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Former Mets GM, Steve Phillips, talks about his relationship with Bobby Valentine

Nov 30, 2011|

Steve Phillips joins Dennis and Callahan to talk about the new Red Sox manager and his former manager, Bobby Valentine

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan 93 point seven FM joining us on the AT&T hotline get at best with forgy AT&T rethink possible. Former ESPN analyst currently. The O host on mad dog radio channel Sirius XM radio channel 86 and of course more importantly the former met general manager Steve Phillips joins as good morning Steve how -- Great work I could do it what have the Red Sox have gotten in Bobby Valentine a hero a village a polarizing figure what would you describe -- -- Well -- certainly a big personality and in a guy that I think is -- and handle large market. You know he could be polarizing there's no question about that because he has such an emotional guy doubtful that students indicate he's. He's a great teacher right I came across Bobby wanted to literally player of the mets' farm system. We were -- to apple coach I've ever had contact where I have worked a little profit she's very good at evaluating talent. He is a guy that is very good at the strategic aspect of the game that tactical aspect of the game. Opted not -- -- you gonna do a terrific job I really do you know and I. I know that you know I had our battles at times but does it vary very bright baseball man and somebody that can handle all veteran players. Any young players which she'd be part of that that led to elect happened in Boston. Those are his strengths what are his weaknesses. Well you know what Bobby you don't get that back straight that your passion your love we're gonna do it worked out what he believes. Pot is also looked like you sometimes get to the trouble because -- know he doesn't always have that filter to the side. This will be the impact. Once I say at one point -- and did did so I think that that you know it -- -- that at some part of it. Our multi hit it that despite the struggled at times we have an idea -- readily acknowledge that. Today that I didn't fit in the past. The medical struggled or my issues not is that it was a dog likes document our relationship is well pro -- always played in a Bobby dispute Bobby. Opposite. You know he he's -- -- that you managed to get in what I do and knows there's. I have tremendous credit further strengthened his conviction that there are times when he said than -- but he. That you understand that there will be all out. It did it doesn't anyway because he picked the right thing to do. And they're never gonna try and what I ask Bobby what you what if they can hear what we think there that you didn't have a very spot all in -- super -- -- Serb. What you do it -- not a conventional. What brought you have a reason at a player for -- -- he -- doing what he did. He had in a lot of time to work wouldn't let other people would even have tried it. Steve can you give us an example of something you battled over you the GM and he the manager and you expect the same kind of scenario to unfold here in Boston. Yeah I think at that you don't flexibility they hit it it just came down to communication and give them. You know I think -- off. Know that I developed out might rule that they'll kind of got the way that that you know week we've you -- support that I held grudges. He had and I think I got frustrating to him as a wedge -- I also say that. There acknowledged it's hard now would speculate on what to root like stop idol big part of it was. It is so I think that that. The personnel issues sometimes our our challenge because the other that we still would just be -- strong opinions about players that -- -- forgot how hurtful too worked up through. I'll let Bobby get to -- you know he's he's gonna got to work the development he's also worked at the Major League level -- you know. The reality is well spent ten years older much more mature that we won't refer to practice together and I would suspect Bobby is going to be a great soldier -- for the Red Sox. Do you think it's a good fit here this is a big you know what you don't want got a team he's taken over you know what kind of talent he has. -- also know you have Larry Lucchino you have a new general manager. Is this sick a volatile mix or is this a recipe for success in your mind. Why it didn't work out you know I think I think -- I think it will work -- that that doesn't need it and you know I think that if you go back -- if -- entered her -- where they -- quick but they have but -- is always obviously great regret. These sorts of -- that happened you know that the managers about what happened today. The general manager has that kind of that your perspective about you know not only today but the future as well and have therein lies the rubbed off recruiters treat managers and general manager. I think that that if you're expected to be everybody. You know -- by the -- holding hands all the time it's not going to be that way I could but that's not that -- for everybody I think that that just go look for more with Bobby. They were very. It was a young general manager Bud Black you don't -- I you know early on when I worked with Bobby it was terrific -- -- we were really connected. And I think that that my sense is that some of the areas where we ended up coming -- but apart from each other. Was more about me personally importantly that I want to call the opposite and everything else so. I will say that that I don't know necessarily that contrary to what happened in New York with us is apples to apple but what happened there plus you know anybody got a long. You know he's got a resonated these out of a lot to it should spend as well I think you can click -- I think he's really good. What -- the young players and veteran players he's really good at. Looking at situations. Identifying your roster who could help that situation. They're putting players in the position to succeed I think that's what it was real strengths and I think that whether it's likely that sinister very well. Is he the -- to crack the whip and clean up the toxicity that we witnessed in the clubhouse in September and on into October. Yeah I think -- -- -- -- picture. Are you -- that I would tell you the question the challenge will be -- can sustain it for the long term that's been. Know this area where you know we were able to do together in New York that that he had some level of success in Texas but didn't sustain it. Opera watcher had some success in Japan or what the long term -- -- -- a picture he can't do that. You know he's committed it'd be just disciplinarian. Hard nosed guy -- what he does is -- did a very very positive energy. He brings an 888 different perspective. Are you will treat people with respect and expect to get respected reached heard. Rather than the other guy they look a little punish you do that I -- I don't expect that that will be the style. Like conditioning is important -- because strong opinions about that. It was Roger were better than the interviewing process. Yeah I will say that I I'm not surprised they hired. And I think that I think -- -- what people really do appreciate the instant impact that Bobby won't break. -- that you know my hope is for him in for the organization that the that would sustain it beyond that early -- process. What happens when these -- metric walks drop a boat load of a printout from the computer will elicit the baseball ops people willingly. Are -- -- without question you know Bobby is is -- for 61 year old guy he's been great thinker. So you know numbers is that we're always Pargo. The discussions with him when we were together he certainly -- that aspect that they I think that anybody you know Bobby will challenge the old way of thinking. Not let go Red Sox way but the old school way of thinking that you -- swing down -- the tall -- -- You know you need to do it this way and put that play he can do that that's why I think that that the battle sometimes they didn't. Is that you know that old way of doing that when it when he argued that watched and evaluated it looked at video tape you know while kinetic. -- Bobby is is really trying to get that the -- -- aspect of every part of the game. I think that the issue will be graduate speaking this years old -- speaking that's -- I think he's gonna tell. Can you give us an example of an odd way that he looked it's in some some strange I know -- Yeah the first baseman holding the runner on but not right on the bag the every -- five infielders -- 04 outfielder or something like that would you. I know I -- I think -- that you know we were also one of the things we did quite a bit his cell with a runner on third base. Less than two outs which starts with the infield back and that is the typical of the plate until the start charging and you know and getting the hitter to commit yet -- it -- ball middle to drive the rugged and try to cut that run -- you know you're right holding the runner. And first base not really -- on the Paper cup being offered jockey a little bit with a runner. But -- the the other part of what things -- really set probably doctors. There is if you say if somebody says you know you wouldn't doubt -- football field you've got it'll come close contact hitters. That you don't want to get pop ups and fly balls when this wouldn't doubt about it. You know that that's what we'll work that body go to that not possible you if you watched -- that doesn't work that way -- -- is always below but he has you know pretty. You know he's he's studying that stuff -- did that nobody is very strong opinions about players. -- -- -- you know because studies -- Because of the -- trust his judgment evaluation on them. And so you know he'll ask questions of people that play devil's advocate at times put I'm not sure that sort of. And if you're GM again would you hire -- Steve. And if so what kind of team do you think he's best with these sounds like he can and we -- reasonable doubt what's the best -- for ago like him. -- you know it just got I would activate it you know what you're best B yeah. Two years ago. Five years ago when he -- probably would have been no I was because my stock was getting in the way you know I'd been living a life recover got started to realize -- vital stuff has gotten in the way of my relationships. -- had. You -- here today can appreciate the story that Bobby has. That other stuff. Is all just offered him you know that -- to become a lot that we had in your -- I had a lot of success together. You know with back to back playoff years for the match in the end go to World Series has been so yes -- would fire and I think that the best team for him. Which -- history the most. Is is that he'd like -- Red Sox could have that blend of good veteran players. Who need to be kind of managed to a certain way they've heard a certain level of respect -- -- -- young player. Who can kind of be molded it and manipulated and away the basket and shoot the needs of the team -- the roll up during the course of the -- so. Dorsey he would be great at all veteran roster. He would be great with a ball on the roster but -- -- best suited for the roster that has that led the ball and give credit to Red Sox to a -- bit. When you've got to give us you didn't like about the guys Stephens number I think DA and. And I -- we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the -- -- what -- like to go along with anybody but but it's not that wasn't true at the -- you know -- I recognized that that it also looks like that I picked didn't need to before that need to be fought. Well when you. You -- you're talking about your personal stuff -- document professional. -- the -- potential stoppages. You know. What that bet there's going to be a battle they've ignored -- that it always need to be cynical. I didn't -- goalies out you know. What you're doing so you know. Yeah you know the -- put on glasses moustache -- didn't have a conversation. You know indebted to the dugout put. But -- good that notion of you know opinions about. About players or you know relationships with yeah I thought in the end -- those sort of things you know I made far too big issue out of a lot of that stuff. That that -- Bobby develop because you -- you target you know I wasn't the most beloved figure. The New York, New York media. Nobody was such an easy target that that you know I think it hurt him at all really you probably heard his ability to manage the team. Because of our relationship and so I think that that you know what will also look at it or 61 years old and now. And -- you know we've got a lot of weight put a lot of tread on on things in the of that you know we've we've. That got our starters that that arguing that I think ultimately. You know will allow him just to do the job differently than he's done before and worked from from some of the thinking man what wanna change. Steve -- final question for me what does the one unforgivable sin. Player could commit in a Bobby Valentine clubhouse. -- You know Bobby is a pretty. It took questions are very good question Bob is a pretty. Pretty good diet -- you know. Forgiveness when it comes to players -- try to work through things and they had you know the question is you know I think a lot of key player in which Purdue Bobby because of that. The perspective the sectional that that he was you know that guy which I think was -- of their perception problem. They -- that you don't being critical. Probably not want to be critical of players to the media and I think that player being critical of decisions to the media has probably felt that that would not. She really well obviously that the one area that they did you got an issue which people come sit down and talked to the you know the open door. But don't don't go quietly behind Z to make as an unnamed source. I give -- to guess Joseph man's contract's up after years John -- after a couple of years. How long does Bobby -- last in Boston. I think he's I think he's gonna have immediate success. It's so I you know look he was that your tax is seven years in New York. I have no reason to doubt that. That have been outrageous it is it is at least within is grasp than he had you know I think he's gonna have a a very good roster what part of the reason. That we failed in New York wasn't Bobby's fault article the roster I gave solid -- that you would. I think that the guys have done a great job blossom I suspect the to a better job than I did. While I wrapped up in New York itself a -- and have a good roster you'll find a way to to managers. I have no doubt that he got a chance to get you know eight to ten years in Boston for also -- Do you really believe he invented the -- Yeah yeah so I think they want let -- -- -- Wikipedia page right. Delegate to talk about that everyone to while that elicit. We thought -- he's a Smart -- so they might have been better at the -- -- not sure. Steve Phillips interest again for a conversation thanks for taking the time this morning we appreciate it. 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