WEEI>On Demand>>Bill Belichick doesn't like this reporter's question... danger Kristine Leahy, danger!

Bill Belichick doesn't like this reporter's question... danger Kristine Leahy, danger!

Nov 30, 2011|

Our former weei colleague (now a Fox25 sports anchor) Kristine Leahy asks Bill Belichick a question he doesn't like... and he lets her know it. We analyze the question and let her know it could have been much worse.

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Ever wonder where else double and when the Bill Belichick. Natalie it's slap you little bit in the interview Hiro and what's her -- resident trapped -- Happen to me numerous times you know. Christine Leahy who we love used to work he -- she works at fox when he five. Decided she was going to ask a question to -- today in the press conference I know you're saying. At the record doesn't matter. Which you obviously can gauge your team's performance better against the team that is more competitive. Or has a better record. Not a question statement here's -- cancer. -- You know all agree with that so you know does it -- gotta -- -- as corporate. You don't think you can -- -- team based on health player blocks the weight training and that Robert Mathis. And who who else would you gauge it against -- what are you kidding me. Recover and Reggie Wayne and Colleen -- you don't think you can gauger coverage based on those players. I don't care what their record at -- occasional teachers better receivers around them better pass rushers in Freeney and an office. From -- you know mature interaction here. Well. Actually -- resident. Trapped -- well you know what's happening here. And -- Christine don't feel bad about it OK Christine you're doing your job don't worry about. This is what's happening. Behind the scenes. He is drilling these guys on being focused. He has some young players he has some. Inexperienced players especially in the secondary. The height of an experienced player in the secondary is Julian settlement a guy who's not even a corner was playing corner. He's saying. Stay focused. We've got a job to do. He's showing all the good plays in Indianapolis has made this year he is throwing out the lowest test score which is which is a 62 to seven beat down. By the saints and he's convinced that these guys that is this is a real game. Screw the media screw Vegas -- everybody else and Christine Leahy just kind of walked into that hole I think that's what's happening that's eggs. -- -- I'll guarantee he's showing those six great plays that Dan Orlovsky made. When he was with lines of those six great place to feel like a couple of great place and they totally fell apart are guaranteeing the ones we fell apart. Now -- and they're seeing almost great ones don't feel -- Christine can be much worse. Give -- break that just to let me ask questions from. That's the dog ask questions you can you break that crime I don't know what you're talking about your insurance. -- I'd backed a couple of girls at the Detroit giant has -- -- moral flaws.

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