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Bobby Valentine interviews for Red Sox manager job

Nov 21, 2011|

Mut and Lou react to the news that Bobby Valentine is meeting with Red Sox management. Mut and Lou believe that Larry Lucchino is clearly urging the Sox to hire Valentine.

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I what part of the interview we think the Red Sox -- right now at Ballantine and it the first and third nobody out. Jacoby Ellsbury coming up what would you do. And we've done that -- this silly course and again. Are they at the point where they say look you find chicken a beer in a clubhouse what do you do. At that point the interview what do think about 1122. On Monday Valentine's Day over their Fenway Park. Good being all be among the first things how do you address his team after what happened last year who knows who knows but I. And it's just think that this is this is done I mean Bobby Valentine's going to be your guy -- that the relationship that Larry Lucchino as a of them though Russia has them. Just a formality meeting with -- today in and going through the process. I think he's a guy out how do you go back then and other five candidates we've already interviewed. It now sit there and say for -- 53 to -- the board -- lame and -- and Pete Makinen. Article and it -- off the list Saudi go back to LaMont mobile lol and Sandy Alomar junior and sit there and say. You guys weren't good enough we just wanted to interview Bobby -- Will bring when you guys beckoned for second and now this is this -- this is what it is they do like what they heard. When those other guys all Bob baby band did -- -- you know what Larry Lucchino did not like it. Like that you don't want it Bobby -- and be as manager to John Henry -- Bobby Valentine because revolves around like that to the instinct thing will be. See the -- Bobby is -- he's. He's got his opinions you know he knows the game of baseball is no question the eagle is there the arrogance is there he's had issues with ownership. -- butting heads with them and he's got a relationship of Larry's got a relationship with John Henry. But working together a different story. You know how that relationship work in time you know we start getting into July distracted into August and decisions that made on this team with a or sign this guy treat this dynamic guy the butting heads. You know he's got a pretty strong voice call that war. How he handles the media. Just one of the great things about Terry Francona as a manager for the Red -- how he handled the media. I think that -- to set themselves up it's great for us because he's gonna say some things you know it's not going to be just a regular quotes. But. I'm mature I was gonna work long term do we had a two year fixed we had little question and answer your guys are arguing this war I just wondered if you got aspirations that to get back and manager anywhere again in the -- Bobby. It. It's -- big body ballot that was on our show six weeks ago six weeks ago on the show. We talked to home and not really knowing at the time his name came up because. Nick Faldo and about that time -- called -- call you guys back but. We just asked to -- do you do you want to miss it again in Major League Baseball. Complete Garnett -- so -- -- -- again because you know look pretty good job. I'm gonna say about whether or not a lot of. And we just okay Bobby do you wanna manage again a Major League Baseball and his answer was. Appreciate that. That was the answer to a question Bobby Valentine do you automatically get a Major League Baseball. I appreciate. You -- We kind of an audits or is that the taste of what we're gonna is it is there any doubt 162 is six months here at this point is there any doubt. That Bobby Valentine would be the manager for the reds Uga any doubt percentages right now I say it's a -- now it's a -- -- -- yeah he's gonna be the manager distinct. I would bet my two cases and arrogance. On that he is the next manager of the great. As you mentioned people say we're not gonna do that we're not going to. Had a Peter during the game you want to so hurt. Put it in nineteen inning game and you birdied impinge or you come out of the game at the pitcher literally Philippines over to learn -- protocol. This. New command and they'll they'll definitely Whitman is she appear a little bit okay -- there's no question that there be some structure Adobe discipline. You know I just boy I just wary that. He's -- he's gonna lose his mind in the city you know and I know he was with the 2000 the Mets when he managed over there but the way it ended there and you need discipline and his team bit. Is the next guy. The minister Red Sox -- the collapse after all the stuff that we heard that the beer and it checked in and everything else guys. Note not giving shape not doing what they need to do to be professionals you're bringing a guy that the last time diminished. His team did the same thing. His team collapse and his team just under achieve the news issues in the clubhouse people saying his team quit on him. That's the next guy you wanna bring in and I know you know guys make mistakes that before. I -- big market Terry Francona goes the Philadelphia fails that helps him in his next job. But he was down at Texas. Ellis he comes and he turned some teams around right away is no question about it buddies down at Texas. When he goes to New York. Now he's coming here so the third time -- strikeout try to get it right we'll see. Well you can -- -- unions -- a big market like an idea but it never really considered day to day king. It really have and to -- political under. Day to day basis. What you get a look are good look but. I think part of this is that the Red Sox won a splash they want a name as their manager they need something they can quote unquote sell. You'd expect the reaction they're getting from fans I have not heard a fraction of Red Sox Nation and it is that the got a higher. Most of the fans will be taking calls from and that your read on that the Red Sox blogs in the message boards. Not very happy it. This hiring and it will continue to get your reaction to -- -- all the of ESPN we'll give us a national perspective not only a Bobby Valentine that the eight Al MVP race. And the voting which is announced today the American League MVP winner. I today at 3 o'clock and how it insisting might go down buster would join us next now we'll get some your body Valentine called Joseph in New Hampshire Joseph what he got. -- -- -- Arrogant lot of swagger I think it's right in with those -- has. An and that and then they'll go down together and that number again. Well be at -- out the -- I don't think that's gonna happen. Now -- both some of the players sit there it's a while we got a complete opposite guy here we got a guy coming here since some rules. And we had to change our way that's probably good things didn't know me I think that lot of this team needs some discipline I just worry about you know. As you listen to karma -- article -- say listen music is this two page report whatever it is. Matchups I want this got to play a lot that got a plays Bobby found dancing with the kind of -- you that's gonna. That's gonna listen to the interaction he's gonna get maybe from the ownership. Hear from Larry you don't a daily basis -- bench Arrington he's a look at him like a little kid. Now -- Everybody's gonna wish you would back. Apparently now. Edit it if you well now that wish Tito was not only back but -- never gone anywhere. I mean he you need to go he had to -- but they're looking for the next Terry Francona I I I feel safe in saying Bobby Valentine. Is not in the Terry Francona mole he's a different personality and he's gonna react differently to this media. And to this fan base let's with a look at Republican for shake up but. It's a different -- warms we does that here from from 2004 on Steve is it Rhode Island he's next up 937. WEEI stave. Hi gentlemen how the -- and Steve. First of August want to say -- and -- coverage on the import and it was very black seat. Hard hitting and and heartbreaking you know and it's terrible it's just gonna get worse but thank you guys -- -- we're cutting edge of -- -- that I -- -- took the words out of my mouth while I was listening waiting in line up first of all. I think it's personnel being a broadcaster. Must be -- about Lee is and after the Yankees won their last World Series I remember him and shot crop. -- -- and going on an omelet you know what they need of the altar are about Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez and -- still pathetic. And and what you said going back there is last year at the met he seemed a little bit sought to be able to really reroute ships that are on now. And -- You don't that you leftists say exactly I mean I don't know what's worse for us sand -- the departure of apple bought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or you know the arrival of some of -- Bobby Valentine slicing. Is it not the one they need if not pick it up in altitude and an entirely new direction he knew he needed disciplinarian and -- -- seems to be. Well that's the thing I don't think the collapse in New York was similar to one here and he said disciplinarian I think the one in New York. But we -- and more like the players pushing back. In just not listening to this guy pushing too much you know the bottle that it would come to Terry Francona depravity -- enough in these players in the walking on him at that. -- -- walking all over me at the end of the year. We Google Bobby via yeah I think he is more of a disciplinarian and I think those types of issues of the team. -- quitting on him under performing probably had more to do with him pushing too much employers just not respond. Okay. I don't sit well you know in inaction and maybe -- personal district -- notwithstanding -- you know maybe he could be something good for the squad. Well you know what I go back -- is a conversation with John -- appreciate the phone call about the the managerial change and -- at a golf -- player's manager to disciplinary. And crock Kim all of us in join us all baseball year and we asked about that and change up the manager what happens they bring a guy really hard line guy. What crops say they -- Larry bowl and guys that role that Verizon Larry bullet came manatees are different managers get a he was sharp and he was gonna go after these guys and he said some of the players was an automatic. -- out for them. This at all we ignored not used to this in disguise is coming and -- fire and brimstone and sort of rolled their eyes made about a half student. Ballots that he's got to balance kind of being as old man what the idea that what he is going to bring is probably so different than what the majority's players are used to. I go back to -- and say -- keep these guys from getting out some case and say well he's he's different than Francona. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In game manager there's no question about it but how does this team react. Maybe this team does need to kick in the ass right now obviously they do I think everybody would agree with that is the question of how far -- ago. You know how many rules are there how strict is it busy butt heads with -- ownership eventually I think all of that happens. Right now the Boston if they hire Bobby Valentine we have our Rex Ryan. And it's something we don't really don't mean we don't really used to the personality of a manager. Bill Belichick really you're damn right with the personality that Claude Julien but I Doc Rivers you -- a lot of personality wage talks the media. But still you got a guy notes can be very outspoken that immediate check your -- your address is just on the field right on the date not like off the field Rex Ryan -- Breaking any news about Bobby and Rex is habits away totally appalled at what cities you'll get some emotional speeches after the game press conference but nobody will be for his -- Vietnam that apparently -- videos -- it will be. It won't be at a five minutes at my office than to calm down we just go up there now and just defend everything nothing is wrong the sky's not falling you'll have some opinions which might be a good thing. Justin Jim all your phone 6177790. -- fifty to all 38885250850. The way this thing went down. What does it do to -- -- in the public perception of the Red Sox. General manager -- hit that we'll get your phone calls next.

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