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John Valentin thinks Bobby Valentine will be the leader in the Red Sox Clubhouse that they need

Dec 1, 2011|

Former Red Sox player John Valentin joins Mut & Lou…..John spent one year with Bobby, he thinks that if anyone that can come in and handle the media, get veterans on board and mentor young players that Bobby V is the guy. Bobby wont bee too hard on the guys but he’ll be the leader in that clubhouse, where they need one. Bobby’s in-game managing style is knowledgeable and aggressive. Also, John didn’t experience the “favorites” reputation that Bobby has, he thinks that is an unfair assessment of him.

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We'll John it's not -- here in Boston how are you. Very great guys doing all right now holds -- Albuquerque treat it this past year our our our. Pretty good blue route Guerrero radio record I I don't talk to you to believe that now like talk. In -- living applied -- up beautifully especially when you up as a rookie talk too much to -- it shot up more. Now. Expedite that actual conversation that eludes coming up as a rookie you told me ain't that -- doubt it out told them. You know the rookies that they got to know where you know their places you know boom and it is. It will be seen and not -- you know. I absolutely -- -- They've also blog wanted to -- you vote Bobby V and I know you're part of that team and old to. I look collapsed near the end of the year what you've been in this market you know what displaces all about is Bobby be the right fit here. It ought to be honest with you. It's I expect one here with him and and he's here he's a passionate guy. Who compares very very well is that communique here. I really think that it did anyone that can come in there and handle the media. And basically. People the young guys as well as you know I get to the veterans on board. Two to do what they do. I really do think he's got that it can possibly do that. We've heard from a bunch of guys. From the Mets have come out it's been made a mixed bag Johnny got as a con -- maybe not thrilled with Bobby Valentine as their manager and and today. A bunch of players speaking out guys like Al -- guys like Mike Piazza say and they loved the guy you -- there in 2002 can you explain to us. -- kinda how that went down and away that thing was was there at the end. Well it out to be honest with you we at least had some veterans that Wear. Basically at peak at the end of their careers in -- -- -- was having the cup with injuries. He got so obviously it was. Getting a little bit older. Robbie Alomar was cabinet Lola -- -- -- year. You know I was going into a transitional phase sperm from being an everyday player to. A little player -- player. And you know I -- had a next time I'm at our. New York. Big market just like to you know -- stock market. We believe that. He was he did it could stop this partisan communicating coolest what our jobs work. Unfortunately you know obviously. You know it it we didn't have a good year. Now with the way the Red Sox ended the season not people say this team they need some discipline is there. What is Bobby like in that -- pushed too hard to other words for the players kind of push back it's a you know what I'm not doing all this kind of stuff visit does he play that final line. But beyond -- I really think that he's just gonna go in there and -- there and earned the respect to the veterans and as well is. You know. BA BAA clear. I think every ballclub needs a leader I don't I don't think he's gonna push too hard I think he's he's -- from the New York market. That that you really can't do that. That's coming to a big market like the Red Sox I think he's going to I think he's gonna do a good job I think he's larger blocks and but he you know only time will tell. And all I can tell you that he communicated well with with my transitional period from being the starter to eight. -- player or -- player. And you know my experience with it was a good. -- what do -- -- Obama ticket be questions the other is knowledge of the game in game managing. But you said you've been in the game a long long time people that you're different type of player role player and a pension and knowing the way your career is gone now hitting coach AAA eventually probably going to be a big league hitting coach. I'm sure -- kind of almost managing with him what can you say about losing game managing style. Well he's regret you know he's -- -- about what he guards. And buried very -- very knowledgeable about the game you'll hear see if he does. You know you can gain Nanjing has this year but. I think that's fair to gonna have to give them an opportunity to. To manage this team to -- at the ship going in the right direction. And you know basically. Earned the respect to players and make sure they know what they're doing is also released the players who play. And they have to execute. During the game. Doctor John ballots and former red sock informant played for Bobby Valentine 2002 and you're one of the things that the players have said Todd Hundley in particular and and and eight mean she. Played from Japan John talk about Bobby played favorites it and you were there and he said. Everything it sounds like you're talking about you enjoyed your time there but the way to clubhouse was Ron is an affair. That accusation her criticism of Bobby Valentine debt he plays favorites and had a pits people against each other in his own clubhouse. Favorites you know experiences in. I really an experience that. You know -- carrier there are going to be players who are not gonna like it manager. There are going to be players who are active and it's our intern that they want. But you know the bottom line is that you know in the air whenever in the lineup excuse figure quite well. You know. Four -- To judge manager because not playing well. Work he'd veterinarian. -- expect the merit or whatever the I think it's pretty and -- You know the. -- about how would you define a player's manager. The guys communicate. You -- with it. You're someone who who who co Q you all. Someone who. You're gonna tell you what you need to do we know what what's expected of you I don't think like that. Just like joke arrogant but just to that in in my bit. Visit is a hitting coach now triple -- that's an experience with Bobby V any shot coming back -- to Boston bean has got. And -- -- -- -- got a call vote that really don't know. What it would be an honor -- -- in -- it -- this guy. In terms. Of coming in and -- talk about the clubhouse and communication. I thought. Interesting stuff Bob Bobby Valentine John is that you work freest PM last year at at some of these players have heard him criticize. Some what they do -- criticize Carl Crawford batting stance to criticize Josh Beckett. In the month of August for how long he takes. As players a hot how can they -- compartmentalized that put it aside and say -- I was ideas get a couple months ago. Now he's our manager -- the Boston Red Sox. Well you know you expatriates at Seward street I think you know the Gannett. Have to communicate with communicate with each other obviously he's an analyst just like you guys on the radio you guys. I'd point you. You really eager to pick apart. Everything that you can't. But you know I'm sure he's going to be very positive when he comes and be honest with. It's it's a big media base. Is everything gonna go well. Who knows. Obviously your time will tell what their you know the parts you know. Going don't know all the right direction and you know things -- It's interesting John because you hear so many different things and and players come out and and and talking about him. When you put them up against other managers you played for what was that the biggest difference what's separated Bobby. Valentine the most from other guys that you played for the -- All iPad pretty had been managers in in off. During my career at Kevin Kennedy's life and a pleasure playing. As Jimmy Williams -- play well you're playing with. And Bobby is also -- guy who. Well I had good experiences. So. -- I haven't had too many negative marriages you know it's. Well it's gonna be interesting here and it's gonna be a lot of five starts here tonight at 530 and you're gonna continue. Chicken button Albuquerque and we appreciate you breaking down a little bit at the end of Bobby Valentine experienced job. I've got -- John -- and former Red Sox infielder played Bobby Valentine their New York part of 2002 team. Joining us on the eighteenth the -- on his role was. Sleep kind of like a bench almost minute -- manager with Bobby Valentine and note to but he had a reserve role -- he saw a lot of what. Ali went on there but somehow Bobby Valentine managed sat next -- Those guys a lot of experience he came over there and you know he played everywhere for Bob -- come off the bench double switch it's -- but tension here on the bench you know eat eats at times you know you -- -- in coach you gotta think. Like the manage especially nationally can get a thick you don't double switches comment. Who's got a good I think good opinion of of what Bobby -- styles like aggressive like I like aggressive. You know -- that's his whole personality is aggressive you know we'd listen we know the warts of Bobby Valentine. Two year deal as reported right now I like that that was five then you beat a little bit concerned he's gonna come into the right things I -- he's gonna look. Cracked the whip a little bit which is probably exactly what this team needs and appeared yesterday and -- spears piece you know maybe some these players. Were caught off guard because they were told early this process don't worry it won't be a Bobby Valentine height. Now not wanting a players' manager like vows that I grew 1% communication. You communicate with -- players you let them know where they stand you let them know what there role is. Everything is smooth. You know he let -- a reliever know what his job is you are this guy in the start putting in situations that they're consistent with -- -- start questioning what's going on. You tell a guy you gonna play every day against lefties you'll face five lefties in a role and is no communication there that you have a problem. Bobby can communicate to these guys talk to these leaders and his team get them all on board. No short term I think we'll see how -- post there it might work short term. Well you mentioned the port John payments as his sources saying a two year deal. What that seems like a steel -- the Boston Red Sox to be able to get him to command here high profile guys that -- -- nine years but to get a lot of two year deal I find that part of an interest in an Odyssey tonight. With the press conference a lot more stop including what. What do you wanna ask Bobby Valentine tonight -- what -- expect in the press conference and and and this experience we're gonna get be getting about 5361777. Nights here early fifty told 3888. 5250850. Matt Chatham -- patriots colts at noon get your phone call 92 month month.

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