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Virginia Fort, PETA spokesperson on eating turkey on Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2011|

Our friend from PETA, Virginia Fort tells us why she is a vegan and why we shouldn't eat meat on Thanksgiving

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Different people me. He in my big routers do. I don't eat Turkey. I want sole movie win. -- He says he. All night. Be here you know this -- to below. He's there he do. There either. I eat. Turkey and I think oh yeah. Dance. Is it's. -- Do you want. This stay here. So where's better to mark Callahan whose cook and you don't you beats slave over that -- still all morning. No no that them. I have trouble with a -- -- -- -- -- good at that to your house though right yes at your house somebody else is doing owners get to view all three -- games -- -- on must be some college gamers right. Recuperate the morning this morning and watch it Thanksgiving tailgate at 10 AM with -- -- excellent that's why you -- -- actually to learn how to deep -- something. Two turkeys and stuffing deep -- stuff he did deep fried stuff and he deep rights to -- including and he injects with a hot shots. There's a -- there is necessary she adds I tell you Kerry is very creative. When it comes to food and he knows what he's doing and he has a passion -- favored item on the whole table marks off. Topic number one music you don't have -- yet every year beat the stuffing. This imports of goods which are for Erica. I'm Fred -- I'm walking out of here I have to make that today in a sinking in fort Macon but. Turkey. Amateur -- that you focuses on the make the moment -- suspect and the good stuff slides out of hand I generally do love the canned stuff by a Kerry showed me a nine and kidding about this Kerry showed me how to make a cranberry sauce that was so easy has apples and then I'm gonna make it. There. The -- what's what's your favorite it's the Turkey. Let's one nebulous assays I just thought he looked at June do you -- 200 mile -- you need the rest of the year three times and it really. Odds are better Turkey sandwiches -- that's true they joining us on the AT&T hotline get it -- with -- AT&T rethink possible senior campaign her from -- up Virginia -- good morning Virginia happy Thanksgiving. It might not -- affecting -- where where are you having. Thanksgiving dinner. I'm at my house. I can't blame it eat some illicit. Social -- this year. So your subjecting all of your family to your. Idea that you shouldn't be a Turkey on Thanksgiving. -- Danny that they all but they're going to be -- ruling our -- rather that -- you know wonderful that she's not. It has all those. -- you won't let you have you you want lecture family members eat meat in your presence or would you. I'm not the number of early. You know willing to try. That the Boe. Will you have will you have a Turkey available for them to eat. -- I won't -- like it here. Well no no nothing. Like with -- you can't have anything like shrimp cocktail was is forbidden right you can't have an idea. And the neat now or any animal products. But you don't think twice about killing a life. Pieces so hopefully broccoli the -- alive -- don't think -- of written -- out of -- -- it looks -- That they don't pay you back to you know break it you accidentally -- effortless style icons -- elect -- broccoli and a arrogant yet there really and that heart. I'm not offended at all but what what's the difference I mean if you kill. I just don't know where you drug related. I think we on the other animals you'll -- your heart not on maybe they yell. And Circuit City back pain pills are a lot. -- million of them are slaughtered every year while they're still babies they like I ever six month old. I'm making out they've heard their bread and on earth so quickly that their basically -- -- On many Africans are -- in Brooklyn. From me or not besides the party and make it to. So but but the alternative is they're never born right they're bred to be eaten so. Europe solution is they do never bring them in this world. Finally it was the supply and demand while the last man -- has the most the last well. Puppies. -- our -- we'll be reading and it all -- trick here Eric house. You know offense they can. For treatment lottery answered that in the art equipment parent or legal alternative suspect -- city -- about I ears and you know and that and that sort out on so many options available honestly hurt people you. You know go out and invest in your area that there are so many. I'm. Wrong doing in the provinces this one. Well there what are their next work cracked or broken what if they were. Euthanized. Mercifully. -- -- Another option Annie -- actually there are actors that you're killing options that there where it is that the last -- -- as slaughtered. I'm actually can't see it in Canada. I have but -- you're kind. Arming our were working on. Getting McDonnell. And then I think but they were on your record you and the acquisition -- at Thanksgiving into the market and be thankful. Virginia at a different time monuments in five years should be in a vegan what was there epiphany was there a watershed moment was there an event that made you say you know what I'm not gonna have a triple Wendy's we need a tofu burger. Even the -- actually and let down every night at Cingular now a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that -- -- about the actors are bringing things pick on I couldn't eat meat anymore I was. People like highlight film affiliate. At the VA I. I thought it when -- -- every at bat that. You know. Chickens and turkeys are our land the likes -- but -- -- breaking that are there. Very fragile leg the other -- split. I'm also that they can mean you know the -- I couldn't support that anymore and I went -- right there. Our social and so it not supporting it not supporting understand based on your acquired information we -- -- based on -- acquired information about how these animals are killed is one thing. But he's telling me that your desire to have a stake or hamburger just immediately went away and you didn't crave it. You know and then there -- so many operators that. The alternatives but I I don't agree I don't agree that you don't. There -- other other fruits and vegetables. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- available so you know longer. Virus day I get it. I think you're temple black a little bit but yet there are a candidate that bad that he -- might mighty hunger or think that I -- grave but I don't -- and over the thank you look at -- exe and usually cap out at I think last the -- -- on here. How much weight you lost the of the can. Obama. They did it. Go it. It was eating me out when I'm going Q you know McDonald's -- -- Wendy's I -- -- and get that you -- -- I think. Final question when when you invite people over to a party or you invite people to your house for Thanksgiving. Do you ever wonder why nobody ever shows up -- No they don't knock it out and get shot -- -- Like. Virginia they might show up they don't launch -- Ellis we got to go to genius. At three Stanley. The. Out of you got a big juicy bird -- necklace. So I don't think that. Necessarily the case. Is the problem with and I respect your beliefs and all that I fear that you are one of these -- Tim Tebow types -- plus sizes but. Virginia do you have a problem if you're sit there and someone -- smacks of a house -- of room mosquito and kill. But I am now. Goodness now. Yeah I mean that somebody I mean that's not -- -- like an 80 -- this your choice -- our choices lie. Exit -- Not -- and. Mosquitoes bothering -- a spider is in your house you see a big spider -- -- your kitchen floor what do you do with you and get it. You have those. It. Well well so a mosquito is on your arm and he won't smack you. I would also you know shoo it away -- and -- live to fight another and -- That's sick I mean not meet -- that -- twist on the I'd I'd taken a mouse trap is just you mean your mind that -- you mean how else are out. -- That. That's it. That's like -- -- not pressing charges against someone who. You know tried to kill you -- and fiscal kills someone listen -- And it's happening and and outreach -- be -- that they're laying up I'm can. Are you one of those crazy. -- chicks who who poses naked for the billboards and stuff like that goes to protest naked. -- well I'm not yet. It was a yes Jerry that was -- -- where do you go next. I'm I'm not really sure probably Michigan area in. And so you'll be going to elect a fur furrier a fur store naked my guess is will be in the summer though muddy and not on a winter that anybody can do some. Another winter time get Smart and really. Well and you -- -- they -- scene for -- to let people but it's a really great we have a sense and I mean so many it is. Horrible animal -- -- Headlines are -- operate your headlines that does it our way of competing with and you know it's not like oh my god -- gonna let you know -- -- but you differ on the -- -- you know. Have a great conversation that I'm a I had -- Monday that more open. She trying events and diet. Tell you right now -- you win and someone -- -- My partner here it's a it's fascinating that you can you say it started with -- dot I know I don't know how many pets you have in the house Virginia because they must be the lucky dog and -- the world. I have one I want cat saying one catch us ladies -- Virginia won't kill the. We we -- Eric apparently -- then that he. Happy. Place would do. So or heard it -- Culpepper don't yet. Happy Thanksgiving Virginia we appreciate the time this morning here at Virginia -- campus of Virginia -- from Peta picture that's the one. We regularly have a picture and she she goes -- schemes vetoes and you can get a humanitarian. It's like yeah yeah -- I didn't have -- so that the league you just set -- for bacon for everybody to win a little words that were actually new overture Ganassi the picture first. -- missed only meet Helmsley. Cut right at me that thing. Sick as easy for new ones are 10 free is the ideals and and you should -- and he's just muscular your arm. And I mean if you get crabs. Let them go in mechanized. -- drugs -- Rhode Island rob good morning. Good morning gentlemen have a day in and YouTube. A I just get it they looked at that moment I now in out this country to elect Barack Obama. -- Obama would pick up my arm great Turkey -- ago. Happy Thanksgiving quick farmer is is that the one we don't snap it's neck and that's free range in prearranged. I don't know it is well sleep just what shows up on Thanksgiving -- -- -- --

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