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Brian Billick talks Bill Belichick, Tim Tebow and Andrew Luck

Dec 1, 2011|

Our friend from the NFL on FOX, Brian Billick, talks all things NFL with Dennis and Callahan.

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A joining us on the AT&T hotline get it fast with four GAT and T rethink possible with the coach. Former coach Brian Billick is an analyst with -- fox sports and the NFL network can follow him on Twitter at Coach Billick. He's doing the Denver Minnesota game this Sunday when the bat -- second inning -- -- that on that day I don't know at the table on a second good morning -- how aria. Good morning we would greatly hypothetical question for Brian if the head coach. Of the 83 New England Patriots and getting ready for the old and eleven colts as the 21 point favorite. What worries you and what message do you trotted rom in your team's head all this week. Well what will worship should go to bed -- night going god don't let me lose fifty. Because you know you're capable of doing that you know what you gotta do it. Every talks about this is -- game and and there are -- the look at the players don't look at the team doesn't. Media play and you don't yet they overlook the country feel OK where are they saying in the bark boy these were killed these guys were killed these guys and the next day or they lose our the world look at them they didn't take pictures. The players and coaches don't -- got a problem should. What -- Bill Belichick has done is that every opportunity during the week. When the player -- eating a fine of not having the focus that you don't text -- talk about little things like maybe lock rooms a little master than normal. Maybe the blockbuster treatment dining hall maybe there's. The tapes haven't quite probable the shelters quickly normally do that you pull out bloop -- -- go lost. And they give you an opportunity because these players understand if you don't play your best every week you're gonna get beat him. Will Bill Belichick probably did that and more including something at a press conference yesterday and -- will say this at the outset I think Bill Belichick as the number of things I think he's a great football coach I think he's a remarkable leader of men. I think he's a student of history those who know him personally say he's a very funny guy which is hard for a lot of people to believe it's also one. Mean spirited jerk when he wants to be a little piece of tape for you for press conference yesterday and a female reporter got a hard time hearing what she's asking to have no problem during what bill said in response to her question. It was an assumption that she made during a press conference yesterday. Wondering if if it would be easier for the patriots. More accurately judged their progress if they faced a team with a better record in the 0811 -- to -- the question and then you'll get your -- response. You know all agree with that so you know does -- -- -- rehearsal -- as corporate. You don't think you can give -- -- you based on help clear blocks Dwight Freeney and that Robert Mathis. I mean who who else would you gauge it against -- what are you kidding me. Recover and Reggie Wayne and Colleen arsenal you don't think you can gauger coverage based on those players. I don't care what their record at -- occasional teachers better receivers around them better pass rushers for Iranians and office. From -- you know mature interaction here. What do think about that -- watching the quarterback place stinks that he mentioned that. Yep but let let's let's let's back up a little bit. Let let's remember. Bill Belichick I don't know exactly that is what. Yet -- three quarters of the way through the season you have you know Porsche and show and labor haven't had -- or sleep at night. The entire season you know. You know what it takes when he gave I don't care what it. Record you know how hard it is to when it is whore. When in the National Football League every single now I know colts aren't very good but when you have to. Suffer the question like that that's built. Bill Belichick is not supper cool well I'm sure in the back with my and that's probably to his detriment some people bill. Build -- now a lot of patience for someone who obviously has absolutely. No clue. What it is to play this game and prepare and win this case. Where you need me deeply because you know what it's not her job to do that if she he whoever it is. Has not played in the NFL not controversies like that is what should they emerged. Not their fault you've got to be a little bit kinder than that but the message is this -- are you kidding me I can't for 12. Not apple by our order of effect. Let myself only did -- fall into that -- -- I don't people look at this next -- I don't need to do to -- I don't need to be here until 12 o'clock in the morning getting ready for the Indianapolis Colts and you can meet. You all that trap that we -- to -- -- victory. -- I -- -- the message I agree with the content of what you just said I guess what I what I'm having problems with was what games are you watching I mean you know that the that the tone and just the the the need to address that person down when he could set exactly what you just said Bryant and made the point of. The last three you know you're that they get beat by Carolina at home Carolina had one on the road two years Jacksonville they got beat by Jacksonville at home they scored three points the week before they lose to Atlanta. At home 31 to seven about a she was watch in the week before a lot of Tennessee did you watch in the last three games would that be reasonable question as. Back up let's back up again and I'm gonna you know try to picture -- some fairness here. You're the root root -- out -- she never actually never okay so so that that's a whole different subject. But until that he's watching him and I'm gonna guess from a well when I'm gonna get he looks but felt a little more -- You probably saw the Carolina game fifty. And broken up play by play and you know what he thinks he -- quite frankly. And -- has come off the Richard killing people. DC and one by one individual players. What this OK you know what this -- pretty good note this guy could be -- and rights situation and you just never know. You do not wanna be. You saw fit and live -- -- tell you. A personal story Mike Smith who was my -- -- as a coach of the Atlanta Falcons. They played the and then after that wanna watch through three weeks ago and I -- Sally -- interest which could -- good -- things like I you don't -- Not well he has -- on the record. And I forgot who we like -- people call -- white. Are you kidding me. -- that would about the colts aren't we can't lose to double order but it of 19 or we can conclusion of the call we just can't be that he. I lost the to an old whatever Miami Dolphins team. You know we were very good -- lost quarterback office supply and we European final one a little after going thirteen -- three of the pre configured. And we can't we don't even know we work very went down there -- -- African Cup and we don't want that there -- received. And Cameron spark. It's you know -- the difference -- -- Indianapolis doesn't wanna win I know the socks for -- campaign is not very close to kind of run away with it. But coaches think that Bill Polian -- say they're they're pretty happy now with. Though with what their team has accomplished I mean they have secured the rights to Andrew Luck. Or not -- A guarantee the top player on the team and it is you know and I understand. Would it be great if I got. And look at people who think he's the best court backed by the draft since John Elway and can you make that observation that the organizations -- be better for call for. Absolutely but I never ever ever ever I've been in this business for 35 years ever gotten -- game where a player coach. They're going going -- on Wednesday until crash situation computer you know you're -- what because. And luckily that helped Jim Caldwell Christian Caldwell you know -- outlook on what they -- game. Do you think. Peyton Manning and and elect co exist next year deal that -- many moves on. I think that's great about the ligament to -- the ball over we're gonna have three months. -- constant topic. To talk about 82. Let's get disaster written all over now Peyton Manning played right I ask you guys in the league by. If he wants this quarterbacks sitting -- the -- regardless of how are you want to approach it the clock started. As to when he's going to play even if he comes back healthy even know who wore Peyton Manning back -- -- -- okay when this is it replaced. And I'd that's not that's a dynamic port Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts. You see a scenario where they might trade Peyton Manning to somebody who needs at quarterback and bring look at it started right away. I think every huge organizational decision to make where are we where are speaking here at the topic this is what they want -- back. He wants to show look at okay don't don't -- don't know if he. Then you're organization we keep in mind because I thought he was complex. Right. And and not their fault but it didn't turn out how to like going to the track. Not knowing for sure if statement OK I think -- -- -- like 45 more years at least in many. Planned -- and people want suitable man but. You can't be sure he's coming back strong signal an opportunity and pure power quarterback communities so -- you've you can when I have an opportunity to create a succession plan. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to a young man who pressed the huge potential looked pretty good. Antwerp -- the -- out. How often do you get that situation we -- sitting there -- treatment because you have picnic you'll get a chance but. You roll the dice and take back that open and here you got an opportunity -- can maybe lead to one another 101215 your. And you can't take -- don't panic because your third or fourth certified your local record fixed whatever -- page has. That's oh boy we're gonna a lot of talk about premium to defeat in the draft. Speaking of big organizational decisions as it applies to quarterbacks do you think John fox and John Elway are surprised and taken aback by what Tebow was accomplished. You get the sense at all that they might have said you know what we're product -- Go very far in the playoffs if we get their at all. Let's put about their let's let's demonstrate what we think the flaws are in his game. Let him lose improved all the people in Denver all the Tebow whites who were screaming for his name and screamed for him to be a starter. Well then shut up and then we'll move on and get our quarterback of the future and it's kind of not turned out that went. Since that was the only option. Yeah I think that's what they did and the fact that it turned out well does create a dilemma for them because I think people now. That at the end of the day Bristol what we see right now. Dismissed the fact that he could Begin to get better record. But the formula they have right now cannot will not. Championship. Win may be subject maybe be pretty good may removal. But you can't won the championship. Well what do I stay on that path and and the federal that. They're -- you talk about -- -- storyline. Because if you know your on the path that ultimately can't succeed and will ultimately get fired. Because I don't -- -- and that's what this league's about right now even -- championship department and he read Philadelphia. -- and it is -- to get political world and read a wire and armed but. Get off the district to get one triple. -- -- Is it. Because he'll get hurt or because the defense when I'm just. Nomination both but the way the would you equate to a Mormon talk about on the broadcast -- write about it. Foxsports.com. And I equivalent to handle Cunningham I had little. You go back to -- early years and spectacular. He was up 55%. Completion and a building more touchdowns and perception. Led his team Russia directly in 87 through the night. Okay. One and it was actually got to us from Minnesota in ninety years basically rolled out -- -- wanted to rademan as a back up. Prior to that under the nobody client. For the I would body was out of play great defense he's their leading rusher and the Patrick on the way you never wanna play. It are you considering. For Owen to name in the hat take in the pay cut and get back in a coaching we want opening and many -- or five at the end. Well you know what -- about it 100 -- there. Exactly that about Jacksonville I thought I was talking specifically about Jacksonville Jacksonville about it I'll talk about police do as a whole. That the band with the teams I would go back to be action it is very very narrow I don't think that train has left the station a little while longer do what I'm doing now. Brian Billick like the conversation always fun catch up -- you talk you down the road -- Brian -- analyst with the fox sports and the NFL network you can follow him at Coach -- at Coach Billick. Our quick time out full lines are open we'll talk reduced 6177790850. Heidi what -- in studio at 8 o'clock Al Leiter. Join us at nine.

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