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Jim Boeheim addresses the Bernie Fine allegations

Nov 30, 2011|

Dennis and Callahan react to Jim Boeheim's press conference last night regarding Bernie Fine

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-- -- -- Always that was a question I was asked it's all moves and I'd send them. I think I made that perfectly clear the first day. I think I've made my feelings clear -- -- that I mean I wish is something more I can add -- -- with my assistants were from me. I have -- say kind of everything that they do in the basketball program. What people do outside the program. Very little if any control over. Aside nothing I know nothing about Bernie -- quite the scene at Syracuse University last night. More than 191000 people showed up at the Carrier Dome to a door and give their support to Jim -- time. Up prior to them beating eastern Michigan 8440. Eighths 141000. And shot a -- to do it. Smith but they get misled by animation looks like the Penn State kids. Went to turn those house and gave him. A big elderly patient in kneeled down and ravens -- long yeah it just takes time as opposed to before it takes time for the through the c'mon people really understand. How arrogant this guy. Is the difference between the Paterno. -- -- on his lawn and this news in a large media room underneath the stands at the care record. Out was double the size of media that normally attends a Syracuse University post game press on got a big ovation that two other New York Times CBS news USA today CNN Wall Street Journal (WSJ) NBC news other big city outlets all showed up to see. And hear what -- Jim -- I'm had to say. Now he walks in and I casts. We can criticize among on two fronts he's just power and sour and just doesn't wanna be bothered. But on the same hand he tries to make light of the situation when he walks and an amateur that's the thing to do given the gravity of the situation and the subject material we're talking about here. Watching the pressure on the says first -- -- the pressure where there's more people here than there were at the game. And they said some location here tonight I should know about six. Becoming its funny BC to make it when I see him hear him I -- holdover from a previous time win. Com. Child molestation when the crimes were talking about were taking. A taken less years we we live food here. With the cardinal lost scandal. We live through we see it in on the way Paterno handled things. In 982002. You pick a year it just was one of those things you you know most -- -- -- -- Ernie. And and he still has some of that enemies I'm sad I'm sad. Just south of -- position. You just allegedly just found out. One of your dear dear friends this -- in sandusky and -- this is a close friend a confidante and assistant you just found out. He is a -- and monster you've just found that out that he is molesting kids. You sat. Are you so unbelievable outrage unbelievably outraged. That you just wanna find him and rip him limb from -- you just wanna scream that you just wanna apologize to victims that you just one apologized every. Child abuse victim out there who you tarnished too you know you slandered the other day. Or do you just stand up their cavalierly saying apps. It's it's and publication here tonight I should know about me he is so pompous so arrogant he is going down and I and I look forward to just. Listen to Jim -- -- comments after the game when he got down to making a statement and answering a few question. It's hard to. Put everything into words. And I've got a lot today about different things -- into the I'm standing. In many ways. By the what's unfolding events to unfold. And I'm looking forward to a time when we can talk and from what has happened a coupon offer for second -- isn't. On -- Too you know he's he's silenced the three. Wrote to say the right thing to sound like he was Staten that would happen so that's the visual you haven't seen the video. He's really a statement not until the reporters ask questions is he forced to extemporaneously. Deal with whatever the questions happen to be continued. There's an important investigation going now. Which I fully support. And I can't add anything to them by speaking more about. The investigation. And all that we can learn from it this work is important to. You know that's all I can say. I'd be glad to answer questions about the game but I seriously doubt that live there we'll have one bullet wound. We'll try to go full match. Can I enjoy I tell you something. I've never worried about my job says some 36 years. Efforts stop -- just laughed he just left because the first question was are you worried about your job status as head basketball coach here at your university. Back up against such an event that peace again -- -- laugh and that in that female reporter's face these are more repulsed by the scope and that was a paternal for two reasons. Internals really coal -- really old -- and this guy we -- talk and about a guy who. Cause some. Really hurt these these victims I mean you've heard from the groups that support the sport groups' sexual abuse victims. -- just offended beyond words what he did he came out said these people why and and they just want money -- a day later. He was proven to be alive and yet it just that's not what happened they -- line and they outlook for money. They are victims here and he's got zero compassion. Said. I wish in retrospect I did more. There's a whole doesn't -- That's as innocent -- for the victims Paterno that's true also after he read from the statement this this prearranged you know -- microwave to heat it up statement. The first question is are you concerned about your job status here's your usual diversity and here's his response. Can I enjoy I tell you something. I've never worried about my job says some 36 years many years and have a contract extension there have anything. When I worry about that. I'm may have to -- W guys. -- hair for 36 years I've never worried about anything. I just 200. I don't worry. I do my job. I do my job what happened that my watch will we will see him but the investigation is done. We will find out what happened on my watch. We don't know. What's happened on my watch right now there's an investigation under way. There are no charges there are no indictments. There is no grand jury there is. No. -- action being taken. Yeah well. No Action League he can investigations. And birdies and -- fired nine hours searching your good friend's house they searched the the basketball whatever offices. There is action being taken and by the way. What is there and in this case that they haven't Penn State what is that what is the smoke and they haven't audiotape audiotape. Would you care to guess yes -- no. Did you buy time listen to the -- -- -- He did not well he did he say listen -- -- he did not consider this. -- this arrogant SOB. Just found out his best friend from forty for forty years is a monster is a child molester. And he didn't take the time he says didn't take the time to listen to the proof. To listen to the absolute black and white no doubt about it -- The -- best friend Tina -- cubic -- that the best friend pick of any close friend right you just found out he's giggling children. I have proof right here which you can click on this and listen educated turn this -- -- and listened to the rule that your best friend. Is molesting children. I can't be bothered I don't worry about such things. I don't wanna fire I want some again and to parchment places that command is okay in my. My allowed to say that -- just I don't worry about but he doesn't he would have worried about what his assistant -- wasn't what I was doing children he doesn't include literature 101214. Year old boy if he doesn't worry about them. They are trash to -- -- their expendable. But the rest of. It's there is no brain injury. There is. No. Action being taken -- if you weren't there president. Then we will see. What has happened. I might watch. There is no ball boys and travel with the team. And there never has been. No ball boys there's a ball boy so much which hit 15100. In the 36 years I've been here approximately. Some girls so it's not exactly acrid put in the neighborhood. Of 15100. And the only actual ball boys that I know who travel with the team or myself -- People have been ball boys and then they've moved everything going on to do the other things in other places. And it's not unusual. Four. Tournament. For people to travel. Within our group. They're now bowl win so I'm -- Ball -- actually be exactly. -- support from like they were burned out -- that was questioned in recess because all of us and I've said that. I think I made that perfectly clear the first day. I think I've made my feelings clear excess -- that I mean I wish is something more I can add to that with the my assistants were for me. I have interest groups say kind of everything that they do in the basketball program. What people do outside the program. I have very little if any control over adults. And there's that she's given up. Just part of those are my departure spot and it's yuck -- -- washing its hands of the last few outside the basketball program. And you know it's amazing this didn't get a lot of play but the yesterday I think yesterday before we learned one of Bernie -- jobs -- -- it was higher and ball boys. The other another one as well as possible as was running the summer Kenya where tens of thousands of young boys. Were brought on the campus. In English our sound familiar into the locker rooms. And he enjoyed that role running here this summer camps and and Jim Dowd thinks that this might to blow hole for. And who's pleaded Jim. The all the stuff gonna come just like Sunday when you sent. They're liars too -- for money this arrogance this giggling that we saw yesterday that's gonna come back on it to -- this is just again. The third accuser spoke last night -- -- believe the second time we'll hear from him when we come back more Bobby Valentine to the Rajon Rondo story talk with Steve Phillips who was. Bobby Valentine's gentleman and he's gonna didn't get along -- anybody hated each other they hate each other and New York had to get teleport all straight ahead.

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