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Curt Schilling throws some cold water on the Bobby Valentine hire

Dec 1, 2011|

Former Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling does not like the Bobby V hire by the Red Sox

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan FM 93 point seven joining us on the AT&T hotline get it faster with forgy AT&T everything possible big chill Curt Schilling. Joins us hello Kurt how are. Opted to talk us all off the the high frozen cold water on us everybody's all excited about this Valentine's thing out of you just heard Al Leiter was a semi makes a Sonic Youth group -- management district baseball. -- I didn't hear I'm palm I'm alone I guess maybe I'm in the minority I'm blonde stunned I was stunned by the choice. Because that's a bad choice or because you -- the. I don't know old little -- no place to Bobby. That but I -- In my mind there's a list of candidates and and if there was sitio me he was on the I didn't -- -- I didn't see him as being guy on their list. As a target for them what they wanna do and Buddhist -- players on. You know what is surprising is totally. It sounds like to me -- and and maybe this is where the chairing -- and Larry Lucchino. In discord came into play. I think there at the scenario might have been they said here's what we're looking for and and organizational. Guy a -- popular sock puppet but somebody who's gonna listen to what we say in kind of just -- away wanna manage and when he brought them the list of 45 guys. The -- salute the you know the rest of those guys they were underwhelmed to say you know what -- change course let's go get somebody. Dynamic and rational -- -- is also. I hope they do on the while I think bill's point was their choice I'd adopted they'll play implore all politely iTunes was the choice and I thought the right choice I mean. I'm still gonna be an advocate for moral -- because I think he's. I don't you know I think this -- -- -- legitimate. And potentially very successful big league manager and ten and should have got a lot more consideration than maybe he did but many people's situations hurt him I don't know bit. But but that's what this complicit in this bombing postponing what. Lobby want why -- why do you think. I I didn't believe that I didn't see -- bit personality wise embodies -- the bodies of different purposes. Dot com I would imagine that that Europeans do have high hopes that -- -- were actually had a party. That the announcement that as well as every other. A beater either of these different animal is Smart guy. You know. And I haven't yet we're gonna -- this this year yes piano and Andy's got some very interesting takes on on on managing. It just that it is coming up look at -- when they. But it and I think about the baseball -- people and then what they wanna do and other wanna do it here registered QB in the -- it was on the it was. You you know better than anyone that the ownership. The management here is involved there involved. With the day to day duties -- a manager at the end and which is one reason I thought it would via. And on organizational guy it would be dale swim would be it wouldn't be this role -- guys in the 61 year old you know. And eclectic -- -- Renaissance man that we're getting -- and I will but we'll be on the same page do we need here. I don't know. I didn't -- the -- I mean the the the only person I think -- -- Lima what was Larry. And Bobby. Not that it doesn't -- a -- the other two people on the team that but I wasn't in it and -- You know they can we meet -- think -- through I think with a mandate might have better initially would make an operative -- I was a very different one than what they ended up and again that's obviously good about it ever played the body. But but. You know I decided I was I was. I hit and and then I I don't even really disrespectful way but it's gonna properly and it is adopted it was an episode was kidding when he personnel that. That that he would be interviewed because it -- that again when I think back to the demanded and what the what these initiatives might depend attempted to change around the end of last year brought forward and it just didn't -- development that the guys thought they would fit that. This ownership groups would would be. -- -- Her courage your opinion in your opinion what's most important quality of a successful manager what to -- -- Able to to manage people -- people skills. Being able to to put -- 2.5 guys. Commit to each other commitments something bigger than themselves. And then. That they have besides individual. An and and this president has been made it's about getting point by guys the point -- -- collective common goal. Which is what Terry Francona did for a while but certainly not at the end given what happened at the end here and that September meltdown and all the toxic stuff we've been talking about. What do you think Bobby valentines to do list should be factory assembles a staff to start contacting his players whether it's in the offseason when they get to spring training. What did the biggest problem is that -- you know if you're if you're if you're reading espn.com. There are two players grumbling rate. There are players and thirty bitching about the fact that this with a higher so that's. Why is it depends. Doesn't know bit but it doesn't make his job any easier. -- -- instead of coming in and and and and top to bottom running through the organization and what they need to do he's gonna have to manage. You know some some issues or anybody here yet but. -- should not be a highly motivated group certainly embarrassed by what happened to remember. Yup absolutely I mean that's. That's one thing is you know business people -- It is -- the fact it was a really really talented baseball team. It and then they're maybe they're remover to put that away from being you know potential but postseason odds on favorite it. You know this is you know he -- -- -- the different where we almost upon us and has different everyplace else and it's not about just. Stating -- the moment you're playing hard there's a lot of other things become a -- here big bodies equipment and delete -- that New York. But you know that there's a lot of questions around the fact that this is exactly why Bobby ended up leaving the Mets job I mean the tools that the thing that happened here this year happened in New York. Don't they weren't eaten chicken they -- playing cards is just notice smoke and -- To a different degree yeah yeah sure it's different. A -- We ask you this every time you're you're our authority on this Josh Beckett if we talked whom do you think. He's gonna be really motivated is he gonna show up with the on the the body by Jacoby Ellsbury I was gonna look like. He's going to be ready to play I mean I would be unbelievably disappointed if you want them it's. I think that that is helpful for whatever it's worth technique last year was something he's never gonna wanna indoors again on a personal wobble I think. I believe I hope that that there were some some some pillow talk this one earned his head. About the fact that he'd be viewed as a wanna be remembered as a player that it would eat dinner or was proceed to have done what needed. It like to think that is make -- I mean look from the spring training ought to mention this here. Will the will be up politic and -- thinking of the -- question will he politic or PR for himself for just. Lot to do -- now doesn't do that it doesn't that he. He does he does he -- -- -- dozens expletive filled post game. It and it's -- doesn't it who's closing is a blog or someone else. Well added that the Papelbon being the problem because of -- part of my mind because. When John was here. Yet the yet for the most part yet -- yet to -- -- -- for six innings or seven innings. You know I I certainly think you can absolutely do that job but there's no question about that but now. You've got a point them to take his job and he was as good as anybody in the game but the best in the game. And at that. Bringing out -- shut down any ended it before the ninth inning now you gotta like it would just make your bullpen shorter and -- end. You know they can do it absolutely like them there's not another arm in the game like it is and and you know that's but I I don't envision this being kind of a transition into the role as opposed to. Out of starting -- these in the in the -- You know and that's. That's gonna be another challenging because it is he's a closer in the season starts -- young kid. That's the that there was no harvesting them blowing a save. And I don't I doubt I thought he emotionally last year showed himself to the a little more up and down that you can be -- the closer I don't think you have to build up that that was the -- job. What he had he had no memory and to be a great -- you have to be that way and automotive expert at that moment you have to have some experience. They'll hopefully last year is something that the junk that that they opened until upon this year as a as a way to look back and then and moved from Sunday to Monday that. You know I I hate to have to do that in the fire of of -- you know the role it's it's everything else pale. Icrc how critical is -- pick in the right pitching coach. Why that is very critical I mean. This is this is just doubtful they'll discipline. Should be put on the opposite happened and we talked about -- support last year and ended up not being awesome. This is -- the you know unfortunately. To -- young. Well it was an exceptional pitching coach who who I don't think ever got a Chia pet food and truly pain. The votes that that particular but he feels that he has respect him as -- John there are white guys. Yeah that was but I always felt that that that picked up as it is that righted now in the right direction you're crap that was strong -- a strong. Personality the guys who doubt in my mind it's a bit this particular to commit to because it meant a lot of respect you took -- -- because it's been there done that he. -- -- I hope I don't know that it is that the only correct I mean I think -- command respect. I don't know I don't know that I that's an interesting name I'd love Dave enjoyed him as a pitching coach. Bit. You know I don't know how about that here because. You look at it it -- doubt that can pitchers would accept Arctic did you play. You know and he's and he could almost call it a veteran of these guys have got some innings under the belt may need to. They need to being -- walked through a six month season and helped through a six month season and and there's -- that you start that you -- start learning now at it if these guys the westerners in the back it's. It's not about making the team it's not about. You know it's about. Maintaining yourself competing exceptional in September October the technical difference I think will that make up. A before let you go Okur human Sean to have the big shade foundation event coming up. We do we do we have actually a couple of different things. We have next week the ones that December perk up definitely December 7. At the Ritz Carlton Boston Common -- the bubbles and bites event which is. Just literally. And unique event we have some incredible packages Atlantis apparent -- in the Bahamas -- -- -- to 43 -- vacation for a live auction. And I've been there and it's unbelievable. The event of the staff the people -- at Atlanta's have been phenomenal in an incredibly supportive. And then there's I don't. Is it Eloise oh yeah sweet sweet would it was never heard anybody anybody out there looking for also present for the white Christmas. There's that -- -- packets from the below Eastwood at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Yeah there's then that the packages phenomenal. In the deal on the does massages and all the other things and you guys will I think be -- part of a classroom which is -- -- offered that the people pop package. For Obama -- as well you don't want to Peter. My thirty studios and Providence and I've done it -- already and it was awesome. You definitely have been deployed before your fantasy football draft. Because. While he injected into saved his -- -- -- So it's Wednesday December 7 it's at the Ritz Carlton and of people want more information they can log on to shade foundation dot org. Excellent -- are attracted other -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline. -- faster with four GAT and T rethink possible.

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