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Former Boston manager Terry Francona on the in-house Red Sox problems

Dec 1, 2011|

Terry talks about what he learned while managing the Red Sox and the medical issues that seemed to plague the team in the last couple seasons. Tito also talks about the chicken and beer in the clubhouse and whether the story coming out bothered him.

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They -- broadcasting live down here at Mohegan Sun today right -- outside of the Tuscany the restaurant or late Polly Tito Francona our special guest -- you know with the -- here -- and coming up tonight by the way. He was on yesterday. And who betray remember I don't remember now up there -- he -- today as a homage to you he's given a privilege. Given -- you know I. I'm running third down. He's he's now with cars because he's so good that no doubt that -- that sounds more like it's a remarkable on something else you know it's funny because I mean obviously it. He's so what one of the most special. Not players. There might note that but people lot of and it's funny because we work clothes. What you want. Whoever PD -- or next in this case Bobby go -- That men go into there's nothing not to like buses you -- -- this -- is one of the most special. Players of people who have never been rounded it was a privilege to -- and act like it's not will be silly. That you you can follow -- managerial search mostly it's not anything -- unit. Not when I cannot while. Well what the Florida that I started interviewing in Saint Louis and -- through what money in my business you know them. It was still a little bit fresh little bit raw. If it wasn't that healthy for me. So you have to any opinions on Bobby Valentine is better to the Red Sox and has been -- Bobby Valentine at all. I don't know I mean I I managed to get to what is the -- when I was a young man to with the Phillies it's probably not. My place to happen and -- -- -- just left for obvious reasons like -- -- directory years. You know it. I will say this I have so many people -- -- -- while the Red Sox. It all means you can't just spent eight years your life here and then walk away and not care what those people. -- and that -- left. With my feelings are a little bit sold probably -- but the most well enjoy it now say I don't have -- and take over your. Okay that's gonna happen if you don't you're not right here in little ignorant -- all working under -- -- -- right where you don't have through which you know me well know that that's probably not now. I -- you know all. I love talking about baseball but. I just don't feel like that. And if you recognize and -- you spent eight years with the Red Sox but you felt like. You know these Red Sox here on Leo's gone we have been and you know then beaten but it seems like the the structure. Of the organization has changed is that with the departure -- and departure of -- Why and I think probably more with with feel it give you the managers can do his thing. You know the old. Ran the show baseball and you know they have they have everything covered. In different areas by different people and there's no doubt about that when you were there that the deal with. We're -- -- we left the organization for a lot of make -- -- -- -- I -- I would -- Leoville we I -- you always to enter the field. And doctor -- had run something's up like apple but to some. Big money things but. It was it was easy for me I knew where to go all time. You know if it appears now Ron Paul won it from -- That maybe that's a little bit more dispersed I don't know if you've probably never really know what through their -- I'm did they ever get in the way of humanity and that they ever come down and say. -- that we should do it this way that would pop up this lineup bowl or did they ever say to you we need this kind of -- as we need to deal this guy. You know what. Say it like -- -- like that. Mean if the deal had something he needed to do he would say this this'll help -- -- about a war that I do like to see if we want shall teams some guys. Market -- -- don't know if you only wanna help. -- There was there was a lot of communication through the years I'm sure there were days in August -- it was hot. I would probably crappy that may be some of the things that didn't bother me a week before -- that's human nature. But to sit here now when it's over and to say I didn't appreciate what happened would would be disingenuous. Of me I I wanted. Information and and as we got to know to that they do what I wanted. And they were good at and I rejected it always come from Theo -- -- Larry all I don't know I never hear anybody else involved. John which is what famous for his late night emails. Do you and everybody at the NFL he worked out but all mean we weekend when your three years to -- -- pressure in the owner of the team suddenly sending you an email. Navy saying why are we doing this this way. I don't know what pressure is always I actually encouraged him. Tuned it yet but on his mind don't sit on it because that that help. What you call again. I was comfortable -- for miles you know why I was gonna do what I wanted for what I thought was right but I hope my with the open enough to listen. If you don't wanna be stubborn to a fault how much was Larry involved in the baseball in the upper. But we don't mean altering what he'll repeal interview but not not much -- I imagine some of the guys before you talk about Alex core. And it gave counselor. Eric -- You think. This Red Sox team needs more of those guys. Next year of it if you're not all those guys I don't was the star right I think with the Red Sox all of we're we're bench guys. What you pointed out there's that they were important parts of. Process you'll Michael that's a fine line and then -- say that is. You're trying to put teams together Boston where you know that obviously there -- people are -- -- -- good. And then if something goes wrong with one of those every day guys -- want -- -- that's good enough to step in the Bill White but they got a handle not line. So it takes kind of a special person in public like the guys we just talked about Sean Casey. Alex Cora gave cap work okay on the looks like JP couldn't handle. Could get to it might be to be a tremendous and -- he fit the mold perfectly Thabeet could handle. And what you want it's hopefully the guys are -- if you do find those special guys not only do they not cause problems but they actually enhance your team. But finding those guys. Isn't the easiest thing. -- pitching do you think Major League team. Need to this day any especially with the special legislation we have with both. Initially nobody talks about the starting five and yet in the end it's the teams that have a 678. Maybe even niners and the seem to be successful Indian. And I think everybody knows that okay now find did that way to do that -- bodies and we we tried to do with weight we basically told wake. You -- -- probably starter number six. And we envision you're gonna get a quality start we can't tell you how with -- several low ball veterans at seasonal sometimes when you have younger guys in the in the organization I think that's part of the reason and campus should be commended. They have some of these young pitchers coming up. They can insert them into their rotation but they're not a veteran where there they're disgruntled. They're a young guy -- -- excited about -- this start so if you have some guys at the triple -- level that you could duel with really helps. Do you think this team. You know you what 89 games in in two count him in ninety games and what eleven is this team. Do they need to pick a step back a bit and got to -- -- you think this is 889495. Win team that just me. -- I think it could be bored I'm really and you think about again their core right while your -- well bulk you don't know. You'll know him in December for -- what the final teams can be -- the Red Sox are always gonna. Going to spring training. Being ultra competitive that's never gonna change. You know they're always gonna you know -- responsibility cubicle -- -- and the competitive that. -- they'll attempt again like kind of go back to August 31 the team looked pretty good. Pitching completely. Whose fault -- you know it just didn't allow us to win. So again if your. If you pitching stays healthy enough and productive but that was about office -- yup that's a policy consistent but there was an -- officer for sure. Why is it we've seen. Josh Beckett -- absolutely brilliant for long stretches. And then something seems to go haywire is -- all physical. -- all -- all but I do think with Josh. When it is physical. It is you can get the way of him mentally. That's why we would always what's -- what happened was back. Or like you slipped on the mound. We would thoroughly checked him out because he was such a better pitcher when he went out there completely feeling fearless. And in effect I think it did -- the mentally when there was something does it feel -- -- -- -- completely debate. They'll be like that I can be -- yet I just mean you didn't get the better Josh. And I thought it was always the back of his mind like all under my shoulder while when he would go see doctor Wright Andrews -- answered -- -- can you come back in her abilities fire. So a lot of it does but they get -- I think a lot of I don't like that. Yeah it it it's good to see you. I think with that with the Red Sox and it sounds so obnoxious thing. Haven't won a playoff game since. 2008. Who. You know run rise up organizations. Love that about it in 2008 guys went to the net sales yes. Yeah -- and were we were -- Beckett or bleak from. Fellows brought up when have been the best -- -- we will beat up in you know we have to us flips there's got to be some perspective. Right now at a hard -- to an answer -- get the Red Sox it can happen wanna work playoff game since 2008. People think you're gonna be tank that's typical of earlier I'd be shocked if they treated Jon Lester I'd be shocked if -- traded I've buckled but. -- -- I wouldn't be surprised if things that make some changes in Beckett goes to be surprised. If they treated just like what I I don't know what they're thinking is become an idol wannabes are coming up but I know they're prepared for that and I'm not obviously you know bills. Slight don't know. What if you're asking if I think there needs to be a major shake up. -- I mean this the teams from all four she can always had a way of killing. We have some characters that came through here but the rule prevents during the course of the season where teams acquire their personality. And and the the characteristics of caring about each other especially on the field that for whatever reason this team last year never. Got to that point where we were comfortable enough as a staff where we thought we can overcome -- we were consumer. And it kind of unfortunately played itself out I don't think that we give the -- well there's some really good players but the -- if people didn't technically don't have a closer right now. I think -- you are close do you think your department close to the thing hiding data -- to do -- we want start to I think an important start I think he can close. The hard thing in my opinion and it's probably unfair to the -- is that what he does in the seventh and eighth innings. Covers a lot of losses purple. Because he comes in. And the Jews and and you are an Indian to voters he can get a left him around I mean there were so -- times where our bullpen was. Pretty bare what Bobby Jenks wasn't pitching -- we were guys will be picked up but when we could get to him in the seventy because of the map and covered up a lot of flaws. The whole beard and -- took on a life of its own it was a situation and obviously some players admitted did it. Happened it happened a few times during the course of the season but I don't know how much you saw -- even national it became. The butt of jokes on Letterman and Leno. The definition often did it if you work. Able to turn back time would you have done anything differently to kind of prevent some of that stuff from happening well I mean. It is I think it embarrassed me. And I hope that there's nobody out that respects the game more than. I've loved the game it's been great to me and I care about. And things like that -- make it appears to do respect the game I agree that. Say that. But the chicken thing. I guarantee -- every plot wells in baseball. -- the guys to their old thing there's food whether it's sitting in but the kitchen on the table that's not much of the -- now. Drinking in the clubhouse whether it's available with tiger to you ones is still in my opinion this respect. To respect your teammates I think not being in the dugout as much it is -- the park to bother the -- to tell the guys and retreated. There's going to be April would be if you pitch your analysts on a couch. You're tired you'll get beat up that they worked at that they need in the dugout that same day that our. Pedroia is tired he'd be too little kick in the paint a little bit of support. -- of the things that. This team. That's on about the team. The fact that that'd be out for what Cuba after the season. But -- it didn't seem to be an issue during use and if it would open -- they get -- out of note about it. I mean if it was rampant believe -- Jack McCormick and he's got you know but people there you know Leo it would have. Come to my attention so I think what it was as it was a product of us -- -- think back to old war. Guys through. On -- yeah -- team won now what kind of in theory night in night and keep it collapses and talk a large brilliant. You can look -- exactly. What you did it upset you at all that he -- it out here that that story because it sounded again. Like it came from somebody in his outside the organization. And it almost looked like it was done intentionally well to embarrass somebody might have been to -- you again I don't know. But. Yet he would and in fact Jon Lester holt. Well before you got to do neutered right in his debut with -- and in that he called -- afterwards. Obesity goes if it came out like I just respect and saw a -- on you don't get it. On. Guys these are -- the gather to protect each other. That's what you gotta do. It took a little -- ownership whether or not been and I thought any position to pretty well like he. I'd be deployed by the boss not the first time nobody did -- all -- resources -- Oak lawn and it does feel I actually -- -- particular it's funny to say that because he came about said he was confident that. Iverson to use. At a store which changed slightly. I was with each publication outlet and the story became in particular but. Doll -- you have got an -- known on actually talked about night. And so I know I've never felt that way I was actually pretty proud of him for doing. I think you reps that created by humans have. I had a -- actually they were having a look at what -- is -- -- -- probably funny now but I remember -- day I got thrown -- the fifth -- Walked up in the club house. And was aggravated. And grabbed a piece of chicken -- -- in my office -- Hungary. But hasn't let you know if you're electing somebody you'd never picture at all with the exhibit letting everybody.

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