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Boomer Esiason talks Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Pats/Chiefs

Nov 21, 2011|

Our friend from the NFL on CBS, Boomer Esiason, joins Dino and Dale to recap the weekend in the NFL and look ahead to the Monday Night game at Foxboro.

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Welcome back it is a patriot Monday prior to Monday Night Football joining us on the AT&T hotline get it faster with forgy AT&T rethink possible our friend Boomer -- its driver come on -- copy -- Boomer Esiason. Good morning mr. size and how are you my friend say good morning guys are proud our our pay as sixteen and a half point underdogs tonight. Pay me a picture of how Kansas City wins this game short of a chief caving in Tom Brady's knee in the first quarter. All in a lot of time these two teams benefit from a field is now what happened yes so I think that's -- would take but. In our security now up close and personal saw -- get San Diego on Monday night game and lost the last two weeks in stem from Miami. Is that team that has no chance your chance -- offensively. Offensively that noble armed billion million nobody plays they have guys that are capable of it when it most certainly Seacrest broke both capable players. The factory to require much power power go to guy who's gonna make his first start. As an NFL quarterback. We do believe that there's not going to be a lot of offense generated and on the other side you know trauma or Cornell was the defense coordinator he's not very -- just sit back and -- and imagine that Tom Brady. Could have -- it is higher completion percentage night assuming that the weather's going to be okay at which it has. So you know it has all the makings of a blowout but as we saw yesterday -- NFL you can't remember it for granted. You know when when asked about Romeo Crennel defense this week this past week Brady just smiled and said it's our defense I see it every day and -- -- grin on his face advantage. I would say so but I also 300 dollars on players on. In the city but I would imagine security principally corporate and hugely should be really really frustrated. On the orbital sort of Rex Ryan -- -- -- -- defense and they do a lot of different things they bring blitzes. The lobos beat parents in Pittsburgh a lot of blitzes. And the defense players love playing in Mac kind of style. After the patriots and -- -- -- -- political force from the patriots when it comes to being totally Camilla. It's all about keeping the ball flight problem and if you're just patient I would think that -- Eric Robert you have many opportunities for replaced -- Let's get back to Tyler -- go for a moment he's thrown a thirteen NFL passes in anger. Going into the season pro football weekly ranked him as the third of the 31. Best backup quarterback in the NFL a lot of 32. I I would think they've almost got to take the offense back to basics. Just to get him through tonight. Well if -- -- frequently you know you gonna tell quote actually has been on his resume and I would imagine when he hit the clubs that works pretty well I think that defective is that you -- -- a lot of Jackie battle tonight. Who speak well he's they're running back exhibit running back and certainly. Capable of moving the football but I cannot. I I would match in the Kansas City gonna try to play defense they're offense which is what you gotta do to stop poverty but. -- I'm not not overly excited about the game we can you can hear probably in the Potomac marvelous -- The fact of the matter is is that micro civility and it's great that our show up -- I get paid I have to -- a washed -- on the Brady in the offense do what I think they're going to be capable of doing and I put. It dumped on you guys are so we watch these games and you know Carolina and Tampa Bay you're Detroit Green -- -- can handle. In their buildings I don't think you can have that type offense by. You're you'd never know honestly and edit their solely. Unpredictable variables are along that you just have no idea what the hell you in the street from a -- week. It's exactly the way I feel about the patriots pass defense and pressure on the quarterback a week ago against the jets it was great. What it's going to be like tonight -- and guests. Well you know there's also be be human element in games like this to quote the patriots were. You know didn't -- -- for the jets it was a big and division rivalry you know and of course your Rex Ryan and have all that nonsense and stop a work up for at all. And you could tell by the end of the game are at the end of the game last week. Just what the Bill Belichick personally and quietly said there was harmed. That -- -- -- up there in the media how important a win was. I would vote because you know your coach -- played as a team like Kansas City who comes in doesn't have a great record has not played great. The last few weeks we've got beat by him Tivo series that there is serious about on motivate these players -- get them. At the level if there -- last week I can't imagine that -- recorders can afford to have sex and out of this. I don't see it happening because -- policy that the fever pitch is going to be there for the patriot but I do think. Literature followed him all fronts on which will make their defense of former oil producers do. And when you look at the schedule -- looks like they should run away with the rest of the schedule they're all two teams are playing 500 ball the patriots up to faced on the road and that's Denver on the eighteenth and Amanda -- 500 then and buffalo the way they're going they won't be 500 either it's it's a fast lane past. It's like next week they'll have their hands on thought felt it was just sought by the thought -- -- to be motivated they're not gone away and eight times through the question isn't going to be parents younger Michael -- -- for the Philadelphia Eagles but. Don't you take a look at these pictures scheduled to go to but it hurt your vehicle and Houston Texans schedule. The toughest team that either one of those three teams at the plate is on the road action -- sister and that's the Pittsburgh Cameron directed at the rest of the teams. Are all going to be underdogs to. Those three Q so did you look at that 12 and three. That's going to be lineup I believe in the in the playoff scheduling in the AFC. Question is you know it got -- going to be ignored a little bit and wants it that well looks like right now -- based on the schedule. How screwed the bears without Cutler broke some out probably the rest of the year. You know at that particular -- compound he would he would and aren't really really good -- great I mean you know plant Aaron Rodgers packed football but he was applying. The last public really settled down wasn't making the -- mistake and it really seem like. His team sports -- really old problem you know last year's debacle in the playoffs and everybody was called for me to tough guys and all that support sort and so. There's been huge blow to them I mean you know they have some really security gains they got themselves back right in the mix of a -- after playing great defense plan exactly the way that there should be planned. Now -- -- statement as his replacement predicament last year. You know in -- -- for him young man. Who actually record and stop it well but notice a difference mr. secretary -- -- to get ready to play each and every week -- game plan. Others look at this level pressure that you have to -- and deal with so. You know I don't know whether they're gonna go from here I do -- their defense the running game is good enough. Keep -- relevant. I just don't think they're passing -- -- up and content that they've had now with Belichick last public. Over after the loss Thursday in Denver the Broncos are jets fans already trying to figure out if Robert Griffin the third is the right -- to be the quarterback of the future there. That's pretty good you know my my thing has. I was pretty hard on six at the day after because I don't know the defense is a 95 yard touchdown. Other conceivable my god they they had eight rebound and people did nothing for 55 minutes. And if that that that series it happened at the beginning of the game nobody would have been talking about it. But the fact it happens at the end I like some. The problem -- on defense although they haven't been you know. I -- you can't look at their performances David the -- defense not the same one that was so last year. But it's so compact -- to meet for the jets and Mark Sanchez just does not really. You know -- been hit yet he has not. In any way shape form in my eyes become a reason why -- -- He's serve more reason why they're losing. Tactic it's got to be troublesome for the jet hierarchy of the guys that spent so much in and bring him here trading yet here. In the first round and all the other stuff saw a pick that they are in Haiti crisis of confidence mobile utility of their schedule. The next couple weeks that should be able to win get themselves back above slot on a couple -- a couple three games. And then all of a sudden comes in Christmas -- game against the New York Giants at all all people so it's going to be a wild Christmas speaker bureaucrat imperative that. Ultimately it was Pete Carroll correct in saying he needs another year in college referring Los Angeles. You know what. -- -- -- -- that you all but the other part of me that where you know he goes in the -- last year beat Spurrier on assault on the culpable oil. Peyton Manning and it'll -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are moments where you look at market city itself while it's got everything you need but then there are those moments in games where he goes bald head make bonehead plays and throws interceptions and is inaccurate and for any quarterback in the league to be under 60% completion. Who's been in the league for three years and let Clark who burst open killer Shawn Green in their Santonio Holmes repeal them. You know to me that's just a lot of light on a guy that seemed to be very anxious and has not playing with great poise and and when you have that anxiety. That I get the best -- this is the forms that you see on the field. Rex doesn't do humble very well. He's got he's not good -- it as he taken some heat. Well he's gonna get fired for his remark yeah. As was reported yet there haven't felt right to -- -- service -- product on -- dollars on. And I and I took last week you know enough to -- the believe -- apologies and you know of this restructuring power after awhile you know he got in trouble given me fight. You know this is an unpopular with time it you know and publisher formed the jets have. Internal disciplines him and Natalie you've got to take issue with -- with some stuff you know maybe this is what Rex was art in the first place. A Baltimore out of there they solved for many many years and we all know Rex will -- -- the defense coordinator and use. Personality and I want additionally it has done for the jets put -- that every time something like this happens. You know you now know why he was hired before -- so he's an emotional guy his team. I think on his personality and you know he's gone -- back to back -- C championship game so whatever he -- working I just think right now that you have to get year. -- be funny actors as well when you lose. That's right I'm in an -- and he recognizes that you know. Because credit also this one you -- Wes Welker. One on that tirade but for the -- game last week about putting admitted his best foot forward also does. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that's part of you know being in the -- -- -- for the -- and that's part of you can open about and you better. Feel the ticket but the problem is he could take it from other FL players and coaches -- just as wanna hear from the fan vote yes. I've tried to figure out a situation analogous to what's going on with Tim Tebow in Denver the closest I've come is Doug Flutie here where fans wanted them to turn the whole offense over to Doug and let him call zone plays and all that stuff. The big difference here is -- political play quarterback controlled the football. Tim Tebow can't -- ever be able to. I -- I know I'm not bad. He is important position like he plays now are you'll never played as you were I know it and hopefully we can. His knees is woefully inaccurate. Because it is not. What I would consider. And even remotely quick release of his releases so deliberate slow slow and he locks on on to his receivers and then the volleyball used to be hit it in the ground blood open receivers and that to me. Into as a red flag -- I believe the you can have a good payment cut interest them. Over the last three weeks when they kind of -- the offense over to Tim Tebow is that they are playing a total offense that didn't put points on the board. And their own defense was playing great -- in the fourth quarter. And I'll let you have the football player Tim Tebow doing his -- which Arctic my hat off to that you cannot win in this week's sustaining. That kind of all parents especially when you began and where you may -- about 1470 points to protect that are happening with them. He -- kind of guy you want your daughter to bring home and introduces the prom date but you don't want your general manager to bring home and tell you he's a quarterback. -- got in trouble for -- benefit -- of that business on lava award from the -- starting quarterback in the NFL. Give me my star quarterback in the NCAA I'd love to have does that put. We'll sit at the phenomenon right now that there are a lot of people passionate about it I'm not a big believer there are nice kid. Good tough football player. But as far as quarterbacks go I'm not a guy not the guy in my eyes and out he's the guy and a lot of people lies just that. In my estimation job fox probably put a -- that they can OK let's talk about their. Or lose reform gains or impairment going to be ugly and everybody -- competent people bandwagon and the problem has. Is that now that he's winning he's winning in spectacular Fashion Week games. So I think their current start with this animal right now much one in the the whole thing bolt he bolt mania thing. You know you're gonna -- them prolong them. Are the bills all done in the east apple losing 358 to the two and seven dolphins yesterday. I see us army in nine Chan Gailey after the game yesterday it was just besides himself that he called the incredible. And luckily so luckily yesterday Wednesday -- game maybe they can get -- season turnaround. But the get beat by the Miami Dolphins like that -- is as bad as it gets and I. I would say that they are at their low point right now on the seat and I just don't they did it better for them. To the dolphins credit they apparently did not want a -- for a lock. Regulate and I think the players get -- -- that are territories lost credit and sometimes these words ring hollow but I've been so I was playing it for the first. Seven weeks of the year that these guys are playing hard for him their losing games in the fourth quarter. And he's really doing it without at that point in time you know a top ten quarterback in the week. I think you can take a look at all the top teams in the league right now need to take a look at all their -- play quarterback for the -- with the exception Houston. Because you can -- the story quarterback he would say. You know it obviously. It's compatible to the party if you have a good quarterback you will be in the next for the playoffs you don't. Are -- you'll end -- being a team like you know maybe Seattle or Saint Louis sort. Somebody's -- support teams for Miami because and he I give -- credit he's kept them he's kept them -- opted those guys could turn him awfully quickly but. Matt Moore most -- sort of put some football right now and American life miserable a lot of deep. -- -- we wrap it up with this you watch Bobby Valentine's Mets meltdown in 2000 to a -- -- a clubhouse problem in the marijuana and all that sort of stuff is right -- the wrong -- -- -- the Red Sox. Well -- Bobby Valentine can't believe it or not John in the -- Miami is because I do believe -- Thursday. Part of -- which are always going to be better than next time around an -- is 61 years old doesn't look like it he doesn't act like it is a little bit old school and him. There's a little bit of discipline in the hand and I think maybe direct talks are probably need. I know he seems to be like an outsider but at the end of the day I think he's a really good manager and -- five threats are still nowhere to -- to be pretty happy for you this way. I haven't had a belly to back it way to get there about -- I'll post and I but the stadium and mr. Obama Boston went up there or else you -- kids who had. Quite -- -- in north of the noted ABC game and I had a great time so. Look reported that up there. Let's go -- talked to that's about it. I got a got a great day aboard -- -- that would Dennis and Callahan -- surprising data and had a Cumberland farms and try either surprisingly delicious -- one copy. Just 99 cents any size now through November 25 it's free on Fridays -- -- us. I mean AT&T hotline get it faster with four GAT and T. -- possible.

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