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Tim Tebow vs. the Jets in Thursday night football

Nov 17, 2011|

Mut and Lou previews tonight’s Tebow start vs. the Jets…..is Tim good enough to be a constant starter in the NFL or should he be treated as a specialty quarterback?

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Als and Dartmouth ballots -- comment. They have the darn good how are you -- -- -- -- that -- -- and I generally in -- -- and it yeah that would get it. And at the site's called B Tim Tebow games are not your fruit or changing it there's no more jets are -- is called Tebow Thursday nights that's -- Our blog and I live in the album -- but Sam animal Broncos fan and -- and hopefully what I mean I had a chance. Watch every game of the of the ship -- he's been played. And I mean you know a lot of course he is extremely scrutinized because and it -- -- -- -- -- And it seemed like everybody just. It's cool he adamantly distinctively to perform an -- not we don't really proved yet it is. At Dartmouth atrocious but I mean the thing is I -- -- make some -- quote last game. We you can bet on it because -- -- to complete -- But he's so he's shown some flashes of of the peak until it I don't know that mental look at cases. I'm I mean you -- -- touchdown pass last week was was great that was part -- As a great it was a great apps on eight I think I'm that the game last week. I was a -- a -- I scored it was just it -- -- is still on me. They don't I -- you know Dennis island she Tom Brady playing -- gonna get ready for drive. He does that -- to eight passes on top do you think even trezeguet is not just us -- and her brother every time. Well we'll let that thing I mean any human -- -- -- getting at when he does it would get triple option that he did it. And it NM and analytic I would follow college what a lot caught ought to get that that kind of addicting to college. But it was it never really keen -- that kind of showed how are you gonna have attempted to its product and what that would because oil. And and his Alec -- Alec unhealthy it's so much different then the normal played nowadays but it and I just I just and I think that wouldn't. Who would -- and it's tough to say eight EDU going to be easy sixty and an -- not gonna. Well I think got a guy Ellis I agree I I don't think he's -- going to be in the league quarterback I've defend the guy but I'm not ready to go that far. I do think they're better team I think that's obvious that the key wins these three and one. But tonight's game national TV. This is a huge. Cut I told you so type of game can see both sides of balsa both sides because he's either -- -- there and show. You know he could go too afraid again and get blown out by this jets team. And people gonna say jets -- this guy you can't beat a good game big you'd beat it beat team with a good defense. Just can't do it that style never work. I told you so or. He's gonna grind out an ugly game maybe go maybe go to put to great again. It's gonna grind this thing out and he's gonna make a few big runs 12 big passes. Gonna get the end -- spike it spiked the ball. And he's gonna win this game and it's gonna be I told to the guy just wins. -- can't explain it but he just wins. This is gonna this is a big big this huge game for Tim Tebow his career even I don't think it's gonna get a huge contract on these big quarterback of the -- huge game for Tim Tebow and his career. Yeah national unity game for the perception it's on the hotel L network to third -- a regular season this team has no shouting on the post. A huge -- -- -- one of the better defense in football and no pictures do what they did and if -- -- up there and win this football game the Uga -- -- You're gonna have some very strong opinions Friday being written about this game -- more portly Tim Tebow it's either going to be I don't care what he does he wins or. Told you disguised Kipling NFL I can't wait I can't wait to watch it tonight we're gonna talk -- that talks carry burn -- football facts about Tebow on the patriots coming up here. -- in ninety seconds also Alex -- checks in GM meetings. And Sheridan says the team is taking a breather. When he managerial search for the weekend while in the Dominican. So they're gonna take a break this weekend Thanksgiving next week so Jonas since it's it's a speeders I don't know I'm not -- dot dared to say his work. As an enzyme thing got to remember that name or pronounce that name -- you're gonna Jonas upon this -- like triple play candidate at some point twelve to. That he is able to tell it -- the names. Ninety seconds Kerry -- cold hard football facts Tebow patriots next Thursday night Tebow all NFL network. They're going get the NFL network now -- the beginning of this whole thing. I think you do have to go to a sports bar yet the hope what are your friends at a cable Biden had a I think everyone's Comcast has brought that I think high -- 853 baby -- senate. Thursday night Tebow. When it it to show a couple years back managed to get it right there in there there's an became what my doing. -- -- get -- on there are gonna wash -- game I take holly writes about in his book that big that week's seventeen game were patriots giants. Sort of changed the culture for the NFL network because that was -- that there was the first game in NFL history I think that was broadcast on three different networks. They give it to NBC. They gave it to. NFL network and I believe fox get three different networks broadcast that because. You had to see it it was patriots called for a perfect regular season people were fearful that Saturday night game NFL network you're gonna get it. That and all these different networks on people sharing content go back and forth and from there I think everyone's got. But it's must see TV -- right meant that he -- insisted defense where the alone you know you particularly -- there's a lot of heat. -- -- claimant at Denver's never does not make the playoffs and then wriggle out of four agree with the text to one game back from awful division. Awful division. -- I think the jets gonna win. End but I would be shocked one bit -- things close and -- does some evil whatever I don't know makes a great run in wins this football game. That's why wanna watch it you just disregard Andy think they're done and it can make the playoffs that is a chance the Denver Broncos win that I you do. Yeah who I mean isn't available -- -- -- be shot and it's just been gaming NFL. Boy this wanna be a chance of the playoffs for Denver stick with the. The division Sox their game back accident no shot I can back off now I. A quarterback is still can't throw the football quarterback whose dream one they -- any -- six touchdowns to one reception but at some point I think they'll figure about. I think they'll be able do it just a defense and they locate him the football beat us -- -- -- defense still given up like two or thirty points this year so it's it's less about. Tebow than it is about a defense that real hard times stop and he plays linebacker too though he does -- guys and and forgot about that middle or outside it doesn't matter.

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