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Terry Francona on Bob Hohler's article and who could have been the leak

Dec 1, 2011|

Tito talks about what happened behind the scenes for him with the Red Sox during and after the month of September, his reaction to the Bob Hohler article and how he prepared for his interview for the manager's position with the Cardinals.

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Show broadcasting alive today from Mohegan Sun lot of work -- Michael Holley and we have planned this. Along time ago that affected you remember all summer long we and our contest dinner with Tito and -- -- winner who was going to join us tonight for dinner with the with Tito. And little did we know first of all the time that Tito would no longer be the manager when we had the dinner. And the second part of it that we would be doing this dinner on the same day. In which the new manager's going to be introduced at Fenway Park so kind of a -- the czar Dave but we thank you very much. For not saying screw you guys I'm out of here are some -- When this all I was given you too much credit right but you lined this all up. They've got no idea that he had no other and trust me you that's why you guys are ready in the big body off the out. -- only we appreciate you. Biting but you're your original it gimmicky I'm -- that. I was I was expecting this are well know what planet they go last you don't it was you -- -- Patrick I don't that's. I don't know who it was work like that before we -- starter counters with your personal occupy. Mike yeah Adams here doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800 get here. I just read it you know we I did a great product we can set you up if you want -- notices this is like a better doctor for a -- If Jerry sandusky I don't -- -- -- -- in -- -- comfortable around -- sits down and we have and I hadn't voted yes story by -- sandusky. Lawyer -- -- you might be discussed like this is pretty cute it was a bottle -- how we get we got a lot to talk about is we have talked to you in in quite a while a lot of things have transpired since we talked about a started off he did. Terrific job. -- to have fun. You know what yes I did Joseph what they asked me to do it when he asked me up on it great but still pretty great a lot. As time when you know it's like these that he left on YouTube -- announcers on public that it is just talk about wasteful and -- like okay. I was tremendously nervous but they may be sent the like you carefully and then -- -- that would that you pretty good. And certainly it's opening up doors I would think -- upper -- -- it's funny how things work. It actually was it -- -- -- -- inaudible quite worked and and was probably give me an opportunity. Work to think about that I would certainly before -- you're gonna be working in the media. I coming up there's a jail where there's an experience. I come across that line that's not a that's gobble it wouldn't I don't know if not gone over to the darkest definitely gonna. You're you're they would not like -- -- if anything it's not through yet. NASCAR dot on -- got good I hear that in order of the -- -- a good job liberate yourself -- I would be Terry Felder. I how. One that's gonna cost -- really I don't know if strictly you know your name your name came up with. When a couple of things that managerial openings. The cardinals. On the cubs. When I mean how how well it best it where you how entry where you -- with partner job. You know the cardinals. Thing was was too good to pass -- mean when season Mosul -- pretty be you know I mean where you're always beat up with the end of the year you've seen yet the of the year -- Your body had it -- this year it was tough on everybody. The cardinals thing I got genuinely excited they just want the World Series the whole thing blows my goodness knows. They might be the best baseball town America meets its rivals office is different. I didn't adapt either to better do it whenever I -- -- -- whatever city you know but. It was I was genuinely excited. It didn't get the job. Sat back after them thought -- -- -- Chicago with job with the open steal lie and it had talked enough where I think we both while I was the right person for the job. The timing well aware that. I'll probably for a lot of reasons I mean you know -- pretty beat up the hill and I -- to gather. Through the worst collapse he's trying to go to Chicago and bring in this new. You know the -- way in just the timing might not have been right now I think we both realized that. And I thought he was pretty good about while I was trying to get disables Java but just -- a low. You know plane at. Kind of low key and you know not maybe hurt my chances there which I appreciate it. The thing that get more play I think through the fans. And get him more pissed off was the Bob -- story and the part about. Somebody within the organization claiming that you're dependency on taking medication. Was affecting your job when you read that. -- -- Here it won't tell you about that we called dual or international universal I actually thought the spotlight as the -- goes by before and there's a little bit of miscommunication Tuesday I'm not spoken to ball. Because when I'm on the football. I was under the impression that now he understood. Like could've gone -- to talk to. Doctor golden in the world to -- ultimately personality or story so we've definitely got our signals from a little more fun. And I probably should know what it's interesting because. When I read that story on the wow that is whoever it come from that's a low blow. I was surprised. That you can respond wanted to let you respond once it happened yet -- -- -- one -- one. How how do you defend that. You know that that I think the best defense or. Is to just you know what take your medicine and move on -- -- of the -- -- job no pun intended -- -- -- -- let me take a pill for a -- but I mean it's like. You know I mean whatever whatever happened happened. I could live with myself. All of the corporate manager but I do things my way and for seven years in five months of war. The last month everything comic collapse. What I still needed to know coming out and slings and arrows. Is it how I think is appropriate is that come up. On jobs and you'd talk about the cardinals and you are you wanted to -- at all near a bit. You gotta be kidding we all know -- refer to the Boston Globe or there and -- loosened him up probably. Aggravated not accurately complete -- -- on basket to -- the fact that I had to defend myself wasn't -- -- You know who the source forms within minutes -- over the -- percent you have an idea I don't know I'd -- to be honest with you and I'm being honest I never. It didn't matter -- would this mean crap. That didn't get digital wanted to but port do something that it does not think about wobbled through -- -- and all that want empathy. I really don't know I'm not sure but why I don't know that I don't wanna be with the work vindictive. You be keeping active Donald bell and that is pretty good joke I don't I really don't wanna be like that and hold -- -- -- thank you I don't wanna do that it doesn't help. Tito Linda with the work ethic and I. Actually are giving -- but it music in the senate at that little pocket. CI that would aggravate me to know and it it was -- apparently it does it some money. The -- there's the story read it was somebody within the organization so it was somebody beat you worked with may be worked with side by side certainly worked on on a regular basis. And they must have seen something or they just wanted to stick it yet I didn't bother because the people that. No we've -- well. Dude -- what was at the Paper was true. So obviously meant to her. And -- -- -- if there's one thing out probably guilty of was tactic every. It was an organization everybody everybody active and I have players know everybody and I felt felt part -- my responsibility. And even to the point where you know when the last press golfers. I came out and said I take responsibility for this like couldn't get to deploy. I thought OK you know what I'm done here I'll take the responsibility if I'd go away little that I know. I was going to be going away Olympic -- of the summit got -- electro moderate but now I. When it's when it's just that I almost got the feeling that that's exactly what happened here is that you were helping them ease the situation. And that is you're out the door of the saying screw him and they throw it out there anybody said. It affected you in a job that that's true that but a lot of what. Besides what I just told I really don't if I mean that's that's basically how it wants. When you guys have had championship season. It we've talked about this before many times it takes you lot of decompress if that season on it you know even after successful seasons to nine three weeks maybe a month. How about now after after. Not only a season that ended in such historically bad way in the month of September but now you're not the manager anymore what is that been like for you. In the last month month and a half. You know it's got a lot better I mean when you get what are you resign get let -- whole -- -- the comeback however you want -- -- it was pretty obvious to be ended or. You know you're self esteem takes a hit it out of Philadelphia out of here again. I to I'll I took two weeks it went down to Florida. And when I say I swam with -- split -- -- slam ball thing. And and actually -- -- for the singles hitter went there without the dolphins. With hospital and Arnold -- and elements of animals you guys though that probably don't want guidance on safe. But I I I eat healthy. Might be compressed actually spent like six they'd get ready for the single to review. And it helped -- -- dogs we take 23 days. And I took but took about two weeks kind of a funny story I was on the beach just -- And -- -- you don't -- sport views of the majority would have to go to our I told the story the age yes H yes he's like he's -- he's going TT LED and I don't wanna look to -- -- probably Kate. At turn around and -- -- your memorably. I -- what people say that. Like announcing they look familiar -- Eagles proved more. I told you so he's saying we know what to do down here and his wife stand there and it's like to say and you know why why would he spent two weeks down here -- -- -- -- he needs spent two years Akaka. Like you know it's funny because I suggest to Michael earlier and I spent my whole life than most of my life anyways -- I never remember Red Sox manager leaving and the fans all pissed off. Because in most cases it was good riddance to you -- your body here will -- on to the next guy. And up until today where were start see some support for for Bobby don't think -- like anything else they love the team they want to add an eight should. All I -- they want all my -- one -- they -- again I'll probably not the the best person maps. But I mean. My goodness I mean. I would certainly hope that when players get in your -- They're supposed to sleep positive things you know I mean I mean the planters -- me because. I ended. Is you know an awful way that doesn't mean they should -- the Red Sox my goodness but it's very strange that you were. And yet people. Were upset that you -- fight that so I usually just doesn't happen. Especially the excitement that we went and our people and even the right to know that as much as maybe you do. The life I gotta tell you I didn't run to see how we perceive that in doing the manager. And at that point you know like if I got out of town that I thought would be health reform in the probably you know. If you feel like the some of the players when you look at you now that you got the manager do you ever have thought of a protect you -- Good times bad times in between. That you let me down here if you look at any player. Probably a bit I mean the it'll -- everybody has their own style and mine was especially with these guys I've been around awhile you know until the spring training you've owned the rights. -- -- veterans don't abuse it. And you know for like I -- for seven years and probably five months you worked pretty well and if you think back -- on August 31 we have the best record I think it baseball. Wolf couple weeks later when things are not -- very well apply automatically change my style of management. That's him. That's not gonna work of the cloth -- you also again it was you have to live and die with how you feel. And at the end that didn't work and but I can live with the because that's what I believe it. If you don't like that are I remembered it in August 31 and then on September 2 I think he's got reflect nine games you know I tip of the June. I do like market maybe next September this September 10 of the and a that's not -- this is that happening there to applaud if this is that at minimum and then -- -- -- -- happened there. -- members say it's on the field when they were talking as we get every day and I think you'll feel the carpets and was not. You know after we've we've got you know. 678 games -- we will take you to start -- the fourth inning and never receive the refuse to go very good Mike -- hairy it's up but. Lester Beckett won a book ball with a gym and that's all we need. At what did happen and about what goes through but I mean that's -- we get to bar one night yet -- pick up get the Papelbon. You'll -- Constance. When we needed them that's when. If you like the perfect storm. And can I I'll I believe so much and in baseball especially. You have to handle adversity and how you handle frustration. Is a huge part of your success and we were probably the poster child for not handling it. Are you surprised that advocate palpable on and surprised that he's no longer -- -- the technology you look at them money in the Phillies were world about the a lot of money. And a lot of years and I think that probably scares the Red Sox a wolf but I don't think they ever. Didn't think perhaps a good pitcher Mike good it's. That's not the issue without a lot of years in that are in their lives. You're talking about your style earlier and you style was pretty obvious that you protect the -- players certainly in post game press conferences. But we kept on hearing the stories that privately you would deal with the issue individually with the with the players that -- your style. The fans it's interesting after the collapse in September without a lot of them saying this and even more so now with Bobby Valentine comedian. That they wanna hear more negative stuff against the players can you do that is a manager in this unique. Tito especially when you're dealing with players who have got a lot of security to make you an awful lot of money to the -- with security and the managers. And keep a cohesive team can you want them. Well I don't know I don't know I don't want I would wanna try it is not -- styles not how I feel every manager has to be true themselves that's important. I always felt like it was my responsibility to try to have an atmosphere around a ball well -- guys want to do right thing. And when they didn't I want to protect them. Identified so let's say two miles -- -- -- -- -- in my office or call balls I was never an issue that's the place rose more comfortable everywhere. But I didn't ever want to look through the media and I thought they appreciate. With Manny Ramirez was there any time any time during. His time here in which. Came to the conclusion that maybe I need to go public maybe I need to say something I don't know key senators good player on the other hand. Had to be so aggravating and trying to manage him -- -- eight -- -- -- you know the hard part with -- was universal -- he things that happened. There's probably so when that happened that nobody knew about which files -- responsibility. You work so little -- really good at keeping things in our clubhouse. But when things got serious with Manny you always wonder you know is -- -- -- can be the end. You know we get this one spot where we can't come back because they really did seem serious sometimes they were funny but sometimes they work. And and finally winning only when we got that point. It was like the point of no return and have you had betrayed. I think that's got to be that fine line call it used to seeing you so you wanna discipline a player but on the other hand. That guy gonna be able to deal when it. If you have a guaranteed contracts in football the -- to get away with a lot more of that football coaches yet its prestige players and possible could to get to you don't want cut -- you just gotta argue I don't. In baseball. The players look at exit of four years left -- 120 million dollars of my. My salary you what are you gonna do to -- like a write a thousand dollar fine if you could do it right. I agree that's why. Trying to help that out mr. work I'd wanna do the right thing is important and then there's the other thing of we've we've -- guys incredible people. While I was here. I like a half or. Alex -- Eric it's mean it when the manager is out in the club house reprimand me. Which I probably had to do more this year just because top girls gone. Brad -- has there been so I think they -- -- to hear your voice I probably did more assured them of the past. Even though it didn't look like if and you know what would get a player to do it. Not to your shirk your responsibility. But when you have a player. They're considered a good teammate but he made that cares and they carried out messages that goes along -- good teams always have those.

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