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Bruins forward Brad Marchand redeems himself in the 3rd period

Nov 16, 2011|

Brad talks to Mut & Lou about Claude sending him a message by benching him for a little bit after a bad roughing penalty last night, he says he has to do his job better than the 1st two periods…and he did that in the 3rd. He says that any given night, any line can step up and have a huge game…that shows the character of our team. On Lucic’s hit on Miller this past weekend, Brad says if they were in Buffalo’s position, the Bruins’ reaction would have been different.

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It's been very. Jack Edwards on the call Bruins win their sixth straight last night. Six seconds into the third period that was Brad marsh on a weekly guest here on -- and -- Sports Radio WEEI he is presented. By the great folks at Brennan's smoke shop Raddatz but Lou how are you. There are. We're doing all right -- that but no space -- to get one the pigeon yup the rat like that one last thing I'm never gonna do is continue to call by nicknamed the justice respected by a whenever we don't do it out and good move on -- and I -- to know exactly. What happened today practice or took a rest lost his mind you guys put back on the back of the net a lot. Yeah. We're our our land and -- stop these ball or. They years I think you're sick you're fighting -- that -- you couldn't break it. Very Europe and Marion Barry is bigger the court also would break in and -- pops. There's this site. -- on the right -- reports that you're on the ice for that did you put that beach ball by and again and that starts Mac it is. -- -- Very and then there is brilliant very -- about certain that -- Are you guys obviously six straight last night first couple periods may heating bill the way you wanted you in particular. And Henrik look like you're pissed off at this guy serves dual time on the bench what do what exactly went Downey looked back at that play. I think it's. It unions then as stereo and let's also an excellent back and the -- You want at earlier players have -- they -- More and subsequently. -- -- Butler should be about right and you know -- You responded I mean Nicky said and after the game you know you're deceiving to you you you know what -- anyone out there right away six seconds into the third period. -- be a pretty good villager saying before you -- didn't need anyone to tell you knew what happened you knew what you did and he came back but this team back in the game. Yeah I that I knew better and there are it's a better and do my job better. I ticket -- in the spurs forward and -- the -- to open the option in. It'll get a -- you know hours let's Google there. That's their peers. A brat he said coach at the -- and he would Julian as you sit there in the second period after that penalty I can explain what it's like that that feeling. Out of an athlete -- sitting there and and knowing that yet you may hurt your team and and knowing you can't wait to get back out there. Yeah I hear you earlier -- did you -- You ought to be able to do that Java and beat it as a father and or resentment adventure hero. You know I just stopped at it and you know it is clear that up -- tackle there surely you you know he -- stop in your maker. Now you guys that first line does its job secondly guys have been actually outstanding the last there's a third fourth might seven point three out of those four goals. Gregory Campbell's all of the ice. Yes stupidity yeah. You know the lines are set up lopsided and that's why we're we're such its inventory or last year you know -- that -- And then figure and I didn't see any like -- offense huge insult. Are we -- management at it but let there really are you know -- -- -- cellular we have never pressed into. Nor -- the character written. Brad Marchand joins us every Wednesday here on the program now you've been scoring as of late had a couple of games you put some some pucks in the net that. The club Juli give you a little low buzz city did give your heart pilot get back the twenty goals a little motivation and that he did actually. Joke around the about the Mac that when -- goal plateau. That's why is the book is that this time last year -- yeah Iowa Dave taxi. Is set up about Serbia. Out here their players here again. Errors right there on -- same time -- -- last year and -- -- -- You know it's I don't -- questions -- -- and then yours that you question are you what you are not -- -- you're -- at -- Left askew but the they hit on looters on Ryan Miller now is a lot of made of it especially Indy -- Ryan Miller came out says some things after the game. We are you surprised that maybe you'll buffalo being so pissed off but didn't they try to address -- later on the game that plenty of time they get they they talk about it after the game. Chris had done some a second -- period right. -- but again you know -- -- -- After you know after they were a guy gets injured then. There's the intensity and technical -- pensioners subsites are. I -- we -- some in my little spell it out is especially now. You know that it's figured that's where is underserved right now. I guess -- minutes -- so. That's their team I can't imagine. York team this year reacting the way buffalo reacted -- I just can't how what do you think. Yeah every cute little difference. Live you know our team is very close their guards are actually each other. Or it would have been period as a source I was thirteen by you know very differently -- have. It's become very very. Do you expect a response from the next week as it seems to me if they do with a kind of playing in your hands best at the game yet that your team wants to play. Yeah -- You know we're out there will be prepared for anything but. We ought to happen again like they did that ought to watch out the reason we're watching that Ian. Lowering their favorite -- your vendors such an insult real agent Erin and -- you know however they were later than them. In mobile. What labor and -- -- It's -- -- and you know we set ourselves. How do you view of that though you said a buffalo they're worried about a suspension terms of the goalie come out of the net that that is fair game right Ryan Miller is way out of his crease I. It if you're a skater and your goal for the puck and he's that far the crease is he's fair game Brad. Oh it's very import. You do out. It'll -- you I think emerge. Charter. Everything Serbia that part in. You know he -- -- so the Miller. You know lack -- of the way you're ultra oil. You know when you're that the treasury got late -- -- victory. Billy lit a lot. Pretend that your -- Or -- it or not site. You altered that result in you know -- out then and yet there has been guys without -- hurt -- -- always let. Bailout for the -- destruction that men and you know they've done arson so. You got protective of that vote there. If -- to want to hit and he would have aptly -- him in an ice that would -- to dig -- -- that thing but the bigger point is after the play a guy says he's costs. This is. Teaching the suspense outlook TT -- route takes that big on can goalie stick it to took a swipe at Lucic. Yeah I think. That though it is they -- -- -- if you -- let's switch it up little click here. He has picked up that you know he -- that are here we are loops -- I don't -- -- it -- let's say it should've let. You know it got a reaction from -- I think maybe a little later on the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess got the real tough start in October and now really have that the winning six straight twelve straight points you look back and realize got a get a feel a lot better bodily putting yourself in the position we talked about that calendar you know as far as November of wanting to be in that top eight. I believe you guys are at a rate -- the cost couple points away. BO or what we've heard so little up a position earlier in but you know always the way it. We're battle with a lot of really achieved in notebook computer battery Darby and yearly you know we better of that all it. We've -- -- the job here although it but I would -- -- Talk about this line it's it's music so we bring up every week you argue and Bergeron and -- it just seems like there is a better chemistry they're at a better speed. And I've noticed last couple games were were teams are reacting you guys to hit the ice and other teens -- react to my putting. A more offensive line out there to go against you may -- more physical. Against her line do you notice that this month the November so far -- Delaware. Where we started out there that are -- and Andrea. Live look at the year -- agenda. There are viewed that and try and be Eli and that they outlawed. You know -- -- -- -- -- law are lines you matchup against. It -- upstairs strike shut them down and there'll I think that the -- go to Vegas so outlined. And Colorado and dark so early debit you and Java dot but are we that a little better. What's up pitches Daniel pies and hopefully and in that game tomorrow night. Good lawyer to tell you boy Chris Kelly and given that cage may -- they Begin giving given the magical KG let the -- to back in the initial us. -- -- -- located NATO. 55 or seven under arrest in. But that idea I have a lottery you know he's he's looked a little bank up and say look that are. Did you read and Judy guys following the trade stuff that has been some conversations here in Boston Brad about Tuukka Rask in May be trading him -- -- goal score. You read any of that stuff to be viewed drew do you follow any of the trade rumor NHL stuff during the year. No matter duty you know it does a lot of it over here started -- and -- and in Laredo a lot about we know that. You know we have a great team and it -- all the other here and -- -- -- when and then you know there's it's not something you want to. -- automatic stop that and Stuart Sharon. Let's Begin to carry out our -- -- -- Artest got a call of duty update we interrupted your play last week or your pit stop you try to get Nathan Horton type text him and play pat now for a week. I come out of practice and you're not playing give us the the Brad Marchand review. Of the new call of duty. It's pretty it you already got a little earlier we like we liked a lot but a little better. They -- and you do that but. I felt already do a lot but he sold out the -- And you again and that you -- the player or by rather worse than. It is it's big game all by. But if you're there. -- he's the worst who's the best beyond. -- -- light -- cute. Or they're out there and yeah employee got a power back in and forty you know or is that not. Right someday we're gonna we're gonna figure out your Gamertag and let everyone knows that can bother you on that promise and courier. Brackets up may appreciate a -- this week -- we will -- talked you next week heard various Brad Marchand joins us every week here. -- and -- Sports Radio WE yeah I've presented by Brennan smoke shops the very best tobacco in tobacco accessories. At the very best prices in Massachusetts customers must be eighteen years or older will continue. -- with your phone calls and we've gotten clearance from the muck itty -- here at WEEI to play in its entirety. -- contain. Mike the query the lengthy lengthy. Rick Pitino west interview you'll hear that the reaction next.

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