instantaneous. With the Smartphones and it's out there. And what somebody says something and about three minutes later everybody's got to figure and an officer at that store. Yeah you know what it ends up and especially. Boston. Which New York the same way you spend a lot of time. Not doing baseball's them. -- academic that was south on the field working with the first race. That's my passion that's what I love and you spent a lot of time in trying to keep that atmosphere with the players to play the game and he gets Parker or. I wanna do one thing known to one phone call. You right here this is Terry in the back then -- in the picture I carry. Normally it or break. Always Bruce hornsby localized I'm totally. Rip rewritten or seeing more response from Boston and let me or or you -- me -- -- Speaker William Arkin group while we develop part. -- -- workers all you'll pick up -- -- -- kind of the next four hours you'll be just fine. And copy impeccable rap beat you with a request for rock he's going to be really felt the group. One by one of my funniest men of reason these guys though that is is in the winter I was driver and it wasn't during the season. And I was driving down the street down Walston. And I hurt myself talking. And as I'm listening to myself pocket of the what a -- laughs I would never say that. I couldn't remember saying and it's like also I do something like that I did it finally dawned on me there was this guy. Yeah well I don't know -- to -- yeah I gas up I don't know. So what what what happens to your act now here Terry in the back then you're done. Well a bit going to be a little -- now remember you know it when I get you know battle -- -- -- -- little person broke open Pristina and I'll play important intervals. Like I'm playing pretty. I think he's good it's hard not to laugh. We actually had you don't sound like I'll be all subtle subtle way. He'll Red Sox -- that he can do -- to really are really all you need to -- our blog -- -- like he's solicit your scalp. -- what -- you right click here to do everybody in the fraud in the office he is in these relief flood zones. It was better -- area and have backed mayor or ami owned -- in the office. Well again I haven't heard ferry them back male lot but. He's obviously -- but he thought if I thought I was pleased I can tell you this we have got and I thank you. Terry for the exactly how many players have we got we got -- Monique and I don't know I don't Wu an election will are you don't know. What one more guy we've got -- hard. I can't tell you how many guys we put him on. They thought we view anorexia conference. Thanks a lot I don't think it was illegal. May not be morally politically and we'll -- -- Iran or no that were arguing whatever. It is an immigrant work. I thank you Terry. We're gonna we're under that. I gotta go now they haven't given him any severance don't know how that I. Operatives he ruined the whole guys that he's the victim comedian all the guys I think on the roof religious don't know it's totally destroyed -- like the MBA got to go on strike to -- of the data -- -- cut the ripple effect. And it's. This response and I'm looking forward to heaven Jennifer it with you and I got to ask you this question will you watch this press conference that but there. -- very honest you know it depends how -- do on the blackjack table but. If I'm moving on I'll probably come back and watched. I wasn't you know these guys you know literally overnight you you don't Francona right here of the -- show.

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