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Rondo is potentially on the trading block, Mikey doesn't like it

Nov 29, 2011|

Mikey and Ryder, who are both still happy about the NBA lockout being resolved are less thrilled with the rumors that the Celtics would trade Rondo if the right offer came along. They talk about what the right offer might be and also get into the Red Sox managerial search and Bobby Valentine.

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-- -- by Google program -- We -- -- great show for it I don't know why it's a great and so we -- don't know I'm assuming is and always great I don't even have black. I mean have a list or anybody's nose and all kinds in the stuff going on this tournament people dropping by. Calling in and not just callers that call the show but. Don't guess caller kind of while they what did you think about a cancer this guy's first name comic and endowment and dump and endowment Kong it's tough -- it. So on the consume so I called so sue I don't think never called big guy like it's it would be hits me ever America. Course have heard them all and he's kicked out for two games -- of his nasty stomp. Yes he did and I noticed that his hands were still pretty I think he's government the problems. I think ideas -- angry separation of state got all kinds of problems that guy and he's a bad seed. And it is going to be trouble coming from him -- player but it dirty put out yet he's filthy he's filthy dirty and that's you know. I -- that videotape eight and times over the weekend. I was on what you mean spirited not necessary no I'm wondering if the people who we had to cut off at about two minutes of a classmate has been a more time that in the show are gonna call back. And try to pick up where we left off I told them they could do that. You know I'm happy to take their calls first tonight because we had a kind of Russian given the bums -- Johnson's yes. As far as stories on the table tonight we have several of them first of which. Is course news rumor. About the potential. Not that their shopping him but that Rondo could be traded at the right deal came along now. I have to be held -- deal. To satisfy me now I know we can be paid to us as the Celtics as while I know he's like you know got certain issues like for example can't shoot. The medium range jumper and the wide open medium range jumper and the free throws can't do. It sucks at that OK we've -- -- for. How many full season three this -- improve on that how much is out of work on his shooting Kenny -- if Heatley and peaceful Islam and we he knew we had improved that last year an improvement I don't know. I don't want this to turn into a -- ask. Type of free throw deal with him where British is kind of what the -- man. -- -- you hit the free it's understandable some percent -- to be like definitely check it for gore and penetrate. A guy who's gonna get to get to the -- write a lot. And him yet you get a he's got to be up near 80%. -- Evans but I am I in the other hand am vehement about saying do not. Trade him why. His first lord puts this on you you've still got to get a guy who's going to be used distribute the ball eat when you lose around or you lose rebounds. You know you lose defensive presence yes his defense more CEO. And what is still on his credit that he's so small he can rebound at all is as surprised we've seen him have huge rebounding games. Where he flies in from out of nowhere. And gets the ball taken away in him in a group that -- not not a consistently but yes I mean that something in other words you never get from your point guard is is it any kind of rebounds. And sometimes but yet he's he's a special case is one of the most unique players in the game if not the most -- yes sir you can't trade him. That's why can't my word on it I'm in my opinion is you can't not trade disguise endless. You're getting some got a decent point guard and a huge scoring -- back. Because otherwise you're making a big mistake well yes I would think that the Celtics won't trade analysts the right package but if that package is Dwight Howard. And I could see them doing it well that's that's that does everything it is -- much -- changes everything dominant center than at a point now speaking of the center position I also have this thought I'd love people who did -- prematurely of course because the season doesn't start for another 27 days. To comment on this. -- -- The got a big got a big guy problem with this team right -- Okay this guy I don't think Kidd Jermaine is going to be you know tough and offer health the united can't count on its health and the health chances column that's the bottom line. Martin's theory is this. I'd love people to tell -- what they think of this theory. You bring in you have three senators. Okay or guys that complacent Big. Bang him. As a matter really how great they are over the scoring touch. You'd like him to rebound but I just three guys who can go wind every single game. And put pressure on the opponent's big man. By running into home and getting him into foul trouble I tell you weren't Kendrick Perkins well this you need three of them. You know 33 of these guys my theory or three guys going to wherever they're sent -- On a nightly basis right from the get go when you got three guys on your team that's fifteen files right. Before you really wanna do so you wanna Joel Przybilla tight outlets when we don't want Hillary you rotate him in and out of their legs are always fresh so they were always bring it up against the big guy from the other team was played 37 minutes. And that guy gets in a foul trouble early because he's just constantly under a barrage of pressure. And as you -- -- they're going to be -- games some teams we even have a lead on free throws him out Greg kites and three of them want three guys I'm I'm not in that. One of it is headed the other guy they're their setter is always in foul trouble starting in the beginning of the third quarter sometime. He's that's wait a minute if if the other senator cans or why would the other big -- be in foul trouble. We've talked about. You you are saying. To guide to being around with the other big guy the other teams -- guys like it to get him in the foul trouble Leo of the opponent senator. FY with the opponent's center beginning in the so much power because of the constant pressure of in other words you're bringing the ball inside inside inside you haven't these guys going to bang bang bang -- thank you trust me don't get -- if -- trouble. The other opponents big men are so this -- not attempting to many shots. And -- his. Down -- in the -- I would be attempting some shot at WW other incidental finals and what I'm saying you know one of Saint -- not really but that's okay if you don't get it then I'll I'll I'll charted -- -- -- -- -- -- as will will have charted out will -- so I don't know look at the way in and out and -- it wants to see what I'm saying maybe yes the other thing is this Bobby Valentine's story which is. It is really an historian. The story is that it's supposedly down two guys. One of them is Valentine the other what is LaMont. According to Carl Ravitch. ESPN's most famous -- It's it's not going to be -- So that means it's gonna be now of course so listeners some years surprise candidate out there which it and so we're gonna try to contact of the space man who pitched thirteen years -- -- a Red Sox and he he always has -- funny comments about. Different people based on sure he's got some Ballantine. Stuff forest. We'll try to reach him -- -- palatial farm in Vermont. And and you two out there in the -- become a human have a -- Bobby Valentine. It's not what we expected. It's -- late it is I guess. Certainly not when this thing got under way -- it was all about. And dale swingman Mike Maddux and and so is it does it make you feel bad -- good that there. Last guy have a list of six guys is the only guy either -- They're considering right now Gordon needs talking about it too. This dissent tweeted came from a from Ravitch or -- -- that's kind of what a lot of people expect yet. Our phone number and a program has always six when symptoms of and is -- repudiated 85250. Reproduce this or toll free number were gonna get our third. Our third. Working on -- is working on right now it is another candidate is working on right now they even candidates right there yeah the roll their -- and if anybody out there is in my book if you had. If you know anybody out that it wants to be any male female there's not much really in it for for anybody except -- a lot of fun. Little bit of -- Mostly lot of fun. Then you can contact him patio furniture is contact him on our road FaceBook page of the planet Mikey show a -- call are used to working on that piece of musical entertainment forest yet you're gonna have that. I'd like to promote that if you're gonna have what's this I have no idea -- to believe are gonna have a we're gonna have tape. Of Mike Tyson. Singing. In a lounge lizard fashion I love it I love it already Heidi how you like -- I mean -- I heard him say I should get that tape you're -- how how could you not into Mike Tyson singing. He's quite a -- -- that voice well I might of the speaking voice doesn't sound angry when he sings prisoners it is an Indian assembly room in the shower singing. Let's go to our very first you'll or first call what stood ready 123. It's. War. Yeah yeah -- -- umbrella chapter eight. Everything you know I I didn't think that that's gonna run the table you you completely reassured me they were going to go I think eagle with a big step. I think I'm gonna be right again Pete it's RB and write as often as I am but how many how many of terrible how many people predicted that are on the table. After that Eagles game I think most did after the Eagles game I predicted it before the light doesn't -- the Eagles. Like it -- and I did say before I think they should. But are they going to I don't know you know Susan czar Vince Young quarterbacks who Ali you don't worry about the time so like I like -- not to pay up -- like gentlemen on -- -- like watching it. And he's really hands on in all. Maybe Nolan stay there for awhile I think they will but you know what -- here's the thing to look around look round you. He would not get sent to Cuba OK who's coming up not use the time I'm some -- say it's premature for the pats. But does anybody doubt they're gonna make the playoffs mother and of course. Randy how no way am not a eagle there and I mean that doesn't worry me a bit going to be heck out of -- and I don't know you know. While it does is win but -- EB because you're right you're right but -- not a big deal as well -- No way is really kind of hard to -- well -- hitch your wagon to his to his winning thing right now because it's so early and a lot of it still going to be Dielman surprised him. Doesn't mean that god will continue to stand right by him. Donated -- field goal in overtime that today you know but made the point that the point being is if you talk to the experts even the up front. Front office guys. Of the of Denver they don't think easy answer reader so and they are the ones controlling his destiny yeah well you can't play that style lines -- with the news does the quality of the NFL. Not a -- acknowledge goddess you know right there in your back pocket. Pete Pete -- -- call Karl on the -- next on the planet Mikey show good evening -- happy Tuesday to you might Brett. It Mike I don't. Not that they look I wanna call and talk about Bobby doubt during. You know if you pick out. We could have valid at all you know I'm going to be -- balance and balance and balance because of the -- Valentine that hard to say and it is Valentine's the original yeah. I hope I haven't quit all I like Intel Korea. The -- bite. You in here and we need somebody to. Elsewhere in a going to be and it ought. Anybody. Gonna happen here to one B I ought to. And what the right I thought it was CO does the cubs who know better than. Nick Price. -- -- out on adult. People -- -- all going to be doing that it's contiguous to the team yeah. It's an old idea where. Although I wouldn't be afraid of -- at farmers. Comes Santa that they can might -- a year or so many BB sooner because they they can spend money now yes and and we don't -- knows how to do that well that's all similar. Audit to spend money they get a pick -- they have Ethier isn't going to get that Julio Lugo to play shortstop. For we got a no one. You know. I mentioned earlier. And I feel like I'd -- a new course. You look at the plate dirt they are in your. -- get a guy like -- Rivera. I think you -- and I got. What are they are great I can't tell her Oscar. And they're popular art. Not a big. Important what you bought like. Really for they didn't have about Crawford in the second hole very very much issues started there. I know they start of the third -- and then they had menace in the two hole later rob but. What would you go Louis -- hunter -- thing you know he's had a run of of what several years in a row now where he's missed some gazans particularly that -- -- the first have remembered that he -- well -- a place to party unity these unfortunate knowing he gets hit by a pitch sound -- -- plan to regard. You know but. I don't see any reason why -- 150 games at third base in IE. If you had a chance and then you know he should dump. -- -- not so far -- -- in -- to Begin at first -- adored her. What him hard -- against that your first base. I don't believe so I while checked on him but you know what it -- and he's been on forge but he does have injuries that happened -- that hand injury -- a freak that wasn't like. Even because the way he's played he just swung the bat -- -- -- -- -- I -- it's -- -- -- -- -- why -- Miami right now trading in the Ramirez. All because I think they obviously need to make a move it took a look at and yet they are but the move -- mirrors. Over to third base in -- they've got a new stadium another willing to spend money either actually in the Albert Pujols sweepstakes along with more early I don't think -- -- mayors -- -- -- I I think that he could be dealt in the future. -- for this coming season the most and Youkilis ever played as a 147. 1454536. And of course throwing -- -- 102 last year 120 so. You set a -- go of it there's no question about it. As far as staying in the lineup to the end of the year that's were killed Red Sox -- -- that in September he was useless and Kevin useless. Like that. I like that Kevin you signed to play on words in Jack memo -- Wakefield or Jack. They might they don't Jack it's W you one of the guys from last night. Yeah I'm kind of going up the grip the ball work back from music which we talked about last night saw what we talked about last night to remember now cool notes and so he doesn't that sound about even -- -- yeah yeah that's right you know and the most famous for. A movie related to get. John Belushi destroyed the guitar and animal out all says Stephen -- Yet eloquent moment there's also guided Elvin bishop who did the song fooled around a little of yeah about Michael bishop. Other outfit with the armor Brothers -- -- my next subject of that treatment -- a riveting conversation we're having Jack yeah. Net and one more on the all -- -- -- quality of tonight. But I react ought to make -- a helicopter in clamping down -- yeah. And I it's like Olympic you bet you the rumored to be down -- hunt with chuck -- valves the keyboardist was postponed in the -- And who's in a couple band played a small club but we count on -- full and yet. They'll critique rather let all of that they're not they are all blues before the house bill. Really really it is hunting deer or audio tape camouflage. And everything. Does he shoot anything -- and it does -- hunt turkeys. I don't know what it rundown now or about I got a guy does a Turkey that he won the national Turkey calling. Competition they put these that'll diaphragm in their mouth. And they make these turkeys sounds Jack. This guy sounds like as I get Turkey in heat and it's great and they'll come running -- -- -- some tumbling. -- -- -- -- Move into a whole show on a pretty soon so make sure you call back for that. I want what -- to look sport and what about Annan on private battle. What about the look at the Stanley European contract now they -- look -- -- north that this. Oh who's that other guys it would depend context player. Yeah they probably are superseded by their their existing contracts and and probably contingent upon them all yeah well look they're. They're gonna get out of those deals Woodward's gonna get tricky Dow is the guys that sent over China because they're not allowed out of those deals some of those deals or march they might have to pay back some of that money. Audio the -- Pete Abraham is talking about how the reg tweeting on the Red Sox now say the report is not true and they don't know where it came from -- is still in the mix. Seems like to read 64 perceive this is the danger of that that danger so much -- But he -- iciness of tweeting okay people tweet stuff. And then it becomes a story. And then you have on tweet it or or read tweet it or get another tweet that counters it becomes almost like a a crowd of them a million people in a room. You know having a discussion a lot of counter crazy. You know and and and ever on and so that has to tweets that because they wanna be the disease first was out -- it's and that. Anyway I mean I'm not involved and it's on --

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