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MLB Insider Peter Gammons talks Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox closing situation.

Nov 23, 2011|

Peter joins Mut and Kirk Minihane to share his thoughts on Bobby Valentine. Peter also talks about the Red Sox closing situation now that Papelbon is a member of the Phillies.

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Welcome back your phone calls on this day before Thanksgiving -- and -- Sports Radio WEEI Lou is off for the holiday -- many hand is here we talked to base ball Peter Gammons on the eight TNT hotline get a fast with -- G-8 he had the rethink possible. Peter Mike and Kirk happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We'll start with the Red Sox managerial search because I was looking back -- our conversation last week we spent our time talking about else why because he thought he was there. The the inside track guy and now it appears that Bobby Valentine. Eyes moved to the top of this list last week or so Peter. -- kind of to our question here wanna be your thoughts on Bobby Valentine's bit. With the Red Sox and and from the Eric you know how his name came about was seen they'll always part of this it was deal late edition of the conversation. I think once -- Worst loss I think. Ownership delayed a little bit -- that works of art software we're always and it gets in the way actually worked for. Years that's another matter on. I think once maybe. But wait and might actually out of Chicago and it comes immediately move over those any questions -- it was -- -- Irish -- -- -- So. That -- that and I. The nature okay we're. We wanna go from here in there are out I was very much out there and I think it. I don't -- well I've worked with. I think he'd be really good thing is. Sometimes what you. Would you replace. Coach or manager in case or some argue is they eat your. It is what the best. We can't rule in the option election. And I think we're hoping to Terry Francona did so well. And would always true -- Basically. Protect his players and also worth of and -- Korea's state never say the wrong by. -- I think meaning there was a conference on their -- what words that company too much of a comfort zone and I think that while obviously will be very. Careful Ron Howard goes out the Boston out I think you will -- some occasion and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. They always say they didn't make our house last year here on it. Eight while they're very good scene eighty. Out of the a -- what wall in the second half and I pick -- -- -- I think that might be a good -- he's been brilliant guy on. I didn't think -- what I know there are people there are a little afraid that way ownership position at this shot at a social club we put together in certain ways. That it is open the door or there to be. They. Never sure. Ownership relationship. It can at orange circle put the general manager I don't know happened because I think that a lot of the keynote so highly vested adventure. And I think then is really extremely strong he's so rational. Home -- Don't want any great what not a good a great relationship on greed and taxes Tom Green was general manager. I'm Gretchen used to drive to -- chase -- to get a little players that. I and there are a long -- friends. On the other hand they have a great relationship and went back and forth about things that you agreed. Agree about Apple's never -- in New York with all the people -- -- you worked. And or constant clashes. I don't see collections were -- through my occasion. About involving woods are intellectually so much that it goes back there. You've you've got all those battles Orioles. I think and acknowledge I that they can really what you. I think that I just -- would knowing. How would probably understands the game helped save one of the greatest -- I ever had a couple years -- managing the -- are -- Jewish people won't. Around the players. Forward. -- -- -- -- for players. It is a staff supported. It really. And and then I would lord why I enjoy those things I learned a -- and in my -- what -- you would -- and I do think that. You also will relish. In the enthusiasm bosses now we'll be clashes. Out over to a three years of recent clashes. But that's the nature of Boston trip show. I really think we'll be. In the end -- in the Bleacher Report I think what -- I think the person that will make you work as it has been charm. -- you're you're you're sort of speak about it lately we are it's almost certain -- sure thing I mean is Bobby Valentine definitely going to be the next -- into the right side. I I don't know it's definitely I think of the baseball operations -- city we get from watching the -- and believe me you're -- -- it is. Really it is. A very very good. It can map right I thought on the -- it will -- really terrible things in her lunch what every -- ever did was to RG upon up -- you -- -- those injured the American League opportunity for your period mid nineties. If they went that way. That's where I I picked -- ownership would -- that. I don't think it's gonna happen I think it's going to be don't talent and arm. It's got really interesting. And she and. Can invite now aired in final powered mobile -- -- people. Well they obviously have a lot of work to do -- to rebuild. Really go. Out and started patients have to figure out exactly how it is important. That they can go on the same page early court. And I'd really important to -- you you seem so enthusiastic. About working win all of these people. That and he. You get a lot of research for -- it came up here. -- research. Let -- to believe that peace. These are really good people work with so I think it will happen and it may be some players who don't like it now what. Wait so players and Terry Francona at the end I. Marshall and pollution that -- And you mentioned Terry Francona the end it can Rosen all uterus story yes -- the Red Sox are. Even after the blue jays changed their policy of how out. -- -- leaving jobs to a similar -- -- -- they were still interest in John -- I -- they -- had a -- get a manager free card whether -- with somebody -- somebody's organization no matter what he was doing I just get the -- John -- would have been at the top of their list of the could have -- any candidate on the mark it -- would have been that got to come back and if -- if they could pick one guy. Oh I don't think there's any question and this is no disrespect anybody else if you get more mileage. And contribute your children your boss I'm in a Serb. Armed. It was a very natural thing but you know there was no way at the end of the 2010 season. When John was very believe that. He thought that. -- furcal wasn't meant record close friends anyway and it wasn't something you've thought about. I don't think anyone's -- On 2011. If all the way to do it and so. There wasn't any way. -- At that time of saying that John Mark. We'll give you X amount monies stay here because eventually going to be the manager waiting to win the victory in the world -- there's Terry. And it's I don't think it's safe to say there's no way that Ronald Rogers wanna. -- Competition with a web -- How are gonna let John -- go no matter what I mean -- less -- -- -- you will give you Jacoby goes your -- Buckles on it would help. You surprised at all that. Neither are keys are contracts situation has been so quiet since since he went to preaching not lobbies there was a report last week that he had been the -- not to talk to but it just seems like you exit this one right now it's -- I think part of it is because a manager. Also I'm and it might it and although. Baseball people want them Dominican Republic last week to watch. Some of the young kids and does that kind of got postponed. My guess is between now in the winter meetings shall have a good idea what they're not they can charge. It's a little touchy in that. -- market value of PH is has been to -- -- -- -- as well the best PH in the way that it would talk about. -- -- -- -- Go to don't change what industry. All open to people worried about what it was for entry in the last you traditional had a fastball while under the national PSE and so ultimately. A hitter in the American League are getting it left handers he had just OTS against look at pictures from look at the Internet America and they. I didn't really came back and had a great year. And in. Well. Don't mean ward of attractions can beat anybody else I don't know. I'm with Austria. Came -- way that you guys as well. And I think it hit more than anyone's vacation -- team I think it wouldn't work. Here with that the new CBA deal I wanna get your thoughts on and as a coal but one of the things happening is that the compensation. These type eight -- -- that's going away and and starting this year. You got guys and a closer market like Francis oh and he tell it no longer have any designation now I can be signed in you can give of the trap with a towel. I read is that clear up -- Pictured turns out the Red Sox are going to re bill is all Antonio we -- -- Lou talked about boulevard to the start position but. -- -- closer to how to gonna build this thing for 2012. I think they've put a lot of thought it or I I don't know that they were there has been. That's why I exploration of Ryan Madson and a working has for years it will always. I'm not so sure that. They'll go towards -- four times a weapon which is what we do you want support. And or whatever would they want to know about us and said it was up to ninety spotlight since last year. Does have a great change -- as the primary which also. It might be able last month of the season it's Carter was the right one to 93 was devastating and you got a lot you can play with -- Would matches so you go out of my age 93 he's close changeup is so good. -- -- -- You know of all -- so. You might be one -- they'd go outlet where they might take Francisco. An important part. At the end and whoever else you wanna put at the end. I don't think they'll trade what's necessary to trade for Houston street. So I think -- I include the one of those guys. That now. Doesn't require compensation at the same time. That. Things portions of about such as me and what we're told about it more as -- get what I pick in the draft. Anyway the problem won't -- and so that's probably a good thing. I really don't feel like one player they've been trying to think about exactly. Where are you able -- troops. -- -- You know I don't know how you feel but maybe that's. That's so awful big gamble of think of what we can put Bobby -- packet in the united. -- -- she's got happen. I don't I don't work -- and the only wrote the book I could start. I won't hurt a little bit about. And you would take him out of the bullpen at this point than people give them. Through an -- times you can he can close you can do a lot of things and it may be that they go out there. They look at some of the world cross. You know that shows Saunders and Scott Kashmir's of people I got out of the market. And we'll get one more starter somewhere else. I was curious here by your take on. On the nail on -- I actually thought they probably want the right guy -- the starting pitcher -- has transcended your talent Clemens did need some kind of did you did -- some time here it's okay -- -- -- -- an MBP voter -- -- -- about for an. All. I probably wouldn't have -- The hard Ellsbury and accused. That. I just go through all of them for one whose defense aged woman -- things that you add up as great as Orlando was. And I know you know you can. And really the ball replacement value you know he's I think he was certain that I guess what that. All -- -- games played -- Ellsbury Batiste and that particular all of that Ellsbury did I thought he should have been the MBA by. I understand your argument distorted picture means that that is the first -- is Roger problems in 86. That's happened. And got here there wasn't that much competition problems pretty much -- ability Mattingly -- a year and he can't agree here if I was. Was right even greater here right I understand that and and -- break -- of the last weekend negotiations work right all the -- employer about available what about it right up. A lot of but in terms why didn't catch you taking a whole lot out of all I have to keep you've got to move forward in the broader term but. I guess what this year where old we have -- was so great. They they deserved it and -- I mean I don't broad support I had pretty strong feelings about Matt can't override -- with a nationally. I say it won't won't have a great year but. That doctors might have had 55 winners of the -- about it. The social you know they were terrible you. The -- of champions. Change your policy that don't symmetric social good. I guess he deserved a note at this point and it's really count on now because. There there are. Favorite -- analysts go through everything. And what -- made the voting procedure. Well -- demand. I think is really good for all of us in the business to be. Critique where we are critique. Some of my friends are very upset about it because as we can all know we can all agree disagree. Aren't actual -- but I think. Well MVP races showed just how out in the exact all of these sanctions are. Peter it's a good time to talk of baseball appreciate the time is always our great holiday with your family look we're talking used to. A -- I appreciate. And areas -- damage at every single Wednesday on the program he's on the eight he'd be hot line get a fast with Ford GAT. -- -- three -- possible.

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