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MLB Insider Peter Gammons Hot Stove update on the state of the Red Sox

Nov 16, 2011|

Peter joined Mike & Lou to talk all things Red Sox, from Papelbon leaving and Ortiz possibly staying, to the starting pitcher situation & managerial search.

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It is our number three Mott and -- Sports Radio 93 point seven WEE I we get into some baseball conversation we talked about David Ortiz will continue to do so Matt and Matt and Jason. We'll get to all of your phone calls and joining us on the AT&T hotline get a faster with forgy AT&T rethink possible. Hall of Famer Peter Gammons in his Wednesday spot Peter might look good afternoon. Good afternoon so -- only going to war or -- Orioles now. Thought I -- I'll be judging international scouting primarily with the Japanese team. Well okay. Where you pick a lot of money who -- That's -- I know that. Do you want to start off and while -- stuff go back to Don the pat bunt -- with the Phillies listen it was early and and in the process. But we all know that was outstanding contract he probably would've gotten. Anything bigger at the net but. Do you read anything effective he didn't go back to bench Arrington least let them know what he was about to sign even. Even a glimmer of hope that maybe the Red Sox step up did you read into it at all. I think that's I think as a way to look this is your business and they do business very well they can. In their history is unlike a lot of agents wait and let the market play out fantastic. They try to get guys signed early get ahead of the game ahead of the negotiations. And I think that once they found out. They can get four years -- from the tomorrow who would on the they've got a good relationship once they thought that was also due. That locals -- in the gulf war until eleven was behind Boston. That they will get there and got purposefully picture deal on the market the all time. And I just think that they. They know what that group there don't talk so I think Hartnell I think that that -- I think that certainly that. Well below those of -- felt that. The Red Sox never made any effort signed up a -- long term. And articles or -- a hangover from trying to collapse of our Mariano Rivera last year's recall this being. And where they wouldn't go that far for Papelbon so I think once he got the opportunity to go you've got to go. I can't like. All of them but I also know that that's. Well this is a really good at getting out there and getting your guys done early. And that's that's their history they do we'll -- uncle -- solution -- those guys. They'll look market. Fly up on guys in the room at some people you know on January tipping point with what little bill Macgregor when your contract. Peter Lewis sat here next to me and -- talked about making Daniel -- a starter he loves that idea this Papelbon to Philadelphia is that now a race any chance of Daniel Bard. Is a starter next year does that cement him at least for now the closer in 2012. I think probably I agree with a lot like the idea on the -- four pitch -- -- totally different than what he wasn't what it came up out of the minor leagues but. I think it is necessity I think that they. There are there's no question that there were exploring a lot of opportunities. On the market I'm I. You know I saw some mentioned maybe Hanrahan I think that would take too much to get him from the party -- -- good. I think it would take much. Right now to get him I mean a guy like I was clipper I see. Yeah I think they'll collapse imagine. Accomplishing it as a blue -- people that followed him down the stretch. On your locker following the Phillies. You know in preparation for the policies and the thought he was like. Trevor -- over the mud ball -- got all this changes that good but. I'm my guess incremental way all deep so I can see -- signing. Brad -- -- -- curveball pitcher now but wasn't hit seven of the eight. And maybe go after. Cordero or something like that and to try to told about. Five or six -- but as far as the eventual closer. But I'm not sure. They're going to -- old. With Ford simply isn't like -- guy I think they made in his two inning guy somebody else to close ones of the lot and I've also got guys like agent ops. On the golf operations at. You know could you see didn't make that I can see -- coming back options delivery. Is solid accurate. I wore a little bit about him coming back off surgery but articles about the guys -- -- look at. Let so well they're gonna spend at home walking on. -- on operating efficiently and I just don't see that. Yeah like Nathan you're you're two at the Tommy John sometimes the results are there I wanted to get your thoughts David Ortiz are Red Sox have has talked to him. Eased his agent is also met with the Baltimore Orioles not -- and rumor that made the Red Sox first off might have been the range at two years for just twelve like six perk to me. I don't I don't get that and I don't think David Ortiz can't be too happy with that kind of offer -- do you see him ending up at what price. I think if he ends up here I think he -- appear at. Two times eleven times can something like that and I understand what market is depressed for the Asians. But -- forward and it wasn't even close to being the best DH. And a couple of things at that. All of all the factors are people worried about going in the last year could you look at pictures he had for three years. You're the highest OP yes I guess aka the -- look at it were baseball. You worried about sitting out -- -- don't change what got me which is almost fascinating. A statistical -- He got hit the second best soaking that's against. A good fastball. It in the net in America late solve. -- you know he came back and I think he's -- and I think that I think -- and -- pretty strong field about having a little battle who's well I think they will I don't see. You Orioles would need as efficient as possible and knowing that they have. That combination of Chris Stephenson. Roles and Luke Scott all the old guys. Who can play a little so little person -- DH. I I just don't see him going up ten million dollars and I to get Ortiz the last. You know it's a way out there and you -- sort of licking my socks so much about what happened I don't think feelings -- cares enough to do that. Peter Gammons joining us. I will -- to back the players but I wanna go manager here for second in that I get the impression that there is a section of Red Sox fans Peter that just. Look at dale sway him as the terrible third base coach and the guy that got. Guys run down and for those people and you -- in baseball you talk to baseball people explain to us and explained to them. What baseball people see in -- Wayne why is C Solheim only in the Red Sox was Peter but it seems like the Cubs list to be their manager next year. Apparently it lets not an issue of shape that I find it absolutely does look at that it wouldn't origin. But. Just think -- -- 98 usually play offs in the hysteria in Chicago over Jim Leland. And all of mix up in the third game of the playoffs which which ended up with them losing -- city -- Julio recorded all things one of the greatest managers call on Sunday Betts third base coach doesn't relate. Agree he is very -- Very great instructor odd man out as a manager you don't there was much instructor. But. See what I want -- really impressed me around the growers. Was that. Good players on that team really gravitated well I mean it was a yeah how could that that that. Got Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder and by abroad and do what they had to do and he was going to -- got on that staff. And no one's ever report -- the Red -- was quoted as their Major League manager prospered mightily. Baseball America so and I think it's always been there and I. I really liked it I think that we're in it there were some pretty. Who if they'll choke Matt Moore Al or allow. -- action as I Joseph Maddon got -- -- virtually. Interviews so you have to get somebody who hasn't -- and move forward -- essentially unless there's a freak situation that. I could certainly use that bat of the guys up there now I do know that. That Sandy -- wouldn't -- Where he was in and problems you know -- is that he has one day being bench coach in his career. And that's it. Or -- has been like the number one guy -- stats and will serve really good minor league manager as well. And he hasn't had that experience here. -- we've seen. A couple guys -- seem -- of the tour and Mike looking hired without ever having never negate that I don't think what happened in the Boston. Final for federal slug as -- Milwaukee. That were too happy you know even when an abrupt and -- and they wanna deal -- to have that job and they want him to be their manager moving forward. How much the competition are they in with the Cubs and in which job do you think. If your deal swim would you rather have. -- -- dialed in question and I mean you've got nothing to lose everything is going up. It's I mean this this is. This city can be little. Arm. Already. You remember something that you know it wouldn't when he was here. I I thought I beat I think at bat. I'm not sure I still think it becomes a goal in the other direction in the end and that ever articulate thoughtful probably blew -- On this but I do find it interesting I mean of course you know I mean. CO. Chaired -- Then and Mike has worked together so long and so the other day they can't make up on the same. Aram idea but I know a lot of people with less shots you thought that. That originally went about -- At -- it wasn't gonna cut. I've been in the Boston and I understand opens two daughters but at the same time what -- talked -- -- -- -- I absolutely about the Cubs own course others working with the Cubs is that what got Chicago. -- they had talked and this and I haven't gotten yourself. I thought it was going to work that a lot of people about such talk might actually can end up for the Cubs to Bowen. I know how much it was all moonlight madness so it'll be interesting. What were the 48 hours on the managerial and I. I think they'll -- well back a little bit. It's not just what I really believe that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now maybe they -- European Camp David -- go to. Take a big gambles Sandy Alomar but I -- it seems to me it is clear that's -- we got one question is. If the Cubs decide they want and -- award from the Cubs. Its interest in Peter great insight is always it's gonna. Turn up here was against the winner meetings down the roll book for continued talking baseball view and talking next week. There is Peter Gammons joining us on the eighteenth -- -- -- faster with forgy. ATT re think possible. Although I surprise -- McCadam as a story up its CS NNE dot com. Now -- Terry Francona telling him by phone. He will not managed in 2012 while I'm not going to try managed next year said Francona for my benefit. Interview with the St. Louis Cardinals for their job last week but the Cardinals hired Mike -- the quote from Frankel was interviewed and say it was I was definitely excited about it Saint Louis that interest and opportunity. We -- beaten up at the end of the year and after interviewing I took a step back and began to look at things realistically. I've talked at the oh no it's times. We both know each other well enough we can be honest with each other I don't think it's the right opportunity. Francona says it'll take a step back and re energize that probably in my best interest right now in fairness to myself. It's the best. Thing -- do you have to -- the Saint Louis job he would have taken. -- right brought heavy LA after I didn't get Joba looked back at it and that's basically what are at. I was surprised -- get the job cuts of people at Saint Louis and Mike -- was. They love them they absolutely love him out there it and not that surprised a lot of people that that he got the job I was surprised that Terry Francona was a good fit but. You know. -- -- it at St. Louis Cardinals wanted Paper can be that manager. He beat him manager right now he would look back it's you know now at that time to think about a decline I think we have not a second break to get through we have calls up on the ball will get to his ball on wanna get loose extent reaction Peters comment that. Right now he believes the Cubs job. A better job the Red Sox job we'll do that in your call not --

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